uptown Tenderloin guided tour in the NYT

all over the blogs today, including a nice one in Gawker about the New York Times article on Sunday

be sure to check out the comments on the blogs, because they reflect the best and most accurate local post on the subject from Broke Ass Stuart (NSFW) (is anything in the TL SFW?). Broke Ass Stuart does a good job predicting what an outside tour might look like, but Randy Shaw, who was interviewed in the article, suggests a tour INSIDE the SRO’s

We can bring people into an SRO and show them where people are living now,” Mr. Shaw said, referring to the single-room occupancy dwellings, or residential hotels, in the area. “And that’s a real plus.”

Yes, it would be a real plus, especially when it involves Mr Shaws own Tenderloin Housing Clinic run SRO’s. And what would a tour of inside MR Shaws own hotels look like?

it would look like this

and this

and this

and this

and this

and this

and when you take the guided tour inside Mr Shaws SRO’s, bring a video camera, cause you’re going to want to show your grand kids this one

also mentioned in the Sentinal and Bronsteins blog and Curbed and all the way from Austin, Texas and also Faster Times and 7 X 7. Plus somebody wrote on Indybay about how SF somehow found 3 million for a TL museum

But wait, there’s more!…be sure to redeem your bonus ticket from the tour and follow up on the inevitable mass evictions, which, of course, solves the homeless problem in a way that only Randy Shaw and San Francisco can

update. In response to the Gawker and Bronstein articles, Randy Shaw, still clueless, wrote a follow up. Among other choice quotes is this one

The San Francisco Chronicle frequently bashes progressive politicians for being anti-business. Yet Bronstein’s comments injure businesses in an entire neighborhood. He particularly hurts the primarily immigrant owned restaurants that depend on patronage from non-residents for survival.

the fact of the matter, backed up by proof, is that Randy Shaws own clients are the ones who are doing real damage to local businesses. Here’s an example of one of Randy Shaws own clients ripping off the pizza place next door

here’s another one of Randy Shaws own clients beating the shit out of another resident on the sidewalk in front of the pizza place

Despite this assessment, as well as his claim that “now it’s mostly poor people coping as best they can,” Bronstein nevertheless concludes that tourists could “possibly die” by visiting the community.

that’s because of the murders taking place in Randy Shaws own housing units, as a direct result of Randy Shaws own policy of allowing the worst kinds of drugs into and outside his own buildings

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