Daly motion denied

this is during the epic Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday July 17, 2007. Daly makes a motion to delay/reduce $700,000 from the police department. This motion met with silence and Daly walked out

this has been reported in the Chronicle and on SFist

part 1. Dalys motion gets denied

update, two more videos.. first, Dufty chides Daly and supposedly during this time, is where Daly and Dufty have this hassle. Ok, I see Daly hunched over somebody on his right..Is that Dufty?..He walks out a beyond the cameras angles a couple times. I'm missing something here, and I'm wondering if this really happened
I have all nine hours of this video and can't find anything remotely like a 'bullying'. Maybe City hall cut it out?
if they did, that would be a bigger problem, IMHO. I need a time sequence to get me closer. 9 hours is too damn much. hehe


Of course, no San Francisco board of supervisors meeting is complete without Walter. Don't know who Walter is?

watch and found out

PS, at some point during this meeting Daly says 'that's big daddy to you' in response to a public comment. I saw this myself, but can't find it. Not easy finding that during 9 hours of tape. If you can get me closer, let me know

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