link dump

1.How Federal Intervention Can Ease California’s Homeless Crisis
2.Drugs Zombies, Tent Cities and Medieval Diseases : The Battle for Los Angeles
4.Another Voice – Mental Health Myths
5.California Doctors Drafting Policies To Help Tackle Homelessness
6.Drug overdose mortality among residents of single room occupancy buildings in San Francisco, California, 2010-2017
7.Sacramento-Violent, Drug-addicted Transients from Out of Town Make Up the Majority of Homeless
8.San Francisco Methamphetamine Task Force 2019
9.Daphne Bramham: Decriminalization is no silver bullet, says Portugal's drug czar
10.Sacramento Battles Over Homeless Shelters
11.Vice-The Crystal Meth Epidemic Plaguing Fresno
12.San Francisco, Hostage to the Homeless
13.Stanford professor who changed America with just one study was also a liar
14.Kennedy's vision for mental health never realized
15.Crisis Grows in Calif. Mental Hospitals (1979)
16.Toronto neighborhood under siege from safe injection site
18.Jim Hartman: Tough love approach needed toward homelessness
19.Modern ‘Asylums’ Would Be a Compassionate Answer for Mentally Ill Homeless People
20.Sobriety first, housing plus (Marina Times)
21.'Housing First' approach won't solve homelessness crisis
22.Progressives just won’t admit the truth about opioids and the homeless
23.California can’t solve homelessness by ignoring mental health: Susan Shelley
24.Who Has Profited From The Homeless Crisis Financially and Politically?
25.Gooood Times: California's homeless industrial complex is rolling in the dough
26.State Policy/Court Orders Keep Mentally Ill Homeless on the Streets of California
27.Housing First and Homelessness: The Rhetoric and the Reality
28.Coronavirus Rent Strikes Are On The Fast Track To Obliterating Property Rights
29.Homelessness and Covid-19: Assessing the Response and Planning for the Reopening
30.Rampant Drug Dealing in San Francisco Requires Federal Intervention
31.Prelude to a SFPD Shooting - Tenderloin 5150 incident
32.The Progressive Destruction of Venice Beach, Proxy for the Nation
33.The “Housing First” Approach Has Failed: Time to Reform Federal Policy and Make it Work for Homeless Americans
34.Auditor slams state mental-health system, revives Laura’s Law
35.Housing First: Homing in on the problem
36.San Francisco’s Deathly Compassion - Erica Sandberg
37.A First-Amendment Case for Freedom from the Woke Religion
38.PJ O’Rourke: This is why millennials adore socialism
39.The Harm in “Harm Reduction”
40.Emptying mental hospitals was a joint decision
41.Canada shows 'safe injection sites' aren't safe, effective or wise, says Christopher F. Rufo
42.Lab Coat Tyranny California is using “public health” as a rationale to push progressive political goals. Christopher F. Rufo
43.The Medical Slave State
44.The Battle for California Is the Battle for America
45.San Francisco’s Quality-of-Life Toll (2019)
46.The Cult Dynamics of Wokeness
47.One-Party Democrat Rule Is Killing California, And It’s Coming For The Country
48.Winston84 - list of politically censored websites
49.The Great Reset for Dummies
50.They cant cancel all of us (Spiked June 2020)
51.How America’s Cities Became Bastions of Progressive Politics
52.How Marxists Exploit Race
53.Four Stages of Marxist Takeover: The Accuracy of Yuri Bezmenov
54.The New Untouchables (chris rufo dec3 2020)
55.The Democratic Party’s San Francisco Problem (Hoover November 2020)
56.Soviet Politics, American Style (NYT Dec 2020)
57.The year Big Tech became the Ministry of Truth (Spiked - Dec 2020)
58.Vancouver study finds supportive-housing policies fail to curb drug use (Straight 2015)
59.Antifa AARs, Adapting and Evolving Tactics, Eviction Occupations Spreading (Erin Smith-Jan 2021)
60.The Five Crises of the American Regime (Lind-Tabletmag-Jan 2021)
