Board of Supervisors, Non Profit funding and workers rights

On April 18, 2012, workers from non profits went before the board of supervisors to ask for pay raises. On May 1st, 2012, we remind people of the non profits who have trampled over workers rights

the whole story and the main page for this is here

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How the THC’s BeyondChron gets around the Prohibition on Political Activities in San Francisco

by Rita O'Flynn

The Tenderloin Housing Clinic is a tax-exempt non-for-profit which is prohibited by the IRS from engaging in political activities. San Francisco gets around this by stating in its contracts that "No funds appropriated by the City and County of San Francisco FOR THIS AGREEMENT may be expended..." on political activities.

The Controller's Office recently did a financial analysis of the THC in response to the embezzlement conviction of its former employee. The Controller's Office has somehow determined that no funds appropriated by the City and County of San Francisco are used to support BeyondChron, which is an LLC of the THC, published by the THC, and is edited by two full-time employees of the THC. Basically, Shaw's salary does not contain any provisions for his work on BeyondChron and Paul Hogarth's salary only contains a small provision to work on BeyondChron. The THC claims it used profits from its legal division and the Galvin Apartments to fund BeyondChron and the portion of Hogarth's salary for his BeyondChron activities.

The problem with this is that the legal services division is primarily funded by CCSF and there are contractual provisions regarding the use of profits from CCSF-funded programs (AKA: Program Income). These provisions are restrictive in terms of how program income can be used. Specifically, the contracts state, "...provisions of this agreement shall apply to expenditures of program income". The grants from MOH and the HSA for legal services have no provisions for the use of any profits to fund BeyondChron and the most recent version of the THC's audited financial report (FY 2010) the THC indicates that rental revenue, including that from the Galvin Apartments are used to pay for management and operating the property" without ever mentioning allocations for BeyondChron.

If you read Beyondchron today, you will see that Shaw spent a bit of time at the Planning Commission yesterday. It was his intention to speak in favor of CPMC's proposed facility on Van Ness but apparently he had to leave before he could do so because the meeting ran from 10 AM to 8 PM. While the contracts with the City require the THC to keep appropriate records to document compliance with the political activities restrictions, these don't seem to be disclosable under the public records act and the City Attorney assigned to SOTF has fought such disclosure on behalf of the Controller's Office in front of the SOTF. The public is forced to rely on the findings of the Controller's Office without knowing what these findings are actually based on. There is no clear, non-influenced, independent way of knowing how Shaw's activities yesterday (or at any other time) were actually funded.

The City's current contracts with non-for-profits leave the door wide open for conflict of interest and raise serious ethical issues regarding the elected Board of Supervisor approval of grants and budgets, including line item restoration, for non-for-profits that engage in political activities. Quite simply, the City should not provide any funding to any non-for-profit that engages in political activities regardless of the non-for-profit's source of funding for its political activities.

The prohibition on political activities by non profits is documented in the THC grant agreement here. The IRS in 2007 issued this reminder to non profits not to engage in political activity and further IRS clarification on political activity for non profits (PDF). Numerous examples are cited on what is OK and what is not for a non profit, including running websites. The IRS also points out that even personal opinions are subject to the rules if they are published under the umbrella of the tax exempt organization. The IRS also doesn't make a distinction of a subsidiary like Beyondchron that the city of San Francisco has apparently been doing and considers it to be one and the same. It is the IRS that grants the non profit status in the first place, not the city

The Tenderloin Housing Clinic 2010 federal 990 tax form lists Beyondchron as a disregarded entity

A disregarded entity is a business entity that is separate from its owner but which chooses to be disregarded as separate from the business owner for federal tax purposes. The IRS says,

"If a “disregarded entity” is owned by an individual, it is treated as a sole proprietor. If the “disregarded entity” is owned any any other entity, it is treated as a branch or division of its owner."

A sole proprietorship is not a disregarded entity, because the business is not separate from the owner.

