homeless activists stopping development in SF

making the rounds recently, on Livin in the Loin and Curbed, this video shows two petitioners gathering signatures to stop a new high rise hotel near 6th and Mission

[color=red]update > this comes just days after a man was bludgeoned to death at a nearby 6th street hotel[/color]

The two petitioners are employed by the Central City SRO Collaborative, and is a part of Tenderloin Housing Clinic, which is run by activist Randy Shaw. The entire operation, all three, are paid for with city funds and is primarily geared, by contract, for advocating and housing for the homeless.

Except in this case they have gone far beyond merely advocating for tenants rights, or homeless housing, to actually trying to stop development in nearby areas, while using scare tactics and false claims to get signatures. Here is a recent photo of the place they are protesting

P1030711 (by auweia)

It is abandoned and has been for years. Nobody will be displaced in that location or anywhere nearby as a result of tearing down 942 Mission and building a high rise hotel in it’s place. The city of San Francisco has actually slapped a graffiti abatement notice on their door and yet, these homeless advocates don’t want anything built there. This comes just days after somebody was

The Central City SRO Collaborative started out as a tenants rights organization by Jeoflin Roh but has since ‘become the political wing of Randy Shaw’ and has changed it’s original mission dramatically since being taken over by Randy Shaw and Tenderloin Housing Clinic. The Central City SRO Collaborative has also recently gone after The Power Exchange and the Community Justice Center on Polk Street.

from the Tenderloin Housing Clinic federal tax form 990

thc.ccsroc (by auweia)

But what most people don’t know is what the SRO Collaborative does when it’s not protesting other developments in the area. Their own internal postings within Randy Shaws own Tenderloin Housing Clinic. These are the people who protest all these developments in the Tenderloin

P1030771 (by auweia)

Randy Shaw and Tenderloin Housing Clinic not only pays for the SRO Collaborative with city funds, they also pay their own tenants via rent reductions to be ‘activists’ which means going to city hall and the Board of Supervisors and other city departments and protesting anything Randy Shaw wants them to protest

P1030252 (by auweia)

all of this, including the rent reductions as a form of payment, is from San Francisco city funds. This is how your tax money is basically being used against you. Most of Randy Shaws tenants are on welfare or social security, so they have the time to sit at the Board of Supervisors while the rest of us are at work, plus they get paid for doing it, with city money

oh yeah, it’s probably illegal, Tenderloin Housing Clinic as a major city contractor to engage in politics at city hall like that

and finally, this is what the founding member of the Central City SRO Collaborative, Jeoflin Roh had to say about it, repeated for the second time, but more complete. The context was the Community Justice Center, but he’s talking about the exact same SRO Collaborative, who, at the time, were protesting at the community meetings and city hall about the CJC, just like they are doing now with the new hotel highrise

Jeoflin Roh, January 20, 2008, via email

I did miss those blog reports. Thanks for forwarding them.

The comments regarding the Collab blowhards, “Shaw’s warriors”, who, by the way, don’t nor ever have lived in the ‘hood they pretend to represent. It disgust me what the Collab has turned into.

The account of the forum by “Lil Mike” at Metroblogging was in part correct. However, it’s obvious that “Lil Mike” hasn’t been involved, or taken the time to get informed about CJC. Yes, there’ve been problems with the design, coordination and implementation of the project … which is one of the reasons I am involved and on the Task Force. I want to make sure that this effort does NOT do an end run around Community Courts (CC).

In fact it was my vocal criticism of the Mayor that alerted his office, and suddenly I was getting calls from several of his aides, as well as Lisa Lightman, Director of Collaborative Justice Courts for Superior Courts (including drug, behavioral & youth courts). This is one of the reasons the Mayor included me in the delegation to NYC to study the CJCs there.

Upon my return I made it clear to the Mayor’s office, to Lisa and Commissioner Albers that what they’ve got going there, in NYC, is awesome — it truly has brought communities together — but that state & local laws out here would never permit that model to be transplanted and dropped into SF. They discovered that and agreed to redesign it with community participation. It’s definitely a work in progress.

But I was outraged & disgusted by those two Collab buffoons that I wrote the following to Chronicle letters to the editor, as well as Fog City Journal. Neither published it.

“It disturbs me that at last Tuesday’s Community Town Hall Forum at Koret Auditorium presenting an extraordinary coalition & cooperation of City departments with the effort to build a Community Justice Center that, of all the community folk who spoke there were two, just two who didn’t get it. Instead of adding to the dialog they stood at the microphone and lectured the City leaders on the dais, and everyone in the audience, about how this effort would “criminalize” homelessness.

It particularly disturbs me because these two were representing the Central City SRO Collaborative. I am one of the three people who fought like hell to establish the CCSROC, and I remember, the night before we were actually funded, sitting in the office of Anne Kronenberg, who is a high mucky-muck in DPH, which was to lord over the funding, when she warned me that putting the org in the hands of Randy Shaw of Tenderloin Housing Clinic notoriety was possibly a big mistake. Because he’d turn it into a political arm of his growing empire of “handling” homeless & housing issues, to the tune of millions per year out of the General Fund, just to foster his agenda. And he did.

Keeping homeless homeless is Randy’s business … it maintains the status quo, which maintains the millions coming into his coffers. And through his charms he indoctrinates these young folk, just out of college and with no experience of which they pretend to speak, into fostering his agenda.

If any one of ‘em had actually researched what CJC is trying to do they’d know that it’s about DECRIMINALIZING homelessness, and providing options while keeping offenses off record.