61. The Real History of Antifa (Kyle Shideler-American Mind)
62.I Now Better Understand the ‘Good German’
63.Wokeness at Noon (LawLiberty dec 2020)
64.Woke Capitalism’s US Social Credit System
65.Parler and the Problem of Escaping Internet Censorship
67.Every video of democrat violence archived here
68.This Is How Conservatives Get Erased From the Internet
69.California’s Internet Censorship Office is Watching What You Say
70.The Liberal-Left Has Gone Fully Illiberal
71.declassified link dump jan 2021
72.A Journey Through Oligarch Valley (Yashsa Levine 2013)
73.How Big Government And Big Tech Conspire Against Voters (jan 2021)
74.Extraction Intensifies (SF local Jan 2021)
75.Crime And Punishment? Not So Much In California (Hoover Jan 2021)
76.San Francisco’s “Progressive” Drug Policies Kill Hundreds Annually (Hoover Jan 2021)
77.“Multiracial Whiteness”(Powerline blog Jan 2021)
78.San Fran is crawling with drugs. DA shows more concern for dealers
79.To Brin, or Not to Brin (cancel culture essay Jan 2021)
80.Beware the proliferation of preferred pronouns (Spiked Jan 2021)
81.The New National American Elite (Tablet Jan 2021)
82.Biden's Culture War Aggression (substack Jan 2021)
83.Journalists Mobilize Against Free Speech (Tablet Jan 2021)
84.The dystopian reality of Big Tech (Spiked Jan 2021)
85.How to Deprogram Us (AmGreatness Jan 2021)
86.The billionaire takeover of civil society (Spiked Jan 2021)
87.The Greatest Threat to The United States? Corporate Fascism (Redstate Jan 2021)
88.The self-demolition of San Francisco (Medium Jan 2021)
89.Beating Back Cancel Culture: A Case Study from the Field of Artificial Intelligence (Quillette Jan 2021)
90.The Thirty Tyrants (Tabletmag Feb 2021)
91.The Consequences of California’s Centrally Planned Compassion (California Globe Feb 2021)
92.‘Systemic racism’ is a conspiracy theory (Spiked Feb 2021)
93.The Emergent Urban Anti-progressivism (National Review Feb 2021)
94.There are no socialist success stories: John Stossel (OC Register Feb 2021)
95.California is collapsing (Unheard Feb 2021)
96.Our Illiberal Moment (National Review Feb 2021)
97.The Origin and True Agenda of ‘Anti-Racist’ Politics (AMGreatness Feb 2021)
98.A Modest Proposal For Republicans: Use The Word Class (Substack Feb 2021)
99.How the IMD Exclusion Connects to Our Homeless Crisis (Accoglienza: lessons for America - Feb 2021)
100.The Evolutionary Advantages of Playing Victim (Quillette Feb 2021)
101.11 Warning Signs of Gaslighting (Psychology Today 2017)
102.A New Crime Wave—and What to Do About It (City Journal Feb 2021)
103.Here’s What Happens When Social Workers, Not Police, Respond To Mental Health Crises (Civil Beat Mar 2021)
104.We didn’t start this culture war (Spiked Mar 2021)
105.The Spectre of Totalitarianism (The Critic Mar 2021)
106.International Fact-Checking Network: New Worldwide Ministry of Truth? (Activist Post 2017)
107.Klaus Schwab & His Great Fascist Reset (Off Guardian Oct 2020)
108.Hitting Woke Herd Immunity? (AM Greatness Mar 2021)
109.Only In San Francisco: $61,000 Tents And $350,000 Public Toilets (Hoover Mar 2021)
110.Encountering Thomas Sowell (LawLiberty Mar 2021)
111.Making Americans Your Enemies (American Mind Mar 2021)
112.The tyranny of lived experience (Spiked Mar 2021)
113.The Invisible Asylum (Rufo - City Journal - Winter 2021)
114.Why America’s Elites Want to End the Middle Class (Ed Ring - AM Greatness Apr 2021)
115.The Alarming Absence of Accountability in the Homelessness System (Texas Monthly Apr 2021)
116. The Shaky Foundations of LA's Housing 'Entitlement' for the Homeless (Rufo - Real Clear Investigations Apr 2021)
117.San Francisco’s Substance-Abuse Crisis (Erica Sandberg - City Journal Apr 2021)
