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                            The Matthew Katz Legacy Page

                 ... where music fans throughout the world get to express their opinions about
              Matthew Katz, the self proclaimed "legendary producer" and "Pied Piper of the
                                                  Love Generation"

              We created this web site upon learning that Matthew Katz, ex-manager of such bands as Jefferson
            Airplane, Moby Grape and It's a Beautiful Day, has taken legal action to shut down the Moby Grape
             Home Page - suing both the band and their ex-webmaster.  We vow to retain this site on the internet
                -- exposing to the world what he's done -- until Katz stops his legal harassment of our friends.

                    Until then, this Court of Public Opinion will be his legacy to the world.

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                   Matthew Katz has been in the shadows for far too long, living off of the artistic talents of others.
                                    It's time to expose him to the entire world for what he is.

              Welcome to the Pit of Sunset Strip -- an appropriate location
                                               for Matthew Katz

            In recent months the band Moby Grape has been on the attack against Matthew Katz, attacking him
            where it hurts -- in his wallet.  They've launched an all out effort to stop him from receiving royalties
            from throughout the world on music that they've recorded, money which he's been collecting for over
            30 years.  Kudos to Herbie Herbert, Journey's ex-manager, who has helped out tremendously in this

            If you have any personal information about Matthew Katz, his business dealings and associates, or
            his family and friends, you can post it here.  We'd especially like to have a photograph of Katz so
            that everyone can see what this SOB looks like, so if you have one, please drop us a line.  Katz will be
            appearing in court in San Fransisco in February 1999 to appeal a case against Moby Grape which he
            lost in the early '70s.  This could be an great opportunity to see Katz in person and to take his picture.
            A suitable reward will be given to the first person who can send us Katz's photograph.  We'll be
            posting it right here -- suitable for displaying in your home and office.  You might even want to make
            a dartboard out of it!

                Get Matthew Katz's address, phone number, fax number and e-mail address right here!

                Now, here's your chance to air your opinion to the entire universe about Mr.
                   Wonderful himself -- the one, the only, the "legendary" Matthew Katz!

                        And don't forget to read the opinions of others before you leave.

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              What Do People Think of Matthew Katz?

           All comments are the personal opinion of the submitter and as such are protected under the First
          Amendment of the United States Constitution.  Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect those
                                   of the Webmaster or of GeoCities.

           If you're considering doing business with Matthew Katz, I'd suggest that you read the following
                          comments carefully.  Perhaps you'll want to reconsider.

                        Now, let's see what people are saying about Matthew Katz...

         Krazy Katz - 12/10/98 14:25:17

         He sux!

         J.P. Murphy III - 12/03/98 06:24:37
         My Email:jpmurph@aol

         Leach leach Leach no talent, living off the work of others.  Time will come as we stand holding the
         devil his hot irons and tongs all my love

         Takerout - 12/02/98 07:31:42

         Hey, Katz'daughter is minding the retail music business!  It would not be too hard to do her!  Get his
         attention now!

         - 12/02/98 07:16:10
         My Email:IRADARU@A0L.C0M

         I am a great fan of both the Grape and of It's a Beautiful Day, Katz, you need to back off man!
         Somebody is gonna bust a cap in your ass!

         - 11/30/98 02:19:51

         I real1v can't believe this crap.  He's STILL looming like the albatross from Hell.  How can we stop
         film. 1, personally, can't believe this c ksucker is still crapping all over you guys, I really like your
         music & vision.  Count me in on whatever is needed. -Downtown Tom

         Gabriel Sphere - 11/28/98 09:46:07
         MN, Email: g sphcre

         I think that he is a *&^%$@#

         pis#ed@katz - 11/26/98 14:34:57

        The Matthew Katz Opinion Page                                        Page 2 of 12

          Its Thanksgiving, time to stop stomping the Grapes.  I was a fan the day there first album came out.
          Then they were gone.  They didn't know it was so important to have a law degree, business degree,
          CPA degree, and not trust Managers, Record CO's, ect.  But they know how to make music.  The
          Grape will live long after Katz is dead.

          j.r. gerber - 11/25/98 20:00:13

          Mr. Katz, first of all, set the groups you "managed" free.  Especially the Grape.  Most of us have some
          income to took forward to.  But not the members of the groups you manage.  They can't even get paid
          for the work they created.  In Moby Grape's case, you even came up with fake musicians to make
          money.  You can call everybody brother,brother and all that crap, but how can you do so when you
          got your hands in their pockets?  Closing down a web-site so fans can communicate about a band they
          love-that's a new low.  I wonder how much more new music this band would have made without your
          shadow over them or how many more records they could have sold if they had been allowed to use
          the name they thought of.  You made your bucks.  Now let my band go.