Liability Issues for a Disregarded Entity
A disregarded entity is considered the same entity as the owner for tax purposes, but not for liability purposes. For more information on this subject, read this article in which attorney Robert Warwick discusses disregarded entity tax and liability issues

Tenderloin Housing Clinic 2... by auweia1

Tenderloin Housing Clinic R... by auweia1

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mayor Ed Lee at Dotties on 6th Street

Mayor Ed lee showed up today for a press conference at the new Dottie's True Blue Cafe on 6th street to announce "new public safety" for the mid market area of San Francisco

update >

full Flickr set



Nevius at the bottom in the middle with glasses



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Randy Shaws crime and security issues exposed

This is an open letter addressed and sent to Randy Shaw over one year ago on January 4, 2011. It was written by one of his own front desk staff and details very well how Shaw's own policies are affecting the Tenderloin, mid Market and Mission neighborhoods. This letter specifically talks about the Seneca Hotel, which is at 34 6th Street, and is literally next door to the new Dotties True Blue Cafe at 28 6th Street

Tenderloin Housing Clinic receives federal funds under the Housing First HUD program

Randy Shaw has never publicly acknowledged any such issues within his own Tenderloin Housing Clinic, and in the year since receiving the letter, has instead written articles on his own THC funded Beyondchron publicly blaming everything from redevelopment to labor unions for the crime and drugs in the area. This letter was completely ignored by Randy Shaw. There was no acknowledgment, no reply, nothing from anyone at Tenderloin Housing Clinic, the largest city funded housing non profit in San Francisco

Since this letter was sent, there has been no change in any of the policies within Tenderloin Housing Clinic and the situation has gotten steadily worse as it affects the surrounding communities. Nearly every one of Crackheads of the Day originates from in front of this same building described in the letter, with some being THC's own residents

Antoinetta W. Stadlman
OmbudsLady The Baldwin House# 234 74 Sixth street
San Francisco, Calif., 94103 Phone 1415-552-4803 Fax 1415-552-2629 email

January 4, 2011

To: Randy Shaw

Safety Issues at the Seneca

Inner Security gate:

Years ago there was an inner iron gate located right near the Front Desk through which people had to be buzzed through. This is a necessity to maintain building security, but unfortunately it was removed sometime after THC took over operation of the Seneca. I recall pointing out the security risks to Drennen (remember her?) of not having the inner gate, and her response was along the lines of "But we don't want that, it makes the place look like a jail." And just this last month I was discussing this matter with Dave, the Seneca's current manager, and he said re-installing the Inner gate wouldn't happen, "because THC thinks it looks like a jail." This rationale is so utterly lame that it would be laughable if it were not allowed to trump the basic safety realities we face. Whether an Inner gate makes the place look like a jail is true or not is irrelevant, the reality is that the inner gate is essential for Hotel security. Unfortunately, it is this sort of feelings-based "fuzzy thinking" that seems to prevail and leads to the perpetuation of this and all the other problems discussed in this letter. At any rate, regardless of how people feel about it, its lack is a huge hole in our security, and it needs to be replaced. And I hear that Housing wants to get rid of the security gate at the Mission Hotel even though this was installed at the command of Karen Carrera, the City Attorney who was dealing with the swamp that the Mission was in the months preceeding THC's takeover of the place back in '97. Completely wrong direction to go.

II. Distraction issues

As should be well know to anyone involved with SRO hotel management, the general scene of drugs and overall misbehavior which is part of Sixth Street, will easily come in off the street and into the Hotel unless strong vigilance is raised to keep it out. For this reason, the primary purpose of the Front Desk is to keep those involved in this activity OUT of the Hotel. To be aware of who is coming and going, the Front Desk needs to generally be in an undistracted state, and this is quite impossible at the Seneca. In addition, to our regular sign in visitors in and out, we also have to deal with a morass of trivia, represented in part by the following list of forms that we have to deal with.

Television Sign up Sheet
Service Providors Tracking Sheet
Seneca Hotel Package log
Kitchen Station Sign up sheet
Hotel Contractor/Inspector log
Fire Watch Sheet
Spare Key Sign-Out Sheet

In addition, there are four classifications of visitors.

Regular Daytime Visitors
Overnight Visitors
Extended Overnight Visitors
Consecutive Overnight Visitors

Each of these needs to be tracked somewhat differently, and, adding to the cunfusion, the Consecutive Overnights do not need to sign in and out; they can come and go as if they live there. And many do essentially live there, if one has both Extended as well as Consecutive Overnights, people are "visiting" for twenty days and nights a month. This is likely a safety issue in its own right, as of course none of these visitors get the background check that tenants do. So all this requires organizing out of an often endless flow of in and out traffic, who lives here and who doesnt,(there's always a few new tenants, new faces to further confuse things) which visitors need to sign in and out and which don't, etc. All the above, combined with the lack of a back-up gate make it impossible to effectively keep people from sneaking past the Front Desk and into the Hotel.

