Bay Guardian does another Beyondchron critique

This isn't the first time as the Bay Guardian has criticized Randy Shaw. They did so during the debate for the Mid Market twitter tax break and questioned whether Randy Shaw has a conflict of interest


Today the Bay Guardian has another article regarding a new appointment to City College with some choice quotes

For that blind loyalty, Shaw has been handsomely rewarded. On July 31, the Board of Supervisors even approved a Lee-proposed balloon payout of $91 million to THC for its contract administering the Mayfair Hotel that was retroactive all the way back to 2009. Can anyone imagine another nonprofit that could dig so deeply into city coffers, for work that has supposedly already been done, who wasn't giving a little something back to these ambitious politicians who sponsored it?

This was first posted here on Bluoz the day it was approved by the board of supervisors. More accurately, the Mayfair hotel was simply an addition to a larger contract of 15 hotels, which was 82 million two years ago and is now 91 million, retroactively

I sent Shaw a message asking about whether his erroneous beliefs affected his analysis, and to explain the basis for THC's $91 million kickback, and he hasn't responded to the questions, as usual. But when you're a poverty pimp feeding off of political patronage, you're probably golden as long as you get the politician praise right. Cha-ching!

But some of the comments are even better and more important

Regulating nonprofits

When did we do that? Actually, we'd like to see performance audits of nonprofit contracts, and we've caught hell in the past for proposing that nonprofits be covered by the Sunshine Ordinance, so I'm not sure what you're talking about.

Indeed, a performance audit has never been done. There's also something called a managerial audit that's never been done

The THC is reminiscent of

The THC is reminiscent of AIPAC in that they take US taxpayer dollars and recycle those US taxpayer dollars into propaganda in order to secure more US taxpayer dollars.

We need conditions where recipients of City dollars cannot run media operations that provide cover for those who provide them City dollars.

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