119.Blighted San Francisco Diagnoses Its 'Perilous Trifecta' -- and Bungles the Cure (Rufo - Real Clear Inv - Apr 2021)
120.California is Leaving (Frontpage Mag May 10, 2021)
121.Why California Governor Gavin Newsom Keeps Making Homelessness Worse (Shellenberger - Substack May 11, 2021
122.Backlash By The Bay (City Journal June 2021 - Sandberg)
123.Fully Oligarchic Luxury Californication (American Mind-Kotkin, June 2021)
124.Why I Am Not A Progressive (Shellenberger August 2021)
125.Why Everything We Thought About Drugs Was Wrong (Shellenberger August 2021)
126.San Francisco’s Department of (Perpetual) Homelessness and (Un) Supportive Housing (Sandberg September 2021)
127.How ‘housing first’ failed to solve L.A. homelessness crisis (Shelley September 2021)
128.Compassionate Enforcement (Rufo Summer 2021)
129.Ending Homelessness? No—just more of the same federal policy. (Stephen Eide September 24, 2021)
129. $12 billion to house the homeless, but‘housing first' doesnt work (Kerry Jackson - OC Register, May 2021)
130.Spectacle vs. Progress (Piereson, Riley - City Journal Oct 2021)
131.The Social Costs of Scarcity (Sedgwick-American Conservative Oct 2021)
132.Disastrous Public Policies that Followed Psychologization of Cerebral Illness (NasniCares Apr 2021)
133.New Report on San Francisco Homelessness Provides Real Policy Solutions (Grimes, California Globe Nov 2021)
134.San Francisco Homeless Insider Tells All (Shellenberger - Substack Nov 2021)
135.EncycloReader (Flagship)Encyclosearch Factseek Gigablast SEARCH
136.The City of Palliative Care (Riverlong - Gihub Nov 2021)
137.Healing ‘San Fransicko' (Sedgwick American Conservative Dec 2021)
138.Lessons learned from a failed bet on 'Housing First' (Steeb-Williams, The Hill Nov 2021)
139.At the Granada Hotel, a Rush to House the Homeless Comes at the Expense of Elderly Tenants (SF Standard Dec 2021)
140.Lessons From the Great Inflation (Samuelson-Reason Jan 2009)
141.Toronto 2021 - Overdoses in Homelessness Services Settings
142.America’s Asymmetric Civil War (Lind-Tabletmag Jan 2022)
143.Class War is Just Beginning (Kotkin-American Mind Jan 2022)
144.L.A.’s Billion-Dollar Failure (Ursua-City JournaL Jan 2022)
145.Housing First and the Homelessness Crisis: What Went Wrong? (Filter mag - Zwarenstein 2020)
146.San Francisco’s Village of Pain (Sandberg Jan 2022)
147.How 'Housing First' fueled the homelessness crisis (Washington Examiner Jan 2022)
148.Will Law Enforcement Unions Use Their Power to Change Homeless Policy? (Ring-California Globe Feb 2022)
149.Housing First is a Failure (Glock Cicero Jan 2022)
150.San Francisco’s Heart of Darkness (SF's Harm Reduction Nightmare) (Ursua City Journal Feb 2022)
151.Howard Anglin: In our cashless society, we need to take digital jail seriously (Anglin - The Hub Feb 2022)
152.Oligarchs Want Us to Power Down So They Can Power Up (Ring, AMGreatness Mar 2022)
153.California’s Homeless Housing Scam (Ring,- AMGreatness Feb 2022
154.The Great Reset Is Real (Gutentag-CompactMag Mar 2022)
155.The Censored (Atkinson 2022)
156.The 40 Best Political Twitter Accounts to Follow
157.San Francisco’s “Housing First” Nightmare (Sandberg - City Journal Apr22 2022)
158.How California’s rigid progressive politics hurt a successful Sacramento homeless program (Stutzman - SacBee Apr 2022)
159.Despite Spending $1.1 Billion, San Francisco Sees Its Homelessness Problems Spiral Out Of Control (Ohanian, Hoover, May 2022)
160.China and synthetic drugs: Geopolitics trumps counternarcotics cooperation (Brown - Brookins mar 2022)
161.Most Cities’ Responses To Homelessness Actually Enable Even More Homelessness (Marbut May 2022)
162.Why Won’t Policymakers Talk About Drugs and Homelessness? (GVWire May 2022)
163.‘Supportive Housing’ Is No Solution to Homelessness (Tyee-Canada, May 2022)
