Crackheads of the Day #72

Vintage crackheads of Mid Market. This video was taken on October 28, 2006. It was never posted on this blog since it was taken before the blog started in 2007. It was on Youtube for 6 years and recently somebody complained. It was removed by Youtube and now Youtube is claiming this video is harassment

Youtube is essentially saying that I am harassing crackheads by taking videos of them in the Mid Market neighborhood of San Francisco. By this logic, taking ANY video on a public street in Mid Market would be considered harassment. This of course would be the opposite of the similar Adamsblock getting death threats for doing the same thing(SFCitizen).

updated. Youtube reviewed it again and now says the video simply violates their community guidelines. Whatever. Sanitized Youtube. No reality allowed
update 2 > apparently you can violate Youtubes community guidelines if you assassinate people with missiles

Somebody does not want you to know the truth about Mid Market, San Francisco, and it could very well be politically motivated since according to mayor Ed Lee, Mid Market is set for a total resurgence

this is the original video from October 28, 2006, now shown for the first time on Bluoz. The original title was "6th Street and Stevenson, San Francisco, crackhead central - "

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