Park(ing) Day free bike shuttle

the Conference Bike rolled through San Francisco today. The, uh, other part of Rebar's Park(ing) day that seems to have slipped by the local media (except for Laughing Squid of course) ................enjoy

P1020666 (by auweia)

P1020665 (by auweia)

P1020667 (by auweia)

Park(ing) Day on Howard street, with the tree made out of bicycle wheels

P1020669 (by auweia)

These are the same people who brought you San Francisos newest park, also caught the attention of John King of the Chronicle, but who never actually made the connection between this public art piece, and that public art piece

read a bit closer on the Rebar Arts Collective here, involved in both of these projects

and now you know, theeeeee rest of the story

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bike messengers a vanishing breed – nope

not only did 'office space' cubicle droids at SFist get it wrong about bike messengers being a dying breed, they got it wrong about The Wall, along with SF Citizen. But kudos to SF Citzen for linking to this article from 2 years ago, that is somewhat accurate because it's compiled by messengers. Vanishing is pretty much the wrong word to be using. Auto makers and actual professional paid reporters maybe, but not messengers

First, the photo pictured there is not The Wall. The photo that SFist and SF Citizen has is at Battery and Market

This is The Wall at Sansome and Market.

thewall (by auweia)

Second, you office workers are looking in the wrong places. here they are from a couple months ago in Golden Gate Park

Third, here's a t-shirt given to me from the downtown San Francisco advertising company that handled the movie when the movie first came out back in 1999. It's a rare version of the t-shirt specially made for us messengers from the office workers. And it's the message we want to send to the people in the cubicles being paid to write for the blogs like SFist

P1020543 (by auweia)

spell it and say it out loud, Brock (this is the back side of the t-shirt)

P1020541 (by auweia)

dying breed, my ass

think of it this way...If email, faxes, and internet were the death knell of delivery, then UPS and Fed Ex would be out of business. But the fact is that both companies are booming worldwide because of it(the internet), and in some other countries, like Ireland, bike messengers actually contract with UPS international for local deliveries, due to certain difficulties with immediate local deliveries (or, the difference between a few hours and a few days)

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stolen bike recovered!

extremely rare in San Francisco to recover a stolen bike, especially when it's nearly all intact...woohoo!!

and there it is...I caught somebody riding it on the street and followed him for 20 blocks and called the cops

P1020482 (by auweia)

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got a new bike

after 20 years, it was high time to get a new one, a Craigslist special.

Much better now. Another Marin, the original mountain bike

P1020455 (by auweia)

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my bike got stolen tonight

this bike was stolen at 6th and Minna at 5:12pm tonight, August 28, 2009. It has faded orange trash/basura stickers all over the frame (click through to enlarge). It is a Marin 'Pine Mountain" steel frame circa 1989. If you see it, call the police, and email me please.

P1020289 (by auweia)

the thief was caught from behind on CCTV at the hotel next door. It is the one time I forgot to lock it :P

the bike frame is 20 years old and heavy steel. They don't make this model anymore. It's probably heavier than most bikes out there and might be hard for the thief to get much out of it, altho it did have some relatively newish parts. Still, after 20 years, it might be time to get a new lighter bike..haha

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San Francisco does not have an exclusive license on hipsters and messenger wannabes, oddly called fakengers in other parts of the country

Bike Messenger envy, Philadelphia

encircled!!! (by damonabnormal)

Labeled "fakengers" or "FAMs" (for "fake-ass messengers") by their detractors, the burgeoning ranks of courier-emulators make up a peculiar breed. Though often employed in another field -- or, as the oft-true stereotype goes, enrolled in art school -- members of this band of twentysomethings have taken to messengers' garb, gear and wheels in tremendous numbers.

and it's gone corporate

which has resulted in the inevitable bike accessory for real bike messengers

P1020071 (by auweia)

This is a real bike messenger, in New York, and because looking cool is a matter of life and death in todays society, a simple leg amputation seems like a small price to pay for social acceptance, no?