It disturbs me that what was originally meant to be voice of the poor and too often disenfranchised Tenderloin & SoMa SRO residents has reduced to rebutting the very City efforts that would serve the population they pretend to represent. It disturbs and disgusts me.”

Jeoflin Roh

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  • http://upfromthedeep.wordpress.com/ tobymarx

    This is so typical of Randy and his minions at THC and the SRO Collaborative. Honestly, I don’t think all of this signature gathering and “recruitment” will have any real effect in the end. Remember Continental Developers and the Continental Hotel they wanted to build at 5th and Howard a few years ago; and how Shaw’s minions were running around trying to put a stop to that? They were the ONLY community organization that was against the project. Their propaganda and protests went nowhere. The reason that project fizzled out was that, after the developers were given the go ahead by the planning commission AND the BoS, they found out that the whole time the project had been under review by the planning commission, the head of the commission had been getting paid by Continental Developers as a “consultant.” Remember? Can’t think of the guy’s name, but it was quite a scandal. I think he’s doing time now. Anyway, my point is that Randy’s efforts to stop development will most likely be as fruitless now as they were then.

    This, however, does not make Shaw anything less than a complete dick, or the strident buzzing and of his minions any less annoying.

  • http://bluoz.com/blog jeff

    yeah, I see what you mean about the Continental, but it wasn’t quite like that. Actually, the Continental ended up paying off some of the non profits. article >


    Look at it another way and some would call it extortion by the non profits (pay us off or we protest)

    that’s actually even further away than the new proposed hotel at 942 Mission, and it was the same claims back then, that the Continental would bring a crackdown on 6th street. It never happened. 6th street is just as bad as it always was

    here’s a photo of one of the other founding members of the SRO Collaborative protesting the Continental back then, Diane Burke


    you know where that is?…That’s not city hall, that’s 850 Bryant, the police department

    The planning commissioner indicted was Hector Chinchilla after a complaint from a ‘housing preservationist’ (who do you think that might be?


    Chinchilla eventually was cleared and now there’s a whole new planning commission

    this might be a whole new article in the making. Thanks for the heads up

  • http://bluoz.com jeff

    here’s another piece. talk about ‘unclean hands’ From what it looks like, The Continental may have paid Chinchilla, but that money was supposed to go to the very groups protesting it, like Tenderloin Housing Clinic


    from the Chronicle

    In June, the Planning Commission unanimously granted permits to the developer to build a 320-foot tower in an area where the height limit had been 160 feet. Commission minutes list Chinchilla as either absent or excused on key votes on the hotel.

    Gertrude Platt, an expert on preserving historic buildings, maintained in her complaint to the ethics panel that Chinchilla was being paid “to obtain community support” for the project.

    She cited a May 3 letter to city planners from the law firm Crosby Heafey, Roach and May of Oakland, which represents Continental Development. The letter described how the developer would contribute $700,000 to South of Market community groups supporting the project.

    The letter indicated that a copy was being sent to “Hector Chinchilla, Consultant.”

  • Tim Giangiobbe

    I would like you all to know this about Randy Shaw.I am A SF Native and a Disabled Veteran who was living in an SRO on Kearny and I had a dispute with the SRO owner.I went to the SRO collaborative for legal advice,MY MISTAKE! I wasn told by Randy Shaws cronies after they talked to Randy that I was correct in assuming that we do not have to pay taxes in SROs after 30 days.I then stuck my neck out and started the proceess to force the issue.I found out that the Supervisors changed the ordinance over two years ago and Randy did not KNOW.He is the Head of these ORGS and does not KNOW,and he is and ATTORNEY.I was disappointed to say the least.I am now homeless and When I asked Randy if he realized that giving me that advice made me stick my neck out and it was chopped off,He was very APATHETIC about the issue and blew me off.I have since then Started blogging about the Drug Thugs at The Civic Center Hotel and come to find out Randy Shaw is once again a person of interest to me.He has done some GOOD things for San Francisco and some of his SROs are safe and sane so that causes me to have some ANGST it’s confusing.I do believe that he is ignoring the status quo in some Drug Infested buildings just for the FUNDING MONEY and I am out to prove it.He is a slick one and I am NOW TAKING IT PERSONAL.Warehousing Addicts is no answer.Then HE is not Caring at all about The Baby Boomers who he does not recieve funds for.He is a funds monger who has too much political power and I see it clearer every day.I get quite upset when college boys who never were homeless seem to have the answers too.He like to hire these folks and even give some of them housing within the orginization.He has some PREMIUM units that are doled out to the clients who RANDY picks.I am still assessing and I do not like what I see.I have perfect examples of “BEST PRACTICES” when it comes to SRO management.Operation Dignity and Swords to Plowshares use Covenant Law to rid the community of Drug Thugs and they deal with unpredictable clients.I feel IF RANDY cared more about safety than MONEY the policy changes would happen.I am not going to rest until the city quits warehousing SO MANY FRIGGING ADDICTS.I am A cannabis card holder and totally believe in Harm Reduction and Some of Randys buildings are a training grounds for DRUG THUGS.He sees it and so do the citizens.He gets it right in his BANNER buildings so I KNOW HE CAN DO IT.Randy is awesome in some respects,he can GET THINGS DONE and that impresses me.I can only hope he admits his wrongdoings and embraces the “BEST PRACTICES” Rhetoric.THC could still become what Mayor Agnos wanted it to be.GOD BLESS ALL