Randy Shaws Happy Housing #4

This is a protest in front of the Seneca Hotel in October 2013. the Seneca Hotel is located at 34 6th Street on the corner of Stevenson and 6th Street across from Dotties True Blue cafe and Zendesk in San Francisco's Mid Market neighborhood. These are some of the people who are not insane who suffer because Randy Shaw and Tenderloin Housing Clinic insists on housing the insane in the same buildings. You can hear them say this in the video including the fact that there's no support, no regulation, no licensing for the certified by a doctor insane people who are housed in this building

They also talk about the dead bodies being found in the rooms because Randy Shaws staff wasn't doing their jobs, which is part of the no regulation aspect. Also mentioned is the drug dealing taking place on this sidewalk and around the corner, all of which stems from some residents inside the building. The person in the wheelchair, who does alot of the talking and who posted this video is no longer in this building and nobody knows where he went

Two of the complaints are the water being shut off for two days and the community kitchen being closed for 6 months. Both of these problems are because Randy Shaw houses insane people in these buildings who shove anything and everything down the toilets and who burned down the kitchen. On purpose. The kitchen was eventually rebuilt at a cost exceeding 10,000 dollars paid for by the City of San Francisco

Now the rest of the people who are not insane have to suffer and this also extends to the other neighbors up and down Mid Market. Most normal landlords would solve the problem by evicting the insane people who cause problems and keeping the good tenants. But Randy Shaw is not a normal landlord and neither is City of San Francisco who funds his contracts

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