164.Three Times more die in Housing First than Shelter First - Shellenberger May 2022)
165.When ‘misplaced compassion’ does more harm than good (Morgan -Chicoer June 2022)
166.Ideology has poisoned the West (Howland, Unheard, Jul2, 2022)
167.The Simple Economics Of Why San Francisco Is Not Recovering (Ohanian - Hoover, June 2022)
168.Harm reduction has captured the US (Siegel, Unheard Jul 2022)
169.More housing isn’t the solution to homelessness — it’s treatment (Steeb, NY Post, July 2022)
170.Canada Vancouver Housing First SRO study 2022
171.NEW STUDY: Despite Billions Spent, Project Homekey Providing No Way Home for State’s Homeless (Pacific Research July 2022)
172.The Dehumanizing Tyranny of Densification (Ring-AMGreatness, July 2022)
173.BRADLEY: Alberta’s drug overdoses going down, British Columbia’s skyrocketing (Bradley-Western Standard - July 2022)
174.The drug deaths haunting Scotland (Gillies-The Critic August 2022)
175.Why Converting Hotels Into Homeless Housing Doesn’t Usually Work (Steeb, Federalist, March 2022)
176.Meth has changed, and it’s sabotaging Oregon’s mental health system (OPB, August 2022)
177.Psychiatric Deinstitutionalization in Bc: Negative consequences and Possible solutions
178.Sac Bee Editor Tells Tall Tale in Preoccupation with Assemblyman Kiley (Kennedy,mental health, Grimes, Aug 2022)
179.Opinion: Housing First Does Not Work (Moitz, Dallas Morning News, Aug 2022)
180.Exposing the Homeless Industrial Complex (Ring, Epoch Times, Aug 2022)
181.Subsidizing Addiction (Housing First. Glock, City Journal, summer 2022)
182.Housing First and the Risk of Failure (PubMed 2015)
183.Hard truths about deinstitutionalization, then and now (Pierson, Calmatters Jan 2022)
184.Reagan didn't close institutions (Thousand Oaks Acorn, Jan 2019)
185.Low Expectations Lead to Low Results | Opinion (Steeb, Newsweek, Sep 2022)
186.‘Housing First’ puts lofty goals about real-world results (Winegarten, PRI Oct 2022)
187.How San Francisco Became a Failed City (Bowles, Atlantic Jun 2022)
188.How San Francisco Can Solve Its Homelessness Problem (McQuillan, Independant, Oct 2022)
189.Skid Row Nation: How L.A.’s Homelessness Crisis Response Spread Across the Country (Quinnones, LA Mag Oct 2022)
190.Address Mental Illness, Substance Abuse to Combat Homelessness, New Report Says (Richards, Daily Signal, Oct 2022)
191.Land acknowledgments meant to honor Indigenous people too often do the opposite (Sobo, The Conversation, Oct 2022)
192.‘Housing First’ Caused the Homelessness Catastrophe (Smith, EpochTimes, Oct 26, 2022)
193.The Moral Crisis of Skid Row (Rufo, City Journal, winter 2022)
194.San Francisco Can't Afford 'Safe Supply' (Sedgwick, American Conservative, Nov 2022)
195.To America's Permissive Addiction 'Fix,' Critics Just Say No (Woodhouse, RealClear Investigations, Nov 2022)
196.Limits of “Housing First”(Olasky, Fix Homelessness, Oct 2022)
197.‘Housing First’ Foments Homelessness in California (Glock, WSJ, Nov 2022)
198.Stable housing helps the homeless but it doesn’t cure all their problems (Bell, Guiardian Nov, 2022)
199.Why housing alone is not enough for some homeless moms (Grabmeier, Ohio State News, Nov 2022)
200.‘Housing first’ is a failed approach to chronic homelessness in California (Shelly, OC Register, Nov 2022)
201.America’s syringe exchanges kill drug users (Economist, Dec 2022)
202.New Data on Syringe Exchanges (Sutton, National Review 2019)
203.A bipartisan approach to helping the homeless (Hussock, The Hill, Nov 2022)
204.How Frighteningly Strong Meth Has Supercharged Homelessness (Hart, NYMag, Dec 2022)
205.Why so-called ‘safe injection’ sites put NYC communities in danger (Steeb, NYPost, Dec 2022)
206.San Francisco’s deadly failure on the drug crisis is unfolding inside its own housing program (Thadani, SF Chronicle, Dec 2022)
