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Hell and Heaven T-shirt. If there was a San Francisco version..........

Hell is T-shirt (by auweia)

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astronomy photo of the day

courtesy of NASA

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We The People Stimulus Package

This guy's video on youtube has been so popular that Obama called him personally. He said that
he was very disturbed with the video and invited him to the White House. Obama also said he wanted
the White House to handle the Press and not to talk about the video or the White House visit.

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Rare copy of Declaration of Independence found

02 July 2009 .... British National Archives......declarationofindependance.pdf

A rare print of America's Declaration of Independence has been found among files at The National Archives at Kew (U.K.).

Printed on 4 July 1776, the Dunlap print is one of only 26 known copies in the world and is named after John Dunlap, the printer whose name is at the bottom of each copy.

The last discovered Dunlap Declaration, found at a flea market in 1989, sold at auction in 2000 for $8.14million.

The newly discovered print was found, hidden among correspondence from American colonists intercepted by the British in the 18th century, by an American carrying out research at The National Archives.

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where the pie went

friend of mine made a couple graphs from data statistics at the Congressional Budget Office. This was already graphed in open Salon recently, but with fewer variables from the original statistics, and the graph itself was a tiny jpeg, so we decided to redo it

this new graph is probably more accurate. Actually two graphs, pre-tax, and post-tax income distribution from 1979 to present

in the following two graphs, by definition, the top quintile is those sets of households whose incomes exceed the incomes of at least 80% of households

pre tax

income_share_percent_change_pretax3 (by auweia)

post tax

income_share_percent_change_aftertax2 (by auweia)

click through on Flickr to enlarge, or here are the originals

after tax distribution

pre tax distribution

this 3rd graph shows the top .01% earners in red,

after tax

income_share_percent_change_aftertax4 (by auweia)

original graph

pre tax

income_share_percent_change_pretax5 (by auweia)

original graph

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United Nations World Digital Library

"The BBC is reporting that the United Nations' World Digital Library has gone online with an initial offering of 1,200 ancient manuscripts, parchments and documents. To no great surprise, Europe comes in first with 380 items. South America comes in second with 320, with a very distant third place being given to the Middle East at a paltry 157 texts. This is only the initial round, so the leader board can be expected to change. There are, for example, a lot of Sumerian and Babylonian tablets, many of which are already online elsewhere. Astonishingly, the collection is covered by numerous copyright laws, according to the legal page. Use of material from a given country is subject to whatever restrictions that country places, in addition to any local and international copyright laws. With some of the contributions being over 8,000 years old, this has to be the longest copyright extension ever offered. There is nothing on whether the original artists get royalties, however."

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The Economy Explained

by Bill Watterson

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NASA doodles

from a recently released rare archive, along with this notice from Youtube

Dear auweia1,

Your video "nasadoodles1a" has been identified by YouTube's Content Identification program as containing copyrighted content which Discovery Communications claims is theirs.Your video "nasadoodles1a" is still available because Discovery Communications does not object to this content appearing on YouTube at this time. As long as Discovery Communications has a claim on your video, they will receive public statistics about your video, such as number of views. Viewers may also see advertising on your video's page.

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a Les Nessman Thanksgiving

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Signs of the Times

Bumper sticker of the year


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