Jane Kim 2014 campaigning inside city funded non profit Tenderloin Housing Clinic

It's no secret that Randy Shaw and his staff have been big supporters of the Jane Kim in the 2010 campaign. The 2010 Jane Kim campaign was also the subject of a ethics commission probe and was also caught on camera in 2010 campaigning inside this very same Tenderloin Housing Clinic building

In case you think the SRO vote is insignificant, this same article claims Jane Kim won (the SRO vote) over Debra Walker in 2010 by only 140 votes and the SRO vote is the reason Chris Daly got re-elected in 2006

As a result of Randy Shaw allowing Jane Kim to campaign inside his city funded non profit buildings, Randy Shaw must now allow all other District 6 candidates to campaign in all 16 of his master leased SRO's. Randy Shaw can get into some serious trouble now if he doesn't allow any other candidate to enter any of his buildings

Another post describing another D-6 candidate being shut ot of the election process by being refused entry to the same buildings

More illegal non profit electioneering at 250 Brannan D-6 candidate forum 2010

Illegal non profit voter tampering during the Ed Lee campaign for mayor

THC refusing entry to all candidates as a result of these excposures

September 27, 2014, 11:42am - Jane Kim flyers being distributed at the Seneca Hotel, one of Randy Shaws master leased SRO's in Mid Market, San Francisco. Bonus: One of Randy Shaws own clients calling the team "you're all backed by the mob", which would mean his own clients calling Shaw the mob

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