Note, this guest book is a temperary posting until this can get posted on the official Moby Grape website

Thu, 31 Dec 1998 02:06:39 (NAME) Hans Muis (EMAIL) HMUIS@CSEM.NL (LOCATION) Netherlands (SONG) Omaha (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) After searching about a few months I finally found a website with Moby Grape. I already thought the only thing left for me were sweet memories and the records. No stories about the present & future. Keep going, you do a great job.

Wed, 30 Dec 1998 22:41:00 (NAME) Greg Gleichman (EMAIL) (COMMENTS) A comment about the concert page. I was at a concert in 77 or 78 at the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium. Moby Grape and the Ducks were the bill. I don't remember if Mosely played with The Ducks, but he did play with the Grape, as did Corny Bumpus. I do remember that Neil and Jeff Blackburn played with The Ducks that night. Some months later, I went to a show at the Rio Theater in Rodeo Calif. The Ducks were billed, but Neil wasn't on stage with them. Lot people, including us, had really come to see him. Don't remember if Mosely or Blackburn were there.
Wed, 30 Dec 1998 15:13:11 (NAME) AD (EMAIL) (LOCATION) NYC (SONG) Rose Colored Eyes (MEMBER) No favorite (REFERENCE) Just surfed on in! (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) A true tragedy in mythological terms ... But not to despair because these fuckers are still alive and kicking. As a teenager in the 60's I leaned towards stuff for the British Isles. I didn't really care for Amrerican music ... But .. Fuck ... the Grape ... how can I describe it... from funk to country to blues to pure unadulterated kick ass driving rick and roll. I think the only other group that could ever give the Grape a run for the money was the "Band" and I think that puts Moby Grape in pretty good company. I was sorry to miss their gigs at the Wetlands here in NYC ... but if these guys plan on comming to these parts again ... I will be there! I only saw them 2x in the 60's and still can recall bith experiences vividly. I knew that I was witnessing greatness...
Tue, 29 Dec 1998 23:31:41 (NAME) Phil Davis (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Cave Junction, Oregon (SONG) 8:05 & Can't Be So Bad (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I play with Jerry on occassion, and he continues to blow my mind with his playing. This guy is a living legend and a one heck of a friend.
Mon, 28 Dec 1998 18:40:29 (NAME) Fred Stuart (EMAIL) FStwang@AOL.COM (LOCATION) Riverside Ca (SONG) Almost all of them (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) Im so glad to know that Moby Grape is still alive and well!
Sun, 27 Dec 1998 01:42:12 (NAME) Ron (EMAIL) (LOCATION) cleveland,ohio La Cave??????? (SONG) omaha (RATING) *** (COMMENTS) Hope you guys make it back to cleveland someday. wasn't old enuff the first time around, missed seeing u at madam wongs in LA in the 90's
Sat, 26 Dec 1998 15:35:52 (NAME) Mike Fornatale (EMAIL) (LOCATION) 234 Rockland Ave., River Vale NJ 07675 (SONG) Indifference (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) We need more frequent updates (even when there's no news!)
Fri, 25 Dec 1998 11:06:52 (NAME) J.R. Igoe, Jr. (EMAIL) (LOCATION) St. Louis (SONG) now-"Miller's Blues"...ask me again later (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I sure hope you guys can make it out to the midwest sometime. I know plenty of folks who'd love to see you. The closest I've come is hearing Ian Matthews cover "Right Before My Eyes" when he played here (St. Louis) in '91. Hope you all have a great 1999.
Wed, 23 Dec 1998 19:22:11 (NAME) Karin Frantz (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Oreland, Pa (RATING) * (COMMENTS) Awaiting the re-release of Vintage Moby Grape!!
Mon, 21 Dec 1998 23:42:31 -0700 (NAME) Mark Sams (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Peoria, Arizona (SONG) Come in the Morning (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I used to live in San Diego and graduated from Kearny High school in 1968. Bob Mosley graduated in 1961, I guess. So, was I ever surprised in the summer of 1967 when Bob Mosley's face was starin' up at me from the record bin at Thearle's music store in Mission Valley Center. Bought it - wore it out - bought it again (without the "finger"). Wait a minute, Thirty-one years .... ?
Mon, 21 Dec 1998 16:26:40 -0700 (NAME) Slim (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Scotland (SONG) Skip's Song (Seeing) (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) *****
Wed, 9 Dec 1998 14:33:34 -0700 (NAME) Nick Steigerwald (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Lex. Ky.
Tue, 8 Dec 1998 22:13:53 -0700 (NAME) Mel Toburen (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Eaton Rapids, MI (SONG) 8:05 (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Great Sight. Are there any tapes available from the Nov. Wetlands show? Have other groups for possible trades. Keep up the wonderful work. How can we book the Grape into the Detroit/Ann Arbor area? Who do you contact?
Fri, 4 Dec 1998 08:33:53 -0700 (NAME) jaime randall (EMAIL) (LOCATION) yucaipa (san bernardino county) california (SONG) every single one on the first album!!!!! (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) gotta get the band to So. Cal!!!! GOTTA!!!!GOTTA!!!!GOTTA!!!! gotta get the band into the studio..NOW..GOTTA!!GOTTA!!!GOTTA!!! CAN'T AFFORD TO WAIT ANOTHER 30 YEARS!!!!!CAN'T!!!!CAN'T!!!CAN'T!!! Skip, don, don't miss out again...put down your carrot-juice,..the time is right, the time is now.. skip, take some more meds, and GET IN THE SUDIO!!!!
Thu, 3 Dec 1998 15:54:41 -0700 (NAME) Galen Ed Miller (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Goleta, California (SONG) "Someday" ties with "8:05" (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) When I accidently bought "Moby Grape" in June,'67, I was hooked. I say "accidently" because I "judged a (record) by it's cover). How cool that Don was flipping off the camera! (Didn't some jerk decide to retouch it on later releases?) Didn't Skippy live in Ojai for a time...? I really have no "favorite member"...what for? I heard those guitars and I was in Nadasville. It's just too bad that so many young people today are followers and must idolize the Beatles. It's great to see young musicians knowing what was up then...and now... ...and ever...THE GRAPE!!!
Thu, 3 Dec 1998 09:12:02 -0700 (NAME) David Schoen (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Little Rock AR (SONG) 8:05
Wed, 2 Dec 1998 23:25:52 -0700 (NAME) Ray Baisden (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Clear Lake, CA (SONG) 8:05 (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I moved a while ago, and it just dawned on me that, since I changed my e-mail address, I was no longer receiving your excellent newsletter. Put me back on the list, please! (HOMEPAGE) (TITLE) Ian Samwell's Big 40
Wed, 2 Dec 1998 23:02:48 -0700 (NAME) opal stu (EMAIL) (LOCATION) rocky mtns (SONG) 8:05 (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) *** (COMMENTS) hi, i saw the grape at the fillmore east. it was my first real concert. gary burton and larry coryell opened (and killed!), the fugs were up next and lots of people left during their set, mostly girls. then the grape came on and were fabulous! i think that was also the first time i smoked dope. thanks for everything! stu
Tue, 1 Dec 1998 12:04:51 (NAME) Marshall & Ory Purvis (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Moriarty, New Mexico (SONG) all (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) dig it man, my wife and I are here growing organic vegetables and selling locally, I grew up on the sound but living in the desert has it's drawbacks. once in a while it use to be the Dead in Santa Fe but... anyway COME ON DOWN AND JAM. we'll be glad to pass the word. God Bless. Thanks
Sun, 29 Nov 1998 20:16:54 (NAME) Lori Torgusen (EMAIL) (LOCATION) San Francisco, California (SONG) Omaha (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) ****
Sun, 29 Nov 1998 15:33:41 (NAME) juergen placke (EMAIL) (LOCATION) germany (SONG) rounder, omaha, now i know high, can't be so bad ... (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) since the first time i heard omaha i've been a fan of the Grape. i'm so glad they're still/again alive and surely playin' great music. some MP3 concert-cuts would do very well on these pages... greetings from germany. juergen
Sat, 28 Nov 1998 18:11:28 (NAME) Gary Cavazos (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Fremont (SONG) 8:05 (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Great! I thought I was one of the few who kept track of the group and passed the word on to the other generations.
Fri, 27 Nov 1998 20:39:25 (NAME) Tom Geriak (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Englewood, FL (SONG) Changes (RATING) *****
Thu, 26 Nov 1998 15:00:31 (NAME) leo walter (EMAIL) (LOCATION) 841-26th street altoona,pa.16601 (SONG) omaha (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) when you listen to 50's,60's,& some 70,s rock,you realize how bad things are in pop & rock today!
Mon, 23 Nov 1998 10:42:37 (NAME) debbie j (EMAIL) (LOCATION) pacifica,ca 94044 (SONG) murder in my heart for the judge (RATING) *****
Mon, 23 Nov 1998 10:06:33 (NAME) john senchak (EMAIL) (SONG) ohio (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) Please check out my website (HOMEPAGE) (TITLE) The Beatles Sgtpepperweb by John L Senchak
Sun, 22 Nov 1998 06:44:47 (NAME) John M. Labozza (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Briarcliff Manor, N.Y. 10510 (SONG) 8:05 (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) *****
Sat, 21 Nov 1998 22:01:20 (NAME) Scott Stephens (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Lakewood, Ohio (SONG) Come in the Morning (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Saw the Grape at Wetlands Preserve with Rick Danko Nov. 20 and they sounded great.
Sat, 21 Nov 1998 21:27:47 (NAME) John Pierce (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Va (SONG) Hoochie (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (COMMENTS) Someone in the Grape organization(?) needs to book a gig here in Alexandria, Va. at aclub called the Birchmere.It would be the perfect Mid-Atlantic venue for the grape now that they're seriously out there and doing it again
Sat, 21 Nov 1998 17:51:33 (NAME) Rick Heilberg (EMAIL) (LOCATION) San Francisco (SONG) Seeing (RATING) *****
Sat, 21 Nov 1998 16:31:04 (NAME) Thom Lynch (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Pottersviile, NJ 07979 (SONG) NA (COMMENTS) I just glad to know that the members are still alive and playing. I have always thought Moby Grape was the best band to come from the 60's.
Sat, 21 Nov 1998 00:48:29 (NAME) keith murphy (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Yonkers, NY (SONG) Omaha (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) The Grape blew the roof off the Wetlands tonight (11/20/98). Belting Bob Mosley's voice is a National Treasure. It's hard to comprehend that I've been able to see the Grape the last two years. I hope this becomes an annual event.
Fri, 20 Nov 1998 10:19:02 (NAME) Ron Kanatzar (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Blue Springs, MO (SONG) Going on down to Texas (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) Hard to find MG cd's in the Kansas City area and even on the internet. Hopefully, the band can reintroduce all their past music once they win their lawsuit. I hope they finally get the recognition they deserve. It would be great to hear MG again, either through cd's or live .In my opinion, MG is the most underrated and overlooked band to come out of the 60's. MG was (is?) an incredibly talented band.
Fri, 20 Nov 1998 02:26:55 (NAME) Todd Murphy (EMAIL) (LOCATION) New York City (SONG) Love it all!!! (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) I saw Jerry and Bob jam tonight at Le Bar Bat in NYC. It was killer! Good to see them on the east coast! Keep playin guys, we love you.
Thu, 19 Nov 1998 16:27:11 (NAME) John Pierce (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Va (SONG) Most all (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) No offense, but is Sma Andrew really necessary?
Wed, 18 Nov 1998 06:17:43 (NAME) Ken Strauss (EMAIL) (LOCATION) New Jersey (SONG) All song are my favorite. (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) This is the best web page I've been on. Moby Grape is the best. After I see them at these two new Wetlands shows that will make a total of 5 seeing The Grape for me. They are the best live!!!! Anyway, I would like to see some information on how to contact people that have Moby Grape tapes to trade, I'm always on the lookout for a new show to add to my collection - can't get enough Grape. So, if anyone out there can help, let me know. Keep on jammin'!!!!
Wed, 18 Nov 1998 02:07:26 (NAME) val (EMAIL) (SONG) 8:05 (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Hey guys ! I'm cruising up the coast from redondo beach to seattle in January 1999. I will be stopping in SF at some point in January, and was wondering if you have any gigs scheduled in town either in January, at the start of my trip, or in March, when I will be cruising homeward to San Onofre. Please let me know. I'm a friend of Rae Donahue's, and she's wholly responsible for turning me on to you guys.... I'd love to see ya perform live! thanx, val
Mon, 16 Nov 1998 09:14:40 (NAME) Baker Rorick (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Woodstock, NY (RATING) ****
Sat, 14 Nov 1998 18:03:55 (NAME) Tom Lee (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Bellevue, Wa. 98007 (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) *** (COMMENTS) Helloooo Jerry Enjoyed hearing you thursday in Seattle at 2218 club and Friday in Bellevue at Noble Court. Great music and conversation, look forward to hearing when I can repeat the great opportunity to hear you again. Tom Lee
Thu, 12 Nov 1998 16:56:02 (NAME) frank guerriera (EMAIL) freewar@aol (LOCATION) earth (SONG) mirder in my hart for the judge (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) wheres the tunes
Tue, 10 Nov 1998 02:49:06 (NAME) Mark Boersma (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Churchville, PA (NEWSLETTER) Yes
Mon, 9 Nov 1998 22:10:37 (NAME) Carol Linn (EMAIL) (LOCATION) San Rafael, CA (SONG) Omaha (RATING) ****
Sat, 7 Nov 1998 22:21:26 (NAME) Henry Higuera (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Annapolis Md (SONG) Hootchie (RATING) ***
Sat, 7 Nov 1998 10:56:23 (NAME) Glenn Fink (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Boston, Massachusetts (SONG) Are you kidding? Can't choose one (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) You guys were great! I wish you'd get back to writing and recording as a group. And come play in Boston! And good luck against that Katz jerk! (What a pud.) (HOMEPAGE) (TITLE) Laughing Water - Boston's Grateful Dead Tribute Band
Sat, 7 Nov 1998 10:48:10 (NAME) Bobby Donofrio (LOCATION) Bethlehem,Ct. (SONG) Seeing (MEMBER) Peter Lewis (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Where can i purchase post 1971 recordings of solo as well as group offerings?
Sat, 7 Nov 1998 08:17:04 (NAME) Tim(SUNDOG)Corcoran. (EMAIL) (LOCATION) MADISON, WISCONSIN. CHEESEHEADS, DEADHEADS,+ PHISHHEADS. (SONG) HEY GRANDMA, 8:05 (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Flo and Eddie had the same shit happen to them when they wanted their name "The Turtles" back, and they ended up paying something like $35,000 for the name!!! Good luck to ya! when you guys go on tour, look us up, we would love to have you on our TV show, we're number 1 in the midwest, and yes, you will get a copy of the hour and 1/2 show, so check us out! Peace, Love, and Light to "MOBY GRAPE", Tim(SUNDOG)Corcoran, producer. (HOMEPAGE) (TITLE) "Tim's SUNDOG".
Wed, 4 Nov 1998 19:49:03 (NAME) GLEN C. JOHNSON (EMAIL) (LOCATION) New Jersey (SONG) Right Before My Eyes & It's A Beautiful Day Today (RATING) ****
Wed, 4 Nov 1998 18:49:17 (NAME) Bill Krohn (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Kalamazoo Michigan (SONG) everyone of them!! (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) Fan since '67 seling record collection! Still a few Moby Grape albums left! Rock Music Magazines from all the way back to 1970 for sale! Krohn's Boulevard Records at (HOMEPAGE)
Wed, 4 Nov 1998 12:50:28 (NAME) Rich DeSanto (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Irvington, NY (SONG) Hey Grandma (RATING) ***
Wed, 4 Nov 1998 05:24:20 (NAME) Richard Derrick (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Los Angeles (SONG) whichever one I'm listening to at the moment! (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) More California shows, PLEASE! (HOMEPAGE) (TITLE) The Empty Box Spectacular
Wed, 4 Nov 1998 00:26:22 (NAME) Dr Shannon Luke Smith (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Australia (SONG) Big (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ****
Tue, 3 Nov 1998 00:08:43 (NAME) michael priddy (EMAIL) (LOCATION) sf (SONG) fall on you (RATING) ****
Sat, 31 Oct 1998 05:20:54 (NAME) Robert Lanzarotta (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Brooklyn, NY (SONG) too many to mention (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Love you guys. Please stay HEALTHY! need to see and hear you thru the 2000s. Can't wait for the Wetlands gig. I'm going both nights! Last year SMOKED! Would love to see more gigs in NY. Tramps, Beacon Theater, The Bottom Line. PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSE.
Fri, 30 Oct 1998 18:05:50 (NAME) Charles Kirck (EMAIL) (LOCATION) West Caldwell (SONG) Hey Grandma (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ****
Fri, 30 Oct 1998 06:32:29 (NAME) Dennis Kelley (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Cranford NJ 07016 (SONG) If You Can't Learn From My Mistakes (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Can't await to see the guys in NYC! I've been a fan since '67!!!! Don was always a great inspiration to me as a drummer (and he wrote great songs too!!!)
Thu, 29 Oct 1998 21:53:32 (NAME) Rick Wittrup (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada (SONG) Mr. Blues (MEMBER) No favorite (REFERENCE) Other (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) I was hoping to listen to some of the great songs eg Omaha, Mr. Blues etc. but couldn't get it to happen. I've played some of these tunes on stage years ago, and have always thought they were way ahead of their time - just great soulful from the heart music. I'm now 47 and still play this stuff.
Thu, 29 Oct 1998 17:27:20 (NAME) Rob Dudko (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Middlefield, CT (SONG) Hey Grandma (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) When does the first record get officially released on CD? I've got an excellent lp copy of the first record with a very good copy of the group poster - with the famous middle-finger airbrushed out of both. Is this worth much?
Tue, 27 Oct 1998 15:04:27 (NAME) Peter Cohn (EMAIL) (SONG) Apocalypse (MEMBER) Peter Lewis (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) You guys are the greatest band no one's heard of, and it's a damn shame. I wish you had the same career the Dead did, 'cause you all would have put 'em to shame. I need some live stuff to my feed my Grape habit! Where can I get my hands on some '67-'68 bootlegs?
Tue, 27 Oct 1998 06:57:08 (NAME) Laura White (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Uxbridge,London,England (SONG) At the moment(it changes) 'Sweet Ride' (MEMBER) Peter Lewis (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) WOW!,I just love Moby Grape, I'm SO glad there is a web site for them. They are the most underrated band of the sixties, yet one of the most talented.
Mon, 26 Oct 1998 17:29:07 (NAME) Mark Baird (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Rockaway, New Jersey (SONG) who can pick one? (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I've been a devoted fan of the group since the first album, and am delighted to find a site dedicated to the most under-rated and unappreciated band in rock & roll.
Mon, 26 Oct 1998 10:16:38 (NAME) Gregory [Jersey Gypsy] Henry (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Wall Township, New Jersey (SONG) Beautiful Day Today & 805 (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) WOW! Just had my breakfast some toast & grape jam. I'm from N.Y. area trying to get some of the old gang together [at least the ones that are still alive] to go to the Wetlands shows in NYC on Nov 19 & 20. Is it all of original guys or what? Man, Moby Grape, Quicksilver & Sons of Champlin - 3 frisco groups that never got enough of the credit or fame. Well now that Moby Grape is back on the road is just great. And if you are not aware The Sons just put out a brand new live cd that kicks ass. They have been playing the west coast between Bill Champlin's gigs with Chicago. Well any east coasters planning on goin to the Wetlands show give me a shout out at First saw them at Fillmore East A couple of weeks b4 the closing of the Fillmore. Believe it or not Elton John was the opening act. Love all of Moby Grapes stuff but the 1st album and Moby Grape 69 are my favorites. See Ya Greg the Jersey Gypsy
Sun, 25 Oct 1998 18:12:48 (NAME) Ross F. Guldenbrein (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Benicia CA (SONG) 805 (MEMBER) Peter Lewis (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) Hope you guys play more Bay Area gigs. Peter's Cambria sets were excellent! Also want to see the group with Sam playin'. Thanks for a great site. Yours in Peace, Ross nw6r ..
Thu, 22 Oct 1998 22:31:48 (NAME) Gary Van Horn (EMAIL) (LOCATION) San Diego (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ** (COMMENTS) Wave files not working. (now fixed!)
Thu, 22 Oct 1998 18:05:28 (NAME) G.K.Dahl (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Ottawa, Canada (SONG) Indifference (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) Big, big fan from album # 1 to the present... the Grape are a large part of my musical history, education, and memories. Despite the ups and downs, well done, lads!
Thu, 21 Oct 1998 09:10:08 (NAME) Alan Clutterbuck (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Oxford. U.K. (SONG) lazy me (RATING) ****
Fri, 16 Oct 1998 16:29:53 (NAME) Jim Tracy (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Upstate New York (SONG) 8:05 (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Saw the band at the Gathering on The Mountain in '97, but I've been a fan since the '60s. Any possibilities of some new material. Could be the biggest thing since touring rock bands if it were handled properly!
Fri, 16 Oct 1998 11:26:44 (NAME) Matt Jarvie
Fri, 16 Oct 1998 10:14:06 (NAME) monte (EMAIL) (LOCATION) central ca (SONG) now i know high (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) If The Grape debuted today they would STILL be ahead of their time. Rock on Bob "Bass" Mosley!
Thu, 15 Oct 1998 15:25:04 (NAME) Bizell E. Martinez (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Somerville, NJ (SONG) Tough call---I guess "omaha" (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) Name is a pseudonym but no harm. Use it. Good article by Fricke. A complete cut by cut discography (yes, i know that's more than a discography really) would be great. work on it.
Thu, 15 Oct 1998 11:19:33 (NAME) Larry Wheeler (EMAIL) or (LOCATION) Sacramento, Ca. (SONG) 8:05 (COMMENTS) would like to know where i can get CD of Moby Grape music of the Haight Ashbury days. Know what I'm talkin bout? I was in golden gate park on the weekends during 1967. Love the band and really liked them for playin for free in the PARK! Now I would like to give some back if i can(money) i mean. LOL. Peace & Love to the Band, Hell to everyone else TOO!!! }8+))
Wed, 14 Oct 1998 21:00:13 (NAME) Paul Rawlinson (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Melbourne, Australia (SONG) It's a draw! 'Omaha' & 'Rounder' (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) I'm a power pop fan from way back (Flamin' Groovies, Badfinger, Big Star, Raspberries, the Nazz ... you get the picture) and after purchasing the Grape's 'Vintage' CD I honestly believe that you guys are The Best. I'm so glad you're still together, enjoying your music - stay strong!
Wed, 14 Oct 1998 17:10:12 (NAME) G.R. v. Rotenberg (EMAIL) (LOCATION) New York (SONG) Nearly all of them (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Keep up the good work, and defeat the AntiChrist, Matthew Katz.
Wed, 14 Oct 1998 14:55:19 (NAME) Ray Eckert (EMAIL) (LOCATION) 407-Dalton Ct. Denville , NJ 07834 (SONG) All of them (RATING) *** (COMMENTS) Hope to see you in N.Y. I saw you at the Fillmore East back in ?? The Fugs might have been billed with you guys. Hope to see you at the "Wetlands in Nov" Ray
Wed, 14 Oct 1998 13:39:51 (NAME) Robert Lanzarotta (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Brooklyn, New York (SONG) PLEASE!!! Every one has its own charm. (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) You don't know how glad I am that you're coming back to NYC! I have tix for both nights! I've been a fan since '67. I was 12 then. This is like an acid trip flashback come TRUE!! Please stay in good health. Look foward to seeing you at Wetlands! any new recordings (the band that is)? Please keep me on any mailing list you might have. Thank You, Robert Lanzarotta
Tue, 13 Oct 1998 16:33:59 (NAME) Steven Alexander (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Rockville Centre,NY (SONG) Seeing (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) *****
Mon, 12 Oct 1998 16:40:32 (NAME) Tom Ordon (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Taylor, Texas (SONG) That Lost Horizon (MEMBER) Peter Lewis (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I saw Moby Grape at Monterey Pop and have loved them ever since!
Mon, 12 Oct 1998 11:35:48 (NAME) BlueLew Campbell (Dyrewolfe-Rockin' Blues) (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Central California Coast (SONG) Love 'em all (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Guess I have to do this all over again, thanks to MK (he whose name should never be spoken), and his endless harrassment. Oh well, such is life, welcome to the dance......again! But, the power of Moby Grape is stronger than "he whose name should not be spoken", and you shall prevail!!!!!!!!!! Trust me! Prayin' for y'all and the best future more thing: "Yes, I'd let you, walk down the street, naked if you want to!" "Yes-you-can, buy an amplifier, on time. You ain't got no money now, but you will pay me before you die!" Thanks for Pozo, CA last October 1997, it was a dream come true. I love you guys, BlueLew................................... (HOMEPAGE) (TITLE) Dyrewolfe-Rockin' Blues
Mon, 12 Oct 1998 09:42:08 (NAME) darkstar (EMAIL) (LOCATION) earth (SONG) millers blues (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) *****
Sun, 11 Oct 1998 20:23:08 (NAME) Jeffery Dunn (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Nashville, Tn. (SONG) SEEING (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Definitely one of the great American groups! As a full-time musician here in Nashville, I can tell you that I run into players all the time who remember the Grape with great love and respect! I never saw the Grape live, but did manage to see the Rhythm Dukes in '70 at a all-day music festival at Urbana Junior High School in Champaign/Urbana, Illinois. They were great, and Jerry Miller was definitely SMOKIN'. I hope the reunited Grape make it to Nashville sometime. Best of luck in the fight against M. Katz!
Sun, 11 Oct 1998 14:16:07 (NAME) Bob Wieser (EMAIL) (LOCATION) San Jose, CA (COMMENTS) You need to update the "What's new" page.
Sun, 11 Oct 1998 13:55:39 (NAME) Lori Torgusen (EMAIL) (LOCATION) San Francisco, California (SONG) Omaha (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) ****
Sun, 11 Oct 1998 06:52:10 (NAME) Jim Fisher (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Suffield, OH 44260 (SONG) 8:05 (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) *****
Sat, 10 Oct 1998 16:07:46 (NAME) herman van den boom (EMAIL) (LOCATION) henestraat 12 3870 heks, belgium (SONG) since the sixties, like so many of my friends, a fan for life. (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) The first time I saw Moby Grape on TV. was in Holland in the sixties. They performed at some lousy Tv show. And it was seen they were in a very bad temper. I'll never forget that performance, I thought it was impressive. In 1970 I bought my first Moby Grape album, when I was at Art-school in Stockholm., and I became a fan for life. I have all the albums, and some solo albums of Bob Mosley. Everything was/is very hard to get, in regular music stores overhere. I recenttly have internet, and Your site is one of the first I looked for. I want my collection completed. Since 1970, when I listen to music, apart from other favourites, I always listen to The Grape. Especially when I'm working in my studio(I am a visual artist) Your music is very valuable for me. And I know many friends in Holland, who are also fans for more than 30 years. with friendly regards, Herman van den Boom
Fri, 9 Oct 1998 05:02:52 (NAME) Edwin Hagendoorn (EMAIL) (LOCATION) The Hague, Netherlands (SONG) Omaha (MEMBER) Peter Lewis (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) This is really a beautiful site, and Moby Grape it. I will visit it again (and again)! But how can I get this Legendary Grape cassette? Best wishes, Edwin Hagendoorn
Thu, 8 Oct 1998 16:46:31 (NAME) Mike Miller (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Tampa Bay area (SONG) Seeing (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Somebody Pleeeeese bring these guys down to the Tampa Bay area to play. Would love to see them in a bar type of setting where everybody could get a little loose. Did I read right that the upcoming New York tickets are $15? That's a hell of a deal! I think they'd do well down here and $15 is a steal to see these legends. I have the Oar LP, but had no idea it was out on CD. I'm going to order 2 copies and give one to WMNF the local community radio station. Best regards to all you guys.
Wed, 7 Oct 1998 19:05:55 (NAME) Gregory B. Gentle (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Fawn Grove PA. (SONG) Hey Grandma (RATING) *****
Wed, 7 Oct 1998 16:45:52 (NAME) Brian Bernard (EMAIL) (LOCATION) near Athens, Georgia,USA (SONG) Hmmm, maybe 8:05 (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) Thanks for a great Page. Especially appreciated the lyrics and chords. Please have more soon. Thanks again from a big fan.
Wed, 7 Oct 1998 15:52:16 (NAME) Michael Walsh (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Morrisville, Pa. (SONG) Come in the Morning (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) Hi! I'm glad to see that you're back. I'm the guy who took the pictures that you use on your individual web sites. I'm hoping that you'll let me take some new ones at The Wetlands!
Wed, 7 Oct 1998 11:28:04 (NAME) Alexandra Knowles (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Kingston, Ontario (SONG) all of them!! (MEMBER) Don Stevenson (RATING) *****
Wed, 7 Oct 1998 10:36:30 (NAME) Kellie Place (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Oneonta, NY
Tue, 6 Oct 1998 22:37:58 (NAME) Phil Morgan (EMAIL) (SONG) Hey Grandma (MEMBER) Peter Lewis (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) As my email address reflects, my favorite SF band ever. Only disappointment is I've never seen them live, and someone ripped off my Moby Grape LP. DId find a copy of Jam however. When will you be playing in the SF area again?
Tue, 6 Oct 1998 16:45:40 (NAME) Jim Caples (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Greenville, S.C. (SONG) 805 (RATING) *****
Tue, 6 Oct 1998 12:19:47 (NAME) Dave Madden (EMAIL) (SONG) Omaha (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I saw the Grape's reunion in Sacramento and wrote the playlist that was featured here for some months. I hope they continue to play together and release the CD they mentioned that night. I'd also like to seethe tape of The Melvilles released as a CD. Keep on rockin and keep this page going. Best-- Dave
Mon, 5 Oct 1998 12:39:51 (NAME) Dave Marsteller (EMAIL) (SONG) Horse Out In The Rain (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I've been on Scott's list, so I don't know whether to check the above box. Best of luck in court, guys! Also, I've set up a mailing list for discussion of Moby Grape. Join at: Cheers Dave
Mon, 5 Oct 1998 04:12:12 (NAME) Jo Johnson (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Tacoma, WA (SONG) 8:05 and Sitting by the Window (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Looking better all the time. I must not be doing something right, I can't seem to download realplayer or whatever I need to listen to sound. I especially wanted to hear Live at Cole's. Shelly will be blown away when she finds out her voice is online. I've some new pictures to send at sound check at Humphreys, San Diego and Jerry wants a new picture on his page. Bob looks sooo handsome on his. Keep up the great effort, its well worth the stand. ill be sending more info on the Wetlands. Ciao, jo
Sun, 4 Oct 1998 18:35:24 (NAME) Rich (EMAIL) (SONG) Sitting By the Window (MEMBER) Peter Lewis (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) My only problem: there should be accurate lyrics provided by the songwriter -- a definitive lyric guessing..I'm still confused about "Seeing"!!!!
