Crackheads of the Day #88

This one includes one of Randy Shaw’s residents in Mid Market (white baseball cap). The same Randy Shaw who’s a recipient of the Twitter/Mid Market tax breaks and all around Mid Market booster and crime crusader

The Chronicle just published an article about this, SF struggles to help ex-homeless thrive off streets

Trent Rohr

He noted that the city’s retention rate – the basic measurement of supportive housing success in the United States, tallying how many people stay housed long term – is 95 percent.

Tenderloin Housing Clinic’s contract with the city requires this 95% retention rate, and all the crack dealers and dope fiends know it. The know they won’t get evicted unless they attack one of the staff

This is how the tax breaks work. Tech companies are forced to contribute money and resources to local non profits like Randy Shaw’s Tenderloin Housing Clinic in exchange for the tax break, while the non profits house the crack dealers that fill the doorsteps of the tech companies with crackheads. Welcome to the corrupt Twitterloin.
Get used to it because this is not going away as long as Randy Shaw is around, no matter how many tech companies you squeeze into Mid Market

Also if you look close, you’ll see the orange spark plug cover on the pipe as explained in the Mid Market guide to Living With Crackheads

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Tenderloin Housing Clinic grant denied because of tenant complaints

Tenderloin Housing Clinic is now the biggest city funded non-profit in San Francisco with a budget of $92 million dollars, with nearly all of it coming from the Human Services Agency of San Francisco. It almost went to $93 million last month but an additional $153,000 was denied by the HSA because of tenant complaints at the Department of Building Inspection

Those DBI complaints were voiced at a budget meeting at the HSA on November 15, 2012. In short, Randy Shaw and Tenderloin Housing Clinic has essentially been slapped with a fine for being a slum lord. It’s worth noting that the city of San Francisco pays this $92 million in order to provide safe, clean affordable housing to low income residents. Most of this money is supposed to be used for upkeep and maintenance, so if it isn’t being used, where is the money going?

The first document is the minutes of the HSA meeting that includes the public comment from one of the tenants at the All Star hotel in the Mission, which is then followed by discussion and the motion to approve the additional $153,000 was denied because it failed to get a second vote. Also below is some of the actual complaints at the Department of Building Inspection

TENDERLOIN HOUSING CLINIC Adult Supportive Housing Program Manager Ylonda Calloway presented the request to modify the grant with TENDERLOIN HOUSING CLINIC for provision of the Housing First Program Care Not Cash and Non-Care Not Cash Sites; during the period of July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013; in the additional amount of $153,415 fora revised total grant amount not to exceed $93,088,573.Additionally, Ms Calloway furnished an update re the All Star Hotel which has been deemed as safe. Eldon James Brown, a tenant of the All Star Hotel, expressed concern re the still existing building code violations which the building landlord has failed to address. Discussion followed.Commissioner Yamasaki moved approval of the Tenderloin Housing Clinic grant modification. The motion failed for the lack of a second

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Crackheads of the Day #70

Here’s the reason why the new tech sector in Mid Market San Francisco barely notices what goes on in their own doorsteps and why tech and crackheads are the perfect match

via Morgen Missen who has at least three strands out of place in that photo

More Tenderloin Housing Clinic residents doing and distributing crack in the corrupt Twitterloin


That’s Karen Martinez. She lives at 34 6th Street #617 (Seneca hotel) around the corner and is has been housed at one of Randy Shaw’s buildings for years. She is not homeless and hasn’t been for a long time. Both Randy Shaw and the Chronicle perpetuate the myth that simply housing these people will ‘get them off the streets’ when the exact opposite is true. They are in fact, on the streets much longer now as a result of being housed

update > This is a screen shot of Karen on Anthony Bourdain – Parts Unknown, Season 6, episode 4 (Bay Area 2015)

This is the same Karen inside the building and she wants her crack pipe




this is all courtesy of Randy Shaw who runs this highest crime building in Mid Market and is the same Randy Shaw who has helped to push the Mid Market tax break for Twitter and tech companies


