downtown Oslo July 22, 2011

Link sent from a friend of mine in Oslo, Norway (the friend didn't take the video, only sent the link). It's now on Oslo TV

What really happened in downtown Oslo yesterday. Before, during, and after, from somebody who was there

and a scene from tonights vigil in Oslo


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Canada Day

Happy Canada Day to our neighbors in the north

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1964 Alaska quake footage

this video contains the famous footage of Valdez, Alaska harbor being emptied after a 9.2 earthquake in 1964. This is the same earthquake that wiped out the entire downtown of Crescent City, California the same day in 1964

Up until today, Crescent City, California had the distinction of being the only US city to be hit by a tsunami. It''s now the only US city to be hit twice by a tsunami

Crescent City, 1964

quote today from Crescent City via BBC live feed

2108: Ted Scott, a retired mill worker who lived in Crescent City, California, when a tsunami killed 17 people on the West Coast in 1964, told the Associated Press: "This is just devastating. I never thought I'd see this again. I watched the docks bust apart. It buckled like a graham cracker."

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Google, Twitter, Saynow join to provide Speak2Tweet for Egypt

This was just started yesterday after Egypt shut down the last ISP

via Computerworld

live feeds via twitter and this service and on these channels is about 100 text per 30 seconds

twitter @ #egypt


Google offers voice-tweeting service for Egyptians

IDG News Service - SayNow may be better known for helping the Jonas Brothers and the NBA leave short voicemail messages for their fans, but on Monday it found another purpose: helping Egyptians communicate with the rest of the world.

Google, which purchased SayNow just last week, has hacked together a "speak-to-tweet service" for Egyptians who still have working telephones but who can't connect with Twitter because ISPs in the country were ordered to disconnect from the Internet.

The last remaining major ISP (Internet service provider), Noor Group, abruptly disconnected its service on Monday.

"[A]nyone can tweet by simply leaving a voicemail on one of these international phone numbers ... and the service will instantly tweet the message using the hashtag #egypt," Google said in a blog posting. "No Internet connection is required."
Egypt in Turmoil

The speak-to-tweet service automatically puts the voicemail on a Web page that is then linked in a Twitter message posted to Google's Speak2tweet Twitter account.

By Monday afternoon Pacific Time, the service was posting new Twitter messages every few minutes -- many of them in Arabic -- including commentary and reports from Egypt.

It's one of several alternative techniques that have been set up to keep Egyptians connected as people take to the streets to call for democratic reforms to the unpopular government of President Hosni Mubarak.

a few screen shots @ Flickr


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lunar eclipse 2010

San Francisco was cloudy, but somebody in Pacific Grove near Monterey got this shot

Lunar Eclipse, December 20, 2010, 11:42 PST

and this one from Lawrence, Kansas

eclipse flare decemeber 21 2010

from the NASA JPL flickr group

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time magazine’s real person of the year

from Alternet, Wired, Christian Science Monitor and the Washington Post

December 15, 2010

Time Magazine readers chose Julian Assange as Person of the Year. Hands down. But Time's editors preferred to go with the safer choice: Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. The loser in this contest is Time Magazine. Hands down.


Zuckerberg was actually 10th on the list

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stand by

there is no need to adjust your set...please stand by

bw-test-pattern2 (by auweia)


800px-RCA_Indian_Head_test_pattern (by auweia)

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Happy Thanksgiving

An American tradition

alices-restaurant (by auweia)

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thought for the day

Hell and Heaven T-shirt. If there was a San Francisco version..........

Hell is T-shirt (by auweia)

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astronomy photo of the day

courtesy of NASA

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