III. Enabling Drug and Prostitution Activity:

The removal of any practical downside to a tenant's violation of the visitor rules has led to a situation where it is even more impossible to control who comes into he Hotel, When such violations happen, tenants get "written up" and at some point put on a 30 Day No-Visit list. However, this has recently had any effectiveness removed. As you can see in the attached meeting notes, we cannot refuse to sign in someone, even if we know that they do not intend to visit the person who is signing them in, but are going to the room of someone who is officially on the 30-Days No-Visit list. In addition, this having to sign people into room we know they really aren't going to also extends into visitors seeking to stay overnight with a tenant who has exhausted their monthly allocation of overnights. Along with this, I see would-be visitors come to the Front Desk, not knowing the room number or last name of who it is they wish to visit. Again, these have been signing in with willing tenants, who sometimes clearly do not know them,(sometimes a dollar or two is exchanged for the favour) once signed in they head upstairs and are free to roam the halls, knocking on doors, etc. Finally, tenants can come down and sign their visitors out, without the visitor being present, for all we know the visitor is still up somewhere in the building. The cumulative effect of all this is that it has become impossible to consistently be aware of who is actually in the building and to ensure a reasonable degree of physical safety.

When Management becomes aware that drug dealing or prostitution is going on in a particular room, it may take months to evict that individual. So that their activities do not add further disruption in the Hotel during his time, it is imperative to disrupt their "business activity" to the maximum extent possible. This means a flat "'No Visitors" for such parties. Not just for 30 days but for the remainder of the time they are resident in the Hotel. And if they say this is against the Uniform Visitor policy, all Management needs to do is to tell the offending tenant that they are welcome to contest your decision at the Rent Board-if, of course they are willing to defend their drug or prostitution activity. 1 can guarantee you, none will want to confront you at the Rent Board, and Management's decision will remain in force. Failure to take action like this while knowingly allowing people to engage these activities is enabling and facilitating it, pure and simple, and we need to stop this.

If you go down to the Seneca, at virtually any time, from first light to well after midnight, you will see half a dozen or so people hanging out on the street in front of the Hotel. At times camp chairs have even been brought in and appear to be just sitting around. Most of these people are former residents or visitors of the Seneca who have been Evicted or 86d. They are also part of the Sixth Street drug scene, as they were of the Seneca's back before they were Evicted or 86d. Of course she reason they are continually out in Front is the presence of their drug buddies still resident in the Hotel. This arrangement needs to be broken up. the Seneca needs to get Stay-Away orders on these people, to shut down this drug-link between the street and various residents of the Seneca.

Another issue that facilitates this activity is that we now accept virtually any type of ID. The worst of this is that we now have to accept jail. prison, and jail "hospital bracelet" IDS. A lot of the jail issues on Sixth Street are behind drug activity; it should be abundantly clear that allowing someone in the building that is just out of jail is probably NOT a good idea for the overall safety and well-being of the Hotel, Yet another issue is the fact that earlier restrictions on requesting overnight visitors are all now gone.
Originally, a tenant wanting an overnight would have to inform the Front Desk of his fact by Noon of the day in question, and would have to supply the name of the intended guest. Now, Noon has been moved up to 900 P.M., and, worse, no name need be furnished, the tenant merely needs to "reserve an overnight."


Quality of Tenants + Worthlessness of Screening:

The following experience I had at Seneca pretty much speaks for itself.
I was working alone at the Seneca and around 6:OO P.M., Tamara, the Manager called. She asked me to "keep an eye" on a new tenant, someone who had just moved in that day. I asked what the issue was, why this heads up? Tamara said that when they were doing the background check the tenant's previous landlord informed her that the reason she evicted this person was because the individual had set fire to their unit. I asked Tamara what possessed THC to rent to this person in light of this information, and Tamara said that since the previous landlord wouldn't write this on paper, she couldn't prove it, and they couldn’t refuse rental.

Renting to someone you know has a recent history of Arson? This is bat shit crazy. Since when do you have to have a reason for not renting to a particular individual, let alone have to prove anything. Why does Housing consistently adopt the responsibility of justifying every negative decision they have to make? They are Management and that alone is sufficient justification. This perceived need to self-justify everything is a substantial overall hindrance to operations anyway, but when it permits a kmown Arsonist to home a tenant, well, this is just scary.

