Randy Shaw accused of racism in lawsuit

This lawsuit dates back a few years to 2014 and the original complaint is

Case Number: CGC 12 526406

Randy Shaw is the head of Tenderloin Housing Clinic, the largest provider of supportive housing for the homeless in San Francisco. The organization receives more than 27 million dollars a year in local and federal funds which comprise nearly 100% of it's budget

The lawsuit was settled with Randy Shaw signing off on an undisclosed payment of taxpayer money to the plaintiff


The racism allegation is one of many allegations in the lawsuit including threats, intimidation, harassment and retaliation of employees and tenants by the senior staff of Tenderloin Housing Clinic

screen shot


The initial compliant can be found in this answer by THC at the bottom in the exhibit attachment

Vaz.v.tenderloin.housing.clinic.pna.Mem.5.23.13 by Jeff Webb on Scribd

This lawsuit is related to another lawsuit where Antonio Vaz is a tenant at the Mission Hotel, one of Tenderloin Housing Clinics master leased buildings (the other lawsuit is as an employee)

Andales.v.mission.hotel by Jeff Webb on Scribd

Some of the earliest complaints date back to 2012, and are easier to read and help explain better how this whole mess started

vaz.v.shaw.7.9.12 by Jeff Webb on Scribd

This is also related and cross referenced in this wrongful eviction case filed by Antonio Vaz and shows some of the underhanded ways Tenderloin Housing Clinic gets rid of undesirable tenants. I've repeatedly seen anecdotal evidence that these illegal practices are far more widespread than people realize, especially with pre-existing tenants (which are undesirable - rent controlled)

Vaz V THC Wrongful Eviction by Jeff Webb on Scribd

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San Francisco invests in homeless drunks circa 1950

Article from Newcastle Morning Herald, Australia, Saturday, December 29, 1950 courtesy of the Australian National Archives

scanned OCR text followed by PDF scan Continue reading »

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Rosie the Riveter World War II Home Front National Historical Park

This park is located on the southern waterfront of Richmond California at the old Ford Motor Assembly Plant (map). (Wiki)

It's about a mile away from the Rosie the Riveter Memorial Park that started the National Park

This is Lucretia Edwards Park which is just a few feet from the visitors center

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drug free zone in Willow Creek, California

this is the main park in downtown Willow Creek, California in the Six Rivers national Forest. It's the crossroads between Redding and Eureka and the Hoopa Indian Reservation

Tiny Willow Creek has a drug free zone, as opposed to San Francisco which has a drug full zone


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Crackheads of the Day #127

It's like the return of a long lost old friend

Marinello's School of Beauty, Stevenson Alley, Mid Market, San Francisco, October 1, 2015, 6am

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Biking the GO Road The California Lost Highway

The Gasquet-Orleans (G-O Road) is one of the most infamous paved highways in California history. Originally built for logging trucks in the Six Rivers National Forest, it has gone through a whole series of court actions and eventually wilderness protection before Congress all the way into the 1990's

Most of the local people who lived there or still live there and had anything to do with it consider the GO Road one giant mistake and it will forever lie there slowly deteriorating because it's not maintained, almost nobody goes up there except to hike or have native religious ceremonies

A map of the GO road is here and it starts on the South Fork of the Smith River, the last major undammed river in California. Very few people have really gone into the unpaved section of it which is no longer a road, but a trail. At the end of each part of the paved section they have a pile of rocks to prevent any motorized vehicles and in some places you have to carry a bicycle over tree stumps

One of the few blogs to have photos from 'up there' is this one - Walking the Lost Highway, and for the first time, this blog publishes one the biggest collection of photos from the GO Road from September 2013

The GO Road is basically the ONLY road within many miles and there's not even that many trails, so if you go up there, you are likely to not see any other people the entire day, until you make it either to Orleans or Gasquet (Smith River). It is true wilderness, stunning views, quiet solitude and well worth the effort

I can't say that I'm the first person to bike the GO Road, because I saw previous tire tracks on the trail, so somebody else did it before me, but I am one of the few to bike into the interior, and this is possible to do it all in one day

Very quickly after leaving the Smith River you go uphill for a few miles and already get some great views of the coastal range bordering on Redwood National and State Parks

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A Slice of Heaven bakery and deli in Dorris, California

A Slice of Heaven bakery and Deli is located in downtown Dorris, California and unlike fully automated restaurants in San Francisco, there are actual breathing humans involved. There may come a day when people travel hundreds of miles just for that experience alone.

A Slice of Heaven has good Yelp reviews and their own Facebook page Continue reading »

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tip of the Golden Gate

The tip of the Golden Gate Bridge peaks above the fog while Sutro tower in San Francisco is in the distance


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Mid Market car break in solution

After the Chronicle posted a story today on the increase in car break-ins in San Francisco, it seems a good time to find out what the pros do in Mid Market. The solution?

plexiglass!. carry a stack of them in your trunk today!

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Crackheads of the Day #124

the back door of Zendesk at 1019 Market street, San Francisco, 6:30pm, May 19, 2015

This is also the back door of David Rio Chai bar which just opened

Now you can have mango vanilla chai in the front, and crack & smack in the back

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