Sun, 4 Oct 1998 07:43:20 (NAME) Rich (EMAIL) (LOCATION) CT (SONG) entire first album (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ****
Sat, 3 Oct 1998 18:39:51 (NAME) Kevin Sterr (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Detroit, Michigan (SONG) If You Can't Learn From Your Mistakes (MEMBER) Peter Lewis (RATING) ****
Sat, 3 Oct 1998 11:51:57 (NAME) Christopher Sullivan (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Calistoga, Cal (SONG) Omaha (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) *** (COMMENTS) I saw you guys back in 1969-70 at the California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland.It was a thrilling experience. (HOMEPAGE) (TITLE) Pics from Chris
Fri, 2 Oct 1998 15:41:40 (NAME) lamar sorrento (EMAIL) (LOCATION) memphis tn (SONG) someday (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) *** (COMMENTS) when is band going to play somemore. i hope you all are well ---i love you guys lamar sorrento
Fri, 2 Oct 1998 12:39:31 (NAME) Patrick Worley (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Monterery Bay, Central California (SONG) Whole first Album! (RATING) *****
Fri, 2 Oct 1998 12:04:04 (NAME) Mary Andrews (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Tyler, Texas (SONG) ??there's a lot I don't remember from the 60s (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Can you imagine anyone actually looking for information on bumble balls? I admit it--that's how I found you. Now I'm gonna go home and listen to my Moby Grape album.
Thu, 1 Oct 1998 13:04:58 (NAME) ken lawver (EMAIL) ken (LOCATION) manteca,ca. (SONG) hey grandma (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) lets hear some more moby grape
Wed, 30 Sep 1998 14:29:00 (NAME) John Denman (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Hampshire England (SONG) Lots, but Omaha for sheer balls out rocknroll (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) The site is excellent, could do with more recent photos and news. Havent had a news letter for ages too. Saw a great photo of the Grape giving it some live in a book the other day (rock n roll Hall of Fame psycedelic book) looks like Skip was hot that night. Any idea where I could get a copy? Also any one know the proper lyrics to Little Hands? Asked Scott but he couldnt give them to me. Finally any one want to have a natter some time drop us a line.... Cheers
Tue, 29 Sep 1998 22:52:34 (NAME) Carlos Alvarez (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Houston, Texas (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I love all that is acid rock and the Jefferson Airplane is one of my favorite bands. I know their history and so heard about Skip Spence giving up the drums and returning to the guitar with Moby Grape. I must admit that I haven't listened to much of Moby Grape but I want to learn more about you and luckily, I found your website.
Mon, 28 Sep 1998 14:42:03 (NAME) Michael Olcsvary (EMAIL) (LOCATION) New Jersey (SONG) Depends.... (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) I had always ignored this band, until I started playing guitar at the ripe old age of 30 - a short time later an article about Jerry and the band appeared in Guitar Player - and a short time after that I bought the "Vintage" anthology and oh my God, what was I thinking when I dismissed these guys? For once, three guitars that worked and the best harmonies since the Byrds! Let me know if you play in the NYC area again, separately or ( hopefully ) together.
Sun, 27 Sep 1998 14:12:57 (NAME) Paul Bennett (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Phoenix, Az (SONG) Omaha (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) The Band and thier music was great in the sixties, I never seemed to hear anything about them or hear any of their songs on the stations that specialize in sixties sounds. So I just did a search for "moby grape" and found your excellent site. Didn't know the band was having the legal problems, I sure hope that comes out favorably. Is there any connection between the legal difficulties of Moby Grape and CCR? Keep up the great site I'd love to hear that Moby Grape is coming to play in Phoenix.
Sat, 26 Sep 1998 22:32:14 (NAME) Richard Gaines (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Austin,Texas (SONG) 8:05 (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) Keep on Groovin!!!!
Wed, 23 Sep 1998 18:29:32 (NAME) John Mulhern (EMAIL) (LOCATION) new york, planet (SONG) most all (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Last heard you live at the Family Dog, long ago in a universe far away.
Mon, 21 Sep 1998 18:08:47 (NAME) Jim Spates (EMAIL) chisos3@aol (LOCATION) austin, tx (SONG) anything on the first album (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) I was watching Monday Night Football and just thought of the band..They periodically come to mind...I have originals of their first three albums (bought at time of release)...
Sun, 20 Sep 1998 12:20:00 (NAME) Ross (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Benicia CA (SONG) 805 (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) If anyone missed Peter's Cambria gigs, I feel for ya. Great, totally cool! Hope we get an update for future appearances. Don't see much from any of our favorite band. Just watched the JM video again, what a blast. Wish i would have been there! Yours in peace, Ross
Sat, 19 Sep 1998 08:12:31 (NAME) Gustav Susaa (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Br(=F8)ndby, Denmark (SONG) Sitting By The Window (MEMBER) Peter Lewis (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Good to read about one of the best groups to come from San Francisco. Read about the web site in Relix magazine.
Fri, 18 Sep 1998 16:42:22 (NAME) Dennis Graue (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Honolulu, Hawaii (SONG) Omaha
Fri, 18 Sep 1998 15:40:52 (NAME) Philip A. Ferrucci (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Always San FRancisco (SONG) All (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) Old time player and old time fan. Dont have time right now to say too much but I'll be back. Good to see that things are still going. Phil
Fri, 18 Sep 1998 11:56:03 (NAME) Bob DeSantis (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Orlando, FL (SONG) Sittin' By The Window (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) WOW! Does this ever bring back memories. I was almost 18, it was the sixties, bought "Moby Grape". Didn't know too many others who did. They missed out. I did got to many concerts but did not have the good fortune to see you guys. San Fran music was so new then and fresh (Airplane, Butterfly, etc), loved it all. I would like to purchase cassette or even Lp of Moby Grape again. Thanks for the nostalgic joggin'. I'll be sittin' by the window watching for the rain, and I'll be playin' this game, and I guess you're all playin' it too. WOW!!!!
Mon, 14 Sep 1998 19:45:13 (NAME) Jeff Webb (EMAIL) (COMMENTS) Hopefully you'll read this before it's to late. Tomorrow, 9-15-98, the first in a series of public articles regarding the LaFlammes problem with the same Mathew Katz will appear in a legal newspaper in San Francisco called "The Recorder". Depending on whether or not it's front page, it will also appear on their website -- -- Check it out.... JW
Mon, 14 Sep 1998 14:00:07 (NAME) Al Kidney (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Red Deer, Alberta, Canada (SONG) Someday, Gypsy Wedding, He, (the list goes on...) (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) GREAT SITE, GREAT BAND! A couple years ago, in my conversion to CD heyday, I actually allowed myself to let go of '69, 20 Granite Creek and Truly Fine Citizen. Earlier this year, Whilst perusing one of the local used vinyl shops, what did I find but these fine Grape albums with my signature on them (an old habit of mine to try to prevent theft back in my wild and reckless youth) I convinced the shop owner to trade them to me for taped versions of the first 2 albums which I had the sanity to keep. Unfortunately, the poster from my 1st album disappeared eons ago, but the cover is the original c/w finger. I was pleasantly surprised to see Jerry playing guitar along with Jay Geils on the Bluestime CD. And was really looking forward to their coming to town a year or so ago, unfortunately all the dates in the local area were cancelled.
Mon, 14 Sep 1998 02:19:47 (NAME) Mark Melville
Fri, 11 Sep 1998 21:11:05 (NAME) don gehre (EMAIL) (LOCATION) pacific northwest (SONG) 8:05 (RATING) ** (COMMENTS) i heard the 66-67 new year's show on tape and was wondering if anyone has acces to a master or....? it was quintessential sf in the mid 60's
Fri, 11 Sep 1998 19:10:29 (NAME) Jeff Webb (EMAIL) (COMMENTS) Hello folks!! first let me introduce myself. I'm a bike messenger here in SF who has no affiliation with other bike messengers. Recently i became aware of the case with Its A Beautiful Day... As somebody whos spent alot of time doing filings in Superior Court i know a we bit about law. I was able to take some time out to observe the final proceedings in front of judge Garcia where the LaFlammes lost everything....But I learned something else.... How wiley Katz and his lawyers are...Folks... both you and the LaFlammes need lawyers that are even MORE wiley than this Glick guy....I know all about Katz.... Spent over an hour talking to dave and linda last weekend.....They are currently going to the press... The first article will appear in a local lagal newspaper called "The Recorder" in SF on tuesday....Running out of space... please contact....Jeff
Thu, 10 Sep 1998 22:36:05 (NAME) Michele Witten (EMAIL) (COMMENTS) I have pictures of Peter and Tiran at Henflings Tavern in Ben Lomond on August 26, 1998. I have set some of them up on Microsoft Front Page. I would be happy to let you put them on your web page.
Thu, 10 Sep 1998 14:42:23 (NAME) Penn Hudson (LOCATION) West Grove, Pa (SONG) 8:05 (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) *****
Wed, 9 Sep 1998 20:19:05 (NAME) Greg Clarke (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Toronto (SONG) "Three Four" "The Lake" (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) We love you guys!!!
Wed, 9 Sep 1998 11:40:30 (NAME) Don Aters (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Louisville, Kentucky (SONG) Sittin' By The Window, 8:05. & Right Before My Eyes (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Would like to know about any dates with Peter & Bob or Jerry and Jo, "Where are my pictures?"
Mon, 7 Sep 1998 13:47:00 (NAME) Francine Lewis (EMAIL) (COMMENTS) I have some great archival material to add to your home page. Included are news clippings of shows for the year 1974, which needs up-dating. I also have a copy of "MISC" , Muaic I Santa Cruz , 1977, with an interview with Jerry Miller. I live in S.F.,Ca., and have been a fan of the GRAPE since 1996.
Mon, 7 Sep 1998 14:00:33 (NAME) FrancineLewis (EMAIL) (COMMENTS) correction : I've been a fan since 1966 ! Yes I'm a native San Franciscan. The interview with Jerry was in "Music In Santa Cruz", when Jerry was in the "ORIGINAL HAZE"
Mon, 7 Sep 1998 19:06:55 (NAME) Andrew Genger (EMAIL) (LOCATION) New York, USA (SONG) "Omaha" (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Wow what a site! You guys are the greatest! I am so glad that one of the best bands from the 60's are finally being given their due. I'll never forget the first time I heard "Omaha", I was blown away. And then when I started hearing the albums I was even more amazed! Also, this has to be one of the greatest band website I have ever seen! It really is incredible. So in closing, I just want to thank you for 30 years of great memories and music!!! (HOMEPAGE) (TITLE) AMGDead's Psychedelic Site
Sat, 5 Sep 1998 17:02:14 (NAME) Michael Kosiba (LOCATION) Portland, Or. (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I wish there'd be some type of re-union concert, you guys were the best! Atleast thiers the CD's so I can listen and remember.
Thu, 3 Sep 1998 10:08:50 (NAME) Bruce Anderson (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Norwalk, Ct (SONG) Omaha (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) One of my favorite bands of all time. The band I played in in high school used to cover Omaha,Funky Tunk&Truck Drivin Man, while I used Omaha as my openning song on college radio.It's great to see a site devoted to them. Thanks.
Wed, 2 Sep 1998 13:43:10 (NAME) Andy (EMAIL) (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Haven't heard Moby Grape music, but I intend to buy a cd this week. Thank you for an interesting website.
Wed, 2 Sep 1998 05:46:25 (NAME) Jerry Fleming (EMAIL) (LOCATION) FairFax, VA (SONG) "Omaha" "Indifference" (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) The "Moby Grape" album is a classic. I picked up a copy on CD and it has the original cover art ("finger") on it. The only problem with it is it was recorded at a time when about 35 minutes was all you could cram on two sides of wax. If you guys had recorded that album with todays technology, it would have to be considered in the top three all time rock-n-roll recordings. (By the way, I think its there already in its original form)
Fri, 28 Aug 1998 21:50:05 (NAME) Will Skinner (EMAIL) (COMMENTS) Here in Austin, TX Freddie Krc's band The Shakin' Apostles covered Fall On You on their third album "Medicine Show." Released in Europe early '98 (Blue Rose Records) and in the US this month (Big Tex Records) - it recieved 3 and 1/2 stars in German edition of Rolling Stones. Compared to Byrds, Flying Burrito Bros and the Grape! Onward thru the fog.........Will
Fri, 28 Aug 1998 21:35:54 (NAME) Will Skinner (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Austin, Texas (SONG) Fall On You (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) Grape played at my high school (bay area in 60's). Still keep in contact with Peter and Jerry. I road manage/merchandise bands here in Austin and they all have huge Grape fans.: Donald Lindley (drummer for Lucinda Williams and Joe Ely) Mike McAdams (guitar for Steve Earle and Jack Ingram) Freddie Krc (drummer for Roky & Explosives, Jerry Jeff Walker and has his own group Shakin' Apostles which just recorded Fall On You). Thank you (HOMEPAGE) (TITLE) Shakin' Apostles / Freddie Krc
Fri, 28 Aug 1998 18:40:07 (NAME) Gary L. saunders (LOCATION) Richmond, Va.
Fri, 28 Aug 1998 03:50:29 (NAME) Don Aters (EMAIL) (LOCATION) 2400 Tavener Drive Louisville, Ky 40242 (SONG) Sittin' By The Window/8:05/Right Before My Eyes (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Jerry, when band confirms dates let me know. I would like to take pictures at several venues. Hope all is well and I'll talk to you soon. As always, Peace Don
Thu, 27 Aug 1998 19:19:55 (NAME) Dave Johnson (EMAIL) (LOCATION) 392 Prairie Knoll, Naperville, Illinois 60565 (SONG) Trucking Man (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) Copy hard to read against light "grape" page. Either bold up type or darken grape!
Tue, 25 Aug 1998 20:18:00 (NAME) Don Aters (EMAIL) (LOCATION) louisville, kentucky (SONG) Sittin' By The Window. 8:05, Right Before My Eyes (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Well your e-mail slot isn't working Jo and ask Jerry if he tells everyone about playing on the Bobby Fuller single, I Fought The Law, and where are my pictures? I could have walked out there in 12 months. Anyway, talked to Michael about The Gathering and the myriad of Toni Brown bands, not to mention the fact that she did her mantra for both days. Jesus, how bad can it get? Talk to you soon, hope all is well. As always, Peace Don-8/24/98
Mon, 24 Aug 1998 10:00:23 (NAME) Stephen Price (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Seattle, WA (SONG) 8:05 (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I got to your page by way of a link to '60s psychedelic posters. I just got back from a reunion we had yesterday of my cohorts from the sixties (1968 to be specific) who drifted in and out of a house at 1817 1/2 Delaware St. in Berkeley, and our various friends of the time. I was looking for some examples of psychedelic posters of the era, so that I can use our group photo from the reunion as well as a montage of photos from that time to make up a commemorative poster to send on to the people who showed up. It was neat to find the repository of guitar tab of all the songs! I would LOVE to have a tablature transcription of the melodic recurring guitar run from "8:05" -- any idea where I could find that? Keep on keepin' on!!
Sun, 23 Aug 1998 14:22:45 (NAME) Francine Sosa-Lewis (EMAIL) FRANCCE@PRODIGY.NET (LOCATION) San Francisco, Ca. 94131 (SONG) 8:05 (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) WOW !!!!
Sun, 23 Aug 1998 02:52:28 (NAME) Carlos Ot=E1vio=20 (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Sao Paulo, Brazil (SONG) Hey Grandma (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I would like to find more of your records in my country.
Sun, 23 Aug 1998 01:26:24 (NAME) Neil Rifkin (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Silver spring Md (SONG) Love them all-put a gun to my head it would be Bitter Wind (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Very often a Lyric enters my head to remind of the past usually its a Grape lyric. Tonight it was "from across the room" so I surfed and found this sight believe I will stay a good long while, thanks for the memories. (HOMEPAGE) (TITLE) riffraffs
Sat, 22 Aug 1998 21:12:22 (NAME) Dave Wolkensperg (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Louisville,KY USA (SONG) Sittin' By My Window (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ****
Sun, 16 Aug 1998 14:46:02 (NAME) jim graczyk (EMAIL) (LOCATION) new milford, new jersey (SONG) fall on you (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I missed the bands New York gigs. I hope you return soon.
Thu, 13 Aug 1998 18:50:41 (NAME) Phil Varley (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Salt Lake City (SONG) 8:05 (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Keep up the good work and thank you!!!!
Tue, 11 Aug 1998 16:58:30 (NAME) mussolini lambourghini (EMAIL) (LOCATION) santa cruz (SONG) omaha, sitting by the window, all my life (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) saw you in santa cruz in 1991 - one of the best shows i have EVER been to - hope you come to santa cruz again soon (missed it last year) - best wishes to skippy
Mon, 10 Aug 1998 12:24:56 (NAME) dennis walker (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Houston, Texas (SONG) Seeing (MEMBER) Skip Spence (COMMENTS) I've visited this site before, and even signed into the guest book, but it's been a couple of months and your site has improved. Really, the main reason that I surfed on over here was that I used to receive "Truly Fine Citizen" from Scott Sather (via email) and now I've noticed that it's missing. I miss it. Thanks. I'd reiterate my story of how I turned on to the Grape, but I'm sure that's already in your guest book from last time. Thanks again. Oh, I forgot... I finally had the money recently to acquire a copy of "Vintage Grape," but now I can't find a copy. Any advice where to get it cheap (not import)? Thanks.
Fri, 7 Aug 1998 12:27:37 (NAME) Phil Skawski (EMAIL) (LOCATION) United Kingdom (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I had the inestimable pleasure of bringing the song Omaha to the unsuspecting British public in 1967. We imported a lot of USA LP's and were known as the ony West Coast type band in the UK. We covered Love, buffalo springfield, Byrds ets. Still got the original LP. Graet Stuff.
Thu, 6 Aug 1998 20:20:15 (NAME) Drez Madonio (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Kent Ohio (SONG) Omaha, Right Before My Eyes (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Will there ever be a live non-bootleg disc of a Grape concert or concerts from the 60's with the origional 5 members playing?
Wed, 5 Aug 1998 16:48:40 (NAME) Matt Robertson (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Relocating to Sacramento on 8/27/98 (SONG) "Murder in my Heart for the Judge" "Bitter Wind" "Motorcycle Irene" "805" many more! (RATING) *****
Sun, 2 Aug 1998 12:27:01 (NAME) Edward Tanner (LOCATION) Atlanta, Georgia 30307 (SONG) 8:05 (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) Bring back Moby Grape
Fri, 31 Jul 1998 19:01:25 (NAME) Jose Luiz Marchesin (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Sao Paulo - SP - Brasil (SONG) He (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) It's a great site!!
Thu, 30 Jul 1998 16:48:04 (NAME) Rudolf Veltman (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Oegstgeest, Netherlands (SONG) Omaha (cause it's LOUD!) (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Being a Grape fan is sometimes frustrating, cause even in the sixties there was usually only a small circle of people who knew AND appreciated THE record (the first album, that is). Having played it for over 30 years now, I'm still baffled by the richness and variety of the singing, playing and melodies and lyrics of the songs. "Omaha" has always been a big favourite (I still owe the original Dutch single release with photo sleeve) it also was the very first Moby Grape song I ever heard. Thanks guys for having made the greatest record ever.
Thu, 30 Jul 1998 15:59:19 (NAME) Don Aters (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Kentucky 40242 (SONG) Right Before My Eyes/Sittin' By The Window (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) A tough choice between band members, Also have given Jo the ok for use of last year's Pocono Pictures. Would like to see some configuration of the band soon. Saw Sam in New York. There were no rep's from any major publication. How quickly we forget. As I alluded to in Sam's review and as my father once said, "You dance with who brung ya". Anyway, the "heads" are out with Lesh back in motion and I'm getting ready to go to "The Gathering". Let me know when something looms on the musical horizin. As always, Peace
Wed, 29 Jul 1998 21:44:59 (NAME) Bill Hybert (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Santa Rosa, CA (SONG) Hard to say (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) I caught the group a few years ago in Sonoma County under the name "The Melvills" (hmm, not sure about that spelling) Anyway, I'd love to catch the band again.
Wed, 29 Jul 1998 15:19:01 (NAME) Tom Mathew (EMAIL) (SONG) Naked, if I want to (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) * (COMMENTS) Naked . . . if I want to.
Wed, 29 Jul 1998 08:27:17 (NAME) Robert Cotter (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Liverpool, England (SONG) Naked, If I Want To (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Moby Grape - Genius
Tue, 28 Jul 1998 18:19:44 (NAME) Jim Caples (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Greenville , South Carolina (SONG) 8:05 / Ain't No Use (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I would like to receive the newsletter if you are still providing one.
Mon, 27 Jul 1998 15:37:00 (NAME) Clark Ryan (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Derby, CT (SONG) Fall On You, Someday, You Can Do Anything (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) I saw you all play Wetlands, NYC last year and had the best time. I loved your music but didn't know what to expect live--I was suprised and amazed--you guy's rocked with more joy and energy than any MTV band could. And your songs are timeless--all n' all, the best show I've seen in years. Highlights: Jerry's guitar/Bob's bass/vocal harmonies/ and of course, the songs. Hope I get to see you play again. How's Skip Doing? Has/will the X-file song be released?
Sat, 25 Jul 1998 12:20:48 (NAME) Jonathan Fearon and Mark Melville (Really!) (EMAIL) (COMMENTS) Hey! You haven't even got Britain or the U.K. on your page! Please put Mark Melville and Jonathan Fearon at Maryport, England on, ta. Do you get much recognition about being in Moby Grape? Walking down the street etc. You make excellent music. Mark and Jonathan. (SunsetStrip/Towers/7117)
Fri, 24 Jul 1998 21:11:26 (NAME) Henry Higuera (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Annapolis, MD (SONG) Hoochie (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) *** (COMMENTS) I love this band a lot and have done so since 1968.
Wed, 22 Jul 1998 10:20:58 (NAME) Fred Zang (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Baltimore, Maryland (SONG) Someday (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Been stuck in this web page for almost a week! Can't believe I found it and it has tons of great info I always wanted to know! The 1st Moby Grape album has ALWAYS been one of my favorites. This album and the 1st Byrds album are like part of my "fiber"! I play them frequently and never tire of the songs. I'm 47 and have been playing music myself for over 30 years currently playing bass for "The Satellites", who specialize in 60's music - (American & British Invasion). I love Bob Mosley's bass work and the great harmony on that 1st album. I totally agree that Moby Grape were UNBELIEVABLE musicians and their songs and licks still blow me away, even after 30 years! Please let me know of any future concerts near Baltimore. Thanks.
Tue, 21 Jul 1998 20:26:23 (NAME) Steve Wang (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Middletown, NY (SONG) It's a Beautiful Day Today (COMMENTS) Hope to hear that Skippy will be joining the guys when the Grape invades NY this summer.
Sun, 19 Jul 1998 10:18:53 (NAME) Rennie Selkirk (EMAIL) (LOCATION) La Honda, CA (SONG) Someday (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) The site is getting better and better! Love the lyrics pages specially. And how about a page indexing print articles? For instance the interview with the Miller Man in Vintage Guitar in June ('One Guitar Man', Vol 2, No. 99, pp 82-84). (HOMEPAGE) my work page is
Sun, 19 Jul 1998 10:50:02 (NAME) Rennie Selkirk (COMMENTS) Ooops! I didn't see your "Library" link. So scratch the suggestion in my recent email. One thing I would say is that some of the color combinations in the web page make it a little difficult to read some of the stuff. For instance, the white type on the 'wiggly' purple on the Guest Book page. Might be better in simple black. Also the 'used' link color of red kind of gets lost in the purple too. One solution might be a more finely detailed and less intrusive background pattern. Of course it's gotta have that goofy late-60s free-love psychedelic look to it! (Seriously.) Cheers, Henry J. B.
Thu, 16 Jul 1998 13:37:07 (NAME) dale stirling (EMAIL) (LOCATION) seattle (SONG) all (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I feel lucky to have the vintage anthology on CD as well as all original Pressings of vinyl. It would be cool to have another album released on marble vinyl!
Wed, 15 Jul 1998 21:22:38 (NAME) Michael O'Brien (EMAIL) (SONG) Motorcycle Irene (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Looking for CDs of original LPs. Have box set.
Wed, 15 Jul 1998 12:07:35 (NAME) Randy Sheehan (EMAIL) (LOCATION) de deeeeeep south (SONG) i love to hear the people say it's a beautiful day today (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Moby Grape '69, best rock album I ever heard. Re-release to cd? (HOMEPAGE) (TITLE) Pyrrhus: An Earth Invasion Novel
Wed, 15 Jul 1998 01:52:32 (NAME) Stephen Davis (EMAIL) (LOCATION) IL (SONG) Sittin' by a window (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Wierd memories: I was 13, I was visiting my grandmother in Smalltown USA. I could buy a new record: the local store had your first album and The Who "Sell Out." I chose Moby Grape. I still enjoy listening to it. No specific memories, too young for that, just a general feeling. One good thing is I'm not embarrased at myself listening to it again. The music holds up.
Mon, 13 Jul 1998 11:59:16 (NAME) Jonathan Fearon (EMAIL) (SONG) All of them, damn right. (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Like, wow, man. (HOMEPAGE) SunsetStrip/Towers7117 (TITLE) - Music and Perpetual Pharmacutical Happiness.
Thu, 9 Jul 1998 20:34:52 (NAME) Eddie Flowers (EMAIL) (LOCATION) the lovely San Fernando Valley (SONG) tie: "Fall on You" and "8:05" (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ****
Wed, 8 Jul 1998 13:34:18 (NAME) Justin (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Tarzana, California (SONG) too many (MEMBER) Peter Lewis (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I think your page would be even better if you put right ere everyone can see it when you are playing next. We all want to see you whenever possible.
Tue, 7 Jul 1998 10:47:36 (NAME) Wabash Slim (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Tucson, AZ (SONG) whewww...Omaha, but then, all of 'em... (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) It's hard to describe the obsession I had with you guys during my High School band days...intensely trying to decipher every lick and chord chomp thru the ping-pong mix...and the frustration of not being good enough to play any of the songs right...except maybe "Murder..." but "Omaha", or "Fall on You" way! Even now, at 47, I'd love to know just who played what on the first album. I remember seeing the Grape on the "Mike Douglas Show", playing LIVE, with the crappiest sound ever broadcast over national TV! I only wish the Wow version of "The Place & the Time" had been included on the double CD.
Sun, 5 Jul 1998 00:18:09 (NAME) Kevin Mullay (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Portland OR 97236 (SONG) Hey Grandma (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) *** (COMMENTS) Is it possible to correspond with Skip Spence? If so, where might I forward my letters? I enjoyed your concert the last time you played in Portland. Do you have any plans to play Portland again?
Fri, 3 Jul 1998 22:36:35 (NAME) barnyard (EMAIL) (LOCATION) colorado (SONG) rounder (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) Are you ever coming to denver, colorado
Tue, 30 Jun 1998 18:14:49 (NAME) Kip Torjusen (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Jacksonville, FL (SONG) Changes (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I've been a fan of the group since their 1st LP was released - I was 17 and bought it because I thought the name was cool. I bought every album after that, up to 'Moby Grape Live'. I still have that 1st album (the one with the 'finger') and listen to it once in a while. What a great band!
Tue, 30 Jun 1998 09:45:17 (NAME) terry jordan (EMAIL) (LOCATION) columbia, missouri (SONG) he (MEMBER) Peter Lewis (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) just a short note to say that the grape has been one of my absolute favorite groups since i was a teenager, in the mid-60s. when i think of summer '68, and a wonderful trip our family took out west on route 66, i cannot think of driving thru new mexico and arizona without thinking of 'he,' 'sitting by the window,' 'fall on you' and 'rose colored eyes' -- which were my favorite songs at the time. even with hendrix, cream, the beatles and the stones around back then, moby grape was my favorite group. and you know, i can't really explain why. just something about those gorgeous vocals and the way the guitars played off each other. we can't explain it but we all know what it is when it hits us. anyway, i just wanted to let you know that midwestern kids like me, still out here in podunk land, miles away from the action, still know and care about this stuff. these days i fly to places like l.a. or new york for concerts, and i'd give my right arm (well, not really, but you know what i mean), to see moby grape. thank god the web page is here or i'd never know how i'd find out about these shows. please keep the concert part updated for people like me! and i truly, truly envy anyone who saw these guys back in the '60s. man, that must have been something. if any of you would care to email me, I'd love to talk to you.
Mon, 29 Jun 1998 12:45:03 (NAME) Ray Follador (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Richmond, VA (SONG) Motorcycle Irene (MEMBER) No favorite (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) I'll be moving to pittsburgh pa in the near future. Any chance that the Grape (or solo members) will be playing there in the future. I've been a fan since the late 60's and I find the music still holds up after all these years.
Sat, 27 Jun 1998 19:03:08 (NAME) Laurent Curt (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Lille France (SONG) ????? (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) I would like to thank all members of the band for this good music that I listen since a very long long time now.
Sat, 27 Jun 1998 15:19:23 (NAME) Glenn Murphy (EMAIL) MyrrhFee @ (LOCATION) Rockland, MA (SONG) too numerous to get into (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) It amazes me how many of my musician friends have never heard the band... I have a well worn homemade comp tape I regularly loan out (along with my other "causes") and everyone always comes away impressed. Any chance Sundazed will issue the CBS LPs? I'd love to hear "Bitter Wind" without the chaos overdub at the end (bonus track, anyone?) Is there a viable version of "Dark Magic"? I hope we hear Skip's "X-files" song someday. Enough already, thanks.
Sat, 27 Jun 1998 13:07:15 (NAME) Lis Kovach (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Cleveland, Ohio (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) I was hoping that I might find a few lines on the internet about the Grape. I was not expecting this site. This is amazing. Great Job.
Fri, 26 Jun 1998 16:24:03 (NAME) andy moore (EMAIL) (LOCATION) parkersburg,wv (SONG) hey grandma (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) I'm a 42 yr old rock & roll fanatic whose heard about Moby Grape since jr high. Never heard them until a few yrs ago, I bought the 2CD set. It's great. Can't believe Hey Grandma wasn't hit. Want to get Skip Spence's Oar too.
