Mid Market assaults February-April 2017

Mid Market San Francisco area assaults from past three months to today. Embedded directly from DataSF Mid Market Assaults. Interesting that Mid Market assaults deserves it’s own category

Interactive map. Click any dots to expand and go deeper

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Crackheads of the Day #132

This post shows drug dealers of Tenderloin Housing Clinic which receives city, state, and federal funds under the Housing First program. All of them live at the Seneca SRO, 34 6th Street

1035 Market recently installed a barrier. lets see if it did anything at all.

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The Difference Between 5th and 6th Street in San Francisco

Here’s the corner of Market and 5th Street a few days ago

One block, 800 feet and 60 seconds away at the corner of Market and 6th Street

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Have a seat on 6th Street

We gotta get this guy a lazyboy or maybe a couch

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Somebody sold Fred meth again

THC has also continued efforts to address public drug dealing in key neighborhood hotspots. These include the Leavenworth Corridor and the first block of Turk. THC organized a large coalition of residents, workers, building owners, and merchants to work with the police in addressing these problems

From Randy Shaw’s own website

RANDY SHAW: No, that’s absolutely false. I mean, nobody has spent more time than me trying to reduce crime in the Tenderloin.
– From a PBS Newhour

Well, this is in one of Randy Shaw’s own buildings, in Mid Market, San Francisco and he gets it in the building, no need to go get it on the street

and if you think it’s new or the police haven’t tried, this is from 2 years ago, same Fred, same meth

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Drugs Inc – San Francisco Meth Zombies

National Geographic has a new documentary on the meth epidemic in San Francisco

The first 7 minutes features a HIV positive prostitute in the Castro, but the rest of the 44 minute documentary centers around the Tenderloin, Mid Market, Civic Center, Soma, and even the Rose Hotel on 6th Street

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The new Tu Lan – sneak preview

Looks like the great Tu Lan on 6th Street saga is getting close to being finished. Here’s what it looks like on the inside

updated Monday, August 26, 2013, Tu Lan is now open


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6th street rooftop ladder yoga

May 12, 2006, 6th Street, San Francisco

It’s 6 years later but posted for the first time, this is a video of a previously undocumented type of yoga known as ‘rooftop ladder yoga’. Benefits of this type of yoga include a free 72 hour health checkup, with VIP priority transportation, and personalized meetings with people in white coats and clip boards

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Turning Mid Market workers into crackheads

This is an example of how some of the non profits are actually turning neighboring businesses in Mid Market into crackheads

Meet Italo Gomez. he used to make picture frames for paintings and ran his own picture framing shop at 1019 Market. He was married and had a nice car and successful business in Mid Market, San Francisco

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Dottie’s First Line on 6th Street

Dottie’s True Blue cafe reopened yesterday at the former location of Passion Cafe at 28 6th Street and and this morning Dottie’s has it’s very first line out the door


there was never a line like this at the previous Passion cafe

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