          Dave Williams - 11/22/98 18:55:43

          Matt... Please do the right thing.  Life is very short and there's no time for fussing and fighting.

          Mike Fornatale - II /22/98 00:10:59
          My Email:sknoof(

          Makes my blood boil.  When you read accounts of what went on in the Bay Area music scene in
          '67/'68--the way the scene was Co-Opted and plundered blah blah blah by evil capitalist mercenary
          pigs blah blah record company scum blah blah promoters blah managers ya da yada non-creative
          human garbage etc. etc ........ the name they always pull up is Bill Graham. Always the same story:
          "Yeah, Graham was worthwhile to the scene but he corrupted it too, he only cared about money. etc.
          etc .......... Well, Graham gets a bum rap from history. None of these accounts ever mentions people
          like the sweetie-pie we're talking about here!!  You wanna know why and how the dream died, kids"
          THIS is how.  Guys like THIS.  I was lucky and privileged enough to see both of the Grape's shows at
          Wetlands in NYC this past weekend (11/20/98)--and God bless 'em, they're as vital now as they were
          30 years ago.  Guess what, Mr. I-Refuse-To-Pronounce-My-Own-Name-Properly?  You can't ill spirit
          like that.  Not even under those Idiot Boots I've seen on your feet in pictures.  Whew--too many Evil
          Molecules at this site!  Lemine close by quoting somebody smarter than myself: "Come on in
          people .... we're gonna tell you about sweet dreams and things to make You happy." About time, too.

          grapefan - II/16/98 20:05:34

          One more thing: God bless Herbie Herbert for all his efforts.  Apart from the music, he's done a lot to
          improve the lives of these fine musicians and excellent people!

          grapefan - 11/16/98 20:02:39

          "Keep the heads together".  What nerve to spout platitudes like that, while Bob and Skip were living
          on the streets.  Disgusting!  Here's hoping the next rash of fires and floods in Malibu take him down!


           The Matthew Katz Opinion Page                                                                   Page 3 of 12

             anonymous - 11/16/98 19:34:12
             My Email:Sorry Matthew

             I went to one of this parasite's vending sites & saw a reference (obviously contrived by this Jerk) that
             said something about him being "the Pied Piper of the Haight Ashbury music scene" during the late
             60's.  There is, of course, no point in trying to reach such an arrogant', self-important ass by personal
             insults, but hitting him where it hurts - in his pocketbook & by exposing his disgusting business
             practices to the world may bring some good out of all the tragedy which he has inflicted.  He is one of
             those typical greedy people hungry for attention and devoid of any other talent than bullshitting that
             always seem to prey on those who actually spend most of their lives trying to create art.

             In case you read this & wonder why I refuse to include an Email address, I can't afford the hassle of a
             frivolous lawsuit from from someone like you, Matthew, but if you would like to arrange a more
             private personal scenario where I can physically demonstrate to you with no outside influences Just
             what I think of you and those leeches like you that have been living on the lifeblood of real artists, let
             me know here & we'll Jam.  Who will be remembered in 50 years, after all, Matthew - you or Jerry
             Miller's genius?  You are probably large enough a fool to believe it will be you.

             legal eagle - II/] 6/98 18:5 5:26

             Here aresome of the lawsuits that jerk Matthew Katz has filed in California Superior Court, SF.  It
             looks like he's been busy:

             SCV572030 Primary Buchwald vs.  Katz (civil defendant)
             SCV957731 Primary Spence vs.  Sony
             SCV597278 Primary Katz vs.  LaFlamme
             SCV614321 Primary Lewis vs.  Katz
             SCV981668 Primary Katz vs.  Kristensen
             SCV992555 Primary Katz vs.  Clainos
             SCV979656 Primary Katz vs.  Mendelson
             SCV996381 Primary Katz vs.  Lewis

             1973 voided agreement with Moby Grape was appealed by Katz - I st Appellate District, Division 21,
             case #A072963

             Katz filed a ficticlous business name statement for Moby Grape in LA on 4/10/91.

