Crackheads of the Day #122

Stevenson alley between 6th and 7th street, San Francisco, 3am, May 1, 2015

The lens used for this photo series is a Soligor 400mm lens Kino series

The lens was made in 1969, before many of these people were born

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breakfast for Mid Market hawks

red tails above the corner of 7th and Mission, San Francisco

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homeless at Mid Market Wells Fargo

This is across the street from Twitter headquarters in Mid market San Francisco, in the corrupt twitterloin

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Homeless at Jessie West

This is Jessie West and Mission behind the Westfield Mall in Mid Market, San Francisco. These are actual homeless people who actually sleep, as opposed to these people who do not - ever

see the difference?

San Francisco doesn't house these people. San Francisco houses these people instead, and they publicly admit it, in print, to journalists

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checking the address book in Mid Market

with 59% of all robberies in San Francisco involving smartphones, one woman has found a diabolically ingenious method of protecting her address book

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Astrid and Eric world tour – Dutch bicyclists arrive in San Francisco

Astrid and Eric are from Holland and are currently bicycling around the world. Here's a blog from Canada this summer that mentions them along with some more info on how they are doing it

This photo is of Astrid and Eric today on the hill just north of Mill Valley. They are staying in Sausalito tonight and tomorrow in SF where they should be riding out this upcoming storm and continuing south after that on highway 1 down the coast to LA. So watch out for them cause they are nice people

Their website is at and they're biking to support animal rights, which is a good cause, so good luck to Astrid and Eric

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Randy Shaws Happy Housing #3

Mid Market, San Francisco, Seneca Hotel at the corner of Stevenson and 6th, next door to Dotties True Blue cafe and Zendesk

It's time for you to meet some of your neighbors. Believe it or not, this building did not used to be like this. This building housed all working people in the 1990's and it wasn't until the Patels bought and Randy Shaw and Tenderloin Housing Clinic master leased it, that it turned into an unlicensed, unregulated mental institution filled with narcotics

This is the reason why there are no more working people in this city funded, non profit run SRO's, because working people do not want to live in a mental institution. The working people who used to live in this building were literally forced out via intimidation and slowly being replaced with mental patients on drugs. It's not because the rooms aren't nice, or the building isn't nice, it's because the City of San Francisco deliberately funded a concentration of a specific subset of society in these SRO's, thereby creating a containment zone. This was at the expense of working people, who used to live in these buildings

No sane working person would willingly live with this, no matter how nice you refurbish it

With that, meet one of your neighbors who likes to yell out the window at the street below. These are the current residents housed by Randy Shaw under Tenderloin Housing Clinic 'master lease' contracts funded by the City of San Francisco. In this first video, the screen shot is literally the rooftop garden at Dotties True Blue Cafe. They still have never used it to this day, and here's why Continue reading »

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Somebody sold Fred meth again

THC has also continued efforts to address public drug dealing in key neighborhood hotspots. These include the Leavenworth Corridor and the first block of Turk. THC organized a large coalition of residents, workers, building owners, and merchants to work with the police in addressing these problems

From Randy Shaw's own website

RANDY SHAW: No, that’s absolutely false. I mean, nobody has spent more time than me trying to reduce crime in the Tenderloin.
- From a PBS Newhour

Well, this is in one of Randy Shaw's own buildings, in Mid Market, San Francisco and he gets it in the building, no need to go get it on the street

and if you think it's new or the police haven't tried, this is from 2 years ago, same Fred, same meth

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rent control advocate quietly demolishing rent control

One of the primary advocates of rent control in San Francisco is apparently using his landlord status to demolish the very same rent control in San Francisco

Randy Shaw runs Tenderloin Housing Clinic, which has a contract with the city to 'master lease' SRO hotel rooms for homeless people in San Francisco. Tenderloin Housing Clinic does not own any of these buildings except for a newly constructed housing at 785 Brannan, The Galvin Apartments. All 16 other buildings are privately owned, usually by a Patel and is then master leased under contract with Tenderloin Housing Clinic which then acts as a property manager for the owner. Tenderloin Housing Clinic then contracts with the City of San Francisco to pay for all the extra support services for housing homeless people in these privately owned SRO's Continue reading »

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the bees of Laurel Heights

These bees just moved in during the last week and seem to be building a nest




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