This website displays images sent in by Rosie Wagenet, wife of Hal Wagenet, original guitarist for It's A Beautiful Day

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First off, though, here's a photo of the REAL band taken by Relix magazine, in 1999

itsabeautifulday.jpg - 50822 Bytes

From left to right, Mitchell Holman(orginal bass player),Linda LaFlamme,Hal Wagenet(original guitar player),Val Fuentes(original drummer),Larry Blackshere,David LaFlamme(original singer, violinist)

Here's a neat tidbit for you....If anyone is in San Francisco and is looking for a restaurant near downtown, Larry Blackshere plays piano three nights a week at a restaurant called "La Scene Cafe and Bar".......... Larry plays Thursday through Saturday from 6pm to 10pm....This cafe is located in San Francisco's theater district, near Union Square at Geary and Taylor streets....Stop in, have a dinner, and maybe Larry can tell you a story or two about IABD while he plays some nice dinner music..more information here

In Memory Of Larry Blackshere

And all the rest of these pictures are taken by Rosie Wagenet, of the same band, the years before, in 1998 in Santa Cruz and Poconos, PA

halguit1.jpg - 47019 Bytes halguit2.jpg - 62307 Bytes halguit3.jpg - 85357 Bytes halguit4.jpg - 62746 Bytes halguit5.jpg - 41466 Bytes halguit6.jpg - 61882 Bytes groupshotsantacruz-2.jpg - 30696 Bytes groupshotsantacruz98.jpg - 25028 Bytes 
davidsantacruz98.jpg - 15499 Bytes lindasantacruz98.jpg - 42578 Bytes

mitchelsantacruz98.jpg - 19502 Bytes
This is Mitchell Holman with his self designed bowable bass, the only one of it's kind in the world..Mitchell can and does play this instrument just like a violin...He made this thing back in the early 70's, maybe earlier..More info soon, hopefully

groupshotsantacruz-4.jpg - 51672 Bytes groupshotsantacruz98-3.jpg - 54680 Bytes halmitchelsantacruz98.jpg - 60982 Bytes halsantacruz98-2.jpg - 39767 Bytes mitchelvalsantacruz98.jpg - 37513 Bytes lindadavidlarrysantacruz98.jpg - 46434 Bytes bwcolorized.jpg - 36420 Bytes

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