Dow Wetlands Preserve

Dow Chemical Company has a wetlands preserve on it's property right on the Pittsburgh-Antioch border. It's not very well known as the more publicly owned wetlands around the San Francisco Bay but it has good Yelp reviews and a nice observation deck and pathway

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The Abandoned Subdivision of Rio Vista, California

Yes, the outer Bay Area has it's own abandoned subdivision, listed in one place as one of the 9 Worst Recession Ghost Towns in America. (3 of them in California). This has also been in the San Francisco Chronicle and the local Solano news and this blog has more aerial photos

It's worth noting that as of late 2014 the remaining 13 unfinished homes that are in the photos have been torn down because people were going in and stripping all the copper and doing damage, so they just razed the whole thing. I stopped by the week after all the homes were raised and this is what it looks like now

Nothing but empty streets and grass and lightpoles and birds and one little tower


The wind farms of the Montezuma Hills are nearby

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Rosie the Riveter World War II Home Front National Historical Park

This park is located on the southern waterfront of Richmond California at the old Ford Motor Assembly Plant (map). (Wiki)

It's about a mile away from the Rosie the Riveter Memorial Park that started the National Park

This is Lucretia Edwards Park which is just a few feet from the visitors center

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Rosie the Riveter Memorial Park, Richmond, California

There are two Rosie the Riveter parks in Richmond, California. The National Park and the City of Richmond Park. They are about 1 mile from each other

This park was previously posted here in 2008

Dedicated to Rosie the Riveter, one of the most famous icons of World War Two

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garbage ringing the San Francisco Bay after storms

The San Francisco Chronicle reported on some rare fossil finds as a result of the recent storms around San Francisco, but there's a darker side and that is the sheer amount of garbage and trash that is now ringing the San Francisco Bay like a giant bathtub ring. This is on the Bay Trail just north of the San Francisco airport and in an environmentally sensitive area

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Astrid and Eric world tour – Dutch bicyclists arrive in San Francisco

Astrid and Eric are from Holland and are currently bicycling around the world. Here's a blog from Canada this summer that mentions them along with some more info on how they are doing it

This photo is of Astrid and Eric today on the hill just north of Mill Valley. They are staying in Sausalito tonight and tomorrow in SF where they should be riding out this upcoming storm and continuing south after that on highway 1 down the coast to LA. So watch out for them cause they are nice people

Their website is at and they're biking to support animal rights, which is a good cause, so good luck to Astrid and Eric

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Alamedas Punishment Row

You can find Spank salon right next to the Caning Place, only in Alameda, California

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The Point Knox Lighthouse Bell of Angel island

This bell is not visible from any of the paths on Angel island so most people miss it. You have to climb down steep cliffs near the southwest vista point to see it, and it's impossible to walk to it. It's only accessible by boat and possibly why it's still there intact

It is the Point Knox lighthouse bell and this is what it looks like today

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Belvedere graffiti

Little known because you can only see this from a boat on the bay but right next door to the most expensive house on Belvedere Island, Villa Belvedera, is a rundown slummin lot with graffiti all over it, facing the bay

Villa Belvedere from the bay and the lot next door to the left. You can see a little of it in this shot

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The San Leandro Coast

Here's a few photos from Martin Luther King Regional Shoreline Park in Oakland , Oyster Bay Regional Shoreline and Don Edwards National Wildlife Refuge in San Leandro

Happy Labor Day weekend!

full flickr set

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