2nd community meeting on SOMA and 6th Street with Jane Kim

a second meeting to discuss violence and other problems in the SOMA area and 6th street is now scheduled for Wednesday, July 13, 2011, 5:30-7:30pm at SOMA residences, 1045 Mission

there's also a facebook page for this event


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spotlight on 6th street

6th Street in San Francisco has been coming under intense scrutiny lately, which is a good thing. Nevius just did another article on the 6th Street police substation and Livesoma did and excellent article on the recent emegency community meeting with supervisor Jane Kim, which also discussed the 6th street substation and has links to a new community group

Channel 4 also did a 'people behaving badly' segment which interviews people at the new Marinello's Beauty School at 1035 market, which is Mid Market and half a block from 6th Street

The police have had a heavy presence on 6th lately and it appears to have some amusing side effects, even people doing scribblings on the temporary scaffolding at the corner of 6th and Market, where Pearls Burgers is moving in soon. Recently captured by the Tens

In the most annoyed tone you’ve ever heard, “Just pick your stuff up and move.”

and immediately assumes the position

Here's another recent photo from 6th Street, also by The Tens

number one fan

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nine assaults in one day for two blocks

Nine assaults in one day for the first two blocks of 6th Street, and that is WITH the mobile command police unit parked on 6th. Someday we will get a hockey gear store here

Crime Date Address Link
A Other 06/24/11 01:48 PM XX 6TH ST Details
B Assault 06/24/11 09:22 AM XX 6TH ST Details
C Assault 06/24/11 11:18 PM XX 6TH ST Details
D Assault 06/24/11 04:42 PM XX 6TH ST Details
E Burglary 06/24/11 11:18 PM XX 6TH ST Details
F Other 06/24/11 12:45 PM MARKET ST/6TH ST Details
G Other 06/24/11 03:40 PM 10XX MARKET ST Details
H Other 06/24/11 08:32 AM 10XX MARKET ST Details
I Arrest 06/24/11 03:48 PM 10XX MISSION ST Details
J Assault 06/24/11 05:45 AM 1XX 6TH ST Details
K Arrest 06/24/11 12:08 PM 1XX 6TH ST Details
L Other 06/24/11 07:54 AM 1XX 6TH ST Details
M Assault 06/24/11 02:13 PM 1XX 6TH ST Details
N Other 06/24/11 06:06 PM 1XX 6TH ST Details
O Assault 06/24/11 10:27 AM 1XX 6TH ST Details
P Assault 06/24/11 09:30 PM 1XX 6TH ST Details
Q Other 06/24/11 06:13 AM 1XX 6TH ST Details
R Assault 06/24/11 01:14 PM 1XX 6TH ST Details
S Other 06/24/11 08:20 PM 1XX 6TH ST Details
T Other 06/24/11 10:08 PM 1XX 6TH ST Details
U Assault 06/24/11 04:39 AM 6TH ST/MISSION ST Details

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6th street update – mobile command still parked

Got word that police brass were going around to all the merchants on 6th asking how to improve 6th Street

All the scrutiny recently seems to be working, so far. This is now going on almost a month with the police mobile command parked on 6th Street, off an on


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mobile police command back on 6th street

Mobile police command one and three, plus foot patrols, at least 4 of them stationed on the first block of 6th street today, plus Jessie alley blocked off. Another shooting? Somebody got robbed again?. CW Nevius articles having an effect?

Nope........it's a private event at Mint Plaza tonight


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Central Market CBD May 2011 report

this is one of the most extensive reports yet by the Central Market CBD. Hundreds of incidents recorded. Everything from illegal trash dumping, including by two SRO's near 6th and Minna, drugs, drunkenness, discarded needles, grafitti, crime incidents, including Passion Cafe, now described as a break in by five people who climbed in through the roof skylight to get the big screen TV and one of them came back to get rid of evidence and that's when owner Steve Barton was attacked. The Mobile Police Command unit is described as being on 6th Street because of the Pow Wow tourist convention (as opposed to any crimes that actually happened on 6th)

Anyway, congrats to the Central Market CBD on this May 2011 report. It's a long one and a big read and the original PDF is here and here. These community guides are out there all day long around the Mid Market area so they see quite a bit, and document it, with cameras

there are two reports. One for the Central market CBD and one for 6th Street. The both work for the CBD with the Central Market guides in brown shirts and the 6th street guides in blue shirts. They often cross paths and work together on the street

6th street report


Central Market report


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Passion Cafe selling, Anu bar closed, Zendesk moves in

Passion Cafe near 6th and Market is selling after all, despite denials from their own staff. The confusion was the result of being delisted at Urban Realty and the initial 'available' sign being taken down. Now there's a new sign and a new new website. Photo from SF Citizen and more history about this with links here


Across the street, also near 6th and Market, and hardly noticed, Anu Bar has closed and like Passion Cafe, is also for lease

However, at the corner of 6th and Market, the first large tech company, Zendesk is moving in. Zendesk CEO Mikkel Svane describes 6th and Market as colorful

6th and market is indeed "colorful". Purple for drugs, red for assault, blue for robbery and weapons and theft, etc


Meanwhile and little known is the brand new trees planted by the Friends of the Urban Forest over the weekend on Stevenson between 6th and 7th


These trees help 'reduce stress' and could actually make crackheads and criminals more docile!

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‘for sale’ sign removed from Passion Cafe

It's true, as reported here on Eater and and the diabolical SF Citizen

Passion Cafe on 6th Street is not closing, and the 'for sale' sign has been taken down as of this morning. Steve Barton is hanging in there. Passion cafe on Facebook and Twitter


and two weeks ago when the sign first went up


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new trees being installed on Stevenson

these are the markings and cuttings on the sidewalk for new trees on Stevenson alley in the Mid market area of San Francisco. Because crackheads need shade, and cover, and all the good things in life


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Passion Cafe on 6th street not closing

The for sale sign is expected to be taken down shortly and the employees of Passion Cafe would like everyone to know they are staying open. It could be due to the huge support from the community, after some recent incidents and not sure yet about exactly why this change of plans, but Passion Cafe is definitely staying open


In other words, it appears Steve Barton has decided to stick it out!


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