             Katz filed a suit in Federal Court (cv-96-4399) RAP (Same as TRC) defending against counterfeiters
             and says that The Grape performed music not known as Moby Grape therefore tarnishing the name.
             Katz has named at the same time defendants: Michelob, Michelo Concert Series, Universal
             Arnphitheater, Ticket Master, May Company, Music Plus, Folgner Productions, Ventura, Circle Star
             Theater. and Variety Artists.  Kat; states that he registered the name Moby, Grape as a trademark in

             Katz tried repeatedly to divert the case from SF to LA as a stalling tactic which was recognized by
             the current lawyers i'(r Moby Grape.  Johnson & Miskel.  Katz tried to include a third party such as
             Sony to try to move the case to LA.  This was also recogni ed by Johnson & Miskel as having no
             relexance to the case at hand.  Katz then tried to move the case back to SF as another stalling tactic
             and was warned by Johnson & Miskel.  Katz did it anyway.

             A statement from Samuel Mendelson (Public Accountant, 47 Kearny Suite 600, SF CA) filed Nov.
             27. 1996:

             http//                                    12/8/98

            The Matthew Katz Opinion Page                                                                   Page 4 of 12

             "The moving papers of the plaintiff are a hodgepodge of superficial claims that mislead the court and
             directly contradict the very pleadings that Katz and his prior attorney of record in Superior Court
             Case #597278 has filed there."

             Now Katz wants permission to sue Mendelson as Receiver and individually for what is plainly no
             more than obeying the Court's Order of Judge Pollack.  Katz is not an attorney but he expects
             everyone to accept his conduct as if he 'were an attorney.  Although his is not a law school course for
             Katz, or whoever is assisting him in this matter, the fact is that Katz has previously misinformed the
             Court about Mendelson's functions and needs to be held accountable for his misinformation.

             Jo Johnson - 11/16/98 05:46:21

             Oh and just in case Matthew reads my previous entry, I thought I might clarify some of the erroneous
             statements that he declares his position is based upon.  Sometimes as one gets up in years and old age
             sets in, one's memory gets a bit dulled.  I just want to help jog his recollection of the events, by one
             band member's side of the story, (there are at least two sides, Matthew).

             Re: Moby Grape back on the road, "respectful performances".  First of all the San Jose State gig never
             took place.  Although he claims to have spent 40 grand (that's his figure!) on expenses to put on the
             shows, he did NOT pay $350 per week, he did NOT pay for airfare, did NOT pay for hotels, food or
             rental cars, at least not for Jerry Miller.  Surely he kept the receipts for all his expenditures?  There
             were two shows in Marin, where he literally threw money at them because they insisted in being paid
             before going on (it is customary to be paid in advance for concerts).  As for the Moscone Center gig,
             he paid Jerry $ 1000. in the form of a check and it BOUNCED!  Jerry still has the check Matthew, so it
             seems that you still OWE him for that performance! (I don't know about the other band members
             payments.) Also, he went to see Jerry play only one time in Seattle, when he was billed as Legendary
             Grape's Jerry Miller, and less than a friendly visit.  More like spying.  As for wishing Jerry well, that's
             to be debated, having told Jerry's ex (paraphrasing here), "Jerry Miller's nothing!  He'll never be
             anything." (nice sentiment, don't you think?) The disturbing thing about what Katz has done to the
             Grape and It's a Beautiful Day, is that he has been prolific for 3 decades using deceitful tactics,
             belligerent litigiousness and blatantly unethical business conduct by design, keeping them under his
             personal siege.  There is an old saying, "What goes up, must come down." The time has come to bring
             that man down!!!

