Below is 5 pages of a handwritten open letter that Vince Wallace wrote about Bombay Calling on October 16th, 2001

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some testimony about Vince:
 Hi your right.......Vince is world class
material. Living legend PLUS !!!!!!!!!!!
In a world of would be tigers that act
like wussys , and over hyped media
darlings......Vince Wallace stands 
tall due to his natural abilties.
I feel & always felt Vince Wallace 
was on the level of a major bop player and more.
I say that ,. thanks to tapes my bro Bert 
Wilson made for me of Vince. 
Matter of fact, there is a tape Bert has called...
" The Range Master meets the Change Master" . They play a blues,
probally one of the FEW cats that could follow Vinces solo would be Bert
Thank god another source of Vince info
was Sam Phipps in LA. Sam hit me
with a video tape of a gig...of Vince.
  This guy was totally himself, no false
musings into someone elses bag , or layin'
on some shop worn stuff..this guy 
started from ZERO when he improvised
and just played orignal creative jazz.
In day & age where to many players 
are way over rated and over recored,
it's a breath of fresh air to hear Vince
just truckin his thang thru the media-fog.
  The main course  on jazz-should be 
ORIGINALITY-Vince Wallace is all  about that. Just ask - Sonny Simmons, Bishop
Norman Willams or Mike Marcus.
They have watched him for years in funky
bars in the Haight , or Mission District
playing his ass off. 
I once went to the Mission Dist to 
catch Vince for the first time- live.I left
almost talkin'  to myself-He was really
killin' and VIVID.
  Take it from me- without question,
there is a HUGE factor in the biz of jazz
that ignores a cat like this. WHY ????
I think he'd totally dust most NAME players right off the bandstand...He is
one of the last UNSUNG masters.
How would THAT look ? lol
The natural way he plays, breathes
and grooves something IMHO..
that IS missing today. He's not just
playing, he's taking the music to another place. JOY, PASSION, and TRUTH 
expound in his solos. 
Mike Marcus has told me Todd Barkan
had an idea to record Vince w/  NYC 
rhythm section. I hope Todd hasn't lost
that idea. I say pull him in the studio in SanFran with the cats he hits with.
The drummer Gene Stone is a friggin'
legend musically. ( check early Don Ellis
and Jaki Byard sides for Gene)
  All I can say is....VINCE WALLACE
is a major giant. 
  Just one guys opinion, and love for
a artist that is.......
  Thanks- Tim