Crackheads of the Day #133

All of these people are residents of nearby supportive housing SROs and specifically come here at night to smoke crack. This is where they buy the crack


1035 Market has finally put a roll down gate on their back door after eight years of this. It moved it a few feet off their property and that's about it

Meanwhile the side effects include keeping the neighbors awake at night, the inevitable crackhead fights at 3am

harassing residents at 2am as they make a dash for their front door at Stevenson Lofts which increasingly seems to have vacancies now





a resident of homeless supportive housing, Tenderloin Housing Clinic, Seneca Hotel, selling crack to other supportive housing residents on Stevenson Alley in Mid Market, SF


and on video. All of this occurs at night, when the social workers and supportive housing staff is never around

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