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Vince Wallace 5 page handwritten letter to the public about Bombay Calling

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This page was set up as a tribute to Vince Wallace....Vince Wallace wrote the song Bombay Calling in 1962, and believes he did copywrite it.....In 1966, Vince taught the song to David LaFlamme at David LaFlamme's house in San Francisco, California during the Electric Chamber Orchestra days....At first David LaFlamme attributed the song to Vince in concert, thinking it would be cool to do a jazz number from a jazz musician...Within a couple of years, David LaFlamme eventually dropped all reference to Vince and registered the same song with the same name under his own name at the US Copyright Office...Vince never received a dime from any of the record companies or David LaFlamme...This song is on the first album that went gold...Below are recent photo's of the original writer of Bombay Calling, Vince Wallace on October 7th, 2001.....Any updates for local gigs around San Francisco will be posted here

At the bottom of this page is an autograph I obtained from Vince with a special message for David LaFlamme

New August 10. 2004, Vince Wallace has a new official website at -Click Here for Vince Wallace's new website

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Vince Wallace and Woody Parker-duelling Sax'

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You will likely never see an autographed album cover quite like this one...It is the widely held belief among many musicians that this problem with David LaFlamme is largely responsible for the bands demise wich continues to this day

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