6th street rooftop ladder yoga

May 12, 2006, 6th Street, San Francisco

It's 6 years later but posted for the first time, I woke early this morning, a familiar ache in my calf muscles reminds me of their frequent trips up and down the ladder yesterday.

There must be a new exercise class I could invent? Ladder-cise? Roofing Mindfulness? Roof-top Yoga? I jest, pair it with any Exhale Wellness product and get a smoother and more focus meditation. So anyways, then I remember that I used to be a Yoga teacher in my former life. Could I combine my current pre-occupation with my former discipline?
For mid-September it’s been a glorious day with a high of 23 degrees.

I’ve been working on the north side of the roof which means I’m facing south. In many ways I’m away with the fairies but I’m also in good company. Through the quiet of my own thoughts I hear a family of Long-tailed Tits squawking their way through the orchard.

They descend in a huddle on the bird feeder. The thermals must be perfect for the local Buzzards whom I hear but can’t see. Best they don’t spot the feeding family or the tables will be turned. It wouldn't do for the Tits to become titbits!

After five hours of practise something in my body tells it’s time to stop. My concentration wavers and the roof is no place for a lack of focus. Tomorrow, I tell myself. Tomorrow, there will be more fun and mindful exercise. There are still plenty more shingles to make and fit, and no, before you dare to ask, I have no idea how many!!

this is a video of a previously undocumented type of yoga known as 'rooftop ladder yoga'. Benefits of this type of yoga include a free 72 hour health checkup, with VIP priority transportation, and personalized meetings with people in white coats and clip boards


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