V. Self-Defence Issues:
Unfortunately, part of the reality that any of us working in the SRO Hotels has to deal with is the occasional aggressive or violent tenant or visitor. Several times in the past year we have had irate individuals jump over/come behind the Front Desk, one of these incidents happened while I was alone on duty However, there is a "zero-tolerance' regarding making any physical contact with tenants / visitors. Just how much this actually would be applied to someone defending their self has never been made clear, but there is certainly real doubt; when the tenant jumped over the Front Desk and hit me with the roll of paper; I was told "You're lucky you didn't have to hit him." If this zero tolerance policy extends people coming behind the desk or assaulting staff, we are essentially being denied the right to defend ourselves. Certainly, I could see a staff person injured in such an incident claiming in the inevitable personal injury lawsuit that would ensue that they felt inhibited from defending themselves as they would get disciplined for this by THC, and that this contributed to the extent of whatever injuries they sustained.

V Loss of Institutional Memory:
These problems have been worsening and metastasizing for years. Seeing the degree of turnover at various levels of management during this time, it appears that a lot of this problem involves the lack of any real institutional memory. As new people come to work in the policy-making levels of the housing operation, each wants to "do" something "'for the tenants"; the latest policy-makers are unaware that they are adding more on top of what their predecessors have done, and the cumulative effect over the years of this process goes unrecognized, until the operation devolves into the dysfunctional morass it is today.

What needs to be done:

Not all this can be done immediately, some things will require changes to the Uniform Visitor Policy, others may require changes in tenant leases, for others a 30-Day Notice should suffice, but at the minimum:

A. Reinstall the Inner Gate in the Seneca over by where the old safe is currently located. The layout needs to be so that someone coming aboard talks to the Front Desk, signs in or whatever first, THEN is buzzed in through the Gate.
B. Quit accepting any ID not specifically mention& in the Uniform Visitor Policy, especially jail, prison and hospital bracelet IDs, or xeroxes of any IDs.
C. Get rid of the Extended and Consecutive Overnights. It is impossible to keep any track of visitors when some are essentially living here for twenty days a month, where some need to sign In and out and others don’t.
D. Plug up all the loopholes in the visitor situation, as described in Section 111 above.
E. Get some Stay-Away orders and eject the crowd of druggies (former Seneca residents and visitors) from in front of the Hotel.
F. Get rid of the plethora of sign-in and tracking sheets listed in Section I.
G. End the practice of allowing tenants to sign out their visitors when we have no idea if the person has actually left or is still hiding out in the Hotel.
H. Make tenants requesting Overnight Visitors do so by 12:Noon, and supply the intended visitor's name, the practice of reserving" an unidentified Overnight has to be ended.
I. Institute a permanent visitor ban on tenants you have reason to believe are engaging in drug or prostitution activity.
J. Get rid of the appeal process for visitor and other purely personal issues. Visitor issues must be resolved quickly and on site. The highest level of appeal should be the site Manager of the relevant building. They are the only ones who will know the people and the situation involved,and who have the ability to make a reality-based decision. The problem with the appeals is that those hearing the appeal don't how those involved or the situation, but they DO know that they have fundamental philosophical problems with the simple fact that there are visitor rules and restrictions at all ,and this leads to distorted decision-making.

K. Work with our new Supervisor, Jane Kim, to hit a sort of re-set button on the Uniform Visitor Policy and end the annual circus where the Policy is amended every year at the Rent Board. This is an entirely rigged game, and has allowed the original policy, bad as that was, to be constantly watered down, further hampering Management's ability to control the situation while at the same time mandating things such as the Consecutive Overnights, which are a serious problem.

