Supportive housing litigation games

In San Francisco, drug addicts in Housing First supportive housing are suing because supportive housing has drug paraphernalia and behaviors associated with drug addicts

Simply put, you the taxpayer owe us money because you allowed us to destroy your property

This post centers around four recent mass lawsuits filed against one of the top supportive housing non profits Tenderloin Housing Clinic

Craig v THC which is the Seneca SRO at 34 6th street,
Borland v THC which is the Jefferson SRO at 440 Eddy,
Emelia v THC which is the Boyda SRO at 41 Jones
Craigie v THC which is the Hartland SRO at 909 Geary

More links and info on X can be found here

This type of mass lawsuit is not new. In 2016 a series of similar mass lawsuits were filed starting with Amerson v THC which were widely rumoured to have settled for 5k for each tenant, and most of it spent on drugs. Many of the allegations were similar habitability issues, failure to repair damaged items, pest infestation things like that. The habitability issues were never repaired and even if they were it's temporary since the tenants themselves are causing the damage. If the staff were doing this damage that would be contract fraud, or sabotaging the contract in order to inflate the price of the contract

Emily Cohen of HSH at the Homeless Oversight Commission 9.7.23 "Emily Cohen of HSH - a large part of the increase in supportive housing funding is for repairing units that 'have drywall missing-torn down to the studs, floors ripped up. piping tapped into, electric sockets ripped out"

One major difference between 2016 and 2024 is recently the Department of homelessness granted 108mm in extra grant money to Tenderloin Housing Clinic mostly for the purpose of repairing damaged buildings. These type of tenant caused damages were also described in a San Francisco Board of Supervisors hearing on evictions in 2023 here, here, here, and here. Another hearing described the same thing more recently at another Board of Supervisors hearing in March 2024 regarding Homerise Mission Bay here, here and here. This non profit, Tenderloin Housing Clinic has had an official policy of primariliy housing 'chronic substance abusers since at least 2001

This follows an official policy of Harm Reduction and Housing First since at least 2004 and state law since 2016 which was cosponsored by the current city attorney David Chiu and shaped by the executive director of this very same non profit

A major problem with this type of mass lawsuit is if it drags out and goes to trial, it could end up exposing internal documents that show public officials knew the policy of prioritizing high risk addicts would lead to outcomes like this. So the non profit is more likely to settle and pay off the very same addicts with your tax money to keep them quiet

There have been other lawsuits against THC but from inherited tenants alleging the same thing. But they don't know that 'non residents gaining access to the property' are usually signed in by HSH funded tenants and then left to roam freely, sometimes for months or even years

One of the charges in these latest lawsuits is that the non profit has lax security which allows non residents into the building bringing mayhem and drug items into the building, but this is one of the plaintiffs, Noel Quintana #621 in Craig v THC

Noel himself signed people into the building who never left and spent more than a year living in his room running a bike chop shop while being on probation after being arrested numerous times for breaking and entering and theft. Noel and his friend also broke down his own door contributing to the dilapidated conditions he's suing over

Another tenant who's suing, Thomas Rooney #634 continuously destroyed his own room while high on meth and took his own door off the hinges

Another tenant, Kevin Miller #626, is also a meth addict who distributes meth inside the building, and has had regular fights over meth and has tossed meth pipes into the hallway, while starting fires which made the news and caused damage and severely burned one of his guests. Kevin has also been arrested for drugs

Other tenants like Shan Bowerman #616 have arrest records all over the bay area. Plaintiff and tenant Cameron Combs #414 has been arrested for selling drugs. Plaintiff and tenant William Wyloge #423 has been arrested and made the news for threatening people on the street with a hypodermic needle. Plaintiff Carlos Law #125 has quite a rap sheet. Tenant Charles Bursey #135 assaulted a cohabitant in 2017

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How new legislation could intensify the concentration of addicts in the Tenderloin

Two supervisors, Matt Dorsey and Rafael Mandelman are currently working on new legislation to provide up to 25% of funding to be used for recovery housing, or sober housing according to the SF Standard

The legislation will be posted here once introduced, but according to the article it only applies to new buildings yet to be contracted out to non profits

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San Francisco supportive housing restraining orders

San Francisco supportive housing restraining orders - work in progress. This is not a complete list, just the easiest to find. Some may be buried deeper in the database. Somewhat related are evictions but that usually involved property damage rather than threats to staff like restraining orders

Tenderloin Housing Clinic



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Randy Shaw’s Power Plays 1996

This article was originally published in the SF Weekly March 27, 1996. It ios no longer in the archives. Another archive was created on

This is a 3rd backup archive

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The Tenderloin downzone doom loop

The Tenderloin downzone doom loop started in the 1980's with the goal of preserving housing for low income tenants, but over time has become corrupted and completely skewed from it's original intent. This centers on two laws from that era, the SRO Demolition Ordinance and a planning commission code limiting height in the Tenderloin area. Both of these are linked here

In 2011, the writer of these two laws, Randy Shaw, spoke at the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and bragged about downzoning the Tenderloin. This was followed by H Brown saying that Randy Shaw has displaced the original working poor in Tenderloin SROs and replaced them with addicts. This is because Randy Shaw and other non profits contract with the San Francisco Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing which has a policy of prioritizing addicts for these SROs. Randy Shaw admits this in his own blog and also admits developing this policy prioritizing addicts. This means that the intent was not to preserve low income housing as has been claimed , but to replace low income working people with hardcore drug addicts from around the country

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Los Angeles Sheriff Alex Villanueva public forum July 21, 2021

On July 21, 2021, LA county Sheriff Villanueva held a publuc forum Q&A abd presser originally posted on Instagram here

This has now been re-upped to youtube and a transcript made

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Brigitte Dollarhide

Brigitte Dollarhide is 76 Years old (born in 1944) and is a body builder in Texas

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link dump

1.How Federal Intervention Can Ease California’s Homeless Crisis

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suicide at the Seneca

On February 20, 2019, a twitter user captured this in front of the Seneca SRO hotel at 34 6th street, which is a Tenderloin Housing Clinic supported housing for the homeless

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Housing First evictions

update 2024 list of restraining orders

update 2023, On March 20, 2023 the San Francisco Board of Supervisors held a 2 hour hearing on evictions in supportive housing. Testmony by both staff and tenants included incidents of throwing microwaves out of windows, how some people destabilize entire buildings, an increaee is damage to units and an increase in refusal to pay rent. Also, thread on California 2016 Housing First law and efforts to repeal it

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