Fri, 26 Jun 1998 14:46:20 (NAME) Michael Walo (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Costa Mesa, CA (SONG) Come In The Morning (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) *****
Wed, 24 Jun 1998 10:02:59 (NAME) Bill Bentley (EMAIL) (SONG) Lazy Me (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I was looking at Concert Database and found a missing show: Houston, Texas/May 25, 1968/Catacombs Club I went to the show, and while the band was amazing, I remember that Skip Spence. I later found out he'd been spitting up blood the night before when the Grape played the Vulcan Gas Company in Austin. Wow!
Sat, 20 Jun 1998 14:29:43 (NAME) Bobby Fay (EMAIL) (LOCATION) San Francisco (SONG) Hey Grandma (RATING) *** (HOMEPAGE) (TITLE) Bobby Fay - Eggplant
Tue, 16 Jun 1998 13:37:20 (NAME) James Gerber (EMAIL) jim.e. (LOCATION) Lansing, MI (SONG) someday (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I've always loved the Grape, I have all their albums,cassettes, even posters. Great band. When I listen to newer bands like the Jayhawks, their harmonies and writing remind me of the Grape who had country rock down way before the Eagles,etc. Skip was always my favorite- great writing. I hope the orginal five will write new songs and do a new CD together before one of them passes on to a better world. I wish all of them the best and hope they keep singing and touring. Quite simply-ahead of their time and the best group of American songwriters and singers put together in one band. God bless you for this web-site.
Fri, 12 Jun 1998 22:29:47 (NAME) John Pierce (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Virginia (SONG) Murder in my Heart (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I keep coming back to this page because i love the grape
Thu, 11 Jun 1998 09:13:47 (NAME) mark j anderson (EMAIL) (LOCATION) potomac maryland (SONG) omaha (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) i remember when the band first came out. they blew me away. keep on rockin.
Tue, 9 Jun 1998 07:25:17 (NAME) Alan (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Utah (SONG) All (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) The Grape will be with The Doobie Bros. in L.A. in August, per. the Doobies. Don't forget Utah is on the map too!!!!!! 30 years is a long time to see you again, Gramma ain't young no more, but your music is.
Tue, 9 Jun 1998 07:24:57 (NAME) George Hiatt (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Central Valley, California (SONG) Sitting By the Window (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) ****
Sun, 7 Jun 1998 12:01:24 (NAME) Maija (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Finland (SONG) twenty thousand bottles of beer (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) fonky.. (HOMEPAGE) (TITLE) bitter wine and lack of lines
Sun, 7 Jun 1998 15:58:39 (NAME) Paul R. Davis (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Glen Waverley. Melbourne. Australia (SONG) Omaha (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) *** (COMMENTS) Been a long time since I heard any Moby Grape. Unfortunately they were nevery very mainstream in Australia during their peak. I picked up on them in the early seventies through a freinds collection but it has been a long time since Ive listened to their music. I'll have to try and get a current CD to revisit my old Hippie days and enjoy music that sounds like music and not electronic gimmickry. I discovered this page through the Doobie Bros website. Regards Dickie the Drummer
Sat, 6 Jun 1998 17:48:18 (NAME) Kernel Green (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Galway , Ireland (SONG) Murder In My Heart for the Judge (COMMENTS) Good to see you are together after so many years. Your album "WOW" played many nights in my dorm room at Penn State. I'm still out there gigging. All the best to you..............Kernel
Thu, 4 Jun 1998 22:20:54 (NAME) Danny Thomas (EMAIL) (COMMENTS) surfed in....please visit and consider adding a link to your site for my page and i will do the same... thanks, Danny Thomas....formerly the drummer for the 13th Floor Elevators
Sat, 6 Jun 1998 14:23:28 (NAME) steve butts (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Lake Odessa, Mi 48849 (SONG) FAll On you (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) Great band. I only have the first record. I've heard the Bob Mosely records are real good too. I can't wait for the tribute to Oar. Maybe one will come out for the Grape? Any plans for reissues? Great page. Very informative. It was nice to know that the band was affiliated, I got a link from their page. Do you know if any other recordings are available besides as import? How about live recordings? Thanks, Steve Butts
Sun, 7 Jun 1998 05:55:35 (NAME) Steve Wang (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Middletown, New York (SONG) It's a Beautiful Day Today (COMMENTS) I am sooo sorry I missed you in NYC last year. I had to work those nights. I've been a fan since I first saw you perform, at the Anderson Theater along with Procol Harem, in 1966?
Fri, 5 Jun 1998 12:28:08 (NAME) Rick Worms (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Shawnee Mission, KS (SONG) Right Before My Eyes (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) After going through some old tapes and boxes, I found my Moby Grape poster and listened to the tape of the first album. They were always my favorite band of the era (I got the first mono album at Ben Franklin), but forgot how truly great they many things going on and WORKING. After reading the stories on this just makes you so sad that things had to work out so tragically, but so inspiring that there still seems to be alot of hope. Great job on all your work!
Wed, 3 Jun 1998 07:49:11 (NAME) Daniel Burt (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Oxford, UK (SONG) Someday / 8:05 / I am not willing (to choose one) (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) What a joy to find such an accomplished presence for the band on the WWW. Great news to hear you've managed to kick that manky Kat into touch (finally). I found the site as I produce a radio show in Oxford for a local FM station, currently focussed on modern music :( - but I'm trying to switch the focus to 60s psychedelia and the like, so was doing some web research. If anyone can help me with any information, anecdotes, tips of unheard of material etc... I'd be really grateful. Also, a Grape interview would be a real winner! I've got to submit a proposal to the station management in a week or two and hope to gather as much support as possible before then. If there's anything I can help anyone out with I would be MORE THAN willing :) It really is good to see things going so strong. Keep it up - I'll keep coming back and will spread the word. hasta manyana danburt
Sun, 31 May 1998 13:36:29 (NAME) Tom Geriak (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Englewood, Florida (SONG) Changes (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) There has never been a first album by anyone that was as good as yours!!
Sat, 30 May 1998 21:37:09 (NAME) Sherry Heitman (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Foster City, CA (SONG) Sittin' by the Window (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I have been a fan for thirty-some years. Keep on keepin' on!
Thu, 28 May 1998 13:01:47 (NAME) robert lanzarotta (LOCATION) NYC (SONG) every song 1st 3 albums or the place & the time (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) how wonderful. you have no idea how much i love you guys. im 42 so i was pretty young when i heard the 1st lp. this is like a dream come true. i saw the wetlands show last year. it was so great to hear the band live. i hope everyone is in good health. please come back to ny thanks for so much great music. robert lanzarotta NYC no e-mail yet
Thu, 28 May 1998 10:04:29 (NAME) Peter Mayor (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Los Angeles (Venice), Ca. (SONG) Fall On You/8:05 (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Hope you guys play L.A. again soon
Mon, 25 May 1998 20:51:39 (NAME) Tom Viola (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Westwood, NJ (SONG) Apocalypse (MEMBER) Peter Lewis (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) You get 5 stars just for doing this!
Sun, 24 May 1998 15:47:21 (NAME) Lisa Burbick (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Grants Pass, OR (SONG) 8:05 (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) I'd like to see more pictures on the site. Especially recent live ones of Jerry and Beulah (that's not a woman, that's the guitar) Thanks! Also, please put me on your e-mail list so I can get your newsletter. Muchas Gracias. (HOMEPAGE) (TITLE) Silverhand, Celtic Music
Sat, 23 May 1998 18:56:17 (NAME) HOWARD FINKEL (EMAIL) HFINKEL=40AOL.COM (LOCATION) maplewood n.j. (SONG) bitter wind (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) i missed the last show in new york at wetlands. which members played and will they play again. ****, i got murder in my heart for the judge
Fri, 22 May 1998 13:31:16 (NAME) Andres Velasco (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Madrid (SONG) Omaha (RATING) *****
Fri, 22 May 1998 10:27:41 (NAME) WAYNE ROSE (SONG) CHINESE SONG (MEMBER) Peter Lewis (RATING) ***
Mon, 18 May 1998 12:16:55 (NAME) jack rushing (EMAIL) (LOCATION) St. Louis (COMMENTS) Can I find 20 Granite Creek or Truly Fine Citizen on CD?? I am a great admirer of your music. We've been friends for more than 30 years. I wish you all the best.
Mon, 18 May 1998 09:21:05 (NAME) Kevin (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Duanesburg, NY (SONG) "Omaha" (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) If any Moby Grape fans from the upstate NY area are interested in attending the NYC Grape show this August please email me. I have liked this band for years and would like to go to the show with another fan!
Sun, 17 May 1998 21:47:26 (NAME) Mike Sashenosky (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Lancaster (LA County) California
Sat, 16 May 1998 21:13:52 (NAME) leonard voss (EMAIL) (RATING) ***
Sat, 16 May 1998 13:44:47 (NAME) Russell D. Brown (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Detroit, Mi. (SONG) Must Be Goin' Now, Dear (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Glad to see I'm not alone out here! MOBY GRAPE RULES!!!!!!!!!!
Fri, 15 May 1998 16:21:27 (NAME) Bob Merz (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Phila. PA (SONG) Man, Is that tough- I'll try 8:05 (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Been with you guys since '67
Fri, 15 May 1998 13:40:03 (NAME) Philip Coulter Fellows (EMAIL) (LOCATION) DC (SONG) Down On The Line (MEMBER) Skip Spence (COMMENTS) I'm a old friend of Skip and have'nt been able to contact him for two years. I also want to get them a gig here for their next run east. Give whoever my address and phone #202-387-XXXX #314 or 202-862-XXXX I need to talk to any of them ASAP
Wed, 13 May 1998 14:39:30 (NAME) george jones (EMAIL) (LOCATION) sedona, az (SONG) changes (MEMBER) Don Stevenson (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Don Stevenson and I met about a year ago by phone through a mutual friend in the resort business and have been communicating ever since. I was a musician in the 60's and 70's and a major fan of the Grape. Don and his wife Janice have been here in Sedona on vacation for the past week and have had dinner with my family and me three of the last five nights. Last night my son and his guitar teacher (Bill Barns) and Don and I jammed for about three hours, playing old R&B songs, some Grape tunes, and some of Don's new material. I'm delighted to report that Don is married to a terrific woman, is doing well in business and is healthy and happy. Don is as sweet and gentle a man as I have had the pleasure to have known. He still stays in touch with the Grape members as much as possible. Jerry Miller flew up to Vancouver last year to be best man at Don's wedding. He tells me that Skippy and Bob are doing much better these days and that Peter is in fine voice and good health. Peace to you all. George
Wed, 13 May 1998 09:13:56 (NAME) JMC (EMAIL) (LOCATION) NJ (SONG) Too many to say (RATING) ****
Tue, 12 May 1998 12:12:59 (NAME) Ralf Andtbacka (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Vasa, Finland (SONG) Seeing (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) Yes, it's nice to see the Grape finally getting some credit. They were (are) one hell of a band, but surprisingly enough many rock aficionados aren't really aware of how outstanding their music is. Thanks for spreading the word. All the best, Ralf
Tue, 12 May 1998 10:05:31 (NAME) David Suter (EMAIL) (LOCATION) London
Mon, 11 May 1998 19:15:40 (NAME) john criscuolo (EMAIL) criscuoloj@a0l.comm (LOCATION) new york (SONG) dont remember (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) my kids and wife did not belive there was a group named moby grape. this will prove i do remember some of the 60s
Mon, 11 May 1998 14:27:36 (NAME) Scott Scholl (EMAIL) (LOCATION) South New Jersey (SONG) 20 Granite Creek album (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Great page, lots of fun. thanks
Mon, 11 May 1998 03:11:47 (NAME) Stefan Widera (LOCATION) Koln , Germany (SONG) Omaha , Hey Grandma (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) The sound for drifting and dreaming away
Sun, 10 May 1998 15:09:27 (NAME) Patrick Woindrich (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Paris France (SONG) What's to choose (MEMBER) Peter Lewis (RATING) *****
Fri, 08 May 1998 11:48:02 (NAME) Dean Suzuki (EMAIL) (LOCATION) San Francisco (SONG) Indifference (REFERENCE) Just surfed on in! (NEWSLETTER) Yes (RATING) *** (COMMENTS) Looking forward to the newsletter and concerts. If you have a concert in the SF Bay Area, please let me know well in advance. I host a radio show on KPFA in Berkeley, Sunday evenings from 11:00 pm to 1:00 am and would love to have members of the band in for an interview and music (perhaps evena little live acoustic music?) Also, I am on the faculty at SFSU and teach a rock history class. Perhaps one of the original band members would like to come and talk to my students one day. Unfortunately, we can only offer a very modest honorarium (about $75, perhaps a little more), but it might be fun and might also be a way to draw for any upcoming concert. Let me hear from you. Dean Suzuki
Mon, 04 May 1998 17:04:28 (NAME) Gerry Feldman (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Maryland Heights Mo (SONG) Bitter Wind (MEMBER) Peter Lewis (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) It is great to see something on the Grape.
Mon, 04 May 1998 14:22:15 (NAME) George Gottlieb (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Baltimore, Maryland I(SONG) Too hard to choose! (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) This is one legendary band. If they can do half of what they used to, I don't understand why they can't blow away Seattle, S.F., the whole damn west coast!
Sun, 03 May 1998 00:42:29 (NAME) Kenneth Martin (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Montrose,Colorado (SONG) 1st album (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) The american Beatles...shouldn't be listed with the Dead, Doors, Airplane or Janis Joplin etc...maybe the Sons. Not a 60's band, a music band...
Fri, 24 Apr 1998 22:23:20 (NAME) mitch maycox (EMAIL) (LOCATION) rogue river oregon (SONG) motorcycle irene (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) great page. there is a number of the old folks on the web, makes me feel young again
Fri, 24 Apr 1998 18:45:27 (NAME) jack justice (EMAIL) sjjustc@gte (LOCATION) nicholasville ky. (SONG) the place and the time (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I am a music fanatic who listens to a wide, wide variety of stuff. Moby Grape tops it all. perfection......
Fri, 24 Apr 1998 12:46:06 (NAME) Tim O'Bar (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Portland, OR (SONG) silver wheels (MEMBER) Peter Lewis (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I had no idea until now that Pete Lewis was in Moby Grape. I remember a high school fight (Loyola High, 1963) between him and one of the Fays. Lesson learned-- never get into a fight with braces (Pete had the braces). I was also in the Haight from 63-67.
Mon, 20 Apr 1998 19:23:43 (NAME) phil zisook (EMAIL) (LOCATION) highland park (SONG) now i know high (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) is there any word on what cd's columbia will be reissuing & whether they will have bonus tracks other than what was on Vintage? I'd really love to see Truly Fine Citizen reissued since it was virtually ignored on Vintage. Also, any chance of WB doing a domestic reissue of 20 Granite Creek? Long live the Grape!
Thu, 16 Apr 1998 10:45:22 (NAME) J Williams (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Mississippi (SONG) Trucking Man (RATING) *****
Tue, 14 Apr 1998 23:43:09 (NAME) George Hiatt (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Modesto, Ca. (SONG) Sitting By The Window (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) Fan for over thirty years. I have met all of the members except Skip. Saw them more times than the Grateful Dead, who I also am a big fan of. I have some very interesting Grape stories from over the years and would be glad to share them if you are interested. Do you have any source for the legendary grape boot "Dark Passion?" Thanks for taking the time to honor a truly fine band. I'm rather new at computers, but if there is any information you want, please feel free to e-mail me. George Hiatt
Tue, 14 Apr 1998 18:44:30 (NAME) Bill Bevil (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Atlanta GA (SONG) He (MEMBER) Peter Lewis (RATING) ****
Mon, 13 Apr 1998 12:44:05 (NAME) Bruce Gladstone (EMAIL) (LOCATION) E. Hanover, NJ (SONG) Bitter Wind (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Maybe the boys need a new agent. Let's get them out in the road or in the studio as a band!
Sat, 11 Apr 1998 18:44:43 (NAME) Augie Jordan (EMAIL) (SONG) the whole grape jam album (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***
Sat, 11 Apr 1998 17:33:34 (NAME) nick abbott
Thu, 09 Apr 1998 06:04:47 (NAME) Gene Rotberg (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Baltimore, MD (SONG) The whole first album (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) Interested in seeing them preform again!!! Saw them at the Kinetic Playground in Chicago in last 60's
Wed, 08 Apr 1998 18:41:26 (NAME) Paul Gustafson (EMAIL) (LOCATION) DeKalb, Illinois (SONG) Ooh Mama Ooh, or I Am Not Willing (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I love the Grape! Their music is just so exciting and every song is great.
Mon, 06 Apr 1998 15:42:19 (NAME) Jason Crossland (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Greensburg, PA (SONG) 8:05 (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Moby Grape kicks ass. Nuf said!!!!!!
Wed, 01 Apr 1998 23:32:33 (NAME) Martha Copeland (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Olympia,Wa. (SONG) Murder in my heart for the judge. (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Hi, I've been a Grape fan for ages, saw them at the Filmore West in'68 with Jeff Beck on the same bill. I do a radio show in Olympia on KAOS 89.3 FM and try to play Moby Grape whenever I can. I hope the Grape all get together and release a new record soon. great grape site here!
Tue, 31 Mar 1998 18:31:58 (NAME) Pierre Alexandre (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Quebec, Canada (SONG) 8:05 (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) When I listen to Moby Grape (what a cool name !) , I am not 45 years old ! ... So, Hey Grandma, this is " Moby Great " !
Tue, 31 Mar 1998 16:20:48 (NAME) David A Maxwell (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Gig Harbor Wa. (SONG) Too Many To Name (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) *****
Tue, 31 Mar 1998 13:13:43 (NAME) Jeremy z (EMAIL) (LOCATION) So Cal (SONG) Trukin' (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) The doors- The grateful dead- Fleetwood Mac-
Tue, 31 Mar 1998 07:36:11 (NAME) Malcolm Thompson (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Melbourne, Australia (SONG) He (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I'm a refugee from the 60's, heavily into Psych / Acid rock. Was playing the Grape today whilst painting, thats what gave me the impulsion to search the net. Glad I did !! I'm originally from Manchester, England & can remember John Peel plugging Omaha alot on the radio. I've still got the single, then eventually bought the album ( compl. with poster ) American imp. Then bought the rest of the album's & solo efforts. Love the vocal's & guitar work of the Grape, & it's interesting Miller, Mosley & Co are still rockin'. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. P.S. " HE " has got to be one of the most beautiful songs ever, the guitar work is immaculate.
Sat, 28 Mar 1998 04:48:43 (NAME) Mike Holyak (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Oahu, Hawaii (SONG) Sittin By the Window/Omaha (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Outstanding web site... I've been into Moby Grape since 1967. Is Skip Spence still living and what is his status? Does Moby Grape have any plans on coming to Hawaii any time soon? I got to meet Iron Butterfly when they were here last year. Would be cool to meet the members of Moby Grape. (HOMEPAGE) (TITLE) The Yak's Homepage
Fri, 27 Mar 1998 12:10:05 (NAME) Elizabeth Justice (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Pikeville, Kentucky (SONG) It's all good (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I consider myself very lucky to have been exposed to bands like Moby Grape, Spirit, And Gram Parsons. I am only 17, but have been raised and exposed to great music such as Moby Grape my whole life. I owe all of this to my older brother Jack. I live in a small town and as far as I know no one around here has ever heard of them, it's really sad. I try to recruit people into being Moby Grape fans, but usually it s not very successful. I think this is a really good web page. Keep up the good work.
Fri, 27 Mar 1998 04:45:05 (NAME) Henk Beentje (LOCATION) Kew, England (SONG) War in peace, Omaha, What's to choose- whatever I've heard last really (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I played some Skip Spence songs this morning and decided to do a search. Nice guest page, too! Reading some titles still gives me gooseflesh. I still have the first five on vinyl, the first album twice - my very first copy became too scratchy. I once placed an ad Hitweek saying "Jerry Miller is the best guitar player in the world" - it was a long time ago, but the band can still bring tears to my eyes. And I still don't know all the words to the songs, especially *oar* is a tough one... "her hair hanging northwards, as she travels south..." "dawn to dusk a lifetime..." I know it's only rock'n'roll, but I love it.
Wed, 25 Mar 1998 15:57:15 (NAME) Bill Krohn (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Kalamazoo Michigan (SONG) its so hard to pick just one when there are so many great ones (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) I have been a fan since the first album came out and I have all their albums for sale at ( Solo or together the Grape are one of the best bands in the world, and one of my favorites - always have been.!!! (HOMEPAGE) (TITLE) Krohn's Boulevard
Tue, 24 Mar 1998 15:25:51 (NAME) John Denman (EMAIL) LeeandLee2@MSN.COM (LOCATION) United Kingdom (SONG) Omaha (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Would like to know more about Skip Spence and what he's up to these days. Any chance of the reformed band coming to England?
Mon, 23 Mar 1998 14:51:12 (NAME) juergen placke (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Bremen, Germany (SONG) Omaha, Rounder, Right before my eyes (RATING) *****
Mon, 23 Mar 1998 12:54:33 (NAME) Liz Justice (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Pikeville Kentucky (SONG) It's all good (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) I think that Moby Grape is incredible! I am only 16 and I feel really lucky to be exposed to bands such as Moby Grape, Love, Gram Parsons, and many others. I owe my brother Jack a big pat on the back for raising me on good music. I have Skip's solo album "Oar" and I would recommend anything that any of the band members make. Little hands clap for them. I enjoyed the info!
Mon, 23 Mar 1998 09:07:12 (NAME) Michael Magenis (EMAIL) (LOCATION) London (SONG) Omaha (RATING) *****
Sat, 21 Mar 1998 20:12:26 (NAME) Steven Kaiser (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Ketchum, Id (SONG) mr blues (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) What a joy to find this site! I can't tell you how happy I am to find out what these guys are up to.Lets get them playing all over, I would travel just about anywhere to see them again.Great job scott!
Sat, 21 Mar 1998 13:28:29 (NAME) Jim Compton (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Waukesha WI (SONG) Captian nemo (RATING) ***
Sat, 21 Mar 1998 10:17:11 (NAME) Pete Skinner (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Lebanon NH (SONG) 8:05....also Changes,Fall On You,Omaha,Beautiful Day (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I wish I could play lead like Jerry...actually I'm a singer- somgwriter rhythm guitarist...I admire all of Moby Grape. There's a band from our neck of the woods that is quite young(still evolving) but is doing some cool stuff. They're called Motorplant, the cd is "Inside The Walnut". It's on about 200 college radio stations. I'm not connected to them. but about 5 years ago,when I was a disk lockey, I was the first dj to request a tape from them. Their website is Hope you guys do another Grape album sometime. Stay cool. Pete (Little Wolf) Skinner
Fri, 20 Mar 1998 07:25:24 (NAME) Mark Osborne (EMAIL) (LOCATION) London, England. (SONG) You Can Do Anything Too (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Moby Grape are one of the greatest bands which ever existed...the only other band which comes close is Love!!!
Tue, 17 Mar 1998 19:54:50 (NAME) william (EMAIL) (SONG) the whole first album (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) this is one of the best bands that hit the scene at the time. It is, and will be one of my favorite bands. i met a girl named susan green who lived in frisco and was going out with one of the guys. do you know her? i met her in colo in "68" but lost touch with her. anyway it is great that they have a web page because i thought i was the only person besides my old band members that would remember them. the original album is really a musical wonder!!!!!!
Tue, 17 Mar 1998 19:19:56 (NAME) John Butler + Rick Willson (DPW) (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Leicester (SONG) Rose coloured eyes (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Yeah!!!
Mon, 16 Mar 1998 10:42:49 (NAME) Fred Morris (EMAIL) (LOCATION) North Carolina (SONG) Motorcycle Irene (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I completely wore out an 8-track of Wow/Grape Jam in the late sixties. I think it's about time for me to replace it!
Sun, 15 Mar 1998 23:28:16 (NAME) Mark Kaiser (EMAIL) (LOCATION) 326 Mecray Lane, Maple Shade, New Jersey 08052 (SONG) right before my eyes (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Scott, You ask for my favorite song, well it's been something like 25 years ago, but what i remenber is right before my eyes and open up your heart, from an 8-track tape we used to have! so it's been a long time. Is there any way i could purchase a taped copy of Truly Fine Citizen from any one out there? Thanks Mark
Sun, 15 Mar 1998 17:05:35 (NAME) michael ostendorf (EMAIL) (LOCATION) studio city ca (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) put out a request for any film of the band in there prime,60's tranfer to video and make available for a price.maybe ask band members?
Sun, 15 Mar 1998 15:19:25 (NAME) Lawrence Fisher (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Black Diamond, WA (SONG) Indifference (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) *** (COMMENTS) Keep up the good work! (HOMEPAGE) No
Sat, 14 Mar 1998 19:26:43 (NAME) Gregory Henry (EMAIL) (LOCATION) wall, new jersey (SONG) it's a beautiful day today & 8:05 (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) i sent a crazy e-mail with as many moby grape songs in the text as i could. don't know what came over me but i had fun doing it only saw moby grape once at the fillmore east. it was in the last weeks of the fillmore
Fri, 13 Mar 1998 09:59:59 (NAME) Heino Drecker (LOCATION) Herne, Germany (SONG) omaha (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) *****
Wed, 11 Mar 1998 21:41:18 (NAME) Terry Trahan (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Kingwood, Tx. (SONG) give a break! (RATING) *****
Wed, 11 Mar 1998 11:54:09 (NAME) Michael Hernandez (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Sunnyvale, California (SONG) 805 (MEMBER) Peter Lewis (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) In the late 70's, I lived in Santa Cruz California. I knew a former manager(?) of the Grape, John Chesley. Peter Lewis was living down stairs from me. I met Peter and Jerry. Peter and I became very good friends. We bummed around Santa Cruz and even painted a few houses. (The name of the company was called binks, a shorten version of binkies - a favorite Peter Lewis saying). I have been trying to get in touch with him. Its been 20 years. Any help would be appreciated. Glad to see a web site has been formed
Tue, 10 Mar 1998 23:05:46 (NAME) Mark Richardson (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Sacramento, CA (SONG) 8:05 (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Grew up in San Francisco, and timing was just in time for Moby Grape (early) and other SF groups. My brothers been doing some music over the past several years with Jerry Miller when he's been back in the Bay Area (brother hung with a mock Moby Grap band, The Grape Escape (understand their might be two of them) Even got my dad (70 yrs) to play a gig with Jerry Miller. Your web page is great, keep at it. I connect to the Sons news stuff, love the Sons, but the page is.... Enjoy, and remember Angles fly because they take themselves lightly...
Tue, 10 Mar 1998 05:38:04 (NAME) GEORGE HARRISON (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) *****
Mon, 09 Mar 1998 12:28:03 (NAME) Tilden Hall (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Venice CA (SONG) fall on you, rounder, omaha, going nowhere (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Has there ever been a documentary film made about the journey of the Grape. Does anyone know what kind of newsreel, home movie or other type of footage exists of the Grapes?
Mon, 09 Mar 1998 02:39:11 (NAME) david wheeler (EMAIL) (LOCATION) London, England (SONG) too many to choose (MEMBER) Peter Lewis (RATING) *****
Sun, 08 Mar 1998 12:28:03 (NAME) jon collingwood (LOCATION) bollington, cheshire,uk (SONG) can't be so bad (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) great stuff. i'm not on the net,but next time i get access to it, i'll see what else has been added. cheers.
Sun, 08 Mar 1998 12:14:17 (NAME) emily (EMAIL) (LOCATION) madison,nj (SONG) dont have one (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) i had never heard mobygrape before, only heard of them. but thanks to your site i got to hear some nice sounds. you made my day. feel good about yourself. :)
Thu, 05 Mar 1998 22:16:55 (NAME) Roger Cohen (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Phoenix, AZ (SONG) Naked If I Want To, 8:05 (RATING) ***
Thu, 05 Mar 1998 14:18:36 (NAME) Deic Davin (EMAIL) (LOCATION) iola, kansas (SONG) Sitting by the window (RATING) *****
Thu, 05 Mar 1998 00:38:56 (NAME) monte s. smith (EMAIL) (LOCATION) sanger ca (SONG) now i know high ( the moment) (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) great page.let's preserve the frisco scene. LONG LIVE "THE FINGER COVER"
Tue, 03 Mar 1998 14:24:50 (NAME) ErikaBrighteyes (LOCATION) an old castle (SONG) none (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) I would love to give Grace Slick a footrub and pedicure.
Sun, 01 Mar 1998 22:57:04 (NAME) Hiroshi Ishizuka (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Yokohama, Japan (SONG) Everything! (MEMBER) Peter Lewis (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) In 1988, Moby Grape 's Wow is completely chaned my musical direction And in 1998, this wonderful home page is asked the age old my musical question!
Wed, 25 Feb 1998 20:55:24 (NAME) Elliot Jackson (EMAIL) (LOCATION) northwestern university (SONG) "Murder in My Heart for the Judge" (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (HOMEPAGE) (TITLE) Randy Herman and the Scepter of Benevolence
Tue, 24 Feb 1998 14:26:06 (NAME) Ted Smith (EMAIL) (LOCATION) North Carolina (SONG) Omaha (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ****
Sat, 21 Feb 1998 16:40:22 (NAME) Bill Fuellhart (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Whippany, New Jersey (SONG) 8:05 (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Dave Williams turned me on to the web page
Fri, 20 Feb 1998 11:58:00 (NAME) willy brauch (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Mannheim (Germany) (SONG) Bitter Wind (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) it's great that there are more people having found out how great this band is
Tue, 17 Feb 1998 02:51:34 (NAME) Michael Nethkin (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Parkton, Md. (SONG) 8:05, Someday, and Hoochie (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) i'm only 20 but this band still kicks ass. groove on ya'll.
Mon, 16 Feb 1998 08:44:41 (NAME) Alan (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Utah (SONG) 8:05 (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I traded My old "4" track stereo, for a stack of LP's in the late 60s. One of the albums was Moby Grape. Somewhere lost is my MB Album. This Page is the best. Thank you. I saw them in Concert in SLC, in the late 60's, they were in the middle of a tune when the power went off. The stage crew had it back on in seconds. when it came back on they started the song right where they left off. Been signing there songs in my band since 68.
