resident falls down elevator shaft at the Mission Hotel

Got this sent to me anonymously so it's unconfirmed, but this should be investigated especially if Randy Shaws company, Tenderloin Housing Clinic, which master leases the Mission Hotel, is trying to cover it up

Longtime mission hotel resident Charles Davis has been complaining to anyone who would listen that THC has been giving him the shaft for years. He is in his 70's and blind. he uses a cane combined with his memory to navigate,.

2 or 3 days ago, Mr Davis was headed to an upper floor to visit another resident. as he always does, he tapped his way across the lobby toward the elevator and pushed the call button. Normally he can determine the elevator's status by the sounds of its machinery. but with the street noise and the lobby often full of residents, its not a perfect system. so after waiting what seemed to be too long, Charles opened to elevator door and remarked .."you mean I've been waiting all this time for an elevator that's here!".

He then stepped into he elevator shaft ! There was no car....and as gravity works, a second later Charles was in a heap at the bottom of the elevator shaft (aka: the pit) It was pitch dark. The first residents could only hear his moans coming from the darkness and resorted to using Bic lighters to try to see him. By the grace of God, Charles impacted in a small area without heavy equipment that would have impaled him and the vintage 220 volt electrical equipment that would have killed him if he impacted it. Despite the horrific scene, it was quite apparent what LUCK Charles had.

Its almost unbelievable, but because the Mission Hotel is built over what was Mission Creek, the building has no traditional basement. Consequently, the elevator pit is far less deep than one might expect. Moreover, Charles had the good fortune of entering at the lobby level which limited his fall to about 15 feet . Had he entered on any of the upper floors he likely would have died.

While waiting for emergency services to arrive, Charles managed to communicate that he was hurt but he didn't think he was seriously injured. With those words, there was a second a sigh of relief from everyone present.. But then it was realized that elevator car, located above the lobby level was still powered and should it descend, the shallow pit design left no spare room and Charles could be crushed before he was rescued.

In the end Charles was successfully rescued. He is bruised and very sore, but he will recover. Amazingly, he did not suffer a single bone break! (tough old goat!)

A couple of interesting points:

A] THC is furiously trying to keep a lid on the story.. in its typical bully-like, classless and crude style There has been much said at the BoS about unsafe SRO elevators in recent times..

B] About a year ago (maybe two) the geniuses in charge at THC dropped their existing (and very well liked) elevator maintenance company Bleythle (sp) (Dan the elevator man)
after more than 12 years for a cheaper company despite the fact THC oversees some the oldest and trickiest elevators anywhere to keep running and Bleythe specializes
on San Francisco's many antique lifts!

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