Crackheads of the Day #133

All of these people are residents of nearby supportive housing SROs and specifically come here at night to smoke crack. This is where they buy the crack

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Crackheads of the Day #117

Just in case anybody thinks Mid Market in San Francisco has changed. This is literally two doors away from where the 1061 Market evictions are taking place

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Astrid and Eric world tour – Dutch bicyclists arrive in San Francisco

Astrid and Eric are from Holland and are currently bicycling around the world. Here's a blog from Canada this summer that mentions them along with some more info on how they are doing it

This photo is of Astrid and Eric today on the hill just north of Mill Valley. They are staying in Sausalito tonight and tomorrow in SF where they should be riding out this upcoming storm and continuing south after that on highway 1 down the coast to LA. So watch out for them cause they are nice people

Their website is at and they're biking to support animal rights, which is a good cause, so good luck to Astrid and Eric

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