Bike Messenger Appreciation Day 10-9

In honor of Bike Messenger Appreciation Day 2009, I bring you a real live authentic bike messenger band called Family Scott recorded May 29, 1998 at the CW Saloon, 917 Folsom, San Francisco. This is the first time this recording ever appeared in public (Scott, the lead singer, aka 'dumptruck', is still a bike messenger to this day)

update > messenger art show this evening, Friday, Oct. 9th, held at the ILWU Union Hall, 255-9th Street, beginning at 7pm.

you can right click the player to download - on Firefox (Family.Scott.CW.Saloon.5.29.98.mp3) appr 50 min

updated June 4, 2012 with better player10-9 = say again?

today is National Bike Messenger Appreciation Day

San Francisco Examiner article

Oregon Live article

Today is Bike Messenger Appreciation Day in San Francisco, AKA 10-9 Day (October 9). They deliver your packages in 1 hour or less, file fix your court documents at Superior court and federal court. Show your appreciation if you're downtown at Post and Market, Battery and Market, and 'The Wall' at Sansome and Market. click logo for homepage

981519 - September 22, 1998

[Messenger Appreciation Day]
Supervisors Ammiano, Leno, Medina
Resolution designating October 9, 1998 as Messenger Appreciation Day.

Supervisors Leno, Medina requested to be added as co-sponsors.
Resolution No. 759-98

1994 - San Francisco

2007 - San Francisco

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