Jane Kim campaigning inside Randy Shaw buildings

This is a video of the Jane Kim campaign for district 6 supervisor seat in San Francisco going door to door in one of the 16 SRO hotels operated by Randy Shaw and Tenderloin Housing Clinic on Saturday, September 18, 2010

This by itself is perfectly legal. However because Tenderloin Housing Clinic is a city funded non profit and 501c.3, it is illegal for them to promote or favor any one candidate over another. It's illegal under the standard contract with the City of San Francisco and it's illegal under IRS code as well. It is also well known that Randy Shaw supports Jane Kim for district 6 supervisor so this is one heck of a coincidence

Because there is now proof that Randy Shaw allows door to door campaigning of Jane Kim supporters inside of buildings controlled by him, he MUST allow access to all other candidates to do the exact same thing, or it is illegal partisanship campaigning

What this means is that all 16 Tenderloin Housing Clinic buildings with over 1000 residents are now open to ALL district 6 candidates to go door to door. If anyone is denied, get proof of the denial, get it on video, post it on youtube, and file a complaint with the ethics commission

It could very well be critical because it has been pointed out that daly won the last election by just over 1000 votes, about the same number of people that randy Shaw houses through his city funded non profit Paul Hogarth of THC made a big deal about this in Beyondchron just days after the 2006 election and the article includes rules on how tenants can help candidates

I personally want to see EVERY candidate campaign inside EVERY THC building and you can find the list of buildings here. I want to know of any problems that any candidate has to access any one of those buildings

update, Debra Walker campaign appeared within hours of this post, so far the only other candidate. This didn't happen in 2006..Back then it was only Chris Daly and no other candidates, but nobody can prove why. This year, in 2010, it's going to be a level playing field, as far as I can help it

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