             Jo Johnson - I 1/1 5/98 13:03:45

             To quote Bill Graham from his autobiography, "Bill Graham Presents, My Life Inside Rock and
             Out", pg 164, "...Bill [Thompson] became the road manager for the Jefferson Airplane, who had a
             manager named Matthew Katz, only he pronounced it "Cates".  Bad, bad news bear.  Baaad news.
             He invented the idea of having two or three groups go out under the same name to different parts of
             the country."

             Grace Slick added, "I was not in the band at the time ... at some party with the Airplane... "Ooh, you've
             got to meet our new manager.  He's like going to do all the shit for us, and everything." They pointed
             to him across the room.  He had on a black beard black mustache, and a black cape with a red lining,
             and white lace cuffs.  He looked the way Hollywood says, "Here's the devil"... I went, "That's going to
             be your manager?  You're kidding!"

             Bill did take on Katz on behalf of the Airplane, and Buchwald vs Katz set a precedent in California
             over conflict of interest as mangager and agent.


           The Matthew Katz Opinion Page                                                                Page 5 of 12

             In a letter, re: Moby Grape earlier this year Katz wrote, "...claiming that I booked gigs with the
             Fillmore, the Avalon, and the Ark ... are not true and it is clear that they are trying to make up same lie
             that jefferson airplane did ... I never got gigs for jefferson airplane." (Katz did not use caps in their

             He states "I put Moby Grape back out on the road in very respectable performances, San Jose State,
             Marin County Civic, and Moscone Ceriter at a cost of ($thousands).  I cut two albums one with the
             group called the 'Heart Album' and the one with Bob Mosley called 'Mosley Grape'.  I paid them
             wages of $350.00 per week, fed them, paid their airfare [and hotels] ... I informed them that if they
             continued to perform under my direction, none of these expenses would be charged back to them, if
             not the expenses would be charged against any earnings.  Not only have they not helped promote the
             sale of these albums, but to the contrary, they have done everything they can to bad rap me and my

             He demands, "If there is to be any settlement between us, this behavior must change.  They must
             make statements to the media that I am not the person who is responsible for their failures, to the
             contrary, I have tried to keep Moby Grape alive and have given them the opportunity to be some of
             the players in Moby Grape." (Yes, he wrote that!!!!!  What gall!)

             He goes on, "San Francisco Sound will continue to promote music under the name Moby Grape.  If I
             put out any additional Moby Grape product it will be based on my selection of songs and musicians
             as was done on the [above mentioned albums, ed.] I will, as always, value creative input from anyone
             involved in the making of the music.  I have never stood in the way of any of these musicians and
             have never suggested that they couldn't say they were in Moby Grape.  I wish them all well.  I have
             gone to listen to the Jerry Miller Blues Band several times, so has my family, it is always very
             friendly and I wish Jerry Miller the success he deserves, but I do not want him going out as Moby
             Grape unless it is under my direction." (Jerry has never gone out as Moby Grape without the other
             guys, and he has not gone out to see JMB several times.)

             You can make you own assessment of the attitude reflected in his position regarding the band's rights
             to their own music and any subsequent recordings.  He actually expects the band, if they record again,
             To give him 100% of the publishing rights and negotiate the recording contract.  What a crock!!

             He is indeed diabolical, the control freak of all time, and refuses to see how maniacal his greed has
             taken him.  The man has obviously set about establishing an all-time low in the industry and should
             write a textbook on how to rape and plunder the artist who create the music, in order to hand it over
             for him to exploit.  May the Grape prevail!!  Bill Graham was right on - BAAAD NEWS!!

             john denman - 11/15/98 00:38:28
             My Email:LeeandLee(i@)

             You know Skippy really did go after the wrong guy that night with his axe.  Still plenty of fans out
             there willing to do the right thing, such a shame that you, Mr Katz, can't seem to.  You really should
             set yourself up as marriage councellor advising couples on how to keep a sexual relationship going
             for many years, after all 30 years of f*cking the same bunch of people is a unique quality.  Good bye,
             Mr Katz, have a nice life - hope it isn't to long.

             All the best Bob, Jerry, Don, Peter and Skip... Nall that sucker.

