The morning commute in Smith River, California

The morning commute in Smith River, California


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gone fishing on the Sacramento River

Now I ask you, what else is there?

Near Ord Bend, California

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the abandoned Long Bridge of Sutter County

This bridge is just south of the Sutter Buttes and has been long abandoned and has been the subject of painting and writing for years

Also known as the Old Sutter Bypass Bridge


Another blog has some more recent photos with the Legend of Scott and Julie

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The view from Lassen Peak

Lassen Peak is one of the better climbs in northern California and is easy to get to by car. But the trail to the top has been closed for 5 years and recently reopened in August 2015

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Lassen meadow

This meadow is near the main road that goes through Lassen Volcanic National Park and lies below Mt Lassen which is in the background. Lots of people have seen it and taken photos of this meadow

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Kelly Lake, Siskiyou Wilderness

Kelly Lake is one of the easiest lakes to get to in the Siskiyou Wilderness of northern California. The closest town is Happy Camp, Californa

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Cal Barrel Road – Prairie Creek Redwoods

Cal Barrel Road is located in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park and is one of the top scenic drives in the Redwoods

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Biking the GO Road The California Lost Highway

The Gasquet-Orleans (G-O Road) is one of the most infamous paved highways in California history. Originally built for logging trucks in the Six Rivers National Forest, it has gone through a whole series of court actions and eventually wilderness protection before Congress all the way into the 1990's

Most of the local people who lived there or still live there and had anything to do with it consider the GO Road one giant mistake and it will forever lie there slowly deteriorating because it's not maintained, almost nobody goes up there except to hike or have native religious ceremonies

A map of the GO road is here and it starts on the South Fork of the Smith River, the last major undammed river in California. Very few people have really gone into the unpaved section of it which is no longer a road, but a trail. At the end of each part of the paved section they have a pile of rocks to prevent any motorized vehicles and in some places you have to carry a bicycle over tree stumps

One of the few blogs to have photos from 'up there' is this one - Walking the Lost Highway, and for the first time, this blog publishes one the biggest collection of photos from the GO Road from September 2013

The GO Road is basically the ONLY road within many miles and there's not even that many trails, so if you go up there, you are likely to not see any other people the entire day, until you make it either to Orleans or Gasquet (Smith River). It is true wilderness, stunning views, quiet solitude and well worth the effort

I can't say that I'm the first person to bike the GO Road, because I saw previous tire tracks on the trail, so somebody else did it before me, but I am one of the few to bike into the interior, and this is possible to do it all in one day

Very quickly after leaving the Smith River you go uphill for a few miles and already get some great views of the coastal range bordering on Redwood National and State Parks

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Bald Hills Road, Redwood National Park

This is the lesser known part of Redwood National Park which is directly above Redwood Creek and the tallest trees in the world. The Bald Hills area of Redwood National Park was always bald because the native american tribes regularly burned it. Later it was sheep ranching

These photos were from very early in the morning before sunrise and the fog started lifting as soon as the sun rose. At certain times, this area is one of the most ghostly, surreal, northern California fogscapes I have ever seen

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Clyde Hotel, Tule lake, California

The Clyde hotel was once the finest hotel in downtown Tule lake, California. It now sits abandoned along with nearly half of of Tule Lake


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