207.The ”Housing First” Approach to Homelessness Doesn’t Work (video, Prager, University, Dec 2022)
208.Housing First’s Imperial Overreach (Eide, City Journal, Dec 2022)
209.Adam Zivo: The silencing of drug addiction experts who criticize 'safe supply' (Zivo, National Post, Jan 2023)
210.Are Progressives Responsible for Our Homeless Inundation? (Kerr, Westside Observer Jan 2023)
211.San Francisco Falls Into The Abyss (Ohanian, Hoover, Jan 2023)
212.Gavin Newsom Chickens Out On Homeless Accountability (Lonsdale, Jan 2023)
213.Evidence Calls “Housing First” Homelessness Strategy into Question (Calder, Cato, Jan 2023)
214.The Secret To Ending Homelessness (Klickstein, Substack, Jan 2023)
215.Seattle’s DESC Reveals Pitfalls of “Housing First” (choe, fixhomelessness, Jan 2023)
216.Evidence Likewise Calls California’s “Housing First” Homelessness Strategy into Question (Calder, Cato, Jan 2023)
217.I talked to two ex-homeless people about Newsom's 'investment' in homelessness. Their answers will shock you (Steeb, Fox News, Feb, 2023)
218.To Solve San Francisco’s Drug Problem, Start Emulating European Traditionalism (Sedgwick, Legal Insurrection, Feb, 2023
219.Fentanyl Soldiers (Segwick, American Conservative, Feb 2023
220.Protecting and Preserving the Tenderloin (Buntin, Governing Mag 2010)
221.Political Theory for the Homeless (Eide, LawLiberty, Feb 2023)
222.Seattle homeless advocate pushing treatment first approach (Komo News Feb, 2023)
223.Safe injection sites aren’t safe or legal (Lellin, Boston Globe 2019)
224.Urban Alchemy and the Normalization of Crime (Shane, Substack, Feb 2023)
225.Did Prop C Deliver? (Adams, Eyes On SF, Jul 2022)
226.Opinion: The Homeless Industrial Complex (Campbell, Westside Current Jan 2023)
227.The Collapse of Housing First? (Campbell, CityWatchLa, March 2023)
228.Is Urban Alchemy Up to the Job? Critics Say No. (Campbell, CityWatchLa, March 2023),
229.Urban Alchemy is coming to Portland (McDaniel, Streetroots, March 2023)
230.“I Believe that Fentanyl is Not Addictive”(Sandberg, Substack, Dec 2022)
231.The Great Abdication (Mac Donald, City Journal, March 2023)
232.California can solve the homelessness crisis, it just can’t keep doing more of the same (Shelly, LA Daily News, March 2023)
233.Beyond Housing First (Mayer, Built in the Cloud, March 2023)
234.A Housing-First Approach Won’t End Homelessness (Burton, Change WA, March 2023)
235.Obama Promised to End Homelessness This Year (Marbut, WSJ, Feb 2023)
236.Susan Shelley: The ‘housing first’ approach is a failure in California for obvious reasons (Shelley, LA Daily News, March 2023)
237.Will L.A. “Die of a Theory”? *Campbell, CityWatch. March 2023)
238.An All-Hands-On-Deck Approach to End Homelessness (Rep Andy Barr, Ripon, March 2023)
239.Homeless Housing Failing in Los Angeles, Advocates Calling for ‘Recovery-Focused’ Solutions (Epochtimes 2023)
240.Discovery Institute Releases National Report on Homelessness ( Dec 2022)
241.Housing First has failed. The homeless crisis in California demands a swift, effective response. (Bales, OC Register, May 2023)
242.Beyond Housing First (Mayer, New Geography, May 2023)
243.Opinion: Our leaders must all get their ‘stuff’ together to save our state (Johnson, Oregonian, May 2023)
244.California’s ‘Compassionate’ Homeless Policies Are Just The Opposite (Steeb, DailyCaller May 2023)
245.SPECIAL: We Can End California’s Homeless Crisis in One Year – These Blue States Show Us How (DA Sacto Sheriff, California Globe, May 2023)
246.America’s Approach to Addiction Has Gone Off the Rails (Quinones, Atlantic, June 2023)
247.To Fix Homelessness, Stop Fixating On Housing (Chapman, Federalist, May 2020)
248.Why Housing First does work very well for the homeless (Miskey, Pasadena Star, June 2023)
