Randy Shaws Happy Housing #3

Mid Market, San Francisco, Seneca Hotel at the corner of Stevenson and 6th, next door to Dotties True Blue cafe and Zendesk

It's time for you to meet some of your neighbors. Believe it or not, this building did not used to be like this. This building housed all working people in the 1990's and it wasn't until the Patels bought and Randy Shaw and Tenderloin Housing Clinic master leased it, that it turned into an unlicensed, unregulated mental institution filled with narcotics

This is the reason why there are no more working people in this city funded, non profit run SRO's, because working people do not want to live in a mental institution. The working people who used to live in this building were literally forced out via intimidation and slowly being replaced with mental patients on drugs. It's not because the rooms aren't nice, or the building isn't nice, it's because the City of San Francisco deliberately funded a concentration of a specific subset of society in these SRO's, thereby creating a containment zone. This was at the expense of working people, who used to live in these buildings

No sane working person would willingly live with this, no matter how nice you refurbish it

With that, meet one of your neighbors who likes to yell out the window at the street below. These are the current residents housed by Randy Shaw under Tenderloin Housing Clinic 'master lease' contracts funded by the City of San Francisco. In this first video, the screen shot is literally the rooftop garden at Dotties True Blue Cafe. They still have never used it to this day, and here's why

Hours and hours of conspiracy theories. Unlicensed, unregulated mental institution

If you want to change this and return these SRO's to the way it was, you have to cut the funding to Randy Shaw and force the landlords to behave like normal landlords anywhere else

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