Randy Shaw – Crime Crusader

Randy Shaw is such a great crime crusader, trying to clean up the Tenderloin and Mid market area and rid it of drug dealing

from http://www.beyondchron.org/news/index.php?itemid=9802

SEIU Local 87 continues to cost taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars each year in police and DPW services due to its unsupervised open-air commercial parking lot at Turk and Hyde. A variety of union officials over two decades have pledged to develop the lot, but no action has followed.

I spent several months in 2011 working with Local 87 officials to reduce problems on their site, but was ultimately rebuffed. Union officials deny any responsibility for owning a lot whose adjacent sidewalk provides a business place for drug dealers and requires DPW to send at least one truck every morning to pick up accumulated trash.

Although property owners are responsible for activities on the sidewalk in front of their property, union officials refuse to staff their lot. They told me they blame District 6 Supervisor Jane Kim and Mayor Ed Lee for the drug dealing adjacent to their lot, and suggested I pressure these officials and leave Local 87 alone.

You mean property owners and managers are responsible for the drug dealing in front of their buildings too?. Is that a fact? If that's the case that would mean Randy Shaw is responsible for the drug dealing in front of his own buildings. Like this one at 6th and Stevenson across from Dottie's True Blue Cafe. This is also described by Randy Shaw's own employees




That's Dottie's on the left in this video

Lemme guess, Randy Shaw would also be responsible if his own tenants were doing dope in front of his building and up and down Mid market too? I bet he would. That's a professional crack smoker there. Blue tape to protect the lips and everything



What if randy Shaw's own residents were getting the neighboring businesses/employees doped up on crack? Would that count too? I bet it would

The San Francisco Bay Guardian is questioning going after two liquor stores to solve the drugs problem in the Tenderloin even mentioning the very same Randy Shaw because he was a part of the reason those two liquor stores were targeted. How very ironic because Randy Shaw has another liquor store in this same building at 6th and Stevenson in the Seneca Hotel that does the exact same thing


This is where Crackheads of the Day comes from

People sell dope in front of the Seneca, around the side on Stevenson, in front of the Stop and Go, inside the store, inside the hotel, and then they go down Stevenson to smoke it in front of the new business in Mid Market that are there because of the Twitter Tax incentive, which the very same Randy Shaw helped to broker. So basically, your tax dollars are being used to help improve Mid Market, and bring down Mid Market, all at the same time.

It's a quite a bit more than just a 'conflict of interest' here

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