Wed, 11 Feb 1998 14:17:00 (NAME) eric gregory (EMAIL) (LOCATION) portland, or (SONG) 8:05 (RATING) *****
Tue, 10 Feb 1998 08:51:15 (NAME) dennis walker (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Houston TX (SONG) Seeing (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I bought what was probably the only copy of Skip's "Oar" album to be found in Houston in 1969. I still have it and have also acquired the CD reissue (which I think is remixed). I also sent you an email note (with other info). Thank God for the Mighty and Majestic Moby Grape!
Sat, 07 Feb 1998 01:54:22 (NAME) phil broberg (LOCATION) st. paul mn (SONG) motorcycle irene (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) i got into moby grape when i was 17 in about 1980. whenever i mention moby grape to anyone they have looked at me like i was from outer space. it has been great to browse through these pages and thank god someone else likes moby grape. long live the grape! thanx!
Sat, 07 Feb 1998 01:11:18 (NAME) Peter Smith (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Okanogan, WA (SONG) Changes [because we're always changing] (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) KEEP THESE PAGES COMING! THE MORE THE WORD GETS OUT THE MORE THE GREATNESS OF THIS BAND OF BANDS WILL BE FOREVER BE ENSHIRNED IN THE HEARTS OF THE ONLY TRUE LOVERS OF ROCK. My son a rock guitarist just spent the entire evening covering the entire first album. He still doesn't believe that this group did this stuff 30 years ago. I TOLD HIM ROCK DIED WHEN GRAPE FOLDED. KEEP IT UP!
Fri, 06 Feb 1998 12:52:41 (NAME) Alexis (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Pittsburgh (SONG) Omaha (MEMBER) Peter Lewis (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I have been a Grape fan since I was 8 yrs. old in 1967 and I still have the original copy of the album cover with Don Stevenson and his middle finger....I am so glad they are still around and I love this site! Thanks for all the great information and photos!
Thu, 05 Feb 1998 12:22:16 (NAME) Steve Steinfeld (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Olympia, WA> (SONG) Can't Be So Bad (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) I am a gigantic Grape fan(atic)! They rate right up there with The Beatles (The greatest musical group of all time), The Electric Prunes (the Prunes, baby), The Easybeats (Vanda & Young), The Stones (Jumpin' Jack Flash and Street Fighting Man), The Doors (I've been to Jimbo's grave in Paris), Bob Dylan and Neil Young! Also, The Beau Brummels, CCR, Steve Winwood (he was great in concert, in Seattle, Oct '97), The Standells, Jimi (All Along The Watchtower) Hendrix, Manfred Mann, and Jefferson Airplane! (HOMEPAGE) working on it (HOMETITLE) Beggars Road Records
Fri, 30 Jan 1998 10:24:42 (NAME) Feddo Renier (EMAIL) (LOCATION) The Hague, Holland (SONG) Dark Magic (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) High music lovers out there! My name's Feddo and I'm running a radio show called Psychedelicatessen on Radio Tonka in Holland. Of course the grape is amonxt my favorite playing acts. Also I'm interested in trading (live)tapes. Mail me your list and may be we can work something out. Does anybody knows if there exist tapes of the Moby Grape jamming with other west-coast acts? Bye Feddo
Thu, 29 Jan 1998 10:20:43 (NAME) Bob Merz (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Levittown, PA (near Philadelphia) (SONG) 8:05 (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I wish I had found this page a long time ago.
Sun, 25 Jan 1998 23:46:13 (NAME) cicadelic records (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Tucson, Arizona (SONG) Omaha (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) when is the complete monterey pop performance by the grape going to be issued? What is Skip up to these days? Is he on the street or what? His songs were great, also the ones he wrote when in the JA. (HOMEPAGE) (HOMETITLE) cicadelic records 60's music and mags
Sun, 25 Jan 1998 13:23:58 (NAME) Ryan Takatsu (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Winnipeg Manitoba Canada (SONG) Three-Four and Bitter Wind (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I was a mere twelve years old when I was introduced to the San Francisco music scene by my older cousin who played this amazing record, Moby Grape 1st LP. I was hooked!!! I wanted to run away to SF but my parents wouldn't let me. I believe that my mother bought the LP as either a birthday gift or Christmas present. I remember how great the music and lyrics sounded but there was no poster in the Canadian pressings! Today I searched into my vast record collection dusted off the old MG vinyls (4) and I tried to relive the glorious golden past of the sixties. MG welcome back to the nineties!!! P.S. do you have any of those original MB 1st LP posters left? I would like to buy one. Lastly do you remember the underground magazine called 'Paperbag' that was published in the late sixties. Where can I find a copy? Please advise.
Sat, 24 Jan 1998 10:11:19 (NAME) John Pierce (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Culpeper,Va. (SONG) Gypsy Wedding (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) the grape represented everything that was uplifting, hopeful and chaotic about growing up in the sixties. the thing that separated them from the rest of the hippie pack was their sophisticated musical range. Here's a test: Listen to some of the recorded output of most of the other san francisco based groups of the time next to any grape song. no comparison. the grape stuff still sounds fresh to me. alas, talent of that magnitude comes with a cost, and it was inevitable that the band would implode. i love the grape and will always have a special place in my heart for their music and that time. john pierce
Sat, 24 Jan 1998 07:59:27 (NAME) mark bjorke (EMAIL) (LOCATION) annapolis, md (SONG) first album, every track. I'm still playing my original vinyls (RATING) ****
Sat, 24 Jan 1998 02:17:27 (NAME) Gary Mollica (GaryM) (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Pasadena, CA (SONG) Seeing (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Been on the mailing list for awhile, just never signed the book. Looking for a video of the band shown in NYEve from Steve Paul's The Scene. Also had Chambers Bros & Blues Project. This is NOT the Steve Paul Scene Show with Grape, Blues Project, Staples Singers.
Wed, 21 Jan 1998 20:19:33 (NAME) Bill Krohn (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Michigan (SONG) Hey Grandma (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) My favorite band! I have Grape vinyl lps for sale at (http// I have followed them through all the combinations. Fine Wine, Live Grape, Jerry Miller Band, etc. Cassette only release but mostly vinyl in good shape. (HOMEPAGE) (HOMETITLE) Krohn's Boulevard Records
Tue, 20 Jan 1998 16:49:04 (NAME) John F Hereth (LOCATION) port orchard wa (SONG) omaha (COMMENTS) I think that there is great opportunity for a reemergence of classical San Francisco sound. There is so little variety and every one trying to follow a guided path to success in the industry. People lose sight of their creative nature for the possibility for financial gain. I think the time is ripe for a Moby Grape Tour. The quality of the music is great and now is the time.
Mon, 19 Jan 1998 22:00:32 (NAME) Ryan Adkins (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Lexington, Ky (SONG) 8:05 (RATING) ****
Sun, 18 Jan 1998 12:26:28 (NAME) Jim Miley (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Santa Clarita, California (SONG) Changes (MEMBER) Peter Lewis (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Please come to play at the House Of Blues in L.A. I have never seen you guys live and are one of my all time faves!
Fri, 16 Jan 1998 20:43:34 (NAME) Dusty Rose (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Falls Church,Va. (SONG) Come In The Morning (MEMBER) Bob Mosley
Fri, 16 Jan 1998 17:52:00 (NAME) Randy Hutchison (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Chico, CA (SONG) Millers Blues (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) *****
Thu, 15 Jan 1998 00:51:07 (NAME) J. Gillespie (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Minneapolis, Minnesota (SONG) Murder In My Heart For The Judge (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) *****
Wed, 14 Jan 1998 22:27:49 (NAME) MJP (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Livermore CA (SONG) Three-four (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) This is great! Brings back my high school years... The Grape at the Kings Beach Bowl at Lake Tahoe... ah youth!
Wed, 14 Jan 1998 06:56:48 (NAME) Keith Beck (EMAIL) (LOCATION) United Kingdom (SONG) Bitter Wind (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) My name is Keith Beck, and my Son and I run "The Afterglow", this is the web site for the "Diesel Park West" Who are mega huge fans of the Grape, they have covered four Grape songs, three of which are listed on these pages, the other one being a fine cover of "Hoochie", I myself have only recently started to appreciate what a great band Moby Grape are, thanks for all the good work here, It's a great learning process. (HOMEPAGE) (HOMETITLE) The Afterglow
Tue, 13 Jan 1998 23:16:42 (NAME) ed rigdon (EMAIL) (LOCATION) florida,usa (SONG) hey grandma (MEMBER) Peter Lewis (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) my favorite band from the era. please continue. is mosley o.k.? skip spence rules
Thu, 08 Jan 1998 10:02:17 (NAME) ANDY WALKER (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Columbia, Missouri (SONG) maybe "8:05" (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) They are a great band, and you are doing the world a service by celebrating them!
Mon, 05 Jan 1998 23:28:18 (NAME) J.P Murphy III (LOCATION) Redwood City, Ca. (SONG) Oh no cant say that (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I didn't mean to cause a fuss by making jokes about this band. Miller and Mose have given me too much fun. I really don't know how this E-mail stuff works as you can see I can hardly type. Yer pal, Murph...
Fri, 02 Jan 1998 00:09:08 (NAME) Rick Toreson (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Crescent City, CA (SONG) Entire first album (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Played 5 or 6 Grape songs in late 60's and early 70s. Saw them live only once at Fillmore East, New York. Any advice on finding a CD of the first record? Rick
Thu, 01 Jan 1998 19:08:44 (NAME) Tom Waldecker (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Monroe, Michigan South of Detroit and Ann Arbor (SONG) Changes (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) When will you return to the Midwest, Us middle aged ones don't make it to the East or West coast much. Just listening to the Peter Lewis German CD. Great voices and harmonies. I am pleased to say of all the music from my youth the Moby Grape is still in my top five plays to date and has passed the test of time very well.
Wed, 31 Dec 1997 14:26:29

(NAME)  Peter Boudin
(LOCATION)  Uppsala, Sweden
(SONG)  Gone fishin
(MEMBER)  Bob Mosley
(RATING)  *****

Fri, 26 Dec 1997 08:05:53 (NAME) Bob Zidlicky (EMAIL) (LOCATION) San Antonio, TX (SONG) Hey Grandma (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Thanks for the memories!
Thu, 25 Dec 1997 23:26:50 (NAME) ford barr (EMAIL) (LOCATION) louisville ky (SONG) omaha (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) The first album is still my all-time favorite guitar album.
Wed, 24 Dec 1997 15:02:21 (NAME) Steve Cavell (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Flat Rock, Michigan (SONG) All of the first L.P. (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) Bought the first L.P. in 1967 when I was 12 years old. Still have it and play it periodically. This was truly a fantastic band. Where can I get The Melvilles cassette?
Mon, 22 Dec 1997 11:55:35 (NAME) andy bromberg (EMAIL) (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) love your poster gallery and I have a few moby grape CDs. they are great. thanks
Sun, 21 Dec 1997 16:45:14 (NAME) Jim Bradley (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Modesto, CA (SONG) Funky Tunk (RATING) *****
Fri, 19 Dec 1997 15:25:56 (NAME) Martin James (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Benton, AR (SONG) Fall on You (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Does anyone have a copy of the "finger" poster they would like to sell? I had it on my wall for many years. Now in my old age I've lost it. HELP!!!
Fri, 12 Dec 1997 16:35:38 (NAME) Ad van den Kieboom (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Netherlands (SONG) It's a beautiful day today (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) A very very good page. Along with "It's a beautiful day today" I could have chosen songs like: "The place and the time", "Sitting by the window", "8.05", "Omaha" and there's so many more. Were these guys brilliant!
Tue, 09 Dec 1997 21:04:58 (EMAIL) (LOCATION) mobile, al (COMMENTS) Response to john bradley re:Cat Mother et al... I have an old Cat Mother on vinyl (of course) "The Street Giveth and The Street Taketh Away" produced on polydor records with assistance from jimi Hendrix who found them starving to death somewhere in upstate new york. Mine is scratched all to pieces. Sure wish I could find it on CD. Let me know if you have any luck.
Tue, 09 Dec 1997 20:52:43 (NAME) Steve De Vito (EMAIL) (SONG) much too many great ones to pick!!! (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Moby Grape symbolizes the best in musicianship, vocal harmonies, and musical arrangements. I only wish that I had the ability to see these guys in concert in their time. They must have been something!!
Tue, 09 Dec 1997 19:24:35 (NAME) Sean B. O'Connell (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Omaha (actually Redmond, WA) (SONG) Naked, If I Want To Hey Grandma (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Excellent site! Nice grapey background..... Maybe some current photos would be nice so's we could see what these guys look like now....
Mon, 08 Dec 1997 20:11:07 (NAME) john carswell (EMAIL) (LOCATION) alabama (SONG) siting by the window,8:05,too many (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ****
Mon, 08 Dec 1997 18:10:56 (NAME) Rizzako Taszetus (EMAIL) (LOCATION) san Fran ,Ca (SONG) Omaha (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Like man, I grew up listening to The Grapes music since a child. Along with the Byrds and Buffalo Springfield. This bands bring memories of when I was a brat of 5 years and on. Thanx for the web site...
Sat, 06 Dec 1997 02:30:48 (NAME) Gary Haase (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Columbia, SC (SONG) entire first album (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I got into the late '60s music in high school (1980) when everyone else was into disco. Have since built a decent collection of vinyl and now CD's. Always knew Moby Grape was cool but could never find their albums. When I found Vintage, I got into the right frame of mind and listened to these songs I had never heard before. I was absolutely blown away! The best rock music came out of Bay Area in '65-69, esp '67. Although a loyal Deadhead, I gotta say Moby Grape is even better than the Dead! Thanks, Scott, for bringing this page to the world. Have a grapeful day!!
Fri, 05 Dec 1997 06:53:56 (NAME) Ralf Andtbacka (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Vasa, Finland, Europe (SONG) Skip's Song (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) It's great to see one of the finest 60's bands finally get the credit that they deserve.
Thu, 04 Dec 1997 08:37:42 (NAME) Michael Todd (EMAIL) (SONG) Seeing (RATING) *****
Mon, 01 Dec 1997 17:10:32 (NAME) Daniele Caputo (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Pisa, Italy (SONG) Bitter Wind (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) I'm a serious Moby Grape's collector. If there is anyone willing to exchange oddities, contact me.
Mon, 01 Dec 1997 15:20:18 (NAME) Tim Price (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Falls Church Va. (SONG) Seeing (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) *****
Mon, 01 Dec 1997 15:04:59 (NAME) Linda & Chris Lewis (EMAIL) CPLTEG@aol (LOCATION) Tennessee (SONG) Omaha (MEMBER) Peter Lewis (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Like your web page... and the grape is great... Glad they're all still alive. Peter Lewis is the best... but all the boys are just as good. Of course, I'm prejudiced.. cause Lewis's last name and mine are the same... so are our parents!!!. Glad Matthew finally lost his case. He's such a cheat. Finally the boys can collect (good luck!) their royalties.
Mon, 01 Dec 1997 00:52:14 (NAME) Randy Rogers (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Muncie, Indiana (SONG) Omaha (RATING) ****
Sun, 30 Nov 1997 17:30:46 (NAME) Jon (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Leicester, England (SONG) Fall On You (MEMBER) Peter Lewis (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) Hi there! My name's Jon and I'm a 20-year-old from England. I've just discovered Moby Grape after buying the "Vintage : Best Of" CDs, and I think all the songs are excellent (give or take "Funky-Tunk"!) I guess I'm about thirty years too late, but hey that's not my fault, and anyway, doesn't good music live forever? :) By the way, this is a great page Scott! Keep up the good work! (HOMEPAGE) (HOMETITLE) Jon's Homepage (original, huh?)
Fri, 28 Nov 1997 06:16:30 (NAME) Rene Sneijder (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Groningen, The Netherlands (SONG) Changing (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) *****
Wed, 26 Nov 1997 19:50:19 (NAME) GREG SMITH (EMAIL) (LOCATION) walnut creek, calif. (SONG) motorcycle irene (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) how skip doin' these days???
Wed, 26 Nov 1997 19:27:09 (NAME) Andrea (EMAIL) (LOCATION) NJ, USA (SONG) Can't choose! (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) This page is great!!!! My father listened to Moby Grape in the 60's, and he has introduced them to me. (I'm 16) The only album we have is the title album, but I play it all the time, and think the music is great. I've always wondered what the lyrics are to the songs, though (so has my father). Now, thanks to your websight, I can sleep nights knowing the words. Keep up the great work!!!! -Andrea
Sun, 23 Nov 1997 00:43:20 (NAME) Ron Telles (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Whidbey Island, Washington (SONG) "omaha" " "Someday" "8:05" (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I grew up in the bay area and graduated from El Cerrito High School in 1968. Played with a band through high school and tried to play any Grape song we could. I took my album with me to Viet Nam and played it every chance I could. Many of my navy buddies became "Grape Fans" back then. On my return to the real world in 1973 some of my belongings were lost in-transit as you have already figured out my treasured Grape album was gone forever. I was lucky enough to see them live on three occasions and nobody can ever steal that memory. Thanks for listening and Thanks to Moby Grape for all the great music. Sure would like hear the original cuts again! RT
Fri, 21 Nov 1997 12:13:21 (NAME) Larry Warner (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Westboro, MA (SONG) Come in the morning (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) *****
Thu, 20 Nov 1997 14:59:17 (NAME) Eric Van Praag (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Tustin, Ca (SONG) 8:05 (RATING) *****
Thu, 20 Nov 1997 13:46:10 (NAME) Martin Otter (EMAIL) (LOCATION) the netherlands (SONG) 8:05 (RATING) ****
Wed, 19 Nov 1997 23:11:11 (NAME) Ken Shauger (EMAIL) (SONG) Hey Grandma/Motorcycle Irene (RATING) ****
Tue, 18 Nov 1997 23:59:29 (NAME) Joel Whited (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Vancouver, Washington (SONG) Beautiful day today (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I've sold Jerry Miller 2 cars, listened to the band since 1967, and the first Moby Grape still stands as my all time favorite album, as fresh today as it ever was. I also need help in finding the Peter Lewis solo album, and am interested in receiving the newsletter. Have a Jerry Miller video, and am always looking for new info on the entire band. Thanks for your help!!
Wed, 12 Nov 1997 20:32:23 (NAME) john bradley (EMAIL) (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) was looking around for info on a band called Cat Mother and the all Night Newsboys. They were out of Toronto in the late 60's and had at least one album.
Wed, 12 Nov 1997 13:59:19 (NAME) Charlie (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Tsalagi (Cherokee) Nation (SONG) "Bitter Wind" (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Thanks for all the memories of my teen years. I bought WOW! based solely on the cover (but that's the way it was in the 60's, you know?) and loved it. Believe it or not, I never heard the debut album till the 80's (I'm slow, I suppose). I wore my vinyl copy of WOW! to nothing. One day I thought of it again and went searching a local small CD store when the silver discs were just beginning to appear. Lo and behold, there was a European 2-CD import but the $40 price tag stopped me (I didn't' have as much disposable cash, even then) Now I thoroughly regret not hocking my life away and buying it. I'm very disappointed that the San Francisco Sound disc is truncated. If you know of a way to find the 2 disc import, PLEASE let me know. Thanks again. This place is fun. These guys should have been big stars! Charlie, yet another grey-headed aging hippie Cherokee boy (there are actually quite a few of us!)
Tue, 11 Nov 1997 19:28:49 (NAME) Corky Meyers (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Napa , Ca. (SONG) 805 (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I first saw Moby Grape at the Avalon Ballroom. One of my all time favorite shows was Grateful Dead, Moby Grape and Steve Millers Blues Band @ Christmas of '66. Also Don the drummer was so kind to buy me a ticket for their gig at the Kings Beach Bowl at Lake Tahoe around the same time. What a great band they were!!
Mon, 10 Nov 1997 11:42:26 (NAME) E. Keith Larter (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Ebenezer, Prince Edward Island, Canada (SONG) 8:05 (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) Great pages. I'm a fan from the sixties. I just cracked open the Vintage package. They still sound great. I'm also a Cream and Byrds fan, and of course Dylan.
Sun, 09 Nov 1997 20:57:34 (NAME) Stuart Baker (EMAIL) (LOCATION) York, Pennsylvania (SONG) ?? (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I really loved your page. Moby Grape was a new name to me before I looked at your page. I was looking for a tape for someone (your page helped a lot), and while I was looking around I downloaded some of the wav's, and I really liked it. I love finding new music that I like! (HOMEPAGE) (HOMETITLE) Ctrl_Phreak
Sat, 08 Nov 1997 08:17:19 (NAME) Patrick McIntyre (EMAIL) Mack (LOCATION) Lancaster PA (SONG) Hey Grandma (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Hey! I'm 13 years old and a big fan of the music that came from the 1965-69 San Francisco scene. I really like Hendrix, too. I had only read about the group in a book and decided to explore their music further. I listened to some of you sound bytes and they seem pretty good. I have been playing guitar since I was nine, and am not that bad. I look forward to buying some of their CDs in the near future. Soon to be an established fan, Pat McIntyre
Wed, 05 Nov 1997 15:00:21 (NAME) Andy McDowell (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Glasgow, Scotland (SONG) Skip's Song / It's A Beautiful Day (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) Any chance of lyrics & chords to Skip's Song ?
Wed, 05 Nov 1997 08:25:40 (NAME) Rick C (EMAIL) (LOCATION) West Caldwell, NJ (SONG) Omaha, Mr. Blues, Indifference (RATING) *** (COMMENTS) They are my all time favorite American band. No comparison with any other. I turned a young collector on to them last night. (HOMEPAGE) Http:// (HOMETITLE) Zahdio's Home Page
Thu, 30 Oct 1997 20:40:46 (NAME) trevor (EMAIL) (LOCATION) winnipeg manitoba (SONG) never (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) i need to know where i can buy some of the moby grape concert posters or similar type of poster any help you can give me will be appreciated
Wed, 29 Oct 1997 13:35:40 (NAME) John Oliver (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Lorton, Virginia (SONG) Omaha, Fall On You, most of 1st LP (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Excellent home page!!! I found out about the 10/12 Pozo show (which I attended) through this page, and I will continue to watch for upcoming shows. (NOTE: Short but excellent show in Pozo). I saw the boys live in '68, then '97 - they've still got it! It will be a crime if they don't get back into a studio soon. Also, we need to do something to get the following issued (or reissued) on CD - Moby Grape'69, Truly Fine Citizen, Fine Wine, Bob Mosley's solo LP and later EP, Legendary Grape/Melvilles.
Mon, 27 Oct 1997 22:26:17 (NAME) John McGreivey (EMAIL) (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) purple (HOMEPAGE) (HOMETITLE) the obscure 1960's group The Troof (and offshoots)
Fri, 24 Oct 1997 07:35:49 (NAME) Mary Kay (EMAIL) (RATING) *** (COMMENTS) I am doing a research project on the music and culture of the '60 s. If you can help me with info. (webpages, books, etc.) e-mail me to the above address. Peace, Love, and Music, Mary Kay
Wed, 22 Oct 1997 13:59:51 (NAME) Bill Jacobs (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Macomb, IL (SONG) Naked If I Want To (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) I traded my first Moby Grape album for Electric Ladyland in 1969. I let a friend borrow my second copy a couple of years ago and he's somewhere in Asia now. I had Wow!, but it's long gone. I still collect vinyl, so I hope to find it. I didn't care much for anything else after that. I thought that the first album has held up well for 30 years. Don't know about WOW!...haven't heard it for about 25 years. I remember the hype. It fell flat. Too bad. They were a real band.
Mon, 20 Oct 1997 19:04:20 (NAME) Gary Shelnutt (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Victoria, Texas (SONG) The debut L.P. (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) A truly great band. Their first album is still ahead of it's time.
Fri, 17 Oct 1997 08:32:22 (NAME) harold runfola (LOCATION) st.petersburg, florida (SONG) there's so many it's hard to point to just one! (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) it was bob who made me want to play, and i have been for the past 33 years, so you could say i consider myself a musician (thanks to bob) and thanks from all the Grape fans who still believed after all these years, and for giving us something real to look back on and re-live, and forward to and hope for. great web page scott, glad i could be a part of it and the new MG experience.
Thu, 16 Oct 1997 19:50:30 (NAME) steve gould (EMAIL) (SONG) 8:05 (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Outstanding information. I always wondered what happened to the band and now I know. I'm also pleased to know that there are others out there who haven't forgotten this great band. Thank you, Scott.
Thu, 16 Oct 1997 01:41:50 (NAME) Les Robin (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Honolulu (SONG) Are you kidding? (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) Found the page thru the Quicksilver friends links. Great stuff. Saw Moby Grape at the Palladium in LA in '71 and taped it with my portable cassette. Also on the bill were Quicksilver and Albert King. Saw them again at the Palomino in North Hollywood in Nov. or Dec. of '91. I think I'm one of the few people alive with a white label promo copy of Bob Mosley's solo album! Keep up the good work. We are out there and we remember!!! "L.A. Les" Robin, Jazz DJ KTUH, FM 90.3 Honolulu
Tue, 14 Oct 1997 16:11:43 (NAME) Bill Krohn (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Kalamazoo Michigan (SONG) everything, but Omaha, if I have to pick one (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) great site! Keep it up!! It's fantastic to hear the Grape is back! There is a god after all. (HOMEPAGE) (HOMETITLE) Krohn's Boulevard Records
Tue, 14 Oct 1997 14:36:49 (NAME) jan carlee (EMAIL) (LOCATION) harrison new york 10528 (SONG) seeing (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) first of all, your site is great! I was lucky enough to see the grape recently at the thursday nite show at the wetlands in new york. I have to admit I wasn't sure what to expect. Unfortunately the last time I saw them was on the 20 granite creek tour and the band was not in very good form, but this recent show was simply amazing! Since the show I have a renewed interest in the band and their recordings. You have two recordings on your site that I'm trying to track down. The first is the cassette only "legendary grape" and the other is titled "black magic". I would appreciate any information you may have on how or where to obtain these recordings. I would also be interested in getting on your grape newsletter. thank you very much and I'll recommend your site to other grape fans.
Tue, 14 Oct 1997 12:55:43 (NAME) Kevin A. Brown (EMAIL) (SONG) Don't know (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Great site. I looked for it because I am a big Zeppelin fan and I knew Robert was a big Moby Grape fan. After listening to some songs, I think I'll buy their debut album and check them out some more. Keep the music alive!!!
Tue, 14 Oct 1997 12:42:58 (NAME) Mick Capewell (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Canterbury , England (SONG) Bitter Wind (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) *****
Mon, 13 Oct 1997 12:50:37 (NAME) Mick Capewell (EMAIL) (LOCATION) (SONG) Bitter Wind (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Hi! I'm new to the net & I never dreamed that there would be a page dedicated to the Grape. WOW!
Mon, 13 Oct 1997 08:58:55 (NAME) Brad Davis (EMAIL) (SONG) Murder in my Heart for the Judge/Its a Beautiful Day (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Great job Scott !!!
Mon, 13 Oct 1997 07:06:38 (NAME) Joe Halter (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Canton, Ohio (SONG) Fall On You (MEMBER) Peter Lewis (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Moby Grape was a major musical influence on me in the late sixties, and I still very much dig listening to their music. I would love to see them perform!
Thu, 09 Oct 1997 11:38:08 (NAME) Jill Goetz (EMAIL) (SONG) 8:05 (but I haven't heard 'em all yet) (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I'm a longtime fan of sixties psychedelic bands, but though I'd heard *of* Moby Grape, I'd never actually heard them -- until last night. After discovering your beautiful site on the Web, I went out and got the '93 compilation and went home to tune in. I really like what I've heard so far, which is the first of the two CDs. I wish the guitarists did more jamming on these cuts -- they're fantastic! Thanks for turning me on to this band. Peace. --Jill
Thu, 09 Oct 1997 11:33:33 (NAME) Kenoga (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Japan (SONG) Motorcycle Irene (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) What kool songs they play!! I think I'll drop out, oh, my God of rock'n'roll, please turn me on! I've been listening to their music since I was about 5. Our motorcycle crashed and burn out! (HOMEPAGE) (HOMETITLE) Krazy Rock with BBS
Thu, 09 Oct 1997 10:50:54 (NAME) frank remick (EMAIL) (LOCATION) woodland, ca (COMMENTS) Does the name Larry Bioncalana relate to Moby Grape? He was a friend. Thanks
Tue, 07 Oct 1997 21:12:16 (NAME) Stan (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Philadelphia burbs (SONG) no favorite (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Far fucken out! Like man I was surfing, you dig, and wow, like here I was and, and, what was I talking about? Some righteous stuff here if you know what I mean. Seriously, I hadn't thought of the Grape since one September day in 1967 when I stuck out my thumb and headed back East. Thanks for the flashback.
Tue, 07 Oct 1997 20:09:18 (NAME) Robert A. Hughes, Jr. (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Anchorage, Alaska (SONG) 8:05 (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Nice pages. I was living in Boston during their heyday, but they never came there to play from what I remember. Would have been nice to see them play at the Boston Tea Party.
Mon, 06 Oct 1997 21:47:20 (NAME) Dick Bell (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Eugene, OR (SONG) Omaha (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) ****
Mon, 06 Oct 1997 12:31:22 (NAME) Dimitri Van Den Berge (EMAIL) MARTINE NUYTS@ppw@student (LOCATION) Belgium (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ****
Sun, 05 Oct 1997 08:55:14 (NAME) Mark DiCampello (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Bucks County, PA (SONG) Sitting By the Window & Seeing (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Sorry couldnt pick a favorite member. But I'll hint -- Peter Lewis was playin tough in Pocono Music Gathering!!!! you guys were my favorite band there. I've been a DeadHead for about 6 yrs. I gotta say I definitely one of your younger fans clocking in at 20. I was all fucked up last yr during a break up with my girlfriend and your songs helped pull me through especially 8:05 and Sittin by the Window. Sitting is definitely one of my favorite songs and I'll forever remember how it helped me through a tough time. Thank You very much guys.
Fri, 03 Oct 1997 18:42:57 (NAME) Phil Davis (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Cave Junction, Oregon (SONG) Can't Be So Bad (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Great Band!
Thu, 02 Oct 1997 10:17:30 (NAME) Simone Sherwood (EMAIL) (LOCATION) 3Com-Santa Clara (SONG) 805, Hey Grandma (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Pls add me to your distr list for the newsletters
Wed, 01 Oct 1997 22:58:09 (NAME) Erkki Kaakkurivaara (LOCATION) c/o Ripple magazine, PO Box 260, 33101 Tampere, Finland (SONG) 8:05 (RATING) *****
Tue, 30 Sep 1997 20:32:23 (NAME) Phil Judd (EMAIL) (SONG) I Am Not Willing (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) I have all the originals except Omaha (including Oar!) and if anyone has a good copy they would be willing to part with...
