stolen Marin palisades trail bike

this bike is currently stolen, and it was stolen with the Onlock U-Lock still locked to the frame (they broke the post it was locked to). It has a distinctive crack on the frame where the seat is and it's welded there to keep the seat up. Otherwise the seat would sink. You can see the weld if you blow up the photo. It's right where the quick release is

Even the saddle bags are very rare around San Francisco as only one store sells the 'banjo brothers' type

P1020455 (by auweia)

If you see the bike and/or saddle bags anywhere, please email

It's kind of idiotic to take this bike as it's not worth more than 100 bucks. Especially since it's going to cost to get an angle grinder to get the lock off the frame. It's 12 years old with a cracked frame and you can get a brand new Marin bike at the new Marin bike store on Folsom and 7th for 200 bucks

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