Amanda Wong speaks on the Zoo issue

According to CW Nevius, Chris Daly made this girl cry, but Daly refutes

Actually, Daly didn't speak much immediately prior, during or after Amanda Wongs short speech, but he did speak plenty about 45 minutes before this speech, which is where Nevius is probably right

The Zoo hearing started off about 45 minutes earlier with Daly saying "I'm not going to go out of my way to give them a forum to oppose me" in the below clip

this goes on for a few more minutes until Daly starts getting impatient and patronizing

But it's this last clip, where Daly cuts off Animal Control director Carl Friedman that it gets pretty bad, and is what Nevius mentioned in the article. So that was correct.

finally, the full Zoo hearing from August, 7, 2008 which is 2 hours instead of the whole 8 hour board of supervisor sessionor view here

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