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Bicyclists may face fines for handheld cell phones

Bike Messengers might have a tough time with this one. From the Santa Rosa Press Democrat

Bicyclists: Don’t pedal and talk on your cell phone.

That was part of the message Thursday from the state Senate, which voted 21-16 to add for the first time a $20 initial fine for bicyclists for gripping hand-held cell phones while riding. You’ll have to go hands free. Subsequent offenses would cost $50.

The legislation, which now goes to the Assembly, also would increase the base fine for motorists from $20 for the first offense to $50 for talking without using a handsfree device.

As Road Warrior readers know, that $20 fine for drivers really turns out to be $142 with all kinds of additional county and state fees. So for $50, that ticket is going to really cost $256. Under the bill subsequent offenses will cost you $100, which with fees will really cost $446. Click here to read earlier story on all of the fees.

But under the bill, sponsored by Sen. Joe Simitian, D-Palo Alto, bicyclists would NOT pay the extra fees. The total fine for cyclists would be $20 and $50. Period.

The California Bicycle Coalition supports Simitian’s bill, according to the Sacramento Bee. Spokesman Jim Brown told the Bee that drivers carelessly using cells endanger cyclists, and cyclists endanger
themselves when they clutch a cell while biking.

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scenes from the underground market and disposable film festival

May 12, 7th and Minna, the 2010 bike-in Disposable Film Festival and Undergound Market in honor of Bike to Work day, which is today

IMG_1239 (by auweia)

IMG_1238 (by auweia)

IMG_1240 (by auweia)

IMG_1248 (by auweia)

IMG_1245 (by auweia)

IMG_1244 (by auweia)

IMG_1243 (by auweia)

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messenger bike stolen

from Craigslist

Blue & white pinarello bike stolen from bike messenger, downtown, Monday -- please contact Chris if you see this bike!!! (219) 781-8984 REWARD!!! Please see pictues!

3k53mf3pd5O25P55R2a1da3169fe3e53311af (by auweia)

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Pearl Harbor Bike Messenger

today is the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor

pearl_harbor (by auweia)

But here's something many people don't know about how a bike messenger delivered the news

By Yokota Fritz

Today -- December 7 -- is "the day that will live in infamy," when the Japanese Imperial Navy launched a surprise attack in 1941 that crippled the U.S. Navy at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Here's a tiny little footnote in history about this day.

Japan intended to deliver a declaration of war 30 minutes prior to the beginning of the attack, but bureaucrats at the Japanese embassy in Washington were slow in decoding, typing, and delivering the message to Secretary of State Cordell Hull.

The U.S. Army had already decrypted the declaration on the evening of December 6 and dispatched war warnings to all Pacific area commands. Communication problems delayed receipt of the warning in Honolulu until after 7:30 AM, Hawaii time. A Japanese-American bicycle messenger was immediately sent to deliver the warning to General Walter Short, who was in charge of defending Pearl Harbor. The messenger was pedaling to Ft Shafter when, at 7:55 AM, the cyclist was caught in the attack. He finally delivered his message through falling bombs and bullets two hours after the start of the attack.

There's no word on if this unnamed messenger received a tip for his services.

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stolen Marin palisades trail bike

this bike is currently stolen, and it was stolen with the Onlock U-Lock still locked to the frame (they broke the post it was locked to). It has a distinctive crack on the frame where the seat is and it's welded there to keep the seat up. Otherwise the seat would sink. You can see the weld if you blow up the photo. It's right where the quick release is

Even the saddle bags are very rare around San Francisco as only one store sells the 'banjo brothers' type

P1020455 (by auweia)

If you see the bike and/or saddle bags anywhere, please email

It's kind of idiotic to take this bike as it's not worth more than 100 bucks. Especially since it's going to cost to get an angle grinder to get the lock off the frame. It's 12 years old with a cracked frame and you can get a brand new Marin bike at the new Marin bike store on Folsom and 7th for 200 bucks

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one less fixie

south of market

This guy claims because he modified the rear hub so that it's a freewheel that it isn't a fixie. Well it's still a fixed gear, buddy

P1030172 (by auweia)

one.less.fixie (by auweia)

there, that's better

one.fucking.speed (by auweia)

P1030253 (by auweia)

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Bike Messenger Appreciation Day 10-9

In honor of Bike Messenger Appreciation Day 2009, I bring you a real live authentic bike messenger band called Family Scott recorded May 29, 1998 at the CW Saloon, 917 Folsom, San Francisco. This is the first time this recording ever appeared in public (Scott, the lead singer, aka 'dumptruck', is still a bike messenger to this day)

update > messenger art show this evening, Friday, Oct. 9th, held at the ILWU Union Hall, 255-9th Street, beginning at 7pm.

you can right click the player to download - on Firefox (Family.Scott.CW.Saloon.5.29.98.mp3) appr 50 min

updated June 4, 2012 with better player10-9 = say again?

today is National Bike Messenger Appreciation Day

San Francisco Examiner article

Oregon Live article

Today is Bike Messenger Appreciation Day in San Francisco, AKA 10-9 Day (October 9). They deliver your packages in 1 hour or less, file fix your court documents at Superior court and federal court. Show your appreciation if you're downtown at Post and Market, Battery and Market, and 'The Wall' at Sansome and Market. click logo for homepage

981519 - September 22, 1998

[Messenger Appreciation Day]
Supervisors Ammiano, Leno, Medina
Resolution designating October 9, 1998 as Messenger Appreciation Day.

Supervisors Leno, Medina requested to be added as co-sponsors.
Resolution No. 759-98

1994 - San Francisco

2007 - San Francisco

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anybody missing a bike?

remember the alleged bike thief?. He's got a new bike

P1020814 (by auweia)

P1020816 (by auweia)

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pink polka dot bike

not likely to be missed going down the street

P1020712 (by auweia)

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