VIII. Conclusion:
As you may recall, back in the Fall of 1998, when the Seneca was still under private control. the management was so atrocious that some basic improvements had to be made before THC could Master-Lease the place. For this purpose, you had introduced me to Dr. Mahendra Dave so that he could bring me aboard the Seneca to try to get a handle on the worst of the problems there. This was done; I worked at the Seneca for some months, during which the key troublemaking tenants were identified and evicted. Other problems were sufficiently addressed, and so THC was able to take over the operations of the Hotel. You also set me up with the owners of the Mission HoteI for a like purpose back in the Spring of 97. All this worked out well, but if 1 restricted my options in dealing with these basic issues as THC Housing restricts theirs. none of this would have been possible, nor would I have been able to dean up Baldwin House as 1 did back in '95 and 96. Altogether too many policies and practices actively enable precisely those activities that it is the primary responsibility of Management to abate, For some reason, Housing seems completely infected with a world-view and values system that is entirely incompatible with the safe and functional operation of an SRO Hotel. Certainly any Management that has serious moral and ethical problems with doing things like telling someone they can't have a visitor, something that is really SRO Management I01 level stuff, is going to be severely compromised in carrying out even routine functions. And since it is THC-wide policies that are to blame for all this, it is logical to assume that these problems are present in all the hotels. not just the Seneca. As it is to-day, the Seneca at least is a textbook example of how NOT to run an SRO Hotel. It also should be noted that the on site Managers, Dave, and Tamara before him, and the onsite Managers of the other hotels are not ta blame for any of this, the problem originates from higher up in the organisation.

Since all these problems are self-imposed, here should, other than some procedural issues, be nothing tangible blocking any of the recommendations above. The real problem is that wing to discuss this stuff with Housing is like trying to argue about religion, logic will get you nowhere as the rationale underlying this has long since become doma, from which Housing seems unwilling to remove its focus.
At any rate, I can formally attest: That under the current conditions, it is impossible to operate Be Seneca with an^ assurance of aenerrtl safetv. It is physically impossible to control who gets in the building, and until we rid ourselves of all the extraneous agendas that have being piggy-backed onto the basic one of running the Hotel, nothing will change. Finally, it has to be accepted that an SRO is NOT a "regular apartment", and that attempting to treat it like one will only lead to a bad end. by Jeff Webb on Scribd

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tents at Sue Bierman Park

new Occupy tents at Sue Bierman Park at the Embarcadero in San Francisco, courtesy of Steve Rhodes

#Reoccupy even more #tents #occupysf #ows #d17

The huge tent at Sue Bierman Park in 2010 for Peter Pan, courtesy of Gary Soup

Theater Tent, Embarcadero, SF

SF Citizen also has another photo of it

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federal court rules on pepper spray “fire in the eyes”

or pepper swabs

posted in the Chronicle tonight

the Chronicle neglected to mention that the original videos that started it all back in 1997 in Humboldt County are right here and have been available for years. The Chronicle never even mentions the video by name, yet this is what the federal court's that for negligent reporting?

Fire In The Eyes part 1

Fire in the Eyes part 2

Fire in the Eyes part 3

Fire in the Eyes part 4

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mayor Willie Brown checks in at #occupySF with Matier and Ross

Recently re-elected mayor Ed Lee Willie Brown visits OccupySF this morning with Matier & Ross of CBS Morning edition, via QueenKV @ twitter

or Willie 3.0 #whoyoukiddin


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the Real Ed Lee Story

This book was actually found on the ground at Civic Center Farmers Market, and seemed to be worth a scan since nobody's seen a PDF or file of it yet. One of the first people to get a hard copy was SF Citizen and also updated here

. The full Flickr photo/scan set from yesterday is here

The Real Ed Lee - The Untold Untold Story by auweia1 on Scribd

“The Untold, Untold Story” Goes Online

Leland Yee campaign can’t print “The Real Ed Lee” book fast enough for demand

SAN FRANCISCO – The reviews are in and the “The Real Ed Lee: The Untold, Untold Story” is a smash hit!

Has a serious political point, but it's actually funny, sometimes really funny, and it's much easier to read than the plodding "Ed-Is-Greater-Than-God" prose of the original…. For once, we have a campaign piece that made me laugh instead of crying. - San Francisco Bay Guardian

OMG, A new best seller to be! - Some guy on the internet

Everyone is talking about it! - SFist

The 55-page parody shows Lee on the cover as downcast, grumpy and triple-chinned. The book recounts dozens of previously published stories detailing everything from the two district attorney investigations into alleged ethics violations by his supporters and alleged cronyism. – San Francisco Chronicle

The 56-page booklet is heavily footnoted with URLs - The Bay Citizen

((*sound of crickets*)) – Interim Mayor Ed Lee

The slim volume oozes sarcasm as it covers the history of Ed Lee’s tenure as mayor, including his promise to not run for a full term and charges of inappropriate campaign donations from contractors. - San Francisco Examiner

