correcting the city attorneys office

The San Francisco City Attorney recently sued SRO owners for housing violations and the entire first amended complaint is included below

within that complaint is this excerpt

"clients of CCSF departments" means the San Francisco Human Services agency, or the welfare department which refers it's 'clients' to these hotels'

and this excerpt

This excerpt should be corrected and read as follows

"Certain politically connected San Franciscans have an interest in dumping a specific subset of society known as 'undesirables' into specific designated areas bound by the Tenderloin, Mid Market and the Mission collectively known as 'the containment zone'

Let's at least be honest about why your filing this lawsuit, as noble as the suit appears to be

here's a more detailed description of this containment zone

and with that, here's the entire suit

CCSF.v.thakor.1st.amended by Jeff Webb

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