             Daniel Craddock - 11/14/98 08:34:22



        The Matthew Katz Opinion Page                                         Page 6 of 12

         Katz.  Isn't that German for Kuntz?  Well here's some song titles for Mr Kuntz: Truly Fine Prick, Hey
         Grandass, Big (cunt), He (sux).  How about some lyrics?'They call me a weaner, they call me a nerd.
         Call me a whore and they call me a turd.  Screwed bands from a distance and I'm downright absurd.
         Not an intelligent word from my mouth could be heard. (apologies to Jerry Miller and Don

         Daniel Craddock (Australia)

         Stephen Barneard - 11/1 1/98 17:34:41

         As someone who worked a lot in the music business since 1969 and have gotten screwed by so-called
         'managers' myself, I think anyone that harrases people like Matthew Katz should be in the anti-Rock
         and Roll Hall of Hell, if not JAIL.

         By the way, Katz's address, phone number and email are shown at this URL: as shown in a websearch Ijust did! Go take that picture!

         There's even a button you can click that will give you a map to his house!!!  That picture sounds like it
         won't be that hard to get, unless he never leaves his house.  Matthew, how can you steep at night?
         Sooner or later your delay tactics won't save you.

         My best wishes to Peter, Skip, Bob, Don and Jerry as they fight the fight.

         stephen bamcard, producer

         Duane Macy - 11/09/98 19:49:01

         Not only should Court TV be mad aware of the upcoming trial, but Rolling Stone, the SF papers,
         Entertainment Tonight, Hard Copy, etc.  Let's see this bastard Katz nailed to the wall for the whole
         world to see!  He's hurt too many good people for too long!

         Tom Parmenter - 11/09/98 04:53:09

         Yeah, I hate him too, but I was at that concert in St. Louis in 1969 and it's only fair to say that we got
         a $2 refund because "four of the twenty artists advertised were not present".

         phil zisook - 11/07/98 01:19:04

         what an inexcusable parasite!

         dan ehl - 11/06/98 04:55:45

         Mr. Katz is a self made man, and he worships his creator.

         John B. - 11/06/98 00:26:33

           The Matthew Katz Opinion Page                                                                Page 7 of 12

            I'll NEVER forget what that son of a BITCH looks like!
            Saw him in action, must have been 1969 in Saint Louis...
            Billed Moby Grape... what I saw was a bunch of amateurs going by that name... and KATZ       ...... He
            faced down the whole BOOING crowd, stole the money and left.
            THERE IS A PLACE IN HELL FOR HIM.  Of that I am SURE!
            Evil, ruthless bastard!
            I hope you STARVE!!!!!

            Dan Cone - 11/05/98 04:47:55
            My Email-

            What really ticks me off the most is Katz's tinkering with the Airplane's engines, recounted quite well
            in Joel Selvin's SUMMER OF LOVE:

            First of all, he threatened to sue the fellow who chose the Standells over the Airplane as supporting
            act for a Stones tour in early '66 (there had been no written agreement that would indicate that the
            Airplane was supposed to be the act; Katz was only acting out of vanity), and only ended up coming
            off as a fool in everyone's eyes.

            Secondly, he gave Marty Balin's guitar (in Selvin's own words "a very fine forty-year-old Martin that
            Kaukonen had helped him buy") away to a friend, pretended to forget it, and when he eventually
            admitted it, refused to compensate Marty for it.

            Third, he kept all the financial books secret from the group's eyes, which only heightened their
            suspicion that he was misappropriating funds.

            Fourth, when Balin confronted him about him and demanded to see the books, Katz maintained that
            HE was the Jefferson Airplane and went so far as to tell Marty "You're fired!" God bless him, Marty
            didn't get into a slinging match with him.  He just laughed and went home and told the rest of the
            group, who laughed about it also.

            Little nit picking things, of course, but still, they really burn me up.  And, as history shows, his record
            didn't get ANY better with any succeeding act that he managed.

            It seems that his only real contribution to America is a furthering of our already excessively-litigous
            society (I wonder how many of these people who sued McDonalds for hot coffee and other such
            ridiculous things have secretly read up on rock history and seen how one individual can cause so
            many trusting musicians so much grief on the basis of ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!).

