Crackheads of the Day #70

Here's the reason why the new tech sector in Mid Market San Francisco barely notices what goes on in their own doorsteps and why tech and crackheads are the perfect match

via Morgen Missen who has at least three strands out of place in that photo

More Tenderloin Housing Clinic residents doing and distributing crack in the corrupt Twitterloin


That's Karen Martinez. She lives at 34 6th Street #617 (Seneca hotel) around the corner and is has been housed at one of Randy Shaw's buildings for years. She is not homeless and hasn't been for a long time. Both Randy Shaw and the Chronicle perpetuate the myth that simply housing these people will 'get them off the streets' when the exact opposite is true. They are in fact, on the streets much longer now as a result of being housed

update > This is a screen shot of Karen on Anthony Bourdain - Parts Unknown, Season 6, episode 4 (Bay Area 2015)

This is the same Karen inside the building and she wants her crack pipe




this is all courtesy of Randy Shaw who runs this highest crime building in Mid Market and is the same Randy Shaw who has helped to push the Mid Market tax break for Twitter and tech companies


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