needle boxes

noticed this in The Chronicle today

Cloutier said a locked, 24-hour biohazard drop box will be installed on Sixth Street within the next six weeks. It will be available for anonymous needle drop-off any time, sort of like drop boxes for library books or rented movies. The AIDS Foundation likely will test it for six months but expects to open others around the city.

Um. Do they not know about these?

Updated > in 2009, Senior manager James Holland said in a court deposition that the needle boxes were for diabetics. The context can be seen here

These have been installed in this Tenderloin Housing Clinic building on every floor for a few years at least. They are always full. I don’t remember a time when they are not full and I pass them every day. Presumably, these are meant to protect the staff, and it is better than having needles stuffed down the toilet or in the halls.

I personally don’t like the fact that these boxes are even needed, because since this is supposedly all Care not Cash or Housing First and Social Security, I understand that all these needle drugs are banned as a condition of welfare and SSI. I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to be an addict on GA or SSI, and if you are you’re supposed to get help to get off it, or get cut off

yet somehow these are always full, on every floor, and nearly everybody is on GA or SSI. It comes from somewhere, that’s for damn sure, but everybody is hush hush about this (just something else that doesn’t add up about THC)

Or another way to look at it – my, there’s a really really high percentage GA recipients who are diabetic? hmmmmmm

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