The Abandoned Subdivision of Rio Vista, California

Yes, the outer Bay Area has it's own abandoned subdivision, listed in one place as one of the 9 Worst Recession Ghost Towns in America. (3 of them in California). This has also been in the San Francisco Chronicle and the local Solano news and this blog has more aerial photos

It's worth noting that as of late 2014 the remaining 13 unfinished homes that are in the photos have been torn down because people were going in and stripping all the copper and doing damage, so they just razed the whole thing. I stopped by the week after all the homes were raised and this is what it looks like now

Nothing but empty streets and grass and lightpoles and birds and one little tower


The wind farms of the Montezuma Hills are nearby

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arson threats in Sausalito

some people in sausalito take their views very seriously

2nd and Main street, Sausalito



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Black-Necked Stilt and Alaskan Black Turnstone at San Leandro Creek

This is part of what makes living in SF worth it and it's less than 30 minutes from downtown SF via Bart and bike. Part of the Oakland Estuary and the great Bay Trail, this is at the junction of Martin Luther King Regional Shoreline and San Leandro creek between the Oakland airport and the Oakland Coliseum.

It's not very well known and much less crowded than any of the San Francisco parks. Right now some of the western bird migrations are happening from Alaska, joining native shoreline birds

These are native Black-necked Stilt mingling with Alaskan Black Turnstone that just migrated here for the winter a few weeks ago


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Sausalito Art Car 2012

update on the famous Sausalito Art car, now with more foliage!


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Chevron fire time lapse

time lapse of the Chevron refinery fire as seen from Telegraph Hill via Dee Em

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Montara Mountain April 21, 2012

Nice day to bike up Montara Mountain

full flickr set







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San Francisco Bay Area turkey tail mushrooms

Tramates versicolor, aka Turkey Tail mushrooms found on the Iron Horse trail near Alamo, California (below). Turkey Tail can also easily be grown in any Bay Area back yard with plug spawn and even transplanted from the wild

These mushrooms are world renowned for their beneficial health properties and are the subject of ongoing cancer research (PDF)

Interview with Paul Stamets in Huffington Post about a recent lecture on medicinal mushrooms at TedMed which is already sold out this year

Stamets talks about how Turkey Tail mushrooms helped cure his 84 year old mother of breast cancer at the end of this video (TedMed 2011)

On the Iron Horse Trail near Alamo recently














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Crystal Springs Bald Eagles

very likely the first ever video of San Mateo's very first nesting pair of bald eagles in 100 years, taken earlier today. This is on San Francisco Water Department property and the closest these eagles have nested to San Francisco in our generation. Another nesting pair has been reported at Kent Lake in Marin county and more info on Bay Area eagles at Hawkman blog. And another nesting pair at Calaveras Reservoir in Santa Clara county (updated at SFCitizen)

Tom Stienstra posted some directions and SF Citizen also posted about it. You can also watch a live webcam of a bald eagle nest with chicks in Ohio

the best photo so far is at the Penninsula Audubon Society

flickr set





the actual's on the other side of the lake, on the other side of that eucalytus grove


this photo is with a Canon EOS DSLR at 80mm (different source)

Crystal Springs Bald Eagles 3.10.12 020

this photo is with a 20xcanon sx20 bridge camera of the same eucalyptus grove at a different angle. This is the only place at water level you can see it and it's on Sawyer Camp Trail


you need a bigger lens than this to get close (500mm) or a camera rigged to a spotting scope for digascoping which is likely how the Audubon got a nice clear shot


we got lucky as there was a juvenile bald eagle flying around Crystal Springs unrelated to the nesting pair -just passing through

bonus! Some young deer at Crystal Springs along Sawyer Camp Trail



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OccupyOakland eviction notice

handed to the demonstrators tonight


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Marin Wild Turkey

Wild Turkey just north of Novato, December Dec 30, 2010

full set



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