What Happened To..It's A Beautiful Day

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Natural Act, May 12, 2007, Berkeley -- download mp3 here

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left to right, Tim Dawe, Mitchel Holman, Hal Wagenet, Ralph Benkus

poster here

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This website attempts to explain some of the history of It's A Beautiful Day and why they disappeared for so long. It's also something of an archive of what the original band was and sometimes is. No band members were involved with this website although some have sent in photos and other stuff, among many other people. Thanks to all who did

Hal Wagenet

David Laflamme


Mitchel Holman

Rosie Wagenet

Larry Blackshere



The lawsuits

This website is dedicated to pattiesige.jpg - 48201 Bytes


In Memory of Larry Blackshere, vibraphonist for It's A Beautiful Day

Photo, Time Dawe, Hal Wagenet, live Studio Z, Jan 31, 2004

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