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Pump Station update 1

update > this is Monday afternoon, Aug 10, 2009, Terrence, one of the two co-owners of Pump Station

P1020255a (by auweia)

On weekday afternoons during the commute you'll likely find Terrence or Mike at this corner of Post and Market. During the day they say they've been getting lots of work just by word of mouth, where they go to peoples houses and fix bikes there. Apparently there's a need for on call bike fixers, rather than taking them to a normal shop. There seems to be some sort of backlog of broken bikes at peoples houses that people have been unwilling to drag down to a bike shop, so it could be that these two bike messengers are literally putting more bikes on the street

As it stands now, they might actually have to get a second station and a third mechanic if it keeps up like this, and that's before they even have a dedicated phone. And Pump Station is indeed registered with the City of San Francisco

Mostly for now, during this first couple weeks, they are charging things like 5 bucks for a tube, and then rely on tips for actually changing the tire. They seem to be happy so far

(previously, posted Monday morning) Pump station - week 2

no dedicated phone number yet, but they're working on it. They are starting to get a regular schedule, which is:

weekdays - on Market street between Post and Fremont. The below photo is at Post and Market from Friday evening commute, and shows Mike already working on 2 bikes

Saturdays is planned for near Zeitgeist on Valencia and 14th and Sundays at the Hall of Flowers - Conservatory in Golden Gate Park

P1020247 (by auweia)

psi1a (by auweia)

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Pump Station mobile bike repair

this is another first for San Francisco, and it's barely gotten off the ground. Pump Station is recently created by a couple of bike messengers to offer mobile bike repair in downtown San Francisco. So far they can change flats, true wheels, and fix a bunch of other stuff, but not the really heavy duty stuff like repacking hubs. It's common stuff, like tubes for 5 bucks, the whole flat fixed in 10 minutes for maybe 10 bucks, cables, gears

As of this week, there's no way to contact them other than finding this bike pictured below, downtown, probably near and around bike messengers at 1 Post, or Battery and Market

Blog will be updated if they ever get a cell phone....or something

psi1a (by auweia)

P1020182a (by auweia)

P1020183a (by auweia)

P1020184a (by auweia)

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Dutch bikes on Market street

The Dutchies invade San Francisco! On display 4 days a week at 577 Market next to the defunct Stacy's Bookstore

this first one could be the next hipster trend. There's a real single track fixie for you. weeeeee

P1020170a (by auweia)

I have friends in Holland and most of these bikes are not very common in modern Holland. The cargo bike below is sometimes seen in city centers where families go out to the park or something. A more common cargo bike

P1020171a (by auweia)

P1020134a (by auweia)

P1020135a (by auweia)

Most of these bikes are called 'granny bikes' in local Dutch parlance (Omafiets). They are not very common in Holland in new condition like this, except for the last one. Quote from a friend in Holland earlier today

usually granny bikes here are old, rusty and often stripped. Most new bikes sold here (as far as i know) are more to the hybrid side.... with lighter frames, 21 (or more) gears etc... fully equipped to be safe though, but borrowed technology from mountainbikes (that's why they're called 'hybrid')

P1020166a (by auweia)

P1020167a (by auweia)

This last one is probably the most common bike, of these photos, actually seen in Holland today

P1020168a (by auweia)

the funny thing about these bikes, and below, is in Holland they are usually clunkers, cheap bikes that everybody uses for commuting around because bikes get stolen so much in Holland, nobody takes their good bikes out unless they have a place to park it inside. Ironically, on Market street has these same type of bike new, for maybe 1000 bucks or more, but in Holland, there maybe a couple hundred at most..Or more like 50 bucks for an older one

This is mostly because up until recently in Holland, U-Locks like Kryptonite locks were relatively rare and everybody used cable locks for many years there (since the 60's) and they are easily cut with bolt cutters. So basically, if you're in Holland, you're probably riding a clunker around every day, and nobody really cares that much because there's a huge revolving bike circuit of these old clunkers in Holland, going through 20 owners in a few years. It's a different thing, culturally, where here in San Francisco, nobody uses cable locks, and everybody uses U-Locks, so people are more likely to have their good bikes out in public

the city of Nijmegen, Netherlands 2004

Fietsen.... Station Nijmegen (by by_irma)

Utrecht, Netherlands, City Centre, 2006

Sea of bicycles (by Edwinek)

NL/Utrecht/Centre (by Oop)

This is also, Utrecht, Netherlands

NL/Sport/CycleTour (by Oop)

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what bike messengers think of hipsters

what bike messengers think of hipsters. Hipster boys can't fuck. Any questions?

P1020071 (by auweia)

bike messenger Mimi, goin down Grove past city hall

P1020069 (by auweia)

Mimi makes nice hand made messenger radio holsters, but there isn't much time left to get one, as she's leaving town for awhile. You can find her sometimes at the statue at Battery and Market

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