California is broke

in honor of the formerly great state of California

All hands abandon ship!

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California IOU

No Sign of Deal to Close Deficit (Businessweek)

just a few days away two days away. The tenderloin might turn into a ghost town, and it might be like when Jerry Garcia died in 1995 and all the deadheads went back to their home state of realityland and got a job

Roughly $3 billion worth of IOUs will be issued in July unless a compromise on closing the deficit is reached quickly. They will be sent to state contractors, college students, welfare recipients, low-income seniors, the disabled and others who depend on or deliver social services.

iou (by auweia)

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spare change?

Dear Mr. Secretary,

First of all, let me commend you for your leadership to enact emergency economic stabilization legislation. This credit crisis has the power to grind the U.S. economy to a halt if swift and decisive action is not taken immediately. The federal rescue package is not a bailout of Wall Street tycoons – it is a lifeboat for millions of Americans whose life savings, businesses, retirement plans and jobs are at stake. I have communicated this message to the entire California Congressional delegation and will continue to press for passage of an emergency rescue plan.

Like many other states, California is feeling the enormous effects of this crisis on our economy. California’s economy is dynamic and resilient, but also uniquely sensitive to national and international economic conditions and fluctuations in the financial markets. The credit crisis has frozen investment and commerce, forcing businesses and families to stop purchasing goods and services. This has resulted in tens of thousands of lost jobs and billions of dollars in lost tax revenue to the state.

Most immediately, California and a number of other state and local governments are experiencing the lack of liquidity in the credit markets firsthand. Many states and local governments have been unable to secure financing for bond offerings and for routine cash flow used to make critical payments to schools, local governments and law enforcement. While some states may be able to absorb a delay or obtain high-interest financing through private banks, California is so large that our short-term cash flow needs exceed the entire budget of some states. We expect to issue $7 billion in Revenue Anticipation Notes for short term cash flow purposes in a matter of days.

Absent a clear resolution to this financial crisis that restores confidence and liquidity to the credit markets, California and other states may be unable to obtain the necessary level of financing to maintain government operations and may be forced to turn to the Federal Treasury for short-term financing.

The economic fallout from this national credit crisis continues to drain state tax coffers, making it even more difficult to weather the continuation of frozen credit markets for any length of time. I will continue to do all I can to encourage passage of the emergency rescue plan.


Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Judge Judy’s earthquake

from yesterday in Los Angeles at the Judge Judy Studios

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California Fires From Space update6

from just just a few hours ago, July 10th, 2008. What a difference a few hours make. The smoke plume is covering almost the entire northern state of California now. Click image for original

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Smoke for hundreds of miles

view over the Sacramento valley. Taken today, July 10th over the Sacramento Valley. Click photos for originals


view over the top of the fires



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California Fires From Space update5

most recent image from yesterday, July 9, 2008. What a mess. Click image for original resolution

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California Fires From Space update4

Dang, I lived in Chico as a kid, and it looks like the smoke plume is right over that from the Paradise Fire

I miss biking up the Honey Run to Paradise. click photo for original resolution. This photo is from yesterday, July 8, 2008

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California Fires From Space update3

From yesterday, July 6, 2008
click photo for high resolution original

also see the updated NIFC page

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Building Codes Online

California building codes are now free and online, along with electric codes, mechanical codes, plumbing codes, elevator codes, energy codes, fire codes, historical building codes, existing building codes. A huge database, all for free

Note, many codes have been available here, although up until recently much of it was pretty old (code of civil procedure (attorneys), penal code, corporations code, fish and game code, education code, etc

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