Turning Mid Market workers into crackheads

This is an example of how some of the non profits are actually turning neighboring businesses in Mid Market into crackheads. These are residents and clients of Tenderloin Housing Clinic - Seneca hotel SRO non profit supportive housing under the 'Housing First' and 'harm reduction' models literally getting new people addicted to drugs and selling it

Meet Italo Gomez. he used to make picture frames for paintings and ran his own picture framing shop at 1019 Market. He was married and had a nice car and successful business in Mid Market, San Francisco


At some point about 6 months ago, residents of Randy Shaw's Tenderloin Housing Clinic, gave Italo some crack. Tenderloin Housing Clinic is the largest provider of homeless housing in San Francisco, and one of their buildings is the Seneca Hotel at 34 6th Street, which is just 50 yards from 1019 market and only 10 yards from Dotties True Blue Cafe at 6th and Stevenson
This is Italo Gomez outside his shop with Tenderloin Housing Clinic residents
same residents as this smoking crack at Italos black mustang
This is Italo smoking crack in his car, in the alley in front of his business, with another Tenderloin Housing Clinic resident

A month later smoking more crack with yet another tenderloin Housing Clinic resident

Italo wasn't selling crack to kids, kids were selling it to HIM
Once Italo was hooked on crack, he stopped paying rent. His wife kicked him out. He moved into his car and business at 1019 market and stopped paying rent there as well. This was 6 months ago. Italo became very popular with some Tenderloin Housing Clinic residents because all the rent money and his business earnings was then being used to buy crack. This was at least 700 dollars a month and probably more like 1000-1500 dollars a month being used solely to buy crack for him and his new friends at Tenderloin Housing Clinic, who supplied him with the crack from dealers who also are residents of Tenderloin Housing Clinic
1019 Market filed for eviction on January 6th, 2012. This was about 4-5 months after he stopped paying rent

1019market.gomez.complaint -
Italos business rental unit at 1019 Market was being used as a crack house. Half the crackheads in the area had their own key

People were going in and out of the building all night long, every night, all of it to do some crack

Smoking crack in the building, in his car in the alley, it didn't matter

The crack games got so bad that at one point Italo got one of the crack hoes into the building while being chased by her boyfriend who nearly broke into the building and started climbing up the fire escape

Italo got tickets for registration lapses, parking 24 hours a day. It didn't matter, it all went to crack.
He was driving his mustang around Mid market and South of Market on crack. He hit things with his car numerous times. Nobody knows what
He eventually lost the mustang and ended up with this beat up car
Italo aged 10 years in 6 months
Italo Gomez was eventually evicted, but the owner had to change all the locks because Italo was still using the space for a crackhouse after he was evicted. The owner of the building never recovered any of the past rent and probably never will

1019market.gomez.judgement by auweia1 on Scribd

Italo is now homeless, maybe living in his car somewhere. It was probably more than 10,000 dollars spent on crack in over 6-10 months
This is how your non profit Tenderloin Housing Clinic and Randy Shaw destroys people and businesses in the Mid market, Mission and Tenderloin neighborhoods of San Francisco

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