1019 Market evictions and the Mid Market reporting conflict of interests

Time is running out for the Chinese garment companies to vacate 1019 Market. These photos are from a few days ago. While much attention has been paid to other areas of Mid Market, this is almost completely ignored

The building not only housed working garment factories, but also artists like Apex who are also now being evicted. The rooftop art work is likely to be wiped out with the new owners Cannae Partners



These are the garment workers being evicted. These are facts, rather than anecdotes


The 5th floor is now vacated


sewing machine exodus


bonanza for recyclers



There is a conflict of interest in some of the reporting on Mid Market which results in very skewed and biased postings on websites. Randy Shaw and Tenderloin Housing Clinic are direct beneficiaries of the Mid Market tax break. The tax break requires companies to set aside resources for local non profits, of which Randy Shaw is one of them. Randy Shaw's publicly funded Beyondchron website has been used to promote the very tax break that benefits his own Tenderloin Housing Clinic. In many places, this would be called corruption. At the very least, it's a conflict of interest. This also means that Twitter and it's employees also have a conflict of interest in promoting stories skewed to put Twitter and the tax break and it's non profit beneficiaries in a positive light. These are people financially benefiting from each other, and public funds are being used to do it

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Randy Shaw regarding Mid market, November 15, 2012

Nor has Twitter' caused such negative "fallouts" as the displacement of arts groups, increased turnover of commercial spaces, or sharply rising neighborhood residential rents.

It seems very important to some people that the revitalization of Mid-Market have a downside for small businesses, commercial office tenants, and residential tenants. Reporters regularly want my take on the “flip side” of Market Street’s revival, only to get disappointed when I tell them that these negative impacts have yet to occur. That's why so many of these stories rely on anecdotes rather than facts.

Randy Shaw regarding 1019 market, the Eastern Outfitters building September 19, 2012, implying that 1019 Market is a direct result of the Twitter tax break, and that he has been involved in pushing that tax break

Those of us promoting the Mid-Market/Tenderloin payroll tax exemption for net new hires were focusing on the area’s economic revival. But a great byproduct of this resurgence has been the restoration of long neglected historic properties along Market and nearby.

This is District 6 supervisor Jane Kim inside a Tenderloin Housing Clinic (Randy Shaw) building talking about the Twitter tax break and how it can benefit these same non profits

Basically, any postings either by Twitter, or any of the companies that are getting the tax break and it's employees, and the non profits that directly benefit from these tax breaks should be suspect, and is at the very least a conflict of interest. Any website, especially a publicly funded one like Beyondchron that doesn't allow commenting should also be suspect

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