Turning Mid Market workers into crackheads

This is an example of how some of the non profits are actually turning neighboring businesses in Mid Market into crackheads. These are residents and clients of Tenderloin Housing Clinic - Seneca hotel SRO non profit supportive housing under the 'Housing First' and 'harm reduction' models literally getting new people addicted to drugs and selling it

Meet Italo Gomez. he used to make picture frames for paintings and ran his own picture framing shop at 1019 Market. He was married and had a nice car and successful business in Mid Market, San Francisco


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Big Sur filming at the Oddfellows Building

Big Sur Productions has their film crew parked along Stevenson alley today for one day only, filming Big Sur 2012, a movie about Jack Kerouac. They're filming interior shots at the Oddfellows Building on 7th street

One of the cinematographers has a nice writeup about the experience

Good luck, hope it becomes a good movie


Oddfellow building is off to the right..federal building on the left


update April 13, 2011 - second day of filming Big Sur and now there's some vintage cars shipped all the way from Hollywood that will be used in the movie, now parked on Stevenson. People have been coming by and taking photos all day








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real life local lawyers in the movies

four local attorneys and a local musician in the 1993 movie Class Action with Gene Hackman

from left to right, former district attorney Terence Hallinan, Angela Alioto, former mayor Art Agnos, and Tony Serra off to the right, all uncredited, and all sitting in church at a funeral in the movie


another scene at a fictitious club has real life local musician Dan Hicks as the band, which is credited. Gene Hackman in the foreground


and this is real life San Francisco Superior Court judge John Dearman in his own courtroom. He recently retired and was once interviewed in the Chronicle about his role in the movie

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6th Street, San Francisco 1973

scenes From The Laughing Policeman with Walter Matthau, Lou Gosset and Bruce Dern

This is 6th Street near the corner of Jessie and 6th. This shows Lou Gosset and Bruce Dern entering a hotel on 6th.


Jessie alley, across from where Club 6 is now


Jessie and 6th, dig those 70's hairdos!


Jessie and 6th, looking west toward toward Twin peaks this time

The Laughing Policeman, a good movie you can rent from Netflix. Walter Matthau plays a cop. He does not laugh. He is Walter Matthau

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mid market movies

there's more than a few filmed around mid market. Interview with a Vampire 1994, opening scenes



at the time, the building was condemned, but has since been rehabilitated and is now low income housing. The actual second floor room used in the movie is now the community kitchen

the building today




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A Night at the Family Dog

Saturday night at the movies, this one is an excellent example of San Francisco history. Produced by KQED ch 9, way back in 1970. To wit, there actually is a large number of concerts KQED did back then, just like this, many of them have been lost forever..Some of them have been smuggled out by former employees, and bless them because KQED lost most of it at some point, nobody knows for sure

Internet Movie Database (IMDB) link

one of the best ever and you can rent this from Netflix. Thanks Chet Helms!

one of the highest ratings ever

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Harold and Maude

filmed around the Bay Area, the classic tradition continues! at The Red Vic

"everyone has the right to make an ass out of themselves. You can't let the world judge you too much" < Maude (Ruth Gordon)

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BLM and the wild horses

The Bureau of Land Managment, California has this on their website

BLM California manages 15.2 million acres of public lands, nearly 15% of the state's land area. The Bureau also administers 47 million acres of subsurface mineral estate underlying federal surface land, 2.5 million acres underlying privately owned land, 592,000 acres of Native American tribal land where BLM has trust responsibility for mineral operations. BLM California also manages 1.6 million acres in northwestern Nevada for cattle grazing, wild horses, recreation and wildlife habitat.

there's a new documentary that tells another story called Last of the Spanish Mustangs

Good film, and you can rent it from netflix

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Ilha Das Flores

June 18, 2007

This could be video of the century. Usually regarded as one of the top twenty short films of all time , I helped make the subtitles for this during the last year, with the help of four people in Brazil, UK, and Japan. Up until now this was not available with English subs, except for one other site. The video itself is from an obscure French dvd with French overdubs, but it's better quality video. The text is based on the original Brazil/Portuguese script, which we got copy of last year and spent about 3 months transferring text files back and forth and redoing this again and again. Our credits are at the end of the movie in the subs.. The original Portuguese Brazilian version on lower quality VHS with embedded English subs is here.

One of the best shorts I've ever seen. Enjoy Ilha Das Flores, Isle of Flowers, 1990, Jorge Furtado

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Bambi Meets Godzilla

video of the day. What really killed the idealism of the 60's

Warning! Once you see this, you can never go back!

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