Tue, 30 Sep 1997 09:36:15 (NAME) Todd Amundson (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Milwaukee, WI (SONG) Lost Horison (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) This is a wonderful site... good looking, easy to navigate and loaded with Grape information. I'll definitely be stopping back from time to time.
Mon, 29 Sep 1997 18:41:23 (NAME) danny smith (EMAIL) (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I used to listen to the grape when i was a teenager in the 60's
Fri, 26 Sep 1997 19:27:26 (NAME) Manfred Tuschewitzki (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Amsterdam Netherland (SONG) Black Currant Jam (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) You have a very fine page with lots of information over MOBY Grape & Members. I never was very surprised to find this on the net Peace and Love from an old hippie. Manfred
Fri, 22 Sep 1997 11:24 (NAME) Daily Flash (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Seattle (COMMENTS) I hope somehow you guys get to the Family Dog Reunion on 10-12-97 Steve Lalor, Flashing Daily
Thu, 18 Sep 1997 16:10:50 (NAME) Gael Ivie (EMAIL) (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) *****
Mon, 15 Sep 1997 14:32:15 (NAME) michael rose (EMAIL) (LOCATION) university of new mexico (SONG) omaha/seeing/someday...and many others (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) imagine my surprise to find info on one of my all-time favorites.i was trying to find lyrics to "oar" songs, and couldn't but one thing led to another and i wound up here. after browsing, i may have 1 or 2 things you are looking for. i'm not sure, but i plan to go through this page with a truly fine tooth comb. i'll get back to you either way. now, if you can possibly hook me up with lyrics to "oar" i would be very much obliged. "oar" is my desert island album and skip is god. if anybody knows the secret guitar tunings to these songs, i would give my first- born to have the words and chords to play most of this album note for note.i know some of the tunes a little bit and some of them are un- copiable, but let me know, please. thanks a million for comin' up with this page... you rock severely.
Mon, 15 Sep 1997 14:13:11 (NAME) michael rose (EMAIL) (LOCATION) university of new mexico (SONG) omaha/someday/seeing/and more.... (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) i was looking for "oar" info and song lyrics(still looking for lyrics) and i stumbled on to this homepage and was totally amused to find lyrics to moby grape songs as i missed an opportunity years ago to buy this thrashed import copy of the 1st album with lyrics and so on ....anyway "oar" is my desert island album and skip is one of the few gods in my life. so anyway, if you could hook me up with lyrics to the "oar" songs i would be very much obliged. thanks a million for doing this page. i have to read this whole thing and i may have some of the stuff you are looking for...more later. thanks again for an extremely pleasant surprise.
Mon, 15 Sep 1997 12:48:00 (NAME) Colin Larkin (EMAIL) (LOCATION) UK (SONG) I Am Not Willing (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) It's great to see such a good, non-spam page. There is a loyal and dedicated bunch of fans in the UK. I hope some of you have read my Grape and Skip Spence entry for The Encyclopedia Of Popular Music, which is published by Grove Stockton in the USA.
Sun, 14 Sep 1997 20:47:03 (NAME) rik peake (EMAIL) (LOCATION) oakland ca (SONG) sitting by the window (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) moby grape needs to play the fillmore again!
Fri, 12 Sep 1997 16:50:29 (NAME) Thomas A. Ragusa (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Chester, MA 01011 (SONG) Someday (MEMBER) Don Stevenson (RATING) ****
Thu, 11 Sep 1997 23:39:20 (NAME) Larry Bruner (EMAIL) (COMMENTS) the Grape worked for me in Cleveland at LaCave in the late sixties, and I've often wondered what came of them. Thanks for a really nice comprehensive page.
Thu, 11 Sep 1997 11:50:13 (NAME) Jeff Mogielnicki (EMAIL) (SONG) Changes(live) (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I just got my first Grape CD. Like wow man. Wow. Help! I'm tripping and I can't come down. Please come to Boston! (HOMEPAGE) (HOMETITLE) New England Outdoors
Wed, 10 Sep 1997 19:44:51 (NAME) Don Harris (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Baltimore, MD (SONG) 8:05 (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Didn't have a clue that the Grape were touring until I read it in Rolling Stone. Any future dates on the east coast?
Wed, 10 Sep 1997 07:09:03 (NAME) skip zetzman (EMAIL) (SONG) omaha (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) thanks. i'm not passionate about many bands or performers. moby grape is one of the few.
Wed, 10 Sep 1997 06:02:49 (NAME) Cretaceous III (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Blountville, TN (SONG) Seeing (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Wonderful MG has had some good engagements in East. They are special to me. What's the latest on the "Summer of Love"? See Ya, Cret3
Sun, 07 Sep 1997 17:49:44 (NAME) Dave Williams (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Blairstown NJ (SONG) Hoochie, Seeing, Indifference, Now I know high & Someday (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) The Grape may be the best band to emerge from the 60-70s era
Sun, 07 Sep 1997 16:48:16 (NAME) MICHAEL KNAUB (EMAIL) EFSMS@AOL.CXOM (LOCATION) YORK,PA. (SONG) COME IN THE MORNING (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I went to your page looking for the title of the book from a few years ago which focused on S.F. and in particularly the Grape. Can you tell me the title?
Fri, 05 Sep 1997 21:34:37 (NAME) Charles Falzon (EMAIL) (LOCATION) amherst college (SONG) come in the morning (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I really want to hear from you.
Fri, 05 Sep 1997 21:07:15 (NAME) Steve Jaworski (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Carol Stream IL (SONG) Murder in My Heart for the Judge (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) When do Moby Grape plan to tour the Midwest. I last saw them at a place called The New Place in Algonquin IL in the late 60s. Skip was gone and Bob had his Marine haircut.
Thu, 04 Sep 1997 16:58:01 (NAME) Robert E. May (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Indiaola, Ms (SONG) Can't Be so Bad (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I used Metacrawler and surfed for Moby Grape. I had no idea I would find so much. Now if I could only find a site on 'Beaverteeth'.
Wed, 03 Sep 1997 11:40:49 (NAME) Gunnar Svensson (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Guteborg, Sweden (RATING) ****
Tue, 02 Sep 1997 11:18:36 (NAME) Alex Swingle (EMAIL) (SONG) Omaha (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Excellent. My heart sank, though, when I read about Spence & Mosley and especially when I saw Skip's picture. I am also a sports fan, and I had the same reaction with ex-Asros pitcher J.R. Richard & ex-Steeler QB John Gilliam, who were in similar situations. I would like to know if the re-formed Grape will play in NYC.
Sat, 30 Aug 1997 05:56:04 (NAME) Mike Provo (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Wyoming, MI (SONG) Omaha---what can I say? (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Excellent job on this. Was thrilled to find that the music is still available, lost my vinyl somewhere back in the fog but I think my older brother still has the un-airbrushed first album, possibly with the poster more or less intact!
Sat, 30 Aug 1997 02:24:14 (NAME) Bob Bergstrom (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Bainbridge Island, WA 98110 (SONG) Murder In My Heart For the Judge / Omaha (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Saw Jerry Miller do two songs with Big Brother and the Holding Co. last week in Olympia, WA. He was great, as was, of course, Big Brother. All of these SF bands were absolutely great. I wish they were getting the interest and attention now that they deserve. I'm going down to SF to see the Summer of Love Festival. I still believe in this music.
Thu, 28 Aug 1997 22:24:39 (NAME) The Powerchord aka "Blue Lew" Campbell (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Shandon, CA - Central Coast of California (SONG) Hey Grandma, 8:05, Fall On You, Indifference, Omaha.....hell......the whole first album -) (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Can't seem to leave the Grape behind for long. Just have to keep comin' back over & over again. The 'First' Moby Grape album was the best thing to come out of the San Francisco music scene until The Sons Of Champlin's "Loosen Up Naturally" came along in 1969, IMHO. When the stage curtains opened at the Santa Monica Civic in July of 1967 and Moby Grape opened with, as I remember it, "Hey Grandma", I knew I would remember them more so than the Yardbirds who were headlining. Jerry Miller's musicianship, Bob Mosley's vocals and Skippy's energy and stage presence made for one of the top ten concert experiences of my life. Damn, it was a pleasure to have been part of those times! Hey Linda, who went to her prom with Skippy!!! If you see this message please get in touch with me. I knew you in North Hollywood/Van Nuys in the late 70s when your boyfriend was Gregg, who drove that 914 Porsche! I was his foreman at the awning shop, remember? Get a hold of me, Linda......Please!! -) PS-Oh what I would give for just one more 60's Moby Grape Concert
Thu, 28 Aug 1997 20:03:14 (NAME) David L. Craig (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Derwood, MD (SONG) Bitter Wind (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Gosh, it was good to hear those songs again. Thanks!
Wed, 27 Aug 1997 17:48:45 (NAME) cec itzkow (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Belleville, Ontario, Canada (SONG) Omaha (COMMENTS) when the first album came out my friends and i would smoke a joint and listen to the put the album on and love it, but when we first heard Omaha and the scream at the end of the song would just blow us all away. Incidentally i have the airbrushed finger lp and the none airbrushed finger lp. this album is still one of my all time fave lp's
Tue, 26 Aug 1997 13:17:44 (NAME) ty bjorge (LOCATION) washington state university, pullman, washington (SONG) omaha, hey grandma (RATING) *****
Tue, 26 Aug 1997 07:25:58 (NAME) Mel Toburen (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Michigan (SONG) Naked If I Want To, 8:05, Funky Tunk (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) *****
Mon, 25 Aug 1997 21:34:38 (NAME) Steve Golden (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Berkeley, CA (SONG) Fall On You... All My Life... and so many more (MEMBER) No favorite (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) I'm a great music fan and always really enjoyed the Grape. I'm glad to see them playing occasionally these days.
Mon, 25 Aug 1997 10:36:57 (NAME) Dan Ehl (EMAIL) (LOCATION) newton, iowa
Sat, 23 Aug 1997 23:21:47 (NAME) BILLY MERCER (EMAIL) GLATISAUNT@AOL.COM (LOCATION) FRESNO Ca. (SONG) I'm trying to think of one I don't like. (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) I was there the last show at the fillmore in 71 shortly after the 20 granite release. I went to SF by bus just for it. slept in the bus station that night. I'll never forget it, I wasn't stoned except on the music. Grape has been my favorite band since I heard their first album. I don't know what the release date was but I know I was the first one to buy it in fresno. They only played here once and I missed it. couldn't afford $3.50 for a ticket. I heard they said they would never play fresno again. well, I'm still waiting. I have seen the grape several times through the years and I would love to again. It isn't really fair of you to ask for a favorite member of the grape when they are such a diverse group. with so many musical and personality differences. I find them all to be admirable and respected for their personal contributions to what I consider to be a great part of '60s-'70s rock. Your website is a great monument to them and I appreciate it. Thank you, Billy Mercer (HOMEPAGE) (HOMETITLE) IRONHART ARMOURY
Fri, 22 Aug 1997 19:20:20 (NAME) Stretch (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Kansas City, MO (SONG) Omaha (sure, i know how obvious i seem) (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) nice job
Thu, 21 Aug 1997 19:33:27 (NAME) Tom Paterna (EMAIL) (LOCATION) New York (SONG) 8:05 (RATING) *****
Thu, 21 Aug 1997 18:53:45 (NAME) Bill Smigiel (EMAIL) wsmigiel@IX.Netcom.Com (LOCATION) Chicago (SONG) ooh Mama ooh (RATING) *****
Tue, 19 Aug 1997 19:44:52 (NAME) Mark Schenker (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Blue Bell PA (SONG) Mr. Blues??? Lazy Me??? (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Thanks for doing this.
Sun, 17 Aug 1997 21:30:17 (NAME) Wally Urbanavage (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Drexel Hill, PA (SONG) Sittin by the Window (HOMEPAGE) (HOMETITLE) Missing Socks
Thu, 14 Aug 1997 17:48:20 (NAME) Endre Pady (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Butler, NJ (SONG) Rose Colored Eyes, Sitting By the Window & Seeing (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Great to see that there's a site for one of the best bands to come out of the sixties. I got turned onto the Grape 15 years ago and have been a fan ever since. I still feel that their debut album is one of the greatest recordings ever to be released (only wish they were given additional time to jam on some of the tunes!). Recently saw them perform at Big Boulder in the Poconos and was blown away by them. Hopefully Skip and Don will join them next time around. Please email me if anyone has a copy of the 8/9/97 show at Big Boulder. I'll be happy to trade other sixties tapes. Look forward to future news on the Grape and additional shows.
Tue, 12 Aug 1997 19:05:50 (NAME) Biff Di Tolla (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Barto, PA??? (SONG) too many to list (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) if it wasn't for this web page, i would still not have any up to date info about one of my favorite groups when i was growing up. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!
Mon, 11 Aug 1997 20:08:12 (NAME) Tom Davis (EMAIL) ticostoy@bright net (LOCATION) 743 Red Fox Rd. Findlay, Ohio 45840 (SONG) Hey Grandma (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I am not too good with this net stuff - I tried a message earlier. I am 46 years old. I played in a rock band in the 60's and still play drums, sitting in with local blues bands sometimes. I loved Moby Grape in the 60s and still today. I collect late 60s LPs and attend record shows. The Moby Grape albums in mint condition bring good money. Long live the Moby Grape - what a sound.
Mon, 11 Aug 1997 09:26:54 (NAME) ely rabin (EMAIL) (SONG) rose colored eyes (COMMENTS) I would love to see the grape guys if they visit the boston area. Their recent visit to nyc makes me imagine they'll be up here, too, but I see no mention of such a thing on the gigs page. What's the scoop? In any event your pages are great, especially the old interviews. The story of Skip and Bob are touching. I'd love to see Bob in person playing after what he's been through. Thanks -Ely
Sun, 10 Aug 1997 15:22:00 (NAME) eric a. meyer (EMAIL) (LOCATION) newtown, CT (SONG) Are you kidding? Just about all of the first album + a lot off Moby Grape '69 +...(no more space!) (MEMBER) Peter Lewis (REFERENCE) Just surfed on in! (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I've been visiting this site religiously for the past four months when I first discovered it. I can't believe I forgot to sign the guestbook right away, but the timing is actually great because I just saw the band at the Wetlands on the 7th. I haven't come down yet! What a treat! I didn't really know what to expect. Who would be there? Would they be "rusty"? Would anyone's talents be diminished? They played a set of close to an hour--all songs from the first album--and then said they were "just warming up", and would be back to play a longer set. That first set was good, but the second was fantastic! Jerry Miller was on fire! Several L-O-N-G solos that were incredible. Peter and Mosley's voices were as strong as ever, and the harmonies were perfect. It was just so great to be able to see these guys again, let alone to be standing about six feet away from them in this great little bar and having them sound so great. The only other time I had seen them was in '68 at the Wolman Skating Rink in Central Park, NYC, right after Skipper had left the band, and the concert was awful! I have been carefully educating my sons in the music and story of this great "lost" band. Two of them (ages 18 & 21, and huge music fans) came with me and were also blown away by Miller and loved the whole show. So I've been doing my duty with regard to the next generation! On the way off stage after this second set (which must have been close to 2 hours), Jerry Miller promised that they would return to NYC much sooner next time--I can only pray that he's right! Peace & love--eric
Sun, 10 Aug 1997 19:22:03 (NAME) Tim Brady (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Upper Nyack, NY (SONG) "Hey Grandma" "8:05" "Omaha" (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I have been playing guitar since I was 13, I am 49 years old and have nothing but sweet memories of Moby Grape and the great music they created. No doubt they were a terrific influence on me and my playing when I was younger. I can't believe I missed the gig at the Wetlands. Web page is wonderful. Keep up the great work that these guys started so long ago. What's purple, lives at the bottom of the ocean--and ROCKS FOREVER!!!!?
Sat, 09 Aug 1997 07:53:25 (NAME) David Brandt (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Las Cruces, NM (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Just feeling nostalgic!
Fri, 08 Aug 1997 14:43:13 (NAME) John T. Hill (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Roseau, MN, last stop on the northbound train (SONG) the name? the line" said she'd always love me..." (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I kick myself for taking so long to by a Moby Grape CD. I have music from the Dead, Quicksilver, Love CSNY & Neil, Country Joe & the Fish, the Airplane etc.. But definitely one of the most talented bands out of that era was the Grape. I hope with this new tour they will make it to the midwest.
Wed, 06 Aug 1997 14:28:00 (NAME) Robert Kozak (EMAIL) (LOCATION) NJ (SONG) Come in the Morning, Ooh Mama Ooh, Fall on You, Can't Be So Bad, I'm Not Willing, Seeing, etc. (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Moby Grape is one of my all time favorite bands, "Moby Grape", and "Moby Grape 69" are two of my all time favorite albums, Jerry Miller is one of my favorite guitarists, Bob Mosley is one of greatest bass players ever, best songs, vocals, etc, etc,
Wed, 06 Aug 1997 09:29:11 (NAME) Dan (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Mentor, Ohio (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) Was at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio and they have Skippy's leather jacket from the first lp on display. Gave me chills! They're having a 60's display going on right now. Check it out if you can, many cool items! They need to be inducted!!! Can't wait to hear how they do at the Mountain! Good luck everyone! (HOMEPAGE) (HOMETITLE) Visit Groundcat's Shack
Tue, 05 Aug 1997 22:35:39 (NAME) DANNY GALLARDO (EMAIL) Tue, 05 Aug 1997 13:48:42 (NAME) gordon linden (EMAIL) (LOCATION) San Francisco (SONG) Hey Grandma (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) anybody out there have a copy of the Melville's tape? I'd like to get one somehow... Thanks.
Sat, 02 Aug 1997 09:48:35 (NAME) mike thobois (LOCATION) morgantown wv (SONG) changes (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) it's good to read about a band that only I thought I ever listened to I "discovered" The Grape about 5 years back as part of my desire to collect as much music from the SF scene as I could. I still think The Grape are one of the best.
Fri, 01 Aug 1997 06:07:33 (NAME) Peter Magnotta (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Pleasantville, NY (SONG) Sitting by the Window (MEMBER) Peter Lewis (RATING) ****
Wed, 30 Jul 1997 13:04:53 (NAME) DOUG GUILLORY (LOCATION) SAN FRANCISCO (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Very informative, i didn't know much about moby grape till now. I'm on my way to the record store
Tue, 29 Jul 1997 23:33:39 (NAME) Michael Ross (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Whidbey Island, WA (SONG) all of them! (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I saw Moby Grape in SF and they were the best live band and had a great crowd rapport. The poster gallery brings back memories. I had some of those and others. great page!
Tue, 29 Jul 1997 16:16:52 (NAME) Pam (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Fullerton, CA (SONG) 805 (RATING) *****
Sat, 26 Jul 1997 13:06:09 (NAME) Bill Towne (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Minneapolis, Minnesota (SONG) Fall On You, Murder In My Heart..., Ooh Mama Ooh (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) After going through the pages I just have to listen to the Grape. (HOMEPAGE)
Mon, 21 Jul 1997 15:06:59 (NAME) Dave Harkness (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Tacoma, Wa. (SONG) 8:05 (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I have been a Grape fan since the release of their debut album. In the past few years, I have had the pleasure of performing with Jerry Miller. He is a lot of fun to play with and as a performer, he has the crowd in the palm of his hands. Jerry, in my opinion, is one of the greatest lead guitar players ever.
Sat, 19 Jul 1997 11:57:18 (NAME) Edwin Herder (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Bryn Athyn, PA (SONG) Beautiful Day, Truckin Man, Hey Grandma (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (COMMENTS) Some performances in Phila. are missing or wrong location. I saw them at the "Trauma" and at the Spectrum in 67 or 68. I'd love to know if they owned there own amps. They always used rentals or other bands' stuff when I saw them. I hope to see them in NY in August (I thought they'd all vanished from the planet. Nice to know they're still alive.
Fri, 18 Jul 1997 22:08:53 (NAME) Dwayne E. Howe (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Milton, WA (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Jerry Miller has been playing at a club near Tacoma called the Planet Hot Rod. Totally dedicated to screamin' cars, screamin' blues and classic rock from "that era." They recently did a Red-White-and-Blues with eleven bands (Jerry Miller and Co. included, of course!) spanning three days. All the artists were required to "cover" an artist or band for an entire set. There was some purple music in the air...Saturday night was headlined by Lydia Pense and Cold Blood. It was mighty fine fun. (HOMEPAGE) (HOMETITLE) CNI-Media - Keeping An EyE on NeW Artists
Fri, 18 Jul 1997 00:18:34 (NAME) Darryl Berk (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Oakland (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Back in Cleveland in '67, I picked up Moby Grape 'cuz the cover looked cool. 30 years later, I'm still listening. I'm knocked out by the entire record. At this point, I've been a professional musician-guitarist for 30 years and I'm still learning things from their records. I've been looking for the words to the 1st album since day 1. I remember "Hit Parader" or some teen magazine had them. I saw them once and that was it. Now, tonight, 30 years later, I" able to see all the lyrics. My one and only time seeing them was in Lake Tahoe, June '68. They were 4 pieces. I'm on a family cross country trip and the folks let me go to some club to hear them. Opening act from San Fran was Queen Lilly's Soap"-never heard from them again. The 2nd act was a San Fran band called Santana Blue. Guess who? Lastly though, Do you hear the bass drum pedal squeak throughout the entire 1st album. I swear I do. Let me know if anybody else does also. Keep up the grape work. All the best, Darryl Berk
Wed, 16 Jul 1997 19:37:29 (NAME) Ed Kulik (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Glen Ridge, NJ (SONG) 8:05 (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I'm overwhelmed by the fact that Moby Grape will be playing in NYC in August. I saw them perform at the Andeson Theater (it may have been the Fillmore East, but I don't think so) more years ago than I care to think about. If they are half as exciting as they were then, I be in heaven. Thanks for all the great information.
Fri, 11 Jul 1997 06:32:42 (NAME) Brian Herder (EMAIL) (LOCATION) box 312 bryn athyn, pa 19009 (SONG) first two albums (RATING) *****
Thu, 10 Jul 1997 15:27:52 (NAME) peter doherty (EMAIL) (LOCATION) liverpool, england (SONG) omaha (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) truly fine (HOMEPAGE) no
Sat, 05 Jul 1997 22:11:54 (NAME) Kenneth Nordvik (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Bowie, Maryland (SONG) 805 (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) Come and play in the Washington, DC area!.....I'd love to see ya'
Fri, 04 Jul 1997 22:55:20 (NAME) Krystyn L. Chong (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Northern California, USA (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Hi, I found this link from the Doobie Brothers Web Site. I like your style, keep up the fantastic work. BTW, your Moby Grape JEOPARDY game ROCKS! Always, Krystyn (HOMEPAGE) (HOMETITLE) Dreammm's Room, BabEy
Fri, 04 Jul 1997 10:46:26 (NAME) J. C. Juanis (EMAIL) Jc (LOCATION) Hayward, CA (SONG) 8:05 (MEMBER) Peter Lewis (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) "Moby Grape is the greatest of the 60's San Francisco bands. Just compare Moby Grape's debut album with the debut LP's of their contemporaries: the Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, and Big Brother and the Holding Company". J.C. Juanis Relix Magazine
Wed, 02 Jul 1997 23:36:04 (NAME) Mark Bychowski (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Humble, Texas (SONG) bitter wind (early version) (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) just killing time on the web and stumbled onto this page and have been here for an hour & a half. i found out about moby grape from the book "sixties rock" about 10 years ago and searched for two to find a copy of the first album and was hooked immediately. good to hear the band is getting around again. is the legendary grape tape still available? if so, where? anyhow, keep up the good work!
Fri, 27 Jun 1997 16:14:05 (NAME) John Weydemeyer (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Warren, Michigan (SONG) omaha (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Great page, found it on spirits other links pages. I have been a fan since the beginning. I would love to see a new album or a live 97 tour album?? It would be nice!
Fri, 27 Jun 1997 16:06:51 (NAME) Gerry Feldman (EMAIL) (LOCATION) St. Louis Mo. (SONG) 1st lp, Motorcycle Irene, Murder in My Heart, Bitter Wind. (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Just got Mosley Grape live @ Indigo Ranch and Oar. Both are great cds. I would like to get other solo projects but they are very hard to find here in St. Lou. I have e-mailed WB concerning Mosley's solo lp and 20 Granite Creek. Have both on lp and they are worn out. I hope other Grape cd's will become available now that they own the name again. Don't know any Grape fans in this area, but would like to get with any.
Thu, 26 Jun 1997 22:27:57 (NAME) Bill Knipfer (EMAIL) GB Knipfer (LOCATION) Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin (SONG) Indifference (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Great Page , one of the best I've seen. As with all Grape fans am looking for a copy of Dark Magic and a copy of the tape Melvilles or Legendary Grape
Thu, 26 Jun 1997 14:34:28 (NAME) Larry Tallman (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Orange County California (SONG) 8:05 (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) *** (COMMENTS) Attended grade school with Jerry in Tacoma. Played with him after school when we were going to Point Defiance Elementary School. The last time I saw him was on a Tacoma city bus in the early 60's. He had his guitar with him even then. Good luck Jerry, keep on rocking!
Wed, 25 Jun 1997 21:28:22 (NAME) johnny divine (EMAIL) fasttaxi ignorant to the rest (my son's computer...) (LOCATION) wichita falls texas (SONG) road to the sun (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) good job. will contact you later on e-mail address. it's new and I really don't know what i'm doing. keep up the good work
Sun, 22 Jun 1997 07:05:10 (NAME) Beki Brindle (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Woodstock, New York (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Moby Grape influenced my guitar playing. I have suggested to The Rock and roll Hall of Fame that they be inducted SOON! (HOMEPAGE) (HOMETITLE) Beki Brindle - Blues * New Music * Journal
Sat, 21 Jun 1997 22:09:35 (NAME) Steve Ellis (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Napa, CA (SONG) Murder in My Heart for the Judge (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) My father was a judge. I did time. He didn't like it. I got pissed. Now that I am an old fuck, I miss the vigor and music of my youth. Moby Grape, Jefferson Airplane, Grateful Dead, Blue Cheer...we're all old, some of us are dead, Viet Nam is now what??? Raise our kids, toke a little, and hope out kids don't do the same. Hey, is there anybody out there???
Wed, 18 Jun 1997 20:30:10 (NAME) Mike Campbell (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Cazadero CA (SONG) Murder in My Heart For the Judge (COMMENTS) yow
Fri, 13 Jun 1997 23:17:33 (NAME) vincent w kimszal (EMAIL) (LOCATION) linden, NJ (SONG) eight o' five (RATING) *****
Sun, 08 Jun 1997 17:03:58 (NAME) Seth Perez (EMAIL) (LOCATION) NC (SONG) hey grandma (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) i like the sound clips- i couldn't find any moby grape cd's but i can still hear some of the songs
Sun, 08 Jun 1997 05:47:20 (NAME) Wayne E. Valcourt (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Taylorsville, NC (SONG) Sitting By The Window (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I've been a Grape jammer since 1967. I couldn't believe it when I found this page last week. I've had major changes in my life since then, though. The best was when I gave my life to Jesus in the fall of 1969. I wrote a poem back in 1995 called 17-18 which uses song titles from some of the early Grape songs. When I have more time I'll polish it and send it on to you. All for now, Wayne
Sun, 08 Jun 1997 00:57:35 (NAME) Jim Dolega (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Valley Stream, NY (SONG) "Can't Be So Bad", at this moment anyway. (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Your page is wonderful! The Grape was THE band for me and a lot of my fellow musician friends. Still is. their material is as powerful now as it was thirty years ago. I'm glad to hear that there is a possibility of the Grape getting out there again. If they find their way to New York, well, that is a line I plan on being near the head of. I hope that a Fender bass will find its way back into Bob's hands one day. He inspired me as a bass player, and I hope he will feel it again for himself.
01 Jun 1997 02:24:59 (NAME) Mike Thompson (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Hessle, East Yorkshire, England (SONG) It's A Beautiful Day Today (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) Great page, dedicated to one of the great 60s bands - even if few people in this country seem to have heard of them.
30 May 1997 17:00:37 (NAME) Richard Betts (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Carlisle, Pa. (SONG) Mr. Blues (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) ****
30 May 1997 15:12:03 (NAME) adam gaden (LOCATION) austin, tx (SONG) that's a hard fuckin' question. (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) *****
27 May 1997 10:17:43 (NAME) Dudley McKenzie (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Austin,TX (SONG) Looper, Bitter Wind (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) This site is tremendous, I spent a couple of hours here last week. Thanks to you, I finally found a way to order OAR. Sony has deleted it and/or one has to specify "Alexander" Spence to actually find it! I'm willing to trade Grape video [Mike Douglas Show '67-live versions of "Omaha" & "8:05",in color] for a cassette copy of "Dark Magic". So, let me know. From what source do you find that Jerry Miller played on the Bobby Fuller 4's "I Fought The Law"?
26 May 1997 16:42:34 (NAME) Jimbo Rehill (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Northboro, Ma (SONG) 8:05 (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) As stated before, I'd love to see the band, or part of the band touring the Northeast!!!!
26 May 1997 16:25:58 (NAME) Dale Robert (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Amherst Mass. (SONG) "all of em" (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Great site Scott....lets get the Grape to the Massachusetts! Big Brother was just here as was the Airplane 2 years ago, Dick Dale was here last month..... this site is bookmarked and I will be here a lot.... I play drums in 4 bands in Mass and the Grape are one of my all-time fave's......thanks again... Dale...
23 May 1997 22:53:32 (NAME) Chris Zahn (EMAIL) (LOCATION) 161 hudson st. new york city (SONG) funky tunk (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I booked Moby Grape to Play the Wetlands club on August 7th, 1997. The word is getting out and people are buying their tickets fast this is going to be a legendary event. I am psyched for the show. We have all the original albums at the club and play them in between sets of shows. Spread the word and lets make this show historic. thanks for your support. chris zahn (HOMEPAGE) (HOMETITLE) wetlands
22 May 1997 08:32:05 (NAME) Jeni Kinley (EMAIL) none (LOCATION) Indiana (SONG) ALL OF THEM (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Great home page and nice info!! Your a GREAT band!!!!!!!!!!!!
17 May 1997 11:19:57 (NAME) Anthony Kimball (LOCATION) Address: 105 S. Main St. West Hartford,Ct. 06107 (SONG) "Omaha" (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) In my humble opinion, The Grape was one of the best fuckin' bands of all-time and arguably the finest pure rock n' roll group to come out of the '60s San Francisco scene. Would really like to know where Skip Spence is these days. Is he still in a psychiatric hospital or out wandering the streets or what? Wish I could have seen them live in the old days and would like to see some filmed performances.
