crackheads of the day #29

I can’t even say this is NSFW, because this is AT WORK in one of the new businesses in the Mid Market area. Your the janitor at 1035 Market and your job is to take out the trash, and this wasn’t in your job description. But you are recycling, so that’s good, right?…right?

this is possibly the only video taken on a public street in San Francisco that’s banned by youtube. and megavideo. Yep, the streets of San Francisco are just too shocking for people

this video isn’t going anywhere even if I have to host it myself. Take a good look at the dope fiend containment zone you created, San Francisco. Take a look at what San Francisco civic leaders are not telling you about Mid Market, including using city funds to fraudulently advertise it as otherwise

update, this video is now approved by Liveleak with plenty of shocked comments.(400 comments, 8000 shares, and 70,000 views in the first 24 hours). Also now on reddit, (also reddit – WTF, San Francisco?), yelp, datalounge, howard stern fan network, reposted on youtube by somebody else, F2bbs and you can download it here

Just in case people seriously think bringing in new business with tax incentives is somehow going to magically make this go away, here’s a reality check that won’t bounce. Thankfully there’s some people who aren’t completely ignorant and have some testicular fortitude

I watched the video last night and even now, I’m creeped out. I am not totally against public poontang per se, but the depths of depravity of that crackhead are something else. We’ve all had our horny moments, but to waggle your crusty hole around for any comer while alternating having a good pig out from some scrawny crack skeleton’s sphincter, well, ew.

And that fully clothed dude – was he a John or what? I mean, would Sir Hungry Hole really attract “customers” … The video could really use a play-by-play commentator….







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  • Patrick

    I felt so empty inside after watching this

  • Ed

    This just pretty much confirmed everything I have ever been told about California and San Francisco….nothing but a human cesspool.

    • Morgana

      Don’t be ridiculous. If you seriously judge California by this lewd display, your gonna miss out on a whole lot of awesome California!

      • jeff

        only if you have the do-re-mi

      • len

        the only think ‘awesome’ about Cali are the beaches and the Redwoods. The people and the state and local govts leave something to be desired.

    • Kevin

      Wrong, Ed. SF is NOT California, it just happens to be IN California.

      I can’t wait for the big quake that breaks off SF and sinks it under 1000ft of water. Then all these scumbags will be off the dole and out of our lives for good.

  • Barry Soetoro

    If this guy does’t have AIDS I would be very surprised.
    There is nothing wrong with be gay, right.

  • tu bruh

    You are all focused on the bad points in the video and didn’t notice these fine citizens were reading articles in what looked to me like Newsweek magazine. That is very suspicious.

  • SC

    What planet are you guys on? California is more than just beaches, redwoods and freaks. With diversity comes some grunge. Those of us who life here in SF, BTW take great pride that EVERYONE is welcome, and if they’re freaks like this we help them. I would trade one person doing this for all the judgemental smal-minded and mean-spirited folks in the middle of the country any day. Maybe that’s why we’re so affluent and rich here.