            Of course, I'd tend to lump him in with other equally nauseating rock managers: Robert Stigwood of
            Cream, Peter Grant of Led Zeppelin, et. at, who used their powers to strongarm, mislead, and take
            advantage of many (including their own acts).  Interesting that Bill Graham got into contretemps with
            both of them but not with Katz, who doubtlessly did more damage.

            To use a bad paraphrase: "Let's win one for the Grape-r!

            embryo gap - 11/03/98 21:49:14

            Katz v. Moby Grape would be a great case to have on Court TV - would really expose that
            slimeball Katz.  Does anybody have any contacts with the show?


           The Matthew Katz Opinion Page                                                                    Page 8 of 12

             Don Aters - 10/31/98 03:49:02

             Continued dissertation; It's bad enough that you blanketed several careers for years and how shoddy
             to take them to court for using their money to acquire more of their money .. For those of us who
             know the definition of ethics you certainly leave a strange legacy on such legendary bands.  What
             bothers me the most is that by being part of The Woodstock Generation, you not only steal from them
             but, by hindering their artistry for all these years, you steal from us.


             Dan K. - 10/24/98 20:49:55

             Bottom Feeder, Scum sucker

             Dave Thomas - 10/24/98 20:25:45

             I'll kick his ass for a dollar.

             Dave Thomas - 10/24/98 20:28:37
             My Email:dthomas228

             Sale this week. make that 50 cents.

             Don Aters - 10/24/98 14:11:05

             To continue yesterday's dissertation, I'm not an attorney but there is something a bit strange about this
             whole Grape scenario.  You, Mr. Katz, were adament about never giving them royalties for thirty
             years!  Even your count would dictate more than the $600 or $900 that you sent Jo & Jerry.  First thing
             that comes to mind is that Woodstock was pivotal in bands now getting more than 25% of the
             revenue being that it is them that the fans come to see.  Secondly, if that's all I was going to send an
             artist of his magnitude after thirty years I would just keep it all.  After that length of time I would just
             as soon pay $1500 to watch a monkey fuck a football.  Are you crazy?  While still young enough to
             reap the rewards that accompany such impact bands of this era all litigation should be ended.  They
             have moved on but the debt that you owe them probably can never be paid, but you could ease your
             own conscience.  Other artistic ventures have kept their skills alive & Peter always had the link that
             could help with his mother being one of the most revered & beautiful women of this century.  To his
             own credit he found another niche with painting as an artistic substitute & is quite good at that as
             well.  Maybe you should call him & become his agent, another Van Gogh in the works, 200 years
             later residuals will just pour in.  Always refreshing to know your skills are appreciated two centuries
             later.  Well, that's the shroud you have dropped on the bands under your regime.  You were
             inadvertantly responsible for Bob's temporary fall from society but luckily Jerry & Peter made an
             effort to restore his own creditability and instead of losing one of the great singer/instrumentalist of
             The Counterculture, he's back.  Doesn't any of this bother you?

             Jerry will go on.  His skills have been well documented & he is a survivor, as are the rest of the


            The Matthew Katz Opinion Page                                                                         Page 9 of 12

              musicians being exploited but Jerry would want to succeed, not because of you but in spite of you.
              My father once said that you waste time by waiting for your ship to come in, sometimes you have to
              swim out & meet it.  These musicians have conquered all the hazards that you have managed to
              devised and now, after all these years you must pay.  Whatever it is, it's not enough.  As for the court
              case in February in San Francisco, I will make a conscious effort to he there as I never, after
              thirty years of photography, taken a picture of a real prick in action.  Good things come to those
              who wait.  If you find this offensive, you can try & contact me and vent your frustration.  I'm a little
              older, hopefully wiser, but if you find it that you must try & take that frustration out on me, hire
              someone, tell me where to go & what time to be there.  Unlike some, I always show.

              All for now.

              As always
              Peace hmmm....

