response to the takedown letter

This is what I gave the manager here on paper, two weeks ago. I still have not received any response

I've also been calling Debbie Raucher who the city attorney told me to contact regarding their policy on taping in common areas..Left messages on her answering machine twice..No response

they could have sent me this policy in the first place. they never did


Jeff Webb
34 6th Street #***
San Francisco, CA 94103

August 14, 2007

To: Jaime Quijano,
Seneca Hotel,
general manager

Mr Quijano.

this is in response to a take down order you sent me on 8-10-07.

I am not a signatory to any Tenderloin Housing Clinic lease. But I have maintained respect for all people in all common areas at all times and have done so since I moved here in 1995.

the only exception is criminal activity or somebody else violating this same attached house rule.

I am hereby requesting a written statement regarding the consequences of any future videotaping, up to and including, recording of any civil or criminal violations, Department of Building Inspection violations, Department of Health violations that Tenderloin Housing Clinic, and/or it's staff may be engaged in

sincerely, Jeff Webb

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