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Mid Market’s highest crime building

The building with the most police, fire, and ambulance calls in Mid Market, San Francisco, is the Seneca Hotel at 34 6th street. This is a Housing First building run by Tenderloin Housing Clinic in San Francisco
This was written about once before in the Examiner. The building is run by Tenderloin Housing Clinic and Randy Shaw and is next door to Dotties True Blue Cafe. The Seneca was not always like this. It was much better before 1997 when Alfred Raynal owned it and it was a working persons SRO. In 1997 the building was sold to the Patels and subsequently master leased to Randy Shaw in 1999. The mayhem has been one of the highest in the city ever since 1997. This affects the Mid Market area and this is how to fix it


According to SFPD’s Department of Emergency Management, police have been called to the Henry Hotel 143 times since early November, an average of just more than one call per day. Of seven residential hotels in the area The San Francisco Examiner inquired about, only one other, the Seneca Hotel, was the source of more calls: 287.

What the Examiner was looking at was 911 dispatch records. Below are three months of these records, January-March 2012. There’s a pretty good chance Randy Shaw runs the highest crime building in the entire city of San Francisco. These stats have been posted here at Bluoz twice before here and here









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900 Innes historical cottage gets graffiti abatement

900 Inness got a graffiti abatement notice on October 7, 2012. This is Randy Shaw’s dirt cheap waterfront property that was donated to Tenderloin Housing Clinic by Joe Cassidy. What got tagged is Shipwright’s Cottage, the last Victorian shipworkers cottage in San Francisco

Shipwright’s Cottage is now a historical landmark and is San Francisco landmark #250

SF Curbed has more on the troubles at 900 Innes


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Beach Motel to stay as tourist motel

The Beach Motel at 4201-4211 Judah Street will stay as a tourist motel after winning before the Board of Appeals rehearing on August 22, 2012

update. September 6, 2012, new article goes inter greater detail with an interview and also characterized Randy Shaw and THC as bullies

Randy Shaw and Tenderloin Housing Clinic lost this case after decades of litigation but this latest win for the Beach isn’t being posted on Beyondchron. The last time Randy Shaw wrote about it was April 9, 2012 and April 12, 2012 It has been posted on Zacks and Friedman, who are the attorneys for the Beach

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Bay Guardian does another Beyondchron critique

This isn’t the first time as the Bay Guardian has criticized Randy Shaw. They did so during the debate for the Mid Market twitter tax break and questioned whether Randy Shaw has a conflict of interest


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crackheads of the day #63

Rio de janeiro says no to crack, but the corrupt Twitterloin says yes yes yes!


right at the corner of 6th and Stevenson, 100 feet from Market Street in Mid Market, 20 feet from Dotties True Blue cafe and in right front of Tenderloin Housing Clinic, the biggest non profit in San Francisco history




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Tenderloin Housing Clinic now biggest non profit in San Francisco

Three years ago the California Academy Academy of Sciences was the biggest. Two years ago, Tenderloin Housing Clinic was approved for 82 Million

Today, July 31, 2012, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors approved a record 91 million dollar contract for Tenderloin Housing Clinic. This is very possibly the biggest award in history ever given to a San Francisco city funded non profit

Here is a video from April 2012 at the Board of Supervisors with Randy Shaw saying that Tenderloin Housing Clinic is broke and can’t fix the carpets.

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Jane Kim at the Hartland Hotel

Jane Kim and the corrupt Twitterloin Housing Clinic

District 6 Supervisor Jane Kim recently had an informal meeting with residents of the Hartland Hotel at 909 Geary, which is one of Randy Shaws buildings with Tenderloin Housing Clinic

She said some things that her voting constituents might find a little strange, like ‘there is a privilege in being white in this country’ (there’s 100 Million people in this country that might dispute that). This has also been picked up by Uptown Almanac

I’m curious, Jane, did you happen to mention this during your campaign in SOMA to all those privileged white people who voted for you?

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