              Porky Pig - 10/23/98 00:41:31

              III'vee bbbbbeen ttttoold tthhat you',ve bebebebeen using memememy nnnnammee Mr. KekekKatz....
              Shshshame on you .... (pigs(
              YYYou are nnnnot ffffit to use thethethe name pig..
              I am seseseseSUING yyyyYOU memerneMRkekekeKATZ....
              PPPiggyyy PPPurgatory FFFor you mememeMr Katz
              131313BACON BBebebBEB BITS
              Now its pppppPERSONAL          ......

              Don Aters - 10/22/98 14:27:36

              My opinion stems from the earliest recollections of The Grape, Beautiful Day & though it has no
              bearing on this matter, Big Brother.  As a youthful musician In a bastian known for icons, Chicago,
              Jerry, Bob, Peter & Sam were my counter-culture heroes.  After a wonderful vacation in Southeast
              Asia & nine years of rehabilitation I found it somewhat strange that groups of this magnitude should
              just dissipate into the sunset.. With my focus now on photojournalism I often wondered what
              happened to such legendary & influentual musicians.  I finally had the opportunity to see them in The
              Poconos two years ago.  I guess my point is this, if they are the ones possessing the skills why should
              some manipulating senior citizen live such an affluent life while those truly responsible for the music
              be relegated to the nomadic life of teenage "rock & rollers".  Fortunately other skills have been
              supplemental during the last thirty years such as painting, songwriting & solo gigs around the
              country.  Violence usually breeds violence but the "magic" of this music has been muffled under the
              Katz litigation way to long & it's time that he pay for his musical sins.  Matthew Katz, if you read
              these comments this is for you, If I were still in Vietnam where the discretion is not always so
              prevalent & you attempted to do what has lingered for thirty years, someone would douse you with
              kerosene and set your ass on fire, after all, you get what you pay for.  While still young enough to
              enjoy it. these bands deserve the fruits of their labor & you deserve a good kick in the ass.

              coastal trillium - 10/21/98 01:47:32

              I noticed a reference to Karma from a previous posting...
              Mr Katz thinks lie knows something about Karma...
              The most recent interview of Mr. Katz occurred in a legal newspaper in San Francisco called "The


            The Matthew Katz Opinion Page                                                                     Page 10 of 12

              This has to do with the case Katz v.LaFlamme(It's A Beautiful Day) wich was concluded recently in
              Superior Court .... (hopefully temporarily)....

              The Recorder, Tuesday, September 15, 1998
              Article titled "A 60's Rocker's Bill Comes Due"
              The last two paragraphs

              Katz says LaFfamme is to blame for his for his own troubles When he had houses and a ranch
              and my lawyers wanted to foreclose on, I didn't want to do it, because I didn't want that kind of bad
              karma,"' says Katz." He lost it anyway.

              Problem is, there never was a ranch.

              Three days later a letter to the Editor from David LaFlamme was printed in the same newspaper.
              Titled "Folk Rocker: An Ugly Story on It's A Beautiful Day"

              Laflamme.. "Did the group or myself own any property? My wife and I owned a two-bedroom house
              in Sebastepol (CA) which I paid $20,000 for.  I never owned a ranch, nor did any members of the
              group.. Mr. Katz did file a notice of lien against our home and we were forced to file a quit Claim
              deed.. He then began garnishing all my wages until 1986."

              This is just one point that is addressed in these two articles There are other articles such as a
              Goldmine article from 1993 More info from this article can be obtained from The Recorder's
              website at or calling circulation at 415-749-5406...

              Today I heard on NPR that General Pinochet doesn't realize the damage that he has done And that
              the only thing people want is to force him into court and face his accusers eye to eye I hope this
              happens in this case

              CJ - 10/20/98 21:05:08-
              My Email"

              Low down slime.  Period.  The words 1 feel about the vermin cannot be put in this message, and for me
              to hold back on ripping apart smegma infected pondscum is highly unlikely.  Rot Matthew!!

