International Art Musuem of America opening gala

Mid Market’s newest art gallery, the International Art Museum of America opened with a stunning display of Post Modern Industrial Urban Realism

where: behind 1023 Market on Stevenson Alley

when: probably all day

price: free


Note the ingenious use of reds contrasting with blues

update, the city came by later in the day and hauled it away in two different trucks


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  • Anonymous

    That was not there garbage and if I recall correctly it was picked up right away by them even though. I love how people like you turn a wonderful thing for the community around to be a bad thing oh well I will enjoy the beauty of this museum and what it will bring to my community while you wallow in self pitty and will probably never be satisfied :)

    • jeff

      false,,It was put there by the staff, it was not picked up by them it was picked up by the city later that day and I have the photos to prove it

      this wonderful thing you talk about is on market street..I live in the back on Stevenson. and so do other people. It has nothing to do with self pity. It has more to do with people like you who move in to an area and start trashing the place. I document that because everybody’s a liar and it doesn’t exist unless you have proof. Well I have proof

      that’s called fighting back and is the opposite of pity

    • jeff

      I added a photo of the city picking up your garbage. I really resent how you’re trying to twist this into a case of self pity on my part…You got caught illegally dumping garbage on the sidewalk..Blow up the photos and the garbage cans are clearly labelled 1025 market.

      I don’t care how beautiful the front of your store is, You’re too cheap to pay for garbage service like everybody else and are making the city pay for it

      take responsibility for your trash and pay for pickup, will ya?

  • Anonymous

    I am part of the museum staff and I was the one that called the city to pick up the garbage it was not ours but we had it cleaned because it is our goal to beautify our community not trash it

  • jeff

    OK, so what you’re saying here is that somebody else dumped all that stuff right on your doorstep

    You have cameras on your building in your doorways. These cameras will help you catch who dumped all that trash on the sidewalk. If I were you I’d make a copy and send it to DPW and they’ll fine the perpetrators

  • Anonymous

    Also, *not a museum*

  • Scott

    My wife and I visited this museum today. Unfortunately, we realized part way through that the majority of the art work was a scam. Let me explain…
    The museum starts of with a large sculptured bust of the “Buddha III,” the supposed reincarnated Buddha that created 90% of the “art” in the museum. If you don’t believe he is really the reincarnated Buddha, worry not, he has “certificates” to prove it. Yes, certificates.
    The first work shown is actually very impressive. It is some sort of heat molded foam covered in an epoxy resin, molded to look like a cave structure or some sort of mineral deposit. Then, I read the placard. The muse, claims that this was a divinely created piece of art that is beyond the measures and understanding of science and technology, and that no other human being could possibly create it’s equal in this world. Wow. We started wondering why there are no dates mentioned on any of the work. The tour volunteer informed us that this is because the artist wishes his time period to remain a mystery. 
    Next came the paintings. The first level of Calligraphy art was impressive. You will quickly learn from reading the placards that the Buddha III ha son problem listing of all of his accomplishments and mentioning that he has started fifteen art schools in China. Each following a different form of art he invented.
    Once you reach the “oil paintings,” look closely and you will see so outer pixels. Yes, every single damn one of the paintings were printed. They are covered in a brushed on, clear silicone to make it appear as though there are brush strokes from a distance. Then, we walked back and looked at every single painting in the museum. Sure enough, every single one had pixels if looked at closely enough. Basically, the only entertainment is the shear stupidity of the claims made on the placards. If you are looking for a true art gallery, do not go here. But if you want to find some humor in the blindness of a small cult following of an egotistic fake Buddha, then enjoy the information placards next to each photoshopped print off!