16 May 1997 11:05:24 (NAME) Kevin W. O'Reilly (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Louisville, KY (SONG) I AM NOT WILLING (MEMBER) Peter Lewis (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Just surfed in and found this excellent purple thaing. Superb! Keep up the good work. THE GRAPE FOREVER!!!
15 May 1997 14:47:51 (NAME) art roitero (EMAIL) (LOCATION) carmel ny (SONG) sitting by the window/lazy me (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) lets keep the grape alive and well, and performing.
15 May 1997 11:52:59 (NAME) Anthony Kimball (LOCATION) West Hartford,Ct. (SONG) Omaha (COMMENTS) Good page. The Grape was one of the all-time greatest bands. I'm still trying to figure out exactly how to work the Internet. Skip Spence was/is my favorite band member. Is he still in the psychiatric hospital? San francisco? Can't recall where I read that. Moby Grape's debut is included on my Top 100 Cds. Grape & 60's rock fans can write me at A. Kimball-105 S. Main, West Hartford, CT 06107
13 May 1997 12:01:40 (NAME) David Peterson (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Golden CO (SONG) Omaha (RATING) ***
12 May 1997 10:32:59 (NAME) t griff (EMAIL) (LOCATION) chicago,IL (SONG) Hey Gramma (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) el wow! great site. much info (very hard to come by), quick load, cool sound bytes. most excellent! it is difficult for current listeners to understand the impact of the first grape album. keep me informed. later, t. (HOMEPAGE)
10 May 1997 05:47:04 (NAME) Ray Baisden (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Sacramento, California (SONG) 8:05 (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I sought out your page in the first blazing rush of enthusiasm after seeing the band live for the first time in Sacramento last Halloween. I was 21 when I bought their first album in l967 . . . I'd give anything to have held up as well as their music has, and to have the talent, conviction and sheer unfettered joy they showed me 30 years later. I want to thank you for your newsletters and for the commitment and intelligence which you bring to this worthy cause. I offer all the encouragement I can to you and to the terrific musicians of Moby Grape..
05 May 1997 20:47:08 (NAME) Nick Pankosky (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Milford, CT (SONG) I am not willing (MEMBER) Peter Lewis (RATING) *****
03 May 1997 17:11:35 (NAME) r evan cirkiel (EMAIL) (SONG) oo mama oo (MEMBER) No favorite (REFERENCE) Other (RATING) ****
03 May 1997 09:41:23 (NAME) Chris Wood (EMAIL) (LOCATION) 33FoxgloveLane, W. Swanzey, NH 03469 (SONG) Trucking Man (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) one of my bands cover Trucking man and Murder in my heart for the Judge.....of course we turned Trucking Man into a ska tune.....
02 May 1997 21:07:59 (NAME) Wayne Lekan (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Chicago suburbs (SONG) don't know (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) I was a punk beatles fan with older brothers. My oldest brother had many Moby Grape albums. I was about 11 when I first heard them. I remember enjoying them. The history portion really tuned it in for me. Now I understand. He probably still has those records. I will dig them out and remember so long ago.
02 May 1997 19:55:02 (NAME) Lew CAmpbell (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Central California, San Luis Obispo County (SONG) Hey Grandma (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I'm a Blues/Rock guitarist, 48 yrs, have had a working band since 1991 called "Dyrewolfe"! Think this is a great page, for a great band I first saw in 1967 at the Santa Monica Civic when they opened for the Yardbirds. Been a Grapehead ever since. Thanks, to Scott, Ben (with whom I correspond regularly), Jerry, Bob, Skip, Don, Peter, and all past & present members of Moby Grape for being part of my life! The world is a better place with Moby Grape in it!
02 May 1997 12:41:36 (NAME) Frank Costa (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Houston, Tx. (SONG) Omaha - why don't you have the chords? (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) My friend Kerry Bowden (SRRRFER@AOL.COM) would like to be on your mailing list too. Please post tab or chords for Omaha.
29 Apr 1997 21:48:41 (NAME) Steve Alexander (EMAIL) (LOCATION) New York, New York (SONG) Indifference (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Moby Grape has been my favorite band since I first saw them at the Anderson theatre in NYC in 1967.Their sound is still unique and superior to anything I have heard to date. THE GRAPE are truly the greatest.
29 Apr 1997 17:37:19 (NAME) Aleta Scott (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Phoenix, Arizona (SONG) Someday (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Well I just turned sixteen, and for about a year I've been really into my dad's old vinyl. What can I say, I love Moby Grape they're a talented and memorable band!! keep me posted of concert dates. (see teenagers still can have good taste too)
29 Apr 1997 07:03:14 (NAME) Bob Scharmota (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Cedar Rapids, Iowa (SONG) 8:05, It's A Beautiful Day (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Moby Grape was the best American rock band by far. Their debut album was one of the best rock albums ever made. In an era of big-time, big money rock reunions it's surprising that Moby Grape has been rather overlooked. I hope all the band members are well, playing for fun, making lots of new music and that there will be a big demand for their previous music. It's still as fresh as when it was first recorded.
28 Apr 1997 17:39:01 (NAME) Scott Banham (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Cleveland, Ohio (SONG) Just Like Gene Autry A Foxtrot (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Excellent reference for Purple people! A true labor of love. I look forward to my return soon.
27 Apr 1997 22:22:15 (NAME) Stu Miller (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Mountain View, CA (SONG) Someday (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) Very cool! I had begun to think there we no more Grape fans alive! Now if someone could just transcribe 8:05 into TAB for me...
27 Apr 1997 14:56:40 (NAME) Donald Chase (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Herlong, CA (SONG) Sittin By The Window (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) *****
24 Apr 1997 06:28:47 (NAME) John Montifeltro (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Melbourne, Australia (SONG) Hey Grandma (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I grew up in a mining town in northern Minnesota about 12 miles from Hibbing (where Bob Zimmerman lived). I first heard Moby Grape on their Columbia album where the boys were photographed wearing their hippie garb. My middle class sensibilities were somewhat rocked by the fact that one of them was extending his middle finger out as he rested his hand on his knee. Anyway, I was a Rolling Stone, Bob Dylan, Byrds, and English Beat group fan, but I'll never forget the great sounds of this band. I am looking for the best versions of their shortlived career on CD. Any reviews/suggestions? Thanks.
23 Apr 1997 21:10:38 (NAME) Jim Murdock (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Earth, ... :sigh:... still. (SONG) You mean someone can actually choose, not me. (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) YA! YA! YA! YA! YA! YA! YA! YA! YA! YA! YA! YA! YA! YA! YA! YA!
22 Apr 1997 23:54:44 (NAME) steve mason (EMAIL) (LOCATION) anaheim (SONG) 8:05/Sitting by the window/Bitter wind (MEMBER) No favorite (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) thanks for keeping up with the band. really love the Columbia 2 cd set - especially since they included the Gene Autry foxtrot song. never had a 78 speed turntable to hear it before! i'm looking for Grape cd's - in particular the one done in the 80's with the Mouse artwork on the cover and yeah, let us know when Bob's solo albums are rereleased. gimme grape! and a sarcastic thanx to Katz and Saentz for keeping more great music from the fans.
16 Apr 1997 14:25:35 (NAME) Ara Pehlivanian (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Nyack, New York (SONG) Naked If I Want To (!!) (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Fantastic page here. I found out some stuff I didn't know, and the guitar chord stuff was neat - I was playing along. I was shocked to see the 1994 photo of Skip. Anyway, I'm also a big fan of Love, Arthur Lee's band. He's in some trouble now, in jail I believe, so I hope the MG members have fared better. Again - kudos on the great page. (HOMEPAGE) (HOMETITLE) Ara Pehlivanian's Homepage
15 Apr 1997 22:46:52 (NAME) Larry Paoletta (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Sharpsville, PA (SONG) Mr. Blues (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) God Bless You for putting a web page together for Moby Grape.
15 Apr 1997 17:11:18 (NAME) Jim Caples (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Flat Rock, N.C. (SONG) 805 (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) Appreciate your work on this page. We may be a minority but we share an appreciation for some great music. Bought a turn table today just so I could hear Moby Grape 69 again!!!! Was curious if something about Grape was on the web and found this. Have wondered at times where they are today... Now I know. Would very much like to find a copy of Legendary Grape. Thanks again. Good job. Jim Caples
14 Apr 1997 22:14:30 (NAME) Bruce Gladstone (EMAIL) (LOCATION) New Jersey (SONG) "He" (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I play guitar professionally. Often I feel out of touch with the empty music we hear today. So today I found the two cd set that rekindled and stirred my memory of 1966-69. Future stirring of what got me to this place anyway.
13 Apr 1997 17:04:22 (NAME) Chris Redburn (EMAIL) c/o (LOCATION) Seattle (SONG) Going Nowhere (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) This is a FANTASTIC Webpage!!!! Challenge: Can you tell me what movie the Grape appeared in the late 1960's? HINT: It starred Bob Denver (Gilligan)!!!! Let me know when you find out!!!! From the Grim Graper, aka Serial Grapist (HOMEPAGE) getting one soon! hold on to your shorts
12 Apr 1997 07:29:46 (NAME) Barry Hamilton (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Bonita springs, Fl. (SONG) The Whole First Album (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I remember searching the record bins at Rose's Department store as the only long haired 17 year old in my Virginia home town for albums and buying anything that had a psychodelic cover . I found the first Moby Grape album in the "Hippie Music" section buried behind stacks of other non-sellers, and took it home w/ all my other treasures. Of course once I played it I wore out my father's stereo learning all the songs, and my affection for this music has not died to this day. These guys helped define my craft, and my love for good Rock and Roll, and I would like to thank each of them personally for what this music has meant in my life, and to the creator of this Web page for helping to keep it alive. WELL DONE GUYS!!
11 Apr 1997 20:29:47 (NAME) terry crump (EMAIL) (LOCATION) fort worth, texas (SONG) anything from "truly fine citizen" (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) this is great stuff about a GREAT band! I'm glad I found it. Maybe you or someone around here could help me find the piece of vinyl that that I need to complete my collection. The lp OMAHA, not 69, but OMAHA. It's slightly different. Anyway, thanks for creating this stuff.
11 Apr 1997 01:31:31 (NAME) Ernest Gunter (EMAIL) (REFERENCE) Other (RATING) *****
11 Apr 1997 00:21:12 (NAME) michael kaufman (EMAIL) (LOCATION) san bruno, ca. (SONG) omaha (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) what a surprise to find my all time favorite band moby grape have their own page on the web. no one will ever be able to explain the magic of this band. i still get shivers down my spine when i listen to there first album. it was one of those albums that every single song was great you just couldn't take it off. i recently found out that moby grape reformed and played at the maritime hall in san francisco this made me sick that i missed this show i only live 25 miles from where the show was. all i can say is thank you for paying tribute to one of the greatest rock bands of all time.
09 Apr 1997 12:27:29 (NAME) Hank Zevallos (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Tehachapi, Calif. (SONG) Naked If I Want To (RATING) *** (COMMENTS) Have the CD anthology set, plus still have Grape Jam 12". Remember The Collectors? They became Chilliwack, the original version of which did some great concerts/records in early 70s. Hey, I was also at The Cheetah for what turned out to be that phony group.
08 Apr 1997 17:42:36 (NAME) KARL SCHOLZ (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Denver Colorado (SONG) Hey Grandma , 8:05 (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) You guys were far and away better than anyone else in that era. You have been flippin' the bird on my wall for 30 years. Are you coming to Denver? One of your greatest fans KARL
06 Apr 1997 19:25:08 (NAME) Tom Streit (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Arlington, MA (SONG) 805 (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Glad I found this site. Keep up the good work!
04 Apr 1997 15:34:04 (NAME) Steve Lange (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Odessa, Tx (SONG) Indifference (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Great Page
03 Apr 1997 17:58:13 (NAME) Graham Jones (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Toronto, Ontario, Canada (SONG) Someday (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I've been a fan since the first album came out. I still have the poster somewhere! I saw them (without Spence) in Toronto at the CNE in August '68. They were very good. It's hard to pick a favourite Grape member since the great thing about them was their ability to play and record well as a group.
01 Apr 1997 10:53:55 (NAME) Tom Guay (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Maryland (SONG) 8:05 and everything else (MEMBER) Peter Lewis (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) At long last I can follow one of the great bands of all time. Are CD versions of their albums available? Anything new since that Live Grape album?
31 Mar 1997 10:58:24 (NAME) David Meyers (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Shrewsbury, MA (SONG) 8:05 (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I'd love to be kept informed of any Moby Grape recording activity or concert activity in the northeast.
27 Mar 1997 07:39:52 (NAME) Dean Pauley (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Fort Worth, TX (SONG) Bitter Wind (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) I have loved the Grape since '68 and have mourned the loss since Truly Fine Citizen was the last release. I hope the succesfull resolution to the lawsuit (about freakin' time!) will see some new releases.
24 Mar 1997 15:19:59 (NAME) Mario Santacroce (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Coral Springs, FL. (SONG) Indifference (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Thank you from an information starved Grape FAN. I have bookmarked and will visit often.
20 Mar 1997 21:23:12 (NAME) Mike Minor (EMAIL) (LOCATION) San Francisco, CA (SONG) Murder in My Heart for the Judge (RATING) ** (COMMENTS) Great looking site. I'm going to try an locate some CDs. 30yrs ago I hung out with a midwest rock band called Catfish & Crystal and they turned me on to Moby Grape. Later in the Seventies I bought a cutout Moby Grape LP in Idaho and enjoyed their music once again. Now I want to do it again. Keep up the good work!
20 Mar 1997 18:14:09 (NAME) Maureen Rooney (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Montreal, former NYC and Bay Area (SONG) the jammin ones (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) Linked from Airplane page, just read a deadhead book by Linda Perry(?) and she had several excerpts from Moby Grape. I don't remember seeing them with the Dead, but I was very definately there in spirit.
16 Mar 1997 12:14:28 (NAME) Joe Hobbs (EMAIL) (LOCATION) East Hampton,Ct (SONG) Motorcycle Irene (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) At a time in San Francisco before Santana (I had not heard his stuff until Woodstock) all the guitar players were essentially folkies just learning to play electric. The one exception was Moby Grape. Whoever played guitar on "Can't Be So Bad" was miles ahead of anybody in San Francisco. Glad to see they're not forgotten.
16 Mar 1997 08:37:32 (NAME) CARLES RIOBO (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Granollers (Barcelona) - SPAIN (SONG) Omaha (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Hi all the "Moby Grape" fans around the world! If you are interested, please visit "THE SOUNDS OF THE OLD MISSION" (, the first Spanish web site dedicated to "QUICKSILVER MESSENGER SERVICE, the legendary acid-rock band from the Sixties Haight-Ashbury scene and his magic and unique guitar great, John Cipollina...and practice your Spanish! -) (HOMEPAGE) (HOMETITLE) LOS SONIDOS DE LA VIEJA MISION - "Q.M.S." TRIBUTO
09 Mar 1997 19:13:22 (NAME) Maria (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Northwest (SONG) impossible to choose just one. Changes, 8:05, Fall
07 Mar 1997 16:00:30 (NAME) Michael E Sashenosky (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Lancaster, CA 93535 (SONG) Rounder (Instrumental Version) (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) Moby Grape was the most under-rated, over-hyped group in history. Their harmonies were unparralleled, and the guitar interplay unrivaled.
03 Mar 1997 14:11:26 (NAME) Bill Domitilli (EMAIL) (LOCATION) La Honda, CA (SONG) Magic (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (REFERENCE) Just surfed on in! (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Does anybody remember a Tony Urea at a place on Juniper Alley in SF circa '66? I do. There was a cat named "flash" who was wired at about 440 Volts, along with every one else. All the best --bd
03 Mar 1997 00:14:22 (NAME) Jerald Catron (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Iowa---two hours from "Omaha" (SONG) Omaha (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Very cool! I rarely find anyone having an interest in this music.
02 Mar 1997 16:32:43 (NAME) Rob Giordano (EMAIL) (SONG) 8:05 and Motorcycle Irene (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS)'s paisley! just found my double set of Wow and Grape Jam!!!
02 Mar 1997 12:49:15 (NAME) Bill Juch (EMAIL) (SONG) omaha (RATING) ***
01 Mar 1997 20:20:10 (NAME) Chip Browning (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Reston, VA (SONG) He, Rose Colored Eyes, Bitter Wind, Sitting By the Window (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Just wanted to thank you again for keeping me posted with the newsletter. Shortening things a bit was a good call. While reading the last issue (with the Bob Mosley chat), I was taken back to the time when I first heard the Grape. I remember very vividly how passionate I was about the incredible music of the era. In particular, there were three albums that had the power to absolutely overwhelm me: "Are You Experienced?", "Sailor," and "Wow." There is so much power, beauty, anger, passion, and tension in Wow, that it's hard to take it all in. The Grape had the vocal chops to be mentioned in the same breath with the Beatles, but were better musicians. And Wow is every bit as innovative as Sgt Pepper's. How could anyone listen to a lyric like "He...awoke and told his friends things he'd seen and heard, but could not comprehend..." in that haunting (and haunted) voice and not be moved? And how could anyone listen to "Super-powered, de-flowered, over-18 Irene..." and not smile? Who before or since has combined guitar and bass to greater effect than the Grape does on "Rose Colored Eyes?" or has harmonized with more profound beauty and sadness than on "Bitter Wind?" The Grape moved me profoundly in my youth they move me still. Thanks again for a great page!
27 Feb 1997 21:40:45 (NAME) Karl Sharicz (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Boston, MA (SONG) Fall On You (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Would dearly love to see the Grape play in Boston. They've been such an inspiration, more so than many other more popular bands during their time. I just can't say enough. I'm quite happy that bands such as Diesel Park West see fit to continually pay tribute to this important 60's band by covering Grape tunes. Wow!!
25 Feb 1997 05:34:57 (NAME) Gene Kraut (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Stockholm via NYC (SONG) impossible (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I've been a fan since the original 5 singles (have 'em) and the original columbia release with Don's finger fully intact. I had a radio show on the first commercial rock station in Sweden and played Naked If I Want to as my sign off everyday. I've been trying to get ahold of a 20 Granite Creek CD.. if you can help, thanks. I think Apocalypse is a truly beautiful Grape track. I understand there's been some recent dates (an article recently appeared in one of the Swedish national daily papers about MG, surprisingly). Any news would be appreciated. Thanks and Peace, Gene
25 Feb 1997 00:24:06 (NAME) Rob Williams (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Earth (SONG) Ain't that a Shame or 8:05, also Skip's Song (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Great! Moby Grape home page is a super idea. I've been looking for a tape of Moby Grape 69. I had the original album, which was ripped off one dark day in 1972. I was 17 in 69 partied all summer, and played this album every night. It's one of my favorites. Got the Sony CD which has a few cuts from it. Also have the original album on vinyl. Thanks., Rob
24 Feb 1997 18:35:47 (NAME) Jerrod McKee (EMAIL) (SONG) aint no use (MEMBER) Peter Lewis (REFERENCE) Just surfed on in! (COMMENTS) nice web page
24 Feb 1997 14:48:26 (NAME) C.JAM, INC. (EMAIL) (LOCATION) new jersey (SONG) omaha, hey grandma, 805, etc. (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) *****
23 Feb 1997 13:34:56 (NAME) Ernie Stires (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Denver, CO (SONG) Hey Grandma/ (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Wow, a Moby Grape page. I was a fan, circa Marin County late 1960's, Moby Grape, a truly great band, hope to see a tour soon that comes to Colorado.
21 Feb 1997 10:21:29 (NAME) Bruce Tahsler (EMAIL) BT007@WEBTV.NET (LOCATION) Castro Valley Ca (S.F.Bay Area) (SONG) impossible to name just one. 8:05, Fall On You, Someday (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Moby Grape has always been one of my favorite bands. Their presence on the music scene in the 60's was much too short. Look at what they did in that short period of time.....Think of what they could have done had they been around longer. Moby Grape would have become a house hold name.
18 Feb 1997 10:55:32 (NAME) Vincent Ioppolo (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Pittsburgh, PA (SONG) A bunch (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Hows about a Grape Win95 desktop theme?
18 Feb 1997 09:41:10 (NAME) tim (EMAIL) (LOCATION) London UK (RATING) ****
17 Feb 1997 10:11:38 (NAME) Theodore Sobel (EMAIL) ETO44X@AOL.COM (LOCATION) Los Angeles (SONG) Fall On You (MEMBER) Peter Lewis (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Big Grape fan from back in S.F. in '67. Saw an awful lot of their gigs between 67 and 71 including the last one at Fillmore West They were truly a great band. Was the cover shot of the debut album shot on McAllister Street? ted
16 Feb 1997 14:18:45 (NAME) James Caskey (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Shreveport, LA (SONG) all of them (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (REFERENCE) Yahoo (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) greatest band ever
15 Feb 1997 15:01:27 (NAME) Joseph Virgilio (EMAIL) (LOCATION) NJ (SONG) all of them!
12 Feb 1997 08:24:44 (NAME) Tom Duval (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Framingham, MA (SONG) Fall On You (MEMBER) No favorite (REFERENCE) Lycos (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) I'm so glad this page exists. Maybe it will help spread the word about them. If it helps these five great musicians get it together, I think that would be great. Hey, come play in Boston! Please!
11 Feb 1997 14:44:34 (NAME) Gary M. Brost (EMAIL) (SONG) 8:05, Hey grandma (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I'm desperately looking to buy Moby Grape '69 on cd. Is it available?
10 Feb 1997 16:21:23 (NAME) Martin Ursin (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Roskilde, Denmark (SONG) Lots (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) See my email! But, in short, thanks!
10 Feb 1997 09:14:26 (NAME) ken nolen (EMAIL) (LOCATION) illinois (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) found this site thru the doobie bros homepage. think i'll give this band a try. i suppose the first album would be the place to start?
09 Feb 1997 16:53:55 (NAME) ENRICO PONZONI (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Milano, Italy (SONG) motorcycle irene (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) first of all excuse me for my terrible english! I'm 45 years old and I'm a great fan of Moby Grape since when i was younger. I also love all the S.F. groups and artists of the 60's and I have a large collection of Lps and live tapes. Your page is great and You've done a terrific job! I'll be very happy to correspond with you and with other Grape fans. All the best Enrico Ponzoni
09 Feb 1997 08:33:19 (NAME) James Lucas (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Midland, TX (SONG) Hoochie (MEMBER) Jerry Miller
07 Feb 1997 11:11:20 (NAME) Lee Clark (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Seattle,WA (SONG) Omaha (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Just had a recent talk with a co-worker in Kansas City at a company meeting. Discovered that he too was a fan of the GRAPE.I have both the Vintage CD as well as the first album. Saw them at Pat O'Days nightclub in Seattle in 1968(?). Night club was called the Bummer. Did they play in Kirkland WA at Waldos Tavern about 4-5 yrs ago? Great site. I'll tell my friend about it!
03 Feb 1997 09:50:22 (NAME) Charles Fischer (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Santa Barbara, CA (SONG) Hey Grandma, Murder In my Heart, many others (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I'm from Tacoma, an old acid casualty myself. I love the grape. Worked in a door factory with Jerry's brother, John down on the tide flats.
03 Feb 1997 09:35:07 (NAME) Donna Rosenberg (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Amarillo, Texas, U.S. (SONG) Changes Circles Spinning (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) You left out Moby Grape's "Omaha" album. Released Columbia Harmony label, #KH30392 Tracks are: Omaha Ain't That a Shame I Am Not Willing It's A Beautiful Day Today Hoochie Trucking Man If You Can't Learn From My Mistakes Captain Nemo What's To Choose Going Nowhere
02 Feb 1997 15:04:57 (NAME) Richard (Rick) Coke Roberts (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Oakland California (SONG) whatever one I am currently singing (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Finding the Grape Page just now (Feb. 2, 1997) may have brought me out of my 20-year clinical depression. I am so fucking jazzed to be here!! Thank you, God.
30 Jan 1997 20:25:14 (NAME) John Carr (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Epping NH (SONG) Naked if I want to (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) Outstanding! Your links to Moby Grape CD sources will let me intro my son to the band
29 Jan 1997 20:01:19 (NAME) Mike Kolesar (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Pittsburgh, PA (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I wanted to share an experience I had this evening. While shopping at the local grocery store, I heard "8:05" playing on the Muzak! I wasn't in the store for more than 5-10 minutes, so the timing was nothing short of cosmic! This event occurred at 7:26 pm est, not 8:05 (unfortunately).
27 Jan 1997 20:23:40 (NAME) Rich Puleo (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Bayshore, Long Island, NY (SONG) 3,4 (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Excellent Site! Very thorough! A lot of fun reading through all this stuff, I even learned a few things.
24 Jan 1997 16:08:19 (NAME) John Duncan (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Athens, OH (RATING) ****
23 Jan 1997 21:28:37 (NAME) Jud Cost (EMAIL) (MEMBER) Peter Lewis (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Hi Scott, I've just emailed you the whole enchilada: the three- part Peter Lewis saga with an intro I wrote tonight. Best, Jud Cost
23 Jan 1997 21:12:36 (NAME) Steven Dowd (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Pahrump, NV - formerly Riverside Calif {growing up) (SONG) Every one on the 1st album (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) When I was growing up, the Grape came on the scene. From the first they were my favorites. I still have the original first album of theirs. Now my son who is 22 has grown the same interest as I have always had of the Grape. Who can match their style? No one.
20 Jan 1997 09:51:40 (NAME) Dan Cone (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Presbyterian College, Clinton, SC (SONG) Omaha, Hey Grandma, Indifference (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Absolutely love the venue posters (Fillmore, Avalon, Matrix, etc.). I firmly believe Jefferson Airplane lost a great songwriter and generally great guy when they swapped Skip Spence for Spencer Dryden. I have listened to the Airplane's material after the first album (which Spence drummed on), and I can conclusively say that Spence was not only a more interesting drummer but a great songwriter. Dryden seems to have contributed only two songs to any Airplane albums ("A Small Package" from AFTER BATHING AT BAXTER'S and "Chishingura (spelled right?)" from CROWN OF CREATION), and they sucked. Just two minutes of pure noise each. Now Spence wrote SONGS, folks. Good stuff. Even when he was just the drummer. I still like the Airplane, but I like their early '66 lineup (with Spence and singer Signe Anderson, who was replaced by Grace Slick) better than their later lineup. Keep up the good work! Oh, and could you maybe get some more chords for Grape songs? Thanks so much.
19 Jan 1997 14:29:52 (NAME) Massimiliano (Max) Demata (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Exeter College, Oxford, England (SONG) Sitting by the Window, Seeing (demo vers), Someday, Rounder (MEMBER) Peter Lewis (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Hey, this page is cool! ...and Moby Grape are the best band EVER!!! I'm too young (29) and therefore didn't have the chance to see them in concert back in 67 or 68. However, their music is still fresh and alive today, and it means a lot to me and other "young" people. Keep the page as good as it is now!
18 Jan 1997 23:00:10 (NAME) Jimmy James Gene Allen Jr. (EMAIL) (LOCATION) South San Francisco, CA, USA (RATING) ****
18 Jan 1997 11:32:32 (NAME) Bill Gardner (EMAIL) bill gardner@Prodigy.Com (LOCATION) Hayward Ca (SONG) Its a Beautiful day today (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I would like to see one of there shows esp if Skip was there
17 Jan 1997 23:03:39 (NAME) Charles Tate (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Huntington, WV (SONG) Fall On You (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Moby Grape is great. It's finally time they're getting their due. About a year ago I discovered the "Vintage" CD compilation. I had a classic rock show on the college radio station at Marshall University and I played as much of their stuff as they would let me (and more).
17 Jan 1997 19:15:47 (NAME) Steve Richards (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Seattle (SONG) Someday (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Great Page. Thanks for going to the trouble to do this. What a great band. I've followed them since the beginning. Totally underrated. I hope the future brings some new material from them. I'll definitely be checking back in periodically. Again, thanks.
15 Jan 1997 20:00:18 (NAME) David Bradford Berman (EMAIL) (SONG) any of the more countryish ones (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Enjoyed let's say time travelling on this page. Moby Grape could maybe compared to Creedence, because although they didn't have the huge chart success as did Creedence, they both lasted briefly in terms of records and both embodied American forms.
15 Jan 1997 17:14:55 (NAME) Frank Dickseski (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Hampton, Virginia (SONG) 8:05 (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) It's great to see that there are others out there who hail the Grape as one of the hottest bands of the sixties and on. For some reason both their music and band members were left out in the cold and totally unappreciated (like the 13th floor elevators) while others sold out to the establishment, (airplane, dead etc.) to make big bucks and bogus music..... Thank God that the Grape can live again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
14 Jan 1997 22:00:11 (NAME) Laurie Birdsall (EMAIL) 102731,2462@compuserv (LOCATION) New Westminster B.C. Canada (SONG) Murder In My Heart For The Judge (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) great page/great band. I'm a great fan of San Francisco 1960's music and the Grape are one of my favourites.
14 Jan 1997 13:08:15 (NAME) Keith Cummings (EMAIL) KEITHWC@US.IBM.COM (LOCATION) Lake Katrine, NY (SONG) I Am Not Willing (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) My first time on the internet a few months ago, I decided to test how comprehensive it really is by searching on Moby Grape. Cool. Have been back many times checking it all out and will eventually use the links provided to order a copy of the Peter Lewis solo CD. Great job! Thanks for the entertainment!
13 Jan 1997 15:48:57 (NAME) ross williams (LOCATION) nashville tn 37211 (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) great page! PLEASE bring that beautiful sound to Nashville!