              John Q Public - 10/19/98 22:37:23

              Remember what John Lennon sang, Matthew, the lyrics seem appropriate-

              Instant Karma's gonna get you / Gonna knock you right on the head / You better get yourself together
              // Pretty soon Youre gonna he dead!

              rubberduckv - 10/1 9/98  02:16:54

              Tell me.  Mr Katz.... how do You account for the fact that you've been selling Moby Grape and It's A
              Beautiful Day CDs for awhile now ... Who's been exploiting who?

              rubberduckv - 10/1 9/98 02: 1 5:45

              first of all Mr.Pigasus at (mathew katz), The only real "proof' that exists is that you


           The Matthew Katz Opinion Page                                                              Page 11 of 12

             live on an estate in Malibu, CA (home of the stars) while the musicians face bankruptcy,
             homelessness, and generally a struggle for life So please repeat your statement about your
             supposed exploitation

             Rubberducky - 10/1 9/98 02:03:08

             What happened to your grammar, Mr. Katz?  You're not pissed off, are you?

             Pigasus - 10/1 8/98 23:16:18

             Well ... I think this is a big mistake, and that soon Mr. Katz will proof that Moby Grape has been
             exploiting him for all these years of ingratitude...

             Doug Ng - 10/1 8/98 13:26:12

             What goes around will come around for Matthew.  "The Lord rewards him according to his works."
             2 Timothy 4:14.
             The sooner the better!

             lady godiva - IO/ 1 7/98 18:51:28

             Matthew not only ripped off the artisit talents of the musicians mentioned, HE STOLE THE MUSIC
             FROM THE FANS

             Jo Johnson - 10/17/98 06:03:00
             There already is a song about Katz. written by Jerry Miller and Michael Been called "Wonder If Its
             All Worth It" on Fine Wine.  Check it out.  Jerry says there's a never-ending abundance of material to
             draw from.  How'bout some fans coming up with some lyric suggestions'?  This is a GREAT idea!!!
             He should have been exposed a long time ago and its such a shame that he has been allowed to get
             away with so much deceit and intimidation using the courts to take what clearly does not belong to
             him.  As we all know, despite what the court says, the music will NEVER belong to him... it belongs
             to the musicians who created it.  Sadly, he has stripped many people of a livelyhood and has "took it
             all away" from those who are the rightful owners.  How can someone live with themselves having
             done such a wicked thing'

             'Jeff Webb - 10/1 7/98 02:22:13

             You guys are wonderful It's about time..JEEEZ
             I happen to know David and Linda LaFlamme ... They lost in court a month ago to Katz lie wasn't
             there. His lawyer Glick was ... I have both Katz home phone# and his address in Malibu A friend of
             Mine worked with him in the 80s and then realized who he was...

             There is another lawyer

          http:///www.geocities.coni/SunsetStrip/Pit/8428/geobook.html                                    12/8/98

           The Matthew Katz Opinion Page                                                              Page 12 of 12

             Andrew Zack
             235 Montgomery Suite 810
             SF CA
             His partner got screwed by Katz I talked to him today and he doesn't want to talk about Katz ... He
             said he's had enough of that guy. Maybe you can convince him....

             The LaFlammes have many stories about Katz that their willing to tell .... They are in Florida right
             now doing a show and will be back soon. I'm a bike messenger here in SF and do a lot of court filings
             and I know where tofind out exactly when the case will be heard ... 1W be sure to bring a
             camera I was in court for the LaFlarnmes final hearing and Katz lawyer (P.Glick) is just as

             Sony Records Corporation also appears to be going after Katz.... I will light up a fatty the day I hear
             that a "TITLE" has been put on his name due to vexatious litigation

             The LaFlammes have just received a 400 page document from Sony detailing extensive interrogation
             sessions with Katz .... Just one example.. Mathew Katz didn't register the name "It's A Beautiful Day"
             as a trademark until 1991.... Take a guess as to what that means

             Please put your real audio thing from Jerry Miller in print ... I don't have realaudio

             The LaFlammes are some of the nicest people I have ever met, and it breaks my heart to see this
             happening to them.... When Katz is stopped then they can go about their lives in peace

             Keep up the good work!!

             More info coming soon .... I need to do some more checking around... I have a few connections that
             might be of some help..

             Jeff Webb

             George S. Patton - 10/17/98 02:19:41

             I believe that'It's A Beautiful Day','Moby Grape', or'Jefferson Airplane', should write a song about
             Matthew Katz.  Perhaps titling it: "I Hope You're Living As High On The Hog, As The Pig You
             Turned Out To Be!".

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