San Francisco’s first bike protest

San Francisco originated the bike protest 'critical mass' in 1992, and September 2012 is the 20th anniversary ride

But the very first mass bike protest in San Francisco was almost 100 years earlier on July 25, 1896. This was published in the San francisco Call, July 26, 1896 and can be viewed at the Library of Congress

There's also a nice write up at The Great Bicycle Protest of 1896 (PDF) and is during the great bicycle craze of 1896

The crowd was estimated at 5000 bicyclists up and down Market street and Folsom and the Mission. "Repave Market street" was the rallying cry. All of these bicycles were also the original fixed gear, or fixie bikes since the first gears weren't invented until 1905 in France by auweia1

this artwork by the same Mona Caron who did the rooftop art at 1019 Market

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