249.‘Snake Oil’: Housing First Advocates Sneak Attack DAs & Sheriff’s Plan to End Homelessness (Grimes, California Globe, June 2023)
250.Newsom’s homelessness insanity fails taxpayers (Desmond, Foxnews, June 2023)
251.When ‘Harm Reduction’ Becomes Harm Promotion: Yale Study Shows Biden's Drug Policy is Misguided (Shemmel, FreeBeacon, June 2023)
252.Homelessness: Plumbing, Process, and Politics (Campbell, Citywatch, June 2023)
253.The government created homelessness and enables it through inaction (Davy, Toronto Star, June 2023)
254.“Housing First” Homeless Policy Gets a Critical Look (Calder, Cato, June 2023)
255.Leftist Media Distort New Homelessness Study To Support Failed ‘Housing First’ Policies (Axe, Federalist, July 2023)
256.Demolishing the California Dream: How San Francisco Planned Its Own Housing Crisis (Stanford, Collectors Weekly, September 2018)
257.“Housing First” Policy Is Not Helping the Homeless (Smith, Fixhomelessness, July 2023)
258.Supportive Housing Is Meant to Help Tenants Stay Housed. It’s Not Always Working (Denis, Tyee, August 2023)
259.What treatment and services are effective for people who are homeless and use drugs? A systematic ‘review of reviews’(NIH 2021)
260.Homelessness Numbers and the Merry-go-Round from Hell (Campbell, Citywatch August 2023)
261.B.C.’s supportive-housing system faces challenges in preventing people from getting entrenched in cycle of homelessness (Bula, Globe and Mail, August 2022)
262.Solutions First (Kurtz, City Journal, August 2023)
263.Is the Housing First Model Effective? Different Evidence for Different Outcomes (NIH 2020)
264.What treatment and services are effective for people who are homeless and use drugs? A systematic ‘review of reviews’(NIH 2021)
265.Solutions Utah: Salt Lake needs more than money and housing to solve the homeless problem (Graham, SLT, September 2023)
266.Housing First programs aren’t working (Winegarden, Jackso, Pacific Research Institute, August 2023)
267.Housing First -= What Would Failure Look Like? (Eide, Glock, City Journal, September 2023)
268.Why Recognizing Housing First’s Failure is So Important (Campbell, Citwatch, September 2023)
269.California Needs an Alternative to “Housing First” (McQuillan, Independant Institute, September October 2023)
270.Southern California mayor who went from street addict to elected office battles city's homelessness problem (Fox News October 2023)
271.California is at a tipping point—and liberal pols are left to scramble (NY Post, September, 2023)
272.Shoot Up at IRS Nonprofit Crackhouses (Greenfield, Front Page Mag, October 2023)
273.A Low-Income Housing Complex Was Lauded as a Model for Pulling People Out of Homelessness. Three Years Later, Tenants Are Fleeing. (Vaughn, Portland Mercury, October, 2023)
274.Breaking news: Living in the projects sucks (Jack Bogs Blog October 2023)
275.Homelessness and the New Luddites (CityWatchLA, Campbell, October 2023)
276.Devon Kurtz: Solving homelessness isn’t as simple as providing a house (Kurtz, St Louis Dispatch, November 2023)
277.Solving homelessness requires more than just housing (Calton, The Hill, December 2023)
278.The Progressive Approach To Homelessness Comes To Madison, Wisconsin (Menton, Manhattan Contrarian, December 2023)
279.Column: Homelessness: Sometimes You Don’t Get What You Pay For (Campbell, Westside Current, January 2024)
280.Point: Housing Alone Cannot Solve Homelessness (Calton, DC Journal, January 2024)
281.All In': Biden’s Ill-Fated Strategy to Reduce Homelessness (Steeb, Townhall, January 2024)
282.California voters will decide on Newsom’s mental health overhaul. How did we get here? (Wiener, CalMatters. February 2024)

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