13 Jan 1997 15:17:07 (NAME) Matt Robertson (EMAIL) (SONG) Too many to name. Murder, Naked, 8:05 (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I was excited to discover this page. I am new to the net and I'm not sure that my E-Mail address is completely correct. I'll double check and fix it if it's wrong. I'd like to stay informed of any live appearances scheduled anywhere in California or Nevada. I saw the House of Blues show and was knocked out! Miller was brilliant and to hear Mosley sing "Mr. Blues" was a dream come true! I hope that their plans for a new album come to fruition. Let us know where we can get any solo or group recordings. I'd like a copy of the Melvilles cassette from 1990 if anyone knows where it might be available. Thanks, Matt
12 Jan 1997 23:31:31 (NAME) Peter R. Schmitt (EMAIL) (LOCATION) chcgo, il (SONG) album: wow (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) *** (COMMENTS) I got the grape in '68 in 8th grade as a byproduct of discovering al kooper and mike bloomfield's collaborations. Their synergy together was phenomenal! I stumbled across moby grape because WOW was being marketed as a 2/4/1 album set WOW and Grape Jam - an off-the cuff improvisational exercise. I was very cost conscious, being a kid, so a 2/4/1 deal seemed intriguing. It wasn't a popularly known band, so I was pretty sure I wouldn't be nauseated. I glanced at the back, and I saw my current heroes, Al and Mike. Done. I took it home and was immediately enthralled. These guys were in the belly of CORPORATE and still had an edge! GEE-WHIZ! favorite tune on WOW Miller's blues. IT CRANKS! I still have that album, and still listen. Love the 35mm proof liner. Sorry I can't play the 78rpm cut anymore -- Arthur Godfrey? What a rush!
05 Jan 1997 13:51:35 (NAME) Chip Browning (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Reston, VA (SONG) He (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) You've done this child of the '60's a world of good by creating this page--it's better than a gatefold album cover! Few bands before or since (and there's been a lot of "since") had the Grape's sense of melody, intensity, and outright skill." Wow" still stands as one of the greatest rock albums in history. 'He', 'Motorcycle Irene', 'Murder in my heart...', the Arthur Godfrey thing recorded at 78RPM...incredible still. Anyway, thanks. I like your page!
04 Jan 1997 21:29:52 (NAME) Mike Kolesar (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Pittsburgh, PA (SONG) Hey Grandma, Truly Fine Citizen, Rounder (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) Great Great Great! Please add me to your mailing list and keep me informed. Any plans to do a compilation of performance dates and set lists a la Deadbase? Count me in to help. Until then, I'll be sitting by the window...
03 Jan 1997 14:40:08 (NAME) Darwin Perry (EMAIL) (LOCATION) 3614 Mill Lawn Ct , Ellicott City, MD 21043 (SONG) Truckin' Man, Its A Beautiful Day, Hey, Grandma (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) Glad to find you. Just picked up 'Vintage'. I'll be back.
03 Jan 1997 14:20:46 (NAME) POET (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Alabama (SONG) Hey Grandma (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I personally think that Moby Grape was like only two other bands as far as the sound of their music goes, they were/are just out there doing their own thing with different sounds, Like the Dead did and as Phish is doing now. They are a great band and their musical influence is living on through the generations, and is having a very positive influence on people and the lives of people. I have spoken my bit, so Peace all.
31 Dec 1996 09:50:50  
(NAME)  Kirk Johnson  
(LOCATION)  Sequim, Washington State  
(SONG)  what else, "Omaha"  
(COMMENTS)  This is great! I've been dabbling with the internet for about 2 
years now - mostly e-mail - I'm highly mobile, and that has posed a problem. 
But a few days ago, I was strumming my guitar playing a Cippolina / 
Knopfleresque version of "Pride of Man", when I decided to see what I could 
find about Quicksilver on the web. Low and behold, I found out that all of my 
adolescent guitar heroes were on the web (even the ones that are dead!) I hit 
"2400 Fulton Street", found the Quicksilver homepage, and also Barry Meltons 
(If I ever need legal help, I now know who to contact), and now its the Grape. 
About a year and a half ago, I purchased the double cassette compilation put 
out by Columbia, and was just enthralled - not only by the music, but also by 
the narrative written by David Fricke. That was my tape of two summers ago! By 
the way "Bitter wind " is a close runner up as my fave with "Omaha". 

27 Dec 1996 08:16:06 (NAME) Dominic McGibney (LOCATION) Nottingham, England (SONG) 8:05, Seeing, Horse Out In The Rain, Gone Fishing from Bob's (MEMBER) Peter Lewis (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Cool. Enjoyed my self here.
25 Dec 1996 21:14:37 (NAME) Bill Gregerson (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Seattle (SONG) 8:05 (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) I have been a Grape fan since 60's. i saw them at Eagles auditorium in Seattle in 67 or 68 and played in a garage band that covered some tunes in late 60's. I later saw Jerry 8 years ago or so a couple times at Prositos in Tacoma and have always enjoyed most of their recordings.
23 Dec 1996 16:49:29 (NAME) Don Lane Jr. (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Montclair, NJ (SONG) too many to choose one (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (COMMENTS) I loved this band in the 60's and early 70's - such fine quality songs, guitar playing, powerful bass guitar. They had everything (or almost), and lot's of people never knew. I saw them at Wollman Rink in Central Park NYC, I think very late 60's, as a trio (one of the best live bands I'd seen - Bob Mosley, Jerry Miller, drummer?) I'd love to find a CD reissue of Moby Grape '69. Their music still holds up today (unlike many other of my 60's faves). Thanks for this page.
21 Dec 1996 00:00:06 (NAME) norman mayell (EMAIL) (LOCATION) california (SONG) i can't remember (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I'm the drummer of the sopwith camel. you can see the site at when my links page is done i will put you on. norm (HOMEPAGE) (HOMETITLE) Sopwith Camel
20 Dec 1996 03:48:56 (NAME) Catherine Owen (EMAIL) Not yet, but I'll let you know! (LOCATION) Glasgow, Scotland (SONG) Motorcycle Irene (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) Representative of a Moby Grape cell here in Glasgow. There's maybe 10 of us and we are really pleased to find you out there.
19 Dec 1996 18:10:32 (NAME) Bennett Charles (EMAIL) (LOCATION) wash dc (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Always a favorite band of mine, especially of the guitar work. I'm glad to see that people are keeping the faith, particularly when you consider the trials these people have been through. I hope to be hearing some music from them in the near future. Give them my encouragement.
17 Dec 1996 20:38:57 (NAME) Tom Ordon (EMAIL) (SONG) Gypsy Wedding, Right Before My Eyes (MEMBER) Peter Lewis (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I saw the Grape at the Fillmore West in 1971 before 20 Granite Creek came out. They did a long version of Chinese Song with some different parts. Are there any live tapes available from 1971? I'd love to know and get copies!!!
17 Dec 1996 13:58:43 (NAME) David Roby (EMAIL) (LOCATION) New York City (SONG) Indifference (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) *****
17 Dec 1996 08:32:06 (NAME) Nick Pankosky (EMAIL) MobyG20@AOL.COM (SONG) Lost Horizon (MEMBER) Peter Lewis (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) I need info on new concert dates plus new material
17 Dec 1996 03:10:56 (NAME) Markus Samuelson (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Malmo, Sweden (SONG) Mr Blues (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) This page is extraordinary good, and I didn't believe that one of the greatest groups ever, Moby Grape, had a homepage. I am just 15 years old, and I don't think that many kids today have heard about Moby grape. Their first album is one of the top 3 of all time.
16 Dec 1996 20:55:03 (NAME) dave bork (EMAIL) (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) i started playing guitar to these guys 30 yrs ago i finally got a day job and their starting up again
13 Dec 1996 15:56:52 (NAME) Jim Porter (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Phoenix, AZ (SONG) Mr. Blues (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) I think it's phenomenal that there's so much info floating around about these guys after all these years. As a 47 year old guitar playing, song writtin' "flower child" it's very encouraging to know this kind of interest can still be stimulated by what was the best American band of the 60's.
13 Dec 1996 00:17:11 (NAME) Richard Bartels (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Staten Island (SONG) Fall On You (RATING) *****
12 Dec 1996 16:11:04 (NAME) Cor van Schaaik (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Amsterdam, Netherlands (SONG) I am not willing (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) It's great to know Moby Grape is still known I visited their show in the RAI in Amsterdam in 1969. I'll return to this site when I can.
12 Dec 1996 09:12:07 (NAME) darren rose (EMAIL) (SONG) ? (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) a bit difficult to read, maybe you could make the text black or red?
10 Dec 1996 21:54:33 (NAME) Eric Bergman (EMAIL) (LOCATION) New York (SONG) I Am Not Willing (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I've been a huge fan of the Grape for 30 years. My first band, The Patron Saints, used to do a great version of "Omaha." I was fortunate enough to see them at Fillmore East in the early '70's. It's great to find your site...thanks for maintaining it. Eric (HOMEPAGE) (HOMETITLE) Welcome to Maxfield Multimedia!
09 Dec 1996 08:36:58 (NAME) David Parmenter (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Venice, CA (SONG) Bitter Wind (COMMENTS) Fan since first album. Saw bogus group in St Louis...1967 or so. LA Weekly had a writeup on Skip a year or so back. My favorite line from same: Skip, on being told that Dr John had quit drinking and drugging replied "Oh. Does he like it better that way?" yours truly fine citizen, David
08 Dec 1996 11:27:30 (NAME) mike cain (EMAIL) beatle5 (LOCATION) simi valley cal. (SONG) indifference (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) This is a great homepage for one of the greatest bands of all time.
06 Dec 1996 15:42:24 (NAME) ross williams (EMAIL) (LOCATION) NASHVILLE, TN (SONG) ALL ARE OUTSTANDING (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) NICE JOB!
03 Dec 1996 17:24:55 (NAME) ALLAN BUMGARTNER (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Denver (SONG) Motorcycle Irene (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Great page. Just like the Quicksilver page, it is great to see people coming out of the woodwork to pay homage to this great band. Looking to trade tapes if anyone has some. QMS for Grape. Send me your list. Thanks, AB.
24 Nov 1996 12:36:12 (NAME) Josh Winfield (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Exeter College, Oxford University, Oxford, England (SONG) Omaha (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) *****
23 Nov 1996 00:20:16 (NAME) Scott (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Colorado (SONG) "Someday" (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) More chords to songs would be fun for us old 60's ex-rockers. Great to see them playing again - they were fantastic! Wasn't there a record from some of the guys under a different name? Went to Denver in 1967 (?) to see "Moby Grape" and it was the bogus bastards - we booed 'em off the stage.
19 Nov 1996 15:34:06 (NAME) Joel Kopel (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Toronto (SONG) Seeing/Rounder (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I was really excited when I stumbled onto your sight and I must say it's incredibly well set up. I am especially grateful for your lyrics to "Seeing" which is one of my all-time favourite songs (I also think it's one of the most indecipherable songs ever). Keep up the good work, I'll be visiting again soon!
17 Nov 1996 14:37:38 (NAME) Dennis Newhall (EMAIL) DENEWHALL@AOL.COM (LOCATION) 349 Country River Way, Sacramento CA 95831 (SONG) Sitting By The Window (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I sent my first-ever e-mail to you 11/17/96. I hope I did it right. I'm looking for a replacement copy of Legendary Grape, plus information on other releases from the last 10 years. Also, why not get the band to OK Legendary Grape for CD issue? Since the production costs are already paid for, getting a CD reissue should be relatively cheap. Also, what's the skinny on Mosley's health?
17 Nov 1996 13:32:42 (NAME) Barry Chad (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (SONG) 8:05 (RATING) **** (HOMEPAGE) (HOMETITLE) B.Chad's Homepage
15 Nov 1996 21:45:51 (NAME) Todd M. (EMAIL) Scamp340@AOL.COM (LOCATION) CT (SONG) Fall on you (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) WOW! Nice to see other people still enjoy GOOD music by quality musicians. I got my first grape album (MONO) when I was 13, back in' 68. Still have it. When I mention their name most people look at me funny. But when I play the CD (Have the double cd collection) everyone is impressed by the musical ability and vocals. Brings back many good memories. I play guitar and bass, and I can remember putting on that album and playing it over and over playing along with it, and thinking someday I'll play that good.
15 Nov 1996 20:01:51 (NAME) Sam Malizia (EMAIL) (LOCATION) ohio (RATING) *** (COMMENTS) I would love to see Moby Grape live. Please keep the page updated of new east coast gigs.
15 Nov 1996 00:15:37 (NAME) mike mc manman (EMAIL) (LOCATION) reno,nv. (SONG) omaha (COMMENTS) second day with web tv. found your site through web search. saw the band about 7 years ago just outside town. all members except skip. have followed them since first album.
14 Nov 1996 08:18:06 (NAME) Scott Blanchard (EMAIL) (LOCATION) San Diego (SONG) Hey Grandma (RATING) ****
13 Nov 1996 15:30:03 (NAME) Ralph Theijs (EMAIL) (LOCATION) The Hague, Holland (SONG) Omaha (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) Encountered your site on a 60's west-coast-bands tour. To me a great reminder of a great band. Saw them on TV in a family show in 1969 here in Holland (I think they did Omaha). Found Live Grape some years ago, and it just wouldn't leave my turntable for a year ! Didn't know the complete story, so thank you !
09 Nov 1996 23:24:24 (NAME) Gary Dahl (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Salt Lake City, Utah (SONG) Changes (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Mosley was my idol growing up in Marin County in the 60's...only wish I could play like him! Really glad to see that somebody picked him up out of the gutters of San Diego. Hope he can keep it together...maybe help Spence to do the same.
07 Nov 1996 21:46:45 (NAME) Jamie Muntner (EMAIL) (LOCATION) San Francisco (RATING) *** (COMMENTS) Interesting story - that's rock & roll for you! (HOMEPAGE)
04 Nov 1996 10:11:49 (NAME) Joseph F. Torke (EMAIL) JTORKE@VNET.IBM.COM (COMMENTS) New to the Internet. Pulled up Jimi and made a trip through Santana, Airplane, The Dead, Janis and led me to the Grape. It's been a long time. It nice that someone still cares. Now I'm going to search for Spirit or Love (LA bands circa 67).
02 Nov 1996 23:26:11 (NAME) Joseph Patrick Munoz (EMAIL) (snail mail)504 terry ave.#306 seattle, Wa 98104 (SONG) Can't be so bad, Bitter wind (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) thanks a lot for putting this info. out. i have been a fan of the grape since i was 14, and can truthfully say they are the best band i have ever heard. i am a musician myself and it really was quite a moment to first hear the grape-I have met jerry miller several times here at chicago's bar/restaurant (he plays there at least once a month) and we spoke about th' grape and about skip spence and bob mosley-i couldn't believe what had happened to both of them-jerry is a great guy-he let me play his old gibson "beulah"-he wanted to score some "binky"-(jerry's code word) once he gave me a big hug-and told me his youngest son's name is joseph too and that he's a mean picker-he says that stevenson is rich dealing in real estate/shared time condos. When robert plant played tacoma- Jerry was back know LZ copied lots from MG. Lots of folks remember MG and lots don't...My generation the so called "generation x" gets me, because so many people like to think they're hip and they know about music-,but when you ask them if they've ever heard about MG they always say "who????"-you are doing a great thing by having this Web page. Thank you. Hey, if you know about anyone in this area who is into the MG and playing music let me know. i have lived quite alot in 25 years-from being a suspected terrorist at 15 in JFK airport-to travels around the country-getting rides in limousines-living in New Orleans playing music with friends of the allman bros. band-and living in ecuador, SA for 4 years where my future wife lives-music has always been constant. You know, it's really strange how i met Mr.Miller-when i first came out to Seattle, I happened to be on a bus trying to find the employment office-i was asking the driver for directions when this scraggly guy told me where to go-after he gave me directions he blurted out that he was a roadie and he had worked for rod stewart, jerry miller-"jerry miller?", i asked,-the very same one (this guy's name is rob colby-he's homeless-i was too for a time after i got out here(so i relate very much to Mosley's plight) 6 months later i went to see jerry at chicago's. I also managed to meet david rae-Gordon Lightfoot's original guitarist and author of "mississippi queen" and stayed with him and his wife on bainbridge island. well I gotta go(at work)give me a call-206-623-7720. Once again, thanks and god bless. sincerely, Joseph Munoz
25 Oct 1996 18:49:20 (NAME) Randy Volkell (EMAIL) (LOCATION) New York (SONG) It's a Beautiful Day Today (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Any idea how to get a copy of the Legendary Grape tape?
23 Oct 1996 14:20:25 (NAME) Larry Rosenberg (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Lake Hiawatha New Jersey (SONG) 8:05, Someday, Sitting by the window (MEMBER) Peter Lewis (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Like to see more on excellent obscure bands like Jo Jo Gunne (Jay Ferguson), Sopwith camel, Love. Great info Thanks. Larry
22 Oct 1996 16:58:56 (NAME) Carles Riobo (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Granollers (Barcelona) - SPAIN (SONG) Omaha (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Your pages are great!!! Best regards from a MG Spanish fan. Sorry,my English is very limited,so...
22 Oct 1996 09:07:02 (NAME) Paul Crean (LOCATION) Dublin, Ireland (SONG) Lazy Me (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) *****
22 Oct 1996 01:35:10 (NAME) Paula Bacchia (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Melbourne, Australia (SONG) Omaha (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) It's fabulous having a Moby Grape page on the Net, 'cos in Australia, there isn't much info. around about the unknown sixties bands, especially one as great as Moby Grape! Keep it up, I look forward to reading more and more!!Thanks...
21 Oct 1996 20:28:53 (NAME) L.A. STOUT (EMAIL) (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I had forgotten this group. An old hippie friend reminded me that we spent a great deal of time listening to the album that still had the finger on it(later x-ed, I recall). I enjoyed it and intend to find an old copy and crank it up.
21 Oct 1996 13:15:16 (NAME) Dave Williams (EMAIL) (SONG) Hoochie
19 Oct 1996 18:58:59 (NAME) Andrew (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Kentucky, USA (SONG) "Omaha," of course. Maybe "Fall On You." (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) *** (COMMENTS) Viva Grape! Maybe someday I'll even hear them on the radio!
18 Oct 1996 04:03:05 (NAME) J. (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Moscow,Russia (SONG) Horse Out In The Rain (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Thanks from Moscow Here the Moby Grape is rarely find! Fans worldwide UNITE
17 Oct 1996 11:21:44 (NAME) Bonnie Hanson (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Bloomingotn, IN (SONG) Looper, Motorcyle Irene, Hey Grandma (MEMBER) Peter Lewis (RATING) *****
15 Oct 1996 14:13:45 (NAME) Cherril Rae (EMAIL) (LOCATION) brighton, great britain (SONG) very hard to say (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) What a GREAT surprise!!! I spent many nights between Feb 1967 and whenever listening to the Grape... Difficult to remember specifics, but in the more sober late 70's my dreams came true and I got to meet them at a gig in S. F. What a gas. They will live forever in my mind. It's amazing what you can find on the internet. This is the first time I've written to anyone's home page, but just couldn't resist when it had to do with the Grape. Thanks for the opprtunity.
15 Oct 1996 05:26:46 (NAME) Paul Nutter (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Bloomington, Indiana (SONG) 8:05 (MEMBER) Don Stevenson (COMMENTS) In the Summer of 1994, I think it was July 1 to be exact, I headed out to San Jose to see my aunt & uncle. I changed planes in Salt Lake. When I boarded the plane I noticed a man in my seat. He was maybe in his early 50's. He moved over, and before I sat down I put my bag in the overhead compartment. I noticed there was a case for a fly-rod in there, I asked the man if that was his, and instant conversation! We talked about fishing, where to go, what was fun to catch, and some how we got to talking about the military. I had gotten out of the Air Force a few years ago, and it just so happens that he was in the A.F. As our conversation flowed about military life, and life in general, it drifted towards music. He asked me what type of music did I like, and I was a little nervous because we were having a great conversation and I didn't want it to stall. I told him that I liked a lot of groups from the 60's. I mentioned groups like, Buffalo Springfield, Cream, CSN&Y, Hendricks, Joplin, and many others. I noticed this gentalman starting to straighten up in his seat as I mentioned these groups. When I was finished, he asked if I had heard of a group called Moby Grape. I'm going to stop with the story right now. I've lost track of time, and have a mid-term exam in ten minutes. I'll write back and finish my story!!
Ok Scott, the mid-term is over, where was I?? Oh ya! This guy tells me that he used to play in some blues bands around the San Fransico area throughout the 60's. He goes on to tell me that he hung out with Hendrix, Garcia, Joplin, and the lot. Then he starts talking about Moby Grape and the unique sound that they had. He went on to tell me that they were just inches away from being one of the top stars of the late 60's. He told me how their first album was released the same day that the Beatles Sgt Pepper was. He went on to tell me other stories about the group and made an hour and a half flight seem like 10 min. We walked down to baggage claim together and he told me of the two C.D. set that Columbia had put out. I went out that day and bought it, and have been hooked ever since. Before we parted he gave me his business card. His name is Gordon Stevens. He still lives in San Jose, and owns a recording studio called Sonic Images. I think it's a great story on how I got hooked to the Grape, and I thought you might want to hear. Since that time, I have also shared the wealth with friends and family members. Many of my friends have bought Grape C.Ds and are still enjoying the ride. I play my Moby Grape C.Ds at least once a week in the liquor store I work at. As a matter of fact, thats the way I found your web site. I was mentioning Moby Grape to a customer last Friday, and see came in the store last night and told me of your web site. Another interesting Grape story took place last year. I had a geology class, and at the end of each class our professor would ask a rock&roll trivia question. We got to talking one day after class about music and I mentioned Moby Grape and a big smile came to his face. He said that he saw Moby Grape on one of their east coast tours in the late 60's or early 70's. I let him borrow my C.D. and he came in the next day all smiles. He said: " I'd fogotten how much good music they had." Ever since I met Gordon, Moby Grape has popped up somewhere at least four or five times a year, and every time it does the person is all smiles. Hope that brings a smile to your face. Paul (friends call me The Nutman, you to please.)
14 Oct 1996 19:14:05 (NAME) Bruce Moyer (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Washington DC area (SONG) impossible to pick (RATING) *** (COMMENTS) I was trying to put my finger on why I kept feeling Moby Grape was so influential to me even though they were not "BIG". Personally I never felt they were very representative of the psychedelic scene. Then I hit upon this idea: while the Band is somehow credited with producing truly "post-Beatles American music", I think the Grape did it much better. Truly American, truly rock and roll and truly original.
14 Oct 1996 13:08:29 (NAME) Jim Mahoney (EMAIL) (SONG) 8:05 (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) Man without love is no man at all But a strong bitter wind passing by
14 Oct 1996 12:36:26 (NAME) Randy Hutchison (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Chico, CA (SONG) Fall On You (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) *****
14 Oct 1996 09:40:20 (NAME) Tom Downer (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Seattle (SONG) 8:05 (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) One of my favorite recollections of the band was an outdoor concert at Seattle's Aqua Theatre in the late 60's. The "opening" acts were Sonny & Cher, the 5th Dimension, and Glen Campbell (whatever happened to them?)The headliners were the great Moby Grape. Of the hundreds of records I collected from that era, the Grape's first album still gets regular play in my house. Love your page! I'll be back!
13 Oct 1996 08:59:48 (NAME) jeff hill (LOCATION) marysville, washington (SONG) omaha
10 Oct 1996 19:03:34 (NAME) Dennis Beck (EMAIL) (LOCATION) FSU/Fine Arts Dept., Tallahassee, FL (SONG) 8:05 (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) That's really lousy asking for a favorite song or band member. As a guitar player who spent countless hours learning the licks off of Miller's Blues and Ain't No Use, I should be citing Jerry Miller as the favorite guy, but Mosely's hollering really gave them soul. Yeah, that's it. Moby Grape is my favorite soul band.
10 Oct 1996 11:59:37 (NAME) Lou Tylee (EMAIL) (LOCATION) seattle,wa (SONG) 8:05 (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Always a favorite, really regret never having seen Moby Grape live even though I lived in the Bay Area in the 60's - don't know how I kept missing them. Their CD never leaves my car. Thanks for bring back many nice memories. Hope the new group makes it up here to Seattle - the connections (Miller, Stevenson) are there.
09 Oct 1996 23:52:59 (NAME) Richard Derrick (EMAIL) (SONG) too many to pick just one! (COMMENTS) Please send any info on upcoming concerts in California. I live in the Los Angeles, but would travel.
09 Oct 1996 20:18:37 (NAME) Fahmy Said (SONG) none (REFERENCE) GeoCities Page of the Day (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) Just to say good work on your page. I've not heard of Moby Grape but I think i'll look them up. Keep up the good work!
09 Oct 1996 05:40:36 (NAME) Steve Cushman (LOCATION) Chicago (SONG) Can't be so bad (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Glad to finally have a place to touch base with Grape fans and find out what they are doing and possibly make trades for tapes!!!!
07 Oct 1996 20:12:07 (NAME) Bill (SONG) Ain't No Use (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Awesome dude!!!
05 Oct 1996 20:13:07 (NAME) Penny Hill (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Sacramento, CA (SONG) 8:05 Changes Hey Grandma (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Wow. Gosh. GrapeNet. Yum!
05 Oct 1996 20:11:12 (NAME) Penny Hill (MEMBER) Peter Lewis (RATING) *****
05 Oct 1996 06:16:59 (NAME) Robert Dimery (EMAIL) (LOCATION) London (SONG) Omaha (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) I need to know more - much more
28 Sep 1996 02:51:52 (NAME) David W. Krahmer (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Red Wing, MN (SONG) Naked, if I want to.
28 Sep 1996 01:52:56 (NAME) Richard Mason (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Oxford, England (SONG) "Omaha", followed closely by so many more... (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Thank you very much for doing the page! Having found it very hard to get hold of Moby Grape/related music/info over the years, this has come as a real bonus for me. I'm far too young (36 now) to have seen the group or anything like that, but I first heard them when I was about 14-15, having already read about the San Francisco groups & having heard the Grateful Dead/Quicksilver/Jefferson Airplane & not really cared much for any of them, & they were & still are a total revelation. I like all sorts of music & go along 100 percent with Duke Ellington when he said that there were only 2 kinds of music, good & bad. No prizes for guessing which category the Grape fall into! One question I have to ask you is: could you possibly provide me with the catalogue # of the "Oar" cassette release? I recently enquired about which formats it was available in & was told CD only.I had an LP re-issue copy stolen many years ago & now only have a cassette player, so I'd be really grateful for any help you or anyone you know could give me with regards to this. Many thanks again, look forward to hearing from you... Richard
30 Jul 1996 13:16:18 (NAME) bj (EMAIL) (LOCATION) monroe louisiana (SONG) the entire 69 album (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I can't believe there's a grape page out there... shouldn't be surprising, since psychedelic mx has heavily influenced alternative for the last decade or more last decade or
29 Jul 1996 18:14:09 (NAME) Dan Smith (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Gadsden, Al (SONG) Changes (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Great web page!!! Please put me on your mailing list for your newsletter. Thanks.
28 Jul 1996 15:32:20 (NAME) Jud Cost (EMAIL) prof (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Hi Scott, The third (and final) installment of the the Peter Lewis/Grape saga has bee shipped off via cyberspace to the Terrascope. Printed pretty soon, and then it's all yours. I can just send you the three files, and an intro, when you're ready to jam them into the web. Best, Jud
27 Jul 1996 19:46:12 (NAME) Garry Barrett (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Austin, Tx. (SONG) Real hard to say......Hey Grandma? (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I am sooo jazzed! I just started thinking about the Grape today for some reason and I thought, "what the hell", let's see if ANYBODY ELSE is tuned in to Moby grape. Thanks for making my day!
25 Jul 1996 23:07:21 (NAME) J. Gillespie (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Minneapolis, MN (SONG) MURDER IN MY HEART/MOTORCYCLE IRENE (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) What a thrill to find a great looking home page for my all-time favorite band! How about ********** instead of five? Think big, the Grape did. I have to mention that Bob Mosely's song, TOOK IT ALL AWAY is one of the best three-minute descriptions of fame in America ever penned. I love these guys! Keep up the good work, it is much appreciated.All The Best,J. Gillespie
25 Jul 1996 19:33:29 (NAME) David Brookman (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Philadelphia (SONG) Omaha (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) God Bless Skip Spence God Bless Moby Grape (HOMEPAGE) (HOMETITLE) Easter Island Home Page
25 Jul 1996 19:13:43 (NAME) Justin (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Sonoma County (SONG) Murder in my heart for the judge (RATING) ****
23 Jul 1996 18:48:00 (NAME) Joe McCullar (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Rocker Montana (formally of SF) (SONG) 8:05 & Ain't No use (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) Saw them at a free concert at GG park music concorse (near the aquarium and museums). Not sure of the year. I remember Skip Spense played a Vox teardrop guitar and spun it completly around his back. Also playing that day I beleive were the Dead and Country Joe and the Fish. Great page. Thanks for the memories. JOE (HOMEPAGE) (HOMETITLE) Joe's rocker Montana Homepage
23 Jul 1996 17:50:25 (NAME) Ron Williams (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Chattanooga TN (SONG) "Changes, Circles Spinning" "Goin' Down to Texas" (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) *** (COMMENTS) Got here from Barry Melton's web site. I was probably the first Nashville teenager to buy the Moby Grape "Flipping the bird" album (I sold it back in the early '80's to some record collector for not very much- $5 or so along with the 2nd album and the color disk album that was released independently around that time.) I still have the original "Truly Fine Citizen" and "20 Granite Creek"
20 Jul 1996 14:52:43 (NAME) Michael Presley (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Orlando Fl (RATING) *****
20 Jul 1996 00:33:48 (NAME) Martha Copeland (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Olympia,Wa. (SONG) Murder in My Heart for the Judge (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Hi there, Lynn Quinlin sent me over here to check out the Grape site's update. I'm helping him find a good internet provider, so he can e-mail everyone and so he can actively be involved on this Grape web- site.You are doing a great job--- 'bout time someone gave this great band some recognition. bye......Martha Copeland
19 Jul 1996 17:31:56 (NAME) Michelle (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Iowa (REFERENCE) Just surfed on in! (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Just visiting ... Thanks (HOMEPAGE) (HOMETITLE) Michelle's Home Page
18 Jul 1996 17:59:53 (NAME) Melody (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Marin county, CA (SONG) Sitting By the Window (MEMBER) Peter Lewis (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I saw them at Maritime Hall and they were outrageous!!!!! I had seen them in the 70s at the Shady Grove on Haight St and they were great then too. I hear they are playing on Aug. 9th at Palookaville in Santa Cruz. I assume you know about their home page? http //www.mobygrape. com/index.html Please keep me posted. Melody
17 Jul 1996 15:39:15 (NAME) Robert Moehle (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Seattle, Washington (SONG) lots! (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) A few years back I passed a hole-in-the-wall tavern in North Seattle. My false teeth went flying because the marquee said "Moby Grape". I couldn't believe it - The Grape played at the first rock show I went to in Southern California (hollywood Palladium w/ Jo Jo Gunne, Albert King, and Quicksilver-something). My friend in Calif had touted Peter Lewis as the fastest guitarist in the world. This was in 1971, I think - turned out to be a Grape reunion. Lewis wasn't real fast that night but the whole band still was great. Then in Seattle, around 1991 or 92 I think, this group at this litle tavern still played their hearts out, with ten times the facility of most bar bands. I was so entranced by the guitar (Jerry Miller?) playing that I didn't hear the lyrics at all. They've not been here again, so I'm interested to hear of their current activities.
