pizza ethics

what does pizza have to do with ethics?

well, it seems that this building has a pizza party every once in a blue moon and tenderloin Housing Clinic will buy something like 30 pizzas, and feed the building for day. I've never seen it because it's always during the day.

So anyway, before the pizzas get delivered, the bill has to go back to the main office, where it gets signed off by the big pinhead on campus, randy Shaw. That's right, Randy Shaw himself controls everything right down to the frigging pizzas.

except this last time, a couple weeks ago, the bill came from Dominos. Something like 30 pizzas for 220 bucks or so. The story goes that Randy Shaw gets the bill and flips out saying he's not going to support a chain that supports right wing causes. (* me thinks he was referring to this urban legend)

So anyway, Shaw decides he's nopt going to do this and instead tells his staff to get Extreme Pizza instead, I guess because they're morally acceptable. Except Extreme Pizza was almost double the price, and the bill went over 500 bucks for the same 30 pizzas

but what happened is the cancellation didn't go through fast enough, and BOTH pizza companies ended up delivering here at the same time.

What Randy Shaw doesn't know, because he hasn't even been to his own building in over a year, is there is a pizza place that moved in to this building 6 months ago. Mythic Pizza moved in here despite being delayed for over a year because of incompetence of the very same Tenderloin Housing Clinic,and Randy Shaw, is still in business here despite have continual problems from residents of this very same hotel under the very same Randy Shaw (see further down this section)

Is Mythic Pizza ethical enough?..gee, I dunno, but the poor owner sure has put up with a lot of shit from THC residents, so it seems to me that ought to be choice number one, aside from the simple concept of supporting neighborhood business. Delivery time?..oh, about 5 seconds. Prices? It's competitive, cheaper than Extreme, that's for sure. I bet Saad might cut a deal, who knows? But Saad was watching all this happen with Dominos and Extreme and thinking 'wtf'?

Yeah, I'd say 'wtf' too

but more important, this is yet again public money that is being played with here and it's not Randy Shaws choice to make. It's YOUR choice to make, you know, the taxpayers who actually pay for the stuff?

If Randy Shaw wants to go political with pizza, then maybe he should come up with his own personal tax forms and see if the public agrees with that

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