This is the first "hit" recipe in political history. - Eric Jaye

Less than three-months hence, Lee’s campaign is beset by multiple criminal investigations into alleged campaign money laundering, ballot tampering and other campaign election violations. - Fog City Journal

[Ed Lee staff] were pretty disgusted by it. - Tony Winnicker

Painstakingly put together to resemble the original propaganda mailer to the smallest detail. The type fonts are identical. The jaunty writing style is mocked all too well. - SF Weekly

The Leland Yee for Mayor campaign has already distributed thousands of “The Real Ed Lee: The Untold, Untold Story” to voters throughout San Francisco, however, the demand for the book has been so great that today Yee’s campaign launched the book online at

“We can’t print the books fast enough,” said Jim Stearns, Yee’s campaign manager. “Now that it is online every San Franciscan will have the opportunity to read this accurate account of our interim mayor and be able to compare his tarnished and corruption-filled record to Leland Yee’s 23 years of leadership and experience fighting for our community, especially seniors, students, and the most vulnerable.”

“The Real Ed Lee: The Untold, Untold Story” is a response to a book produced by one Ed Lee’s billionaire IE committees, which falsely glorified the interim mayor and ignored the multiple scandals and ethics violations of his campaign. The highlights of “The Real Ed Lee: The Untold, Untold Story” include Lee becoming interim mayor on false pretenses, his approval of fraudulent contracts, giving “golden parachutes, embracing cronyism, failure to follow ethics laws, illegal campaign contributions, money laundering (well, the first time), voter fraud, and the city’s future if Ed Lee were elected. The book also includes “Willie [Brown] & Rose’s [Pak] ‘No Longer Secret’ Make-A-Mayor Recipe.”

By comparison, Leland Yee has released several detailed plans on job creation, environmental protection, transportation, and schools. Maybe the most important of his plans – “An Independent City Hall” – would clean up City Hall, bring real transparency and accountability, kick out the powerbrokers, and return our local government to the people. To read Yee’s plan, visit


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allegations of Randy Shaw’s voter tampering

allegations that major publicly funded contractors to the City of San Francisco have been engaged in very unethical election behavior

It is illegal for any contractor that receives public money from San Francisco to use that money for political activity

San Francisco's standard provisons of all contractors with the city, in part

Article 18.10 of this legally binding agreement, entitled, Prohibition on Political Activity with City Funds states, "In accordance with San Francisco Administrative Code Chapter 12.g, no funds appropriated by the City for this Agreement may be expended for organizing, creating, funding, participating in, supporting, or attempting to influence any political campaign for a candidate or for a ballot measure. Furthermore, this same article states, "In the event Grantee, or any staff member in association with Grant, engages in any Political Activity, then (i) Grantee shall keep and maintain appropriate records to evidence compliance with this section, and (ii) Grantee shall have the burden to prove that no funding from this Agreement has been used for such Political Activity. Grantee agrees to cooperate with any audit by City or designee in order to ensure compliance with this section

It is the number one comment from the latest probe into Mayor Ed Lee's campaign (Chronicle)


11:52 PM on October 24, 2011

My personal understanding from having been resident at the Boyd Hotel at 41 Jones Street, is that the Lee Campaign has access to the internal resident files of the Tenderloin Housing Clinic. The THC is a Randy Shaw operation, and recipient of many tens of millions of dollars from the City's Care-not-cash Program. The THC, as Mr. Shaw's operation is known in the Tenderloin has over 22 SRO Properties. Those thousands of tenants all have Tenant Reps who were pressured to be advocates for Jane Kim in her 2010 Supervisors Race funded partially by a $10,000 dollar campaign contribution by Willie Brown. Enrique Pearce ran the Kim Campaign with funding and strong Chinese Community support from Rose Pak and operates the same operation that has committed the voter frauds and felony election frauds, by people who have been collecting ballots from the Chinese Community on Stockton Street, in the news. I have personal friends who have asked me, how the hell did the Ed Lee campaign get their unlisted phone numbers? For Jane Kim and Ed Lee to use the internal private client records of the recipient Non-Profits, such as the THC, for voter fraud is beyond unethical. Any investigation into the THC Tenant Reps, who work at and are compensated by the SRO Collaborative will yield more evidence of fraud, ballot tampering, and organized pressure on the poor people for their votes so as not to loose programs. Mayor Lee, like Mayor Newsom before, both cut deeply into the programs for the poor, and the poor are in real fear. What I see is the link between the offices of Jane Kim at City Hall, the offices of Ed Lee as Mayor, and Rose Pak as well as Mr. Pearce and the others from the Kim for Supervisor in District 6 Campaign. Willie Brown is in the middle of this, and the District Attorney needs to recuse himself from this investigation and turn the whole case over to the Feds. There is too much Official Corruption in the Official Family for the DA to be impartial here.

Read more:

This is also in the comments of a new SF Weekly article regarding the 2001 mayoral election funny business

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Latest Ed Lee Voter Fraud Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Press release from Leland Yee's campaign today which follows more recent allegations of voter tampering

update > the city attorney and a bunch of candidates are now asking for federal election monitors

This is also posted today on SFCitizen

Sunday, October 23, 2011
Latest Ed Lee Voter Fraud Just the Tip of the Iceberg
Volunteers witness many instances of potential voter fraud and election violations by Ed Lee campaign

SAN FRANCISCO – Volunteers for Leland Yee’s campaign for mayor are hearing about and witnessing many instances of potential voter fraud and election violations conducted by Ed Lee’s campaign. Over the past several days, Yee’s volunteers have witnessed or heard from voters about at least six different incidents of voter fraud or intimidation.

“I am deeply concerned that the voting rights of individuals are being abused, seniors in subsidized housing are being taken advantage of, and laws that are meant to protect the integrity of the voting process are being ignored and circumvented,” said Yee.

Yesterday, the Bay Citizen and the San Francisco Chronicle reported on workers of an independent expenditure campaign for Ed Lee filling out ballots for voters and in some cases using a stencil which only allowed voters to cast their vote for Lee and no other candidate. The Ed Lee workers also collected dozens of vote-by-mail ballots from voters at the make-shift station.

“What we are hearing from the field is deeply concerning, not just for our campaign but for the integrity of this election and our democracy,” said Jim Stearns, Yee’s campaign manager. “We are encouraging individuals to report potential violations to the Department of Elections; unfortunately, our volunteers are witnessing that many voters are reluctant to speak out, because they are afraid of potential retaliation such as losing their housing.”

These incidents appear to be just the tip of the iceberg as Yee’s campaign volunteers and workers have also witnessed the following voter and election fraud:

At a number of Chinatown Community Development Center (CCDC) run housing complexes, residents told Yee workers that they turned their ballots over to their apartment managers. Volunteer Tommy Lin said, “Many residents told me they didn’t even know who they voted for, because their ballots were turned over before they were filled out.”
According to Yee worker Andy Li, at the federally-funded Senior Housing Complex on 441 Ellis St, residents were invited to the common room for help on how to fill out their absentee ballots, but were first treated to a projector video of commercials and videos of Ed Lee. Residents then were “assisted” by Ed Lee volunteers in filling out their absentee ballots.
In clear violation of election law, Bayview volunteers told Yee’s Field Director Anthony Thomas that they were paid $150 cash to walk precincts and do other voter contact in the neighborhood.
In a number of Filipino housing complexes, absentee ballots still have not arrived at residents’ homes, raising concerns that they may have been removed by apartment management. Yee is widely considered to be heavily favored in the Filipino American community.
A number of Ed Lee volunteers have attested that they were assigned to work on both Ed Lee’s official mayoral campaign as well as his various independent expenditure campaigns, raising serious issues of illegal coordination between the campaigns.

“It is imperative that the Elections Office, Ethics Commission, Secretary of State, District Attorney, Attorney General, and the US Attorney immediately investigate these various illegalities,” said Stearns. “Ed Lee and his comrades are already under investigation by the DA and US Attorney; it is now time for him to come clean for the good of San Francisco.”

Leland Yee is endorsed by the United Educators of San Francisco, California Nurses Association, Sierra Club, San Francisco Firefighters, AFSCME, SEIU, San Francisco Labor Council, and the San Francisco Building and Construction Trades Council. Yee immigrated to San Francisco at the age of 3. His father, a veteran, served in the US Army and the Merchant Marine, and his mother was a local seamstress. Yee graduated from the University of California – Berkeley, then earned a Ph.D. in Child Psychology, and later served in various mental health and school settings. He and his wife, Maxine, have raised four children who all attended San Francisco public schools. Yee has served in the State Legislature, Board of Supervisors and Board of Education.

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