15 Jul 1996 20:15:39 (NAME) brad vicknair (EMAIL) bflygirl@aol (SONG) Fall on you, Gypsey Wedding, Foo,foo,foo (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) More Moby Grape!
15 Jul 1996 17:33:39 (NAME) CONNIE FURTADO (LOCATION) SONOMA CO (SONG) LAZY ME, SOMEDAY, 8:05, Road to the Mosley Grape ALL of them (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) THIS IS GREAT! Thanks for being here. Yes, the show at Maritime was awesome. So lucky to have been there.See you in Santa Cruz.Tough day Aug 9th :( but I'll try hard to make it.
11 Jul 1996 18:09:14 (NAME) Marc Blaker (EMAIL) (RATING) *****
11 Jul 1996 12:53:53 (NAME) John Farris (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Palo Alto, CA (SONG) Miller's Blues, Sittin By The Window (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Keep up the good work. Jerry Miler's Birthday was yesterday July 10.
11 Jul 1996 06:59:45 (NAME) Joe Connolly (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Woburn Mass (SONG) Hey Grandma (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Thanx for help keeping good music for the sixties alive.
03 Jul 1996 14:23:23 (NAME) MITCH LAUNER (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Bethpage, New York (SONG) Someday Sitting By The Window 8:05K (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) LOVE THE GRAPE! BRING THEM TO NEW YORK
03 Jul 1996 11:33:38 (NAME) Gejar (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Maui, Hawaii (SONG) Omaha (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Favorite Album: Grape Jam Thanks for carrying the torch!
01 Jul 1996 19:04:03 (NAME) David McDowell (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Springfield, Pennsylvania (SONG) If You Can't Learn From My Mistakes ... (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Awesome Page !! It has answered all my questions on how to replace all of my Moby Grape stuff on casettes (That are ALL WORN OUT!)
29 Jun 1996 20:49:06 (NAME) Ms. Terry Mosley (EMAIL) (LOCATION) San Diego (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Mother of James Mosley and ex wife of Bob Mosley (HOMEPAGE) (HOMETITLE) Morning-Star Rising
28 Jun 1996 22:18:46 (NAME) John Batchmon (EMAIL) (SONG) gypsy wedding (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Great site very informative. enjoyed it (HOMEPAGE) (HOMETITLE) The Funky Headhunter Homepage
27 Jun 1996 17:24:48 (NAME) Jimmy Holcomb (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Dallas, Tx (SONG) Omaha (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Wow! Didn't know they were still gigging in any form! Great page. Will check back.
27 Jun 1996 14:01:34 (NAME) Bill Donohue (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Brisbane CA (SONG) Anything off firts album (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Why isn't this page linked to all the other '60's bands pages found under the 'LSD' heading? (where else... )
26 Jun 1996 13:26:00 (NAME) John Reed (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Medford Ma. (SONG) 805 (MEMBER) Peter Lewis (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) This page rules!!! I am so glad you guys are keeping the Grape alive. Thanks sooooo Much!!!!
25 Jun 1996 10:33:09 (NAME) David Kidney (EMAIL) c/o moorepa@mcmail.CIS.McMaster.CA (LOCATION) Dundas, ON, Canada (SONG) first lp every song (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) There is no other group like the Grape. They gave us the absolutely BEST lp ever made bar none. And I thank them for it. I wish I could get some of the other stuff that never came out in Canada. The Melvilles, Peter Lewis, Mosely Grape etc. but I do have OAR which I bought at Sears for 39 cents.
20 Jun 1996 15:18:52 (NAME) William (Bill) Scotti (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Morrisville (Bucks County) PA (SONG) Naked if I want to (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I really appreciate your effort and enthusiasm!! I'm a fan from way back. I bought their first album when it came out - with the original poster. You've done a great job, and I'll be happy to spread the word about your site.
18 Jun 1996 10:51:58 (NAME) Jeffrey L Bayer (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Lincoln, NE (SONG) Changes (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Love the Grape - planning to see the upcoming CA shows (where is Del Mar?) I've also been looking for Spirit, so your page was a BIG help. BCing U
16 Jun 1996 07:13:42 (NAME) mark sommer (EMAIL) (LOCATION) topeka, Kansas (SONG) omaha (RATING) *****
15 Jun 1996 18:18:30 (NAME) Ted Logsdon (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Houston, Texas (SONG) Hey Gramma,Murder in My heart fot the Judge (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) cool buba
14 Jun 1996 15:13:08 (NAME) John DeNicola (SONG) Seeing (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Being one of their biggest fans since i was about 12 i was very happy to find this page. last summer i was listening to all thier music again very heavily till i got depressed considering what took place with them. Both Skip and Bob were giant influences on me and my music (I'm a songwriter, i co- wrote ive had the time of my life and hungry eyes from dirty dancing among other things). anyway i'm as giant fan.
11 Jun 1996 16:09:45 (NAME) David McCarty (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Mississippi State University, Starkville MS (SONG) "8:05" or "I Am Not Willing" (MEMBER) Peter Lewis (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Really hit Webcrawler with the query "Moby Grape" out of boredom. Did not expect what I got! You have a GREAT page with a ton of cool stuff. p.s. the first time I ever heard of the Grape was from Robert Plant interviews. The first song I heard was "8:05" on a Columbia vinyl compilation that also had some lame stuff from the Cryan Shames, Aretha, Peaches and Herb, and the Tremeloes.
11 Jun 1996 04:14:42 (NAME) Les Kaye (EMAIL) LALes@LAMG.COM (LOCATION) Los Angeles (SONG) They're all gems (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Great job! A wonderful and fitting tribute. I feel vindicated! Quick question...How can I get a copy of the Melvilles tape? (I got one from them at their LA show in '92(?), and need another Thanks, Les
09 Jun 1996 07:53:20 (NAME) "mad" louie (EMAIL) (LOCATION) buffalo, new york (SONG) dig them all (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Great site!!!! I wouldn't have known about the new "solo" albums if it wasn't for you. Thankx!!!!!
08 Jun 1996 17:11:32 (NAME) Alan Partridge (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Oban,Scotland (SONG) Can't Be So Bad (RATING) ****
07 Jun 1996 11:14:01 (NAME) James Mullins (EMAIL) (LOCATION) St. Louis, MO (SONG) hmm, why such hard questions? (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) So this is the TRUE Moby Grape home page. Hmm, I wonder if I'll have to change the name of my homepage now? Anyways, keep up the good work. (HOMEPAGE) (TITLE) Mobygrape's Home Page
06 Jun 1996 16:00:46 (NAME) Josh Earwood (EMAIL) (LOCATION) (SONG) 8:05 (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) *****
06 Jun 1996 09:30:55 (NAME) SIGI NAGYS (EMAIL) KTKD88A@PRODIGY.COM (SONG) 805 (RATING) *****
03 Jun 1996 14:27:28 (NAME) Tony Rees (EMAIL) (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Nevr thought I'd find these guys here, I'll pass the address on to a freind who actually saw them c.1968!
29 May 1996 19:35:33 (NAME) Louis Ogden (EMAIL) or (LOCATION) Prince George County, VA (SONG) Omaha & Changes (RATING) *****
19 May 1996 14:11:11 (NAME) Juergen Placke (EMAIL) JUERGEN_PLACKE (LOCATION) Bremen, Germany (SONG) Omaha (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) coming soon...
13 May 1996 23:51:57 (NAME) larry fradin (EMAIL) (SONG) 805, would ya let me?, hey grandma (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) ive got a few crummy tapes 66-67-68 if you'd like. great page, especially the posters! thanks larry
13 May 1996 23:27:02 (NAME) Karen Kling (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Austin, TX (SONG) Grape Jam Album (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Cool... I wish there were a web page for all the Haight-Ashbury bands. This is my favorite music... (HOMEPAGE) (TITLE) Karen's Home Page
13 May 1996 06:51:38 (NAME) Magnus Paterson (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Royal Observatory, Edinburgh, Scotland (SONG) 8:05 (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) YES! One of the greatest bands ever, and it's a joy to see a Grape presence on the Web. Keep up the good work. (HOMEPAGE) (TITLE) Magnus' Home Page
12 May 1996 10:13:38 (NAME) Brad (EMAIL) (LOCATION) coeur d'alene, idaho (SONG) 8:05 (RATING) *****
11 May 1996 19:58:29 (NAME) Rennie Selkirk (EMAIL) (LOCATION) NASA-Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) found you through
11 May 1996 12:57:49 (NAME) Mitch Scharman (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Kuna, Idaho (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Good Page!!
07 May 1996 14:37:01 (NAME) Lawrence A. Goldberg (EMAIL) (LOCATION) New York, New York (SONG) Seeing (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ****
02 May 1996 14:42:18 (NAME) Roy Josephson (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Cocoa Beach FL (SONG) Goin' Down to Texas (MEMBER) Peter Lewis (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Pleased to find you through Jefferson Airplane page. Just took a brief look today but I'll be back. Was in college in '67 when I first discovered Moby Grape. Still one of my favorite bands along with the Byrds and Love. Just pulled out my Moby Grape LP collection. It's time to put some of these tunes back on the turntable. I'll pass along more comments in a few days. Roy Cocoa Beach FL
02 May 1996 13:11:35 (NAME) Tom McKenna (EMAIL) (LOCATION) St. Cloud FL (SONG) Omaha, Hey Grandma (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) If you could get me some information about the post-columbia recordings, especially the Melvilles tape, I would very much appreciate it. You have done a wonderful job with this page. Write if you have the time. I am the only person I know who likes The Grape...
27 Apr 1996 10:48:14 (NAME) Jos Starmans (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Tilburg, the Netherlands (SONG) I am not willing, Omaha (MEMBER) Peter Lewis (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) I think Moby Grape is one of the great bands of the sixties. Especially "Moby Grape" and "Moby Grape '69" are real classics. So how about a CD release of "'69" and "Truly fine citizen? The vinyl albums I got are a bit worn out by now!
26 Apr 1996 23:32:44 (NAME) Gil Martin (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Upstate NY (SONG) Changes (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) First time on this page. The Grape were great.
25 Apr 1996 15:56:06 (NAME) Garaud MacTaggart (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Buffalo, NY (SONG) Omaha (RATING) ***
23 Apr 1996 20:25:09 (NAME) Kevin McCaffrey (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Seattle, WA (SONG) 8:05 (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) When I was 17 I attended the Monterey Pop Festival (June 16, 17, 18, 1967.) That was the first time I saw Moby Grape. They were absolutely one of the best acts at Monterey, playing a blistering set that was musically brilliant with the three-guitar onslaught and visually exhilarating because of Skip Spence. He was every bit as good a performer as Mick Jagger and the Grape electrified the crowd. The next time I saw them was about 6 months later at the Fillmore West in San Francisco. Skip didn't show up that night (Jerry Miller kept saying "He'll be here") and the show was lackluster. The opening act that night was the Jeff Beck Group featuring an unknown, spectacular, lead singer-- Rod Stewart.
20 Apr 1996 14:12:42 (NAME) John G. (EMAIL) (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Just Surfing around.... (HOMEPAGE) (TITLE) OZONEZ
16 Apr 1996 12:44:37 (NAME) Cam Baddeley (EMAIL) Somebody Else's. Ha! (LOCATION) Melbourne, Australia (SONG) Mr Blues (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Sensational. I'd be here more often if I didn't live out on the beach with no ISP in my area code. Bless you.
13 Apr 1996 09:27:47 (NAME) Keith Hunter (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Aberdeen, Scotland (SONG) Too may to list! (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I'd be interested in trading and getting involved in tape trees or whatever. I'm interested in getting more good quality shows, if any exist. The best I've is from Amsterdam in 1969, and I'd love to hear more. Thanks for taking the trouble to put this page togther.
13 Apr 1996 02:23:47 (NAME) Randy M. Foley (aka BearCat) (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Toledo, Ohio, USA (SONG) Naked If I Want To (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Long time coming--Many thanx.
11 Apr 1996 03:55:58 (NAME) Benjamin Itzcovich (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Neuchatel, Switzeland (SONG) Sitting By The Window ? (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) *****
07 Apr 1996 13:40:19 (NAME) claus rasmussen (EMAIL) (LOCATION) denmark (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) wow (HOMEPAGE)
06 Apr 1996 22:38:17 (NAME) Bill Parr (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Knoxville TN (SONG) Omaha (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) The page is hard to read with that background. (HOMEPAGE)
06 Apr 1996 13:46:33 (NAME) Tony Armstrong (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Somerset, KY (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Glad to know the interest in MG is still here!
30 Mar 1996 22:43:17 (NAME) Dennis Peterson (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Sidney,NY (SONG) Omaha (RATING) *****
28 Mar 1996 19:55:04 (NAME) ben burma (EMAIL) (LOCATION) sunnyvale, CA. (SONG) forty feet tall (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I ran out of rating stars. Dan at has some rare tapes. Broadcasts made at three gigs I was at in the late 70's. This page sure made finding him a lot easier. Thanks Ben (HOMEPAGE) (TITLE) should be Moby Bullfinch
25 Mar 1996 21:39:57 (NAME) Steve Geer (EMAIL) (SONG) Fall On You or maybe Omaha (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) When I saw the cover of the first Grape LP (which I still have--in glorious mono) and Don Stevenson's middle finger salute to the world, I knew I was gonna like this band. Almost thirty years later I still do. Great page and great links. Thanks.
22 Mar 1996 07:46:20 (NAME) al engberg (EMAIL) (LOCATION) university of delaware (SONG) 8:05 (MEMBER) Peter Lewis (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Thanks for caring about one of the BEST bands ever!!!! Keep up the great work!!
13 Mar 1996 23:14:54 (NAME) Leonard Shapiro (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Minneapolis, Minnesota (SONG) Lazy Me (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Thanks for takin' me back... It's good to know that other people remember and still care about this stuff. (HOMEPAGE) (TITLE) Blues Saloon Maniacs
13 Mar 1996 13:22:07 (NAME) John B. Richardson (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Cuba, Missouri (SONG) 8:05, (I guess)... (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I am an original fan... Great to keep the name alive! I was ripped off by Katz in Saint Louis 1968? with the fake band. He held off the whole place! What Noive! see ya' and thanks for your work!
12 Mar 1996 20:07:22 (NAME) Andrew McGinn (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Sioux City, Iowa (SONG) "Changes" (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) GREAT PAGE!
10 Mar 1996 22:01:30 (NAME) Justin Purington (EMAIL) (LOCATION) PO Box 282 Weare, NH 03281 (SONG) Fall On You (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) *****
09 Mar 1996 13:55:27 (NAME) James Holbrook (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Guildford,England (SONG) Bitter Wind (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) I liked this page. Thanks for it. Perhaps you could include some more articles about the band.
08 Mar 1996 23:33:17 (NAME) Bill Kopp (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Atlanta GA (SONG) Omaha (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I have lots of Beatle Boots. Would anybody trade some of these for Grape bootlegs?
04 Mar 1996 14:49:31 (NAME) Colin Pringle (EMAIL) (SONG) not sure (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I'm glad someone remembers Moby Grape (HOMEPAGE) (TITLE) The Wild Bohemian Home Page
04 Mar 1996 09:45:06 (NAME) Leon Barzin (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Westwood, MA (SONG) Impossible to choose - Maybe Murder in My heart.. or 8:05 (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I lost my copy of the first album 12 years ago when I moved to MA from Oregon. I had searched music stores in vain looking for a CD version til I found these pages. Five days later I had a frech CD (complete with the legendary finger) in hand. Thanks for all this great information. Leon
06:47:59 (NAME) Timo Vuorisalmi (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) My second time on these pages. You asked me about Moby Grape fans in Finland I know few who like some of there stuff, but I don't know anybody as fanatic as I am. The album by Fine Wine is missing in your discography.
28 Feb 1996 13:19:17 (NAME) keith jones (SONG) Omaha (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) I'll be back! Good to see other Grapeheads out there.
23 Feb 1996 12:34:03 (NAME) Arni Johannsson (LOCATION) Byggdavegur 109, 600 Akureyri, Iceland (SONG) Beutiful day today (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Great band. When I play their albums, everybody who hears it like it, so I can't understand why they are not more popular then they are.
19 Feb 1996 22:04:19 Hello, yes I was trying to fill out the guestbook, although I didn't know that there was a problem of some kind. The information I provided was roughly the following: (NAME) Brent Gregory Boaz (LOCATION) Ridgewood,NJ (EMAIL) (SONG) "Indifference" (MEMBER) Skip Spence And a question: Do you know why the producers of "Vintage" did not include "3/4" and "Naked, If I Want To (reprise)"?
19 Feb 1996 17:42:05 (NAME) Dave Bader (EMAIL) (SONG) Set me down easy (1978) (RATING) ***
18 Feb 1996 11:01:04 (NAME) John Grassman (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Kansas City MO (SONG) Omaha (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Great to see MG receiving recognition. Lyric in "Hey Grandma" is "POW POW POW." Keep up the good work.
15 Feb 1996 18:48:13 (NAME) Lars Westin (EMAIL) (LOCATION) G vle, Sweden (SONG) 8.05 (MEMBER) Peter Lewis (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Great pages about one of the best groups ever. Thanks!
14 Feb 1996 16:41:00 (NAME) Brian Williams (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Lake Tahoe, CA/NV - usa (SONG) too many (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I booked the Grape on their first gig in LA at the Hullabaloo- AfterHours in 67. Then I brought them to Tahoe in 78 for a 1-niter at the "Waystation" - And Skip, thanks for showing up at that gig. The Grape still rules.
14 Feb 1996 08:10:08 Hi Scott, It was strange. I clicked on the button to submit what I had written in the guest book and it brought up the page for mailing you. Maybe the problem is the OS/2 web browser. Anyway here's what I tried to send you: The web pages are *GREAT*!! If you're interested, I can scan the CD covers of "Oar" and "Fall on Amsterdam". What size do you want? What format JPEG, GIF,...? Are uuencoded files OK? I can try scanning the LP covers for "Moby Grape 69" and "Grape Jam". Both are worn, so I don't know how good they'll come out. I can also scan the label of the "Fall on You"/"Changes" single. --Barry
09 Feb 1996 01:07:28 (NAME) Stephen Whigham (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Georgia (SONG) hey grandma (esp.since reading what it means,chicks/grannies (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Good work on an excellent and as usual, underrated group. Hope Skip Spence is getting along!!
08 Feb 1996 15:36:48 (NAME) johnny angel (EMAIL) (LOCATION) SF (SONG) "Rounder" (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) the Moby Grape article I wrote also appeared in Relix, San Jose Metro and the SF Bay Guardian (HOMEPAGE) (TITLE)
06 Feb 1996 14:09:56 (NAME) chuck mount (EMAIL) (LOCATION) jackson,tn (SONG) omaha (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) glad to see someone's taking the time to help people appreciate this incredible band. everyone should check out sony's excellent double cd compilation - vintage-the very best of moby grape.
31 Jan 1996 07:08:04 (NAME) Jeff Tamarkin (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Hoboken, NJ (SONG) 8:05 (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) Just found the site through the link on the Airplane page. Looks nice. I'll mention it in an upcoming issue of Goldmine magazine, which I edit. (HOMEPAGE) not yet--we'll have one in a month or so (TITLE) it will be Goldmine Magazine
30 Jan 1996 23:38:08 (NAME) Robert Axline (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Albuquerque, NM (SONG) Some Day (MEMBER) Jerry Miller (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Keep up the great work! I especially enjoyed your MG photo album. I'd never seen any of those shots before.
28 Jan 1996 21:35:18 (NAME) Michael Dallin (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Loveland, CO (SONG) Bitter Wind (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) Great page! Keep it up! I do have one request... for a while now, I've been trying to decipher the lyrics to "Seeing" (aka "Skip's Song"), but I still have a lot of "holes" where I had to guess what is being sung. So, here's my question... first, are the lyrics printed somewhere (in a cd cover, etc). If not, I have typed in my best guess... care to take a look at it and work together to figure these lyrics out? Thanks! -Mdd ;) (HOMEPAGE) (TITLE) Michael Dallin's Home Page
28 Jan 1996 11:51:29 (NAME) Dominic (LOCATION) Hong Kong (SONG) He (RATING) ***
27 Jan 1996 06:23:42 (NAME) Aashish Ahuja (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Lubbock TX (SONG) Naked if i want to, sitting by my window (RATING) *** (COMMENTS) I guess you are just starting out. But it is a noble quest. I've always wondered what the Grape live shows would've been like. Maybe some treeing should be attempted through the page
26 Jan 1996 09:16:50 (NAME) Timo Vuorisalmi (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Tampere, FINLAND (SONG) Lost horizon (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) *****
24 Jan 1996 22:23:25 (NAME) Kevin Wrede (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Portland, OR (SONG) Omaha (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Nice page! Kinda takes me back to Golden Age of music. By the way, I happen to have Skip Spence's "Oar". It's a somewhat beat up promo copy. Somebody swiped my first one years back, so I'm happy to have found any copy at all. It's a fine work, eh? Anyway, let me know if you want a tape of it. Peace, Kevo
19 Jan 1996 15:26:12 (NAME) Phil Anderson (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Tucson, AZ (SONG) Omaha, Hey Grandma (RATING) *** (COMMENTS) Whew !!!, to get back to the *energy* this band and my other favorite Bay Area bands possessed. Looks like we're entering another prefab disco era of predictability: but -- considering the swing to patronizing the corporate feeding frenzy, what do you expect???? Bless all the survivors who can close their eyes and for a moment remember the magic of the Avalon ballroom!!!
18 Jan 1996 14:01:00 (NAME) Marty Halpern (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Northern California (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) Found out about this page via Jeff Zahnen's Jefferson Airplane family web site: Only suggestion for your front home page is to reduce the size of the font: I felt like someone was screaming at me! Cheers, marty
17 Jan 1996 19:01:00 (NAME) Jesse W. Cooper (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Bowling Green, Ohio (SONG) I am not willing (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Great work with this page! Moby Grape deserves far more recognition than they recieve. Thank you very much. This page is excellent and enjoyable. keep up the great work!
16 Jan 1996 18:01:00 (NAME) patrick mccague (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) great page
16 Jan 1996 16:01:00 (NAME) Jonathan L. Meyer (EMAIL) (RATING) **** (HOMEPAGE) (TITLE) Vicious Homepage
16 Jan 1996 15:01:00 (NAME) paul hollister (EMAIL) (LOCATION) stockport england (SONG) bitter wind (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) ived loved the grape since getting wow back in 70 i got the double reissue cd and without doubt they were one of the greatest undiscovered bands of all time. ive recently bought wow grape jam on cd and the jam sections are beautiful. ive been brought up on dead/airplane but i think somebody somewhere owes the grape an explanation as to why those bands along with a few others made it so big and they didnt. of course living in england doesnt help when you like west coast music so theres alot ive probably missed im sorry if my internet protocol isnt up to much but i only got on (line ?) a couple of days ago and im busy checking out my bands rather than learning to crawl ! first thanks for a great page
15 Jan 1996 10:01:00 (NAME) John Gregorio (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Denver, CO (SONG) Bitter Wind (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) It is great to find some Moby Grape fans. When I mentioned them at my work no one knew who they were. Maybe in Boulder... Thanks for your great page.
15 Jan 1996 10:01:00 (NAME) Meori Oransky (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Israel (SONG) Sitting by the Window (MEMBER) Skip Spence (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Liked the page,love the band Sherching desperatly for "WOW" If u can help me please send e-mail Thanks
15 Jan 1996 10:01:00 (NAME) Harvey Pua (EMAIL) (SONG) Every one of them (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) I love your page man. I spent plenty of time on the net the last winter looking for great music links, especially for one on Moby Grape (If I could never find one, until now. This whole page totally rocks big time and I'd like to thank you pesonally for being the first voice on the net representing a truly amazing rock n' roll band (not only of the 60's but if they had been truly successful, of ALL TIME) called Moby Grape.
15 Jan 1996 10:01:00 (NAME) Jim Baadshaug (EMAIL) (LOCATION) New Jersey (SONG) Miller's Blues or Changes (RATING) *** (COMMENTS) You need to do something about the backround it's too hard to read
10 Jan 1996 21:01:00 (NAME) flash george (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Medford, Orygun (SONG) all (RATING) *** (COMMENTS) I don't remember the year, but Johnny, Eric (who owned a Triumph motorcycle) and I left The City and headed to Marin. After winding our way to the top of the highest hill (the three of us on Eric's Triumph, no shit) which was close to our destination, we dropped and spent the next three or four hours enjoying internal and external scenery. Then we piled on the bike nad went downhill until we reached the Rio Nido Ballroom. There we heard the Grape and Janis' bunch which lator, Johnny, Eric and I considered to be a legendary concert. What great days.
10 Jan 1996 09:01:00 (NAME) Cima (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Milan, Italy (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) A very liquid page. But... you know how they call this kind of purple color in the dialect of my town Well: "traa-suu de ciuc" witch means uh... "(red wine) drunkhard's vomit"... But don't take it hard!! This is what PEOPLE says: personally, I like this color a lot; got plenty T-shirts this tint.
09 Jan 1996 13:01:00 (NAME) Marian Schmidt (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Merseburg/Germany (SONG) ??? (RATING) *** (COMMENTS) Schoenen Guten Morgen :) Tja, wenn ich jetzt gut englisch koennte wuerde ich ja was reintippeln, aber ich kanns net. Also lass ich es besser leiben :) sorry, but my englisch is to bad :( bye marian
09 Jan 1996 12:01:00 (NAME) Roman Franco (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Santiago Dominican Rep (RATING) ***** (COMMENTS) Your page is great
09 Jan 1996 12:01:00 (NAME) HIDEHARU CHOUTOU (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Utah (SONG) hey grandma (MEMBER) Bob Mosley (RATING) *****
09 Jan 1996 12:01:00 (NAME) Timo Brueggemann (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Germany (RATING) *****
05 Jan 1996 12:01:00 (NAME) Dave Marsteller (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Miami, Fl (SONG) Horse Out In The Rain (MEMBER) Peter Lewis (RATING) *** (COMMENTS) A good start! Glad to see I'm not the only Grape fan around!
04 Jan 1996 16:01:00 (NAME) Tom Parmenter (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Boston (SONG) 8:05, but really one song is ridiculous. (REFERENCE) Alta Vista (RATING) *** (COMMENTS) Three stars for existing. I wrote an article about MG for Boston's Fusion mag back then, maybe someday I'll scan it in. You don't mention the "False Moby Grape" tour that Matthew Katz put togethe, one of the biggest disappointments of the 60s for me. This was a band with only one actual Grape in it. We got $2 back on our tickets, but bummer. I became a Moby Grape fan one line into "Hey Grandma", cut 1 side 1 and haven't stopped being one since. I didn't like the Moby Grape CD because they didn't really present the first album properly. I agree that this is one of the best albums ever.
04 Jan 1996 08:01:00 (NAME) tim hickey (EMAIL) (LOCATION) champaign, illinois (SONG) album: moby grape 69 (RATING) **** (COMMENTS) keep pounding yer page into shape! hey, how about adding a lyric archive?
03 Jan 1996 07:01:00 (NAME) Dan Casidy (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Ottawa, Ontario, Canada (SONG) Bitter Wind (RATING) 4 (COMMENTS) I think the new additions are great. Keep up the good work. Soon I will email you with a list of the live concerts I have found. Cheers Dan
29 Dec 1995 03:12:00 (NAME) Steve Gilbert (EMAIL) (LOCATION) boston, ma (SONG) murder in my heart for the judge (RATING) 10 (COMMENTS) keep up the good work. saw moby grape twice in n.y. in the early 70's. big fan
28 Dec 1995 12:12:00 (NAME) Stephen M. Gorin (EMAIL) (LOCATION) S.F. (SONG) too many to list (RATING) 7 (COMMENTS) add me to mailing list, please. I am a Grape fanatic!!!
28 Dec 1995 12:12:00 (NAME) Max Dekker (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Amsterdam Holland (SONG) i love them all (RATING) 10
28 Dec 1995 12:12:00 (NAME) Tad Nowinski (EMAIL) (SONG) all (RATING) 10 (COMMENTS) would really like any info on music, concert tapes, solo projects, and current locations and projects of members-one of my favorite and talented groups of the sixties on.
28 Dec 1995 12:12:00 (NAME) Wu C. Lee (EMAIL) (LOCATION) Suwon City, South Korea (SONG) Sitting by the window, Omaha, Come in the morning (RATING) 9 (COMMENTS) hi threre. i'm a collegean in Korea, very fond of psychedelic musics, especially Jefferson Airplane, beatles (white album) kind of stuffs. moby grape's almost unknown here in korea although the songs are fantastic! SO, i'm so glad to find moby grape home page and wish your page to prosper. see you then.
28 Dec 1995 12:12:00 (NAME) Jingles (EMAIL) (LOCATION) NJ (RATING) 5 (COMMENTS) Do you know of any other CDs officially released in the US aside from Moby Grape and Live Grape?
13 Dec 1995 21:12:00 (NAME) Jack Kulp (EMAIL) (RATING) 10 (COMMENTS) Do you have the words and chords to "Murder in My Heart for the Judge"? I appreciate your efforts. I added the site to my bookmarks so I can return from time to time. I bought their first album between 1967 and 1969. I performed many of their songs (I am a 45 year old retired rock lead vocalist / blues harp player) for many years including 8:05, Omaha and Hey Grandma. I also performed several Byrds songs including Mr. Spaceman. As a lead vocalist, I have only lyrics to contribute. However, if my memory serves me, the lyrics were always included with the albums, with the possible exception of Grape Jam. Thanks for posting Naked If You Want To. My brother and I still perform for our own pleasure, and the music really helps. If there is ever anything you want to know about music and bands from that era, just let me know. I performed much of the music, and saw virtually every rock band at various venues during that time.
13 Dec 1995 18:12:00 (NAME) Brett Fitzgerald (EMAIL) (LOCATION) New Zealand (HOMEPAGE) (RATING) 10
13 Dec 1995 15:12:00 (NAME) Peter Olle (EMAIL) (RATING) 10 (COMMENTS) They are one of my favorite bands, and "If I could learn..." is one of my favorite songs.
08 Dec 1995 